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Little Pearls
Little Pearls
Have You Told Someone Lately That You Love Them? February 2010

Larissa holding a candleLove is an over-used word, especially near Valentine's Day. When used to make us want something we don't have, it leads us to look outside ourselves for meaning and fulfillment. 
The love we celebrate with Little Pearls is deep, real and unlimited.  It springs from the core of every one of us.
This kind of love is personified in Katie Latimore, a very special woman who died last week at age 109. 
In memory of "Great Katie" and in honor of both Black History Month and real love, we bring you a glimpse of this remarkable woman.

Spotlight Pearl: "Celebrating a Century of Living and Loving"

Great Katie Latimore"Great Katie" Latimore was a 100 year old African-American great-great-grandmother when her Little Pearl, the very first one, was created.
She touches us with her loving presence and warm, deep smile, as Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?" flows beneath her beautiful, ancient face.
This Pearl arose from a potent dream of Little Pearls founder Debra Roberts. She had created a documentary about Great Katie's granddaughter, performance poet Glenis Redmond, and had fallen in love with Katie during the filming.
You can learn more on Great Katie's page.  Links to two upcoming articles about Great Katie will appear on What's New when they are published.
Great Katie died February 2, 2010 at age 109, leaving a remarkable legacy to those who love her -- and to the world.
We are spotlighting this Pearl in loving tribute to her HUGE Spirit. You can see it on the video link below, or via greatlittlepearls on YouTube.

It's All About Love

All Little Pearls, diverse as they are, are about love: sharing love, modeling love, BEing love.  See for yourself by clicking the links on our Portfolio page. 
All Upcoming Pearls, including the Dog Pearls, will also be about love and our interconnection, as humans, with each other and all life. 
Please support us in this work.  There can't be too much love in the world!
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Linda and wild parrot
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls

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