the ASI Burgee - Tuesday March 16, 2010

Boating Regulations Seminar TONIGHT, March 16 - - Jack Townsend

We have learned from David Kowalski (L2), who is also a member of the Birmingham Power and Sail Squadron that the Birmingam Power Squadron is offering a special seminar addressing the boating laws and regulations affecting our sailing waters. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the current boating regulations and laws from the very people who administer and enforce those laws.


These regulations and laws apply not only to the big waters of the Great Lakes but also the small waters of Kent Lake. Everyone must be aware. We hope you can attend and support the Birmingham Power and Sail Squadron's effort keep the boating community informed and educated in this very important area.


But if your schedule does not allow you to attend, don’t despair! The newly formed ASI Regulatory Advisory Committee will be in attendance, taking, notes and asking questions. The committee will then issue a report to the membership so that those who could not attend can stay informed.  If you can attend please do so, as this is a one-time event for this year. There will be a Q&A following the presentations. The meeting is:

7:30, Tuesday, March 16

Orchard Lake Middle School
6000 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield Michigan

the Second Reef – News and Information for and about ASI’s Level 2 Sailors - - Jack Townsend

Just a reminder. The Birmingham Power & Sail Squadron's “Boating Regulations Seminar”is this evening at 7:30 pm (see article above). The guest speakers include representatives from; US Coast Guard, Ontario Provincial Police, US Customs, Canadian Customs, Macomb County Sheriff-Marine Div., and Oakland County Sheriff-Marine Div. They will be discussing the boating laws and regulations that affect the area boaters and local US and Canadian waters. They will also answer questions after the presentations. The seminar will last approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours.

Wasn’t the weather great last week, with all those days in the mid 60s? It was just this kind of weather that inspired several ASI members to journey down to JBM for a little prep work on Overture and Interlude. Of course, by the time Sunday rolled around so did the rain and cold weather, but that did not stop the boat captains, the assistant boat captains, one eager helper, and three self described “advisors” from showing up for a little boat work. Thanks to Chris Juillet, Claire Zepeda, Joe Jaeger, David Barbour, Chris Gearhart, Kate McRae, Craig Smith, Tom Baker, and Jack Townsend, the boats are beginning to look like boats again.


The winter covers and supports were removed, the masts (the boats are de-masted) were checked out and work lists were made for – you! That’s right we really didn’t do anything much except think up things for you to do – ASI’s version of the ever-favorite, honey-do list. Had it been 65 degrees and sunny we might have actually done some work, but it was 45 degrees and rainy so we saved all the work for you. What are friends for, right? Don’t worry, you can thanks us in a couple of weeks when you have bottom paint smears on your face, you just glued your fingers together with 3M 5200, and the screwdriver you just picked up with your un-stuck hand had grease all over the handle. Good times, great memories!

Tonight will be the L2 Shore School’s third meeting and the last night of navigation presentations before heading into the seamanship sessions. Over the last couple of weeks that have been doing two bearing fixes, three bearing fixes, running fixes, bow and beam fixes, they have fixed themselves across Lake St. Clair and back, and they are doing great! And they talk the nav lingo too, LOPs, 60D street, EPs, deviation – east or west, COGs, leeway, nuns and cans, quick flashing, no flashing, and most important of all, how deep is the water.


Some of you L2 old-timers are probably thinking back about your navigation classes, you know the ones back in the 1900s. Getting inspired to do a little chartwork but can’t quite remember how do that running fix – not too worry; you can do the ever exciting – updating your chart with the local notice to mariners notifications. I’m going to make it easy for you by giving you the web address of my favorite site.


This site is not the tedious LNM NOAA site that you have to scroll and scroll down. You’re going to love this: . This is the NOAA Office of Coast Survey site. Click on –View NOAA Charts – now you are on NOAA’s on-line chart viewer, read the disclaimer then click on Great Lakes. Viola!. Scroll down the column labeled Number until you find 14850, click it. This is the latest edition of the Lake St. Clair chart, all the edition information is listed under the NOAA header. Put your cursor on the chart and click – the chart will enlarge; use the arrows to scroll to various areas on the chart. Told you it was a cool site. Now go back up to the top of the page and off to the right side to Notice Listing – click on it. Now you have all the Local Notice to Mariners changes that have been made to this edition of the chart. Check out the other Great Lakes charts, great site – wish I could find the same for the Canadian North Channel.

Fun begins where land ends.

ASI Seminar for new and returning Level 1 Instructors - -  JoAnne McClure

Instructor training is free to all ASI Sail Pass holders who volunteer as Level 1 Instructors.


New and experienced instructors are encouraged to attend in order to keep their instruction in line with the curriculum. Prerequisite: Level 1 rating for one year.


Questions about being an instructor should be directed to JoAnne McClure,  

248-345-2403 or 248-348-3603.



 -Shore School @ Oakland Center * On Water Class @ Kent Lake
-Wed. 04/21/10 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm Sat. 05/15/10 9 am – noon
-Wed. 04/28/10 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm or as arranged at shore class.

*room number will be posted at the door.

ASI to offer North Channel Cruising Workshops in 2010


What's a cruising workshop?

A week of cruising Lake Huron's North Channel in one of ASI's 30 foot keelboats, Manitou or Voyager III.


Who can sign up as crew? 

