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Polyamory Leadership Summit 2010

Feb 21-22 • Philadelphia, PA

Calling All Poly Leaders! Call All Poly Leaders!
Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Get Things Accomplished!
 Please join us in Philadelphia for the
3rd National
Polyamory Leadership Summit
Last year’s summit got us off to a roaring start! We had nearly 50 attendees from all across the country. We generated amazing amounts of information and tons of exciting ideas. We also planted the seeds and began building bonds and relationships that would carry polyamory awareness into the next decade.
2010 is the year we water these seeds, leverage 2009’s relationships and begin to implement, integrate and make progress!
Deadline to Register is February 15th 
Facilitated by’s prolific
Reid Mihalko
This year’s summit promises to be one of the most productive, least formal and fun one’s yet!
Summit Attendance is 60-70 people maximum!
Don’t get shut out! RSVP today!
Don’t miss your chance to get involved, get things done, and make a difference!  
Evening of Sunday, February 21, 8pm till Midnight
(Reid guarantees he’s got fun things in store to kick off the productivity!) and Monday, February 22, 2010, 9am to 5pm.  
Holiday Inn, Fort Washington, PA (suburban Philadelphia)
(Following PolyLiving Conference)
This year’s PolyLiving keynote and summit facilitator Reid Mihalko warns, “This year’s Polyamory Leadership Summit is about leveraging and implementing! While we’re going to play hard and have the most fun we can, be prepared to work! 2010 is the year we create results!”
The intention of this year’s leadership summit is:
  • To honor and improve on what we’ve accomplished in the last two years.
  • To rejuvenate ourselves.
  • To deepen our connections and bonds with other poly leaders.
  • To help the poly and poly-curious find support and resources!
All participants, for this summit are expected to commit to the following:
  • To show up ready to work, connect, and frolic.
  • To say No when you are a No, Yes when you are a Yes, and No when you are a Maybe.
  • To contribute (if you’re a Yes) what you do best to the group.
  • To take on nothing that you aren’t already good at.
  • To take on nothing that you aren’t excited and inspired by. 
  • To collaborate with others in an honest and productive manner, which includes keeping conflict to a minimum and avoiding it entirely whenever possible, as well as not placing personal agendas ahead of these two inquires during the summit: How can we better help poly people? How can we better help poly-curious folk?
Cost:  $60 BEFORE deadline.
$75 in-person.
Reid regrets that there will be no teleconferencing option this year. Apologies to last year’s awesome phone-in poly peeps! Get to Philly if you can!
Requirements for Participation: 
Purchase a ticket. Show up. Work hard. Play hard.
Payment of the participation fee by February 15, 2009
Attendees click here to register and pay via PayPal
No Survey this year. Get your ticket. Get your butt to Philly.
If you can, attend the Poly-Living Conference, but this is not a prerequisite to attend the leadership summit. 
If you’re passionate about Polyamory and Consensual Non-Monogamy, are a leader in your community –Or want to be!- then get thy butt to Philadelphia for the
3rd National Polyamory Leadership Summit!
Reid wants YOU!
 The National Polyamory Leadership Group is a collaborative group of polyamory community leaders from around the U.S. who have come together to carry the polyamory movement forward. The group advocates for the interests of all who self-identify as polyamorous regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or political point of view. 
RSVP today!
If these intentions do not excite you, or you cannot agree to the above expectations, Reid respectfully asks that you not attend this year’s leadership summit.
Got Questions? Contact this year’s summit organizer Reid Mihalko at
Polyamory Leadership Summit 2010
Feb 21-22 • Philadelphia, PA


Got Questions? Contact this year’s summit organizer Reid Mihalko at

Loving More • PO BOX 1658 • Loveland, CO 80539
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