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Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching from Jill Badonsky March Ate Twenty-ten
Looking Back

Hi Muse-scriber,
What's in your review mirror?
There is a mortal tendency to sometimes see the past as filled with regrets, missed opportunities, unfairness, and the time Steve Martin put balloon animals on his head and forgot.
The past is more than that to the creative seeker who flies high in focus, follow-through, and joy. The past is a place to revisit moments that can now fuel the present.
Conjuring up regret and other ways to torment the self is only creative if it is channeled into poetry, a fictional character, a memoir, or a performance art piece where you stick a fork in your forehead. [don't try that at home or really, anywhere].
Summoning the positive, fills the creative soul and makes the confidence, fuel, and energy for the creative process possible. The child-like spirit inside of us so responsible for creativity
If you're not into self-saboatage, play for a moment with these questions.. [and for those with ADD that means, ask a question, and allow yourself to breathe 3 inhales and exhales (inspirations and expressions).. and THEN move on to the next question.]
Allow your subconscious to get a grip on the inquiry ... because once it does it will percolate a robust cup of well brewed answers... ones that caffeinate your confidence:
  • what creative successes have I had?
  • where did I get it right?
  • what am I glad I did in my life?
  • what worked for me when I felt like I was creatively successful?
  • how did I make it through blocks?
  • what rewards have worked for me?
  • what shoes go with my creative attitude?
  • how's that feel to ask those questions in March?
Now that we looked backwards, join me on a call this Thursday about Looking Forward to How Creativity Can Unfold with Age! Sign-up here. (These calls fill fast).
"Some of the most powerful works of art have been produced by older Americans by hands that have engaged in years of hard work, eyes that have witnessed decades of change, and hearts that have felt a lifetime of emotions." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Awe-manc Blog

Writing Club


Isabel Allende said “Write what should not be forgotten.” 
Write a list of what should not be forgotten in your life: people, experiences, pets, sensations, moments, things, whatever comes to your mind even if it makes no sense.Weave your list together like tapestry.. or pick one of those things and write prose, poetry, essay or dialog.
Make a commitment to getting your writing done. Join The Writing Club for 2 writing prompts a week, a deadline, a forum of support and tips, your writing published, and the excahnge of money that gee, magically makes people more committed.

Classes and Workshops

Links n Stuff

And now a bunch of links to click on.
Brought to you about Moose and Squirrel.
I will be in Dallas, Texas Saturday, March 27th to attend KMCC Coach, Jill Allison-Bryan's CD Release Fund Raiser: Infinite Possibilities.. Come join me for this amazing event.
Join the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Fanpage on Facebook for regular creativity coaching tips.
My friend, Michael Gelb, bestselling author of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci has a new book out that I think you are going to really love called Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking: Uncork Your Creative Juices. It made me giddy just reading it and it's chalk-filled with practical information that will be a bunch of fun to explore.
An Interview with the Muse Spills: The Muse of Practice, Process, and Imperfection for all you perfectionists or creative seekers needing more emphasis on patience, process, and practice and and the value of lowering your expectations..
Yoga and Creativity, an article by Janet Whitehead and  myself in a very cool on-line zine called YogaTree from B.C. on page 24 here.
Next Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification Training Begins August 2010. Click here for more information.
Check out Kaizen-Muse Coaches Available to You.
Play with some art here arranging a still life. [worth the wait for the Shockwave download]
March is National Laughter Month,
Don't forget about the Free Call on Thursday, March 11, 2010.
In what one small way can you bring laughter into your life this month,


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