 Almost any adult member of ASI. No, it's not necessary to be 'rated', even for level 1.


What will I be expected to do as one of the crew? 

 As much - or as little - as you wish. The cruising workshops offer an opportunity to members to inexpensively experience the North Channel. You'll get a taste of what it's like to live aboard a cruising sailboat, and to learn some of the skills necessary for sailing and 'gunkholing' there. You'll have a chance to help out navigating and trimming the sails. Yes, you'll be on the helm, too.   


Who's in charge?

 One of ASI's Level 4 sailors will skipper the boat, with another keelboat sailor as first mate.


Where will the workshop start and end?

 Your crew will drive from here to Little Current (on Manitoulin Island). There you will board the boat, and live aboard for a week Then you and your crew will return to Little Current and drive home. 


What are the dates?

Week(s) in July and August, TBD


What is included in the workshop cost?  

 The workshop cost is your share of the cost of chartering for one week. The crew generally shares all other costs; transportation to and from Little Current, provisions, dockage, fuel, pumpouts, etc. 


What's the North Channel like?

Because it is very remote, it is relatively uncrowded. The water is clear and you'll be able to swim (but it is chilly!). Hundreds of small islands provide numerous quiet, secluded anchorages. Once you've been to the North Channel, you'll want to come back!


If you are interested in participating in a North Channel workshop please email or call the ASI Sail Secretary. 


To participate you must have a current ASI membership.  The cost for the workshop has been $300 and a crew of 3 workshop participants is expected.  Traditionally the Captain of the workshop will review the list to select a crew.  Space is limited so participation is not a sure thing.

Only 45 days to boat put-in! Think spring! 

..and only a week and a half to the first day of Interlake prep at Crawford Farm! Be sure to put Saturday, April 3 on your calendar. Details to follow. 


It's also time to start getting ready for some big spring sailing classes! You can help by printing out some of the flyers, schedules and pamphlets now available on the ASI website,, like the ones shown here.

Thanks, Heidi Dzendzel (for the designs} and Craig Smith for posting on the website.    

Interlake Racing - - Michael Golden

NEWLY RATED L1 grads get into the racing program at no charge for 2010.

The racing program is open to all rated members. First time racers, previously rated, are $15 for the first year. The season opens with a workshop on right-of-way rules, safety, and go-fast techniques. Guided practice on the water with drills and exercises gives you a chance to brush up and learn new boat handling techniques.
We rotate crews with an experienced person on board to assist you. The Saturday or Sunday races are scheduled in the morning or late afternoon. Each crewmember gets to skipper when they are ready. You may learn how to rig and put up the chute at a dockside spinnaker workshop. You will have the opportunity to join a team and sail with the same crew sometimes.
We gather at the dock or a cafe after on the water events to exchange ideas & make excuses! Fees: The racing program is open to returning rated sailors at a fee of $25 for the season + two additional volunteer hours on Interlake maintenance. No charge to new L1 rated 2009 graduates for their first year in racing. Sign up on the sail pass form and come to the Thursday, April 22 seminar. We don’t take new novice racers after that April seminar date. 

ON THE WATER EVENTS: Check the web site or the Burgee for the race schedule soon.

The Racing Program                     Stephen Poulos, Joe Jaeger, and Michael Golden

Notes from Tom Sand and Kathy Chrzanowski

Tom writes:


I am overwhelmed by the numerous calls, e-mails, and cards sent to me  following  my extensive neck reconstructive surgery and hospital stay. A special note of thanks to the Board for the fruit basket; that just knocked my socks off. It my great priviledge to know and sail with such a great bunch of sailors in ASI. Many thanks. See you on the water, in the classes, and fixing the boats.




Kathy writes:


I would like to thank all of you for your kind expression of get well wishes after my surgery.

Anatomy of a North Channel Cruise - Part 3    Don Caley
















If you take a look at where the North Channel is, you might say you can't get there from here. 


But even though it's difficult, it IS possible. By boat, you'd head north out of Lake St Clair, pass under the bridge at Port Huron and sail for three or four days. That's what the ASI transfer trip crews do to get to Little Current, in the North Channel. 


But if you're driving from the Detroit area, you only have two choices; clockwise or counter-clockwise. The clockwise route takes you north on I-75 across the Mackinac Bridge to the upper peninsula, then north again to the international border at Sault Ste Marie. Then eastward for a hundred and eighty miles across Ontario to Espanola, where you'll take a right to cross the bridge to Manitoulin Island at Little Current (that's the ONLY bridge to the hundred-mile-long island of Manitoulin). Total drive distance of 480 miles, about nine hours.


Counterclockwise, you'd take I-94 to Port Huron, and cross into Canada. Then a pleasant shoreline drive up to the Bruce Peninsula and up to the tip at Tobermory. Board the ferry Chi-chi-maun for the two-hour ride to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island. Little Current is an hour north. Total drive distance of 300 miles, about nine or ten hours including the ferry ride. 


Why does anybody go to that trouble to get to the North Channel? Some of us think it's worth it!



One more thing... 

The Burgee is back on a weekly schedule. It will be going out every Tuesday, now that spring is almost here... well, at least it's coming! Get your stuff to me by Sunday, and I can put it in the next Tuesday's edition. Or send your Burgee input, NOW, to

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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