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What is Occurring at this time? News, Article, and Special Events
We pray you are continuing to experience life in its fullness and richness, realizing these times are ripening ever deeper opportunities to harvest growth and wisdom.
So much is occurring planetarily at this time, and many are reporting the ever increasing sense of incredible changes at all levels of our existence.
Whether looking simply at the growing state of chaos in the Earth plane, exhibited in growing phenomena of Earth Changes, such as weather disturbances, rising earth quake activity, magnetic field fluctuations, at disturbances in the political and social/economic spectrums, or at the emotional disturbances and stress patterns many of us are reporting experiencing, with often unexplained memory loss, physical pain, sleep disorders, and so much more, or viewing the collective fields of consciousness we are all connected to, and, which are reflecting these patterns, it is clear we are in the midst of great flux individually, societally, and planetarily.
Most of us know this.  Many have yet to understand the point or implications of these extraordinary opportunities to witness life in new dimensions of understanding, or the underlying energies of Creation manifesting with such immediacy.  It appears to depend upon how we fix our awareness as to how we perceive and interact with these subtle (and gross) changes occurring at this time.  Of course, this has always been true.  Yet, the crystalline matrix of Creation is bringing forward the opportunities and Realities in ever growing manners, such that we see the outcome of our actions and perceptions in increasingly brief times and more direct ways.
What we choose to perceive, to focus our awareness upon, that is the Reality we shall create.
We are at a pivotal point in the evolution of human consciousness.  One such marker point is occurring May 27, via the Maya Calendar, which, according to Maya Calendar expert, Carl Johan Calleman, is a time we enter the second calendar round of the Ninth level, which began 09.09.09.  The 9th Level is considered the highest level of human consciousness.  The Gateway to this dimension of consciousness was opened 9.09, and through much of 2010 and 2011 we are entering ever more active states of being in relation to this Gateway, as it expands its interaction with us.  We are experiencing growing opportunities to integrate these states of consciousness at this time.  Those of us not engaging in conscious practices to more fully embody more fully awakened states may experience growing senses of agitation, abnormal emotional and physiological discomfort, etc.  Again, this is occurring at not only personal, but societal and planetary levels as well.  This is an experience not contained to the human phenomenon, but all life on this planet.  As we learn to more fully interact with, and integrate the increasing vibrational frequencies of being, the more we can ease into this new ‘time.’
Many are focusing upon the Gateway of 2012.  However, it is becoming increasingly more critical that we focus our awareness upon this time and place, here, now, and realize WHAT we are creating in this present moment.  The Maya Elders tell us the calendar does not continue beyond 12.21.12 because it is completely dependent upon what we create in this interim time.
July 17 and 18 will be a most sacred time in this relationship, known as the “Cosmic Convergence”, in which we are being asked to deepen our experience with, and service to, unity consciousness.  Calleman states that ‘these are points in time that are expected to mark significant frequency increases and accelerations of time.’  He describes this as a ‘wave’ of creation, which we are and shall be riding through the next upcoming cycles as we fully enter and embody this ninth level of consciousness, into 2012, with several stages of evolution along the way.  (We shall offer a practice in relation to this time in Boston, July 17.  Cosmic Convergence, in Boston, July 17.)  This is not unlike the wisdom of some of our N. Am. elders who inform us, many of us will experience these times like a turbulence, a river or stream in tumult, and we must ride the stream, without concern to escape it, or where it shall take us, simply immersing ourselves in the power of the current.  Others tell us, it, simply, is critical, that we perceive the rythms of our experience as if we are in a perfect dance with the Rythms of All Life.  Simply breathe into the Giving and Receiving of that Rythm.
However we choose to perceive it, the time is upon us.
It is time to engage in meaningful work to enter our intended relationship as fully embodied, empowered, co-creators in this remarkable world, in this remarkable time.  In whatever way we each choose to do this, in which we each find to be of benefit, to serve us and all of Creation, it, quite simply, is time do the Work.
But, many ask, what can be done to assist?
Here's what we are doing, and a practice to assist:
We are currently in Europe, engaged in practices infusing energies into the Earth plane, whether to embody the awakened human states of consciousness, or assisting in what the Holy Beings we interact with, are calling “Activation Points” upon the Earth herself.  We just experienced incredibly powerful practices in alliance with the “Star Beings” and the Apus, the mountain spirits and other living beings, in the region of the Dolomites in Northern Italy (see image above.)  These were most insightful practices, incorporating wisdom arising from indigenous wisdom, ancient esoteric practices, and contemporary teachings.
We each have access to such wisdom.  Yet, we must devote time and energy to study, meditate, practice, learn, in our own ways, to gain access to, and cultivate awareness of, and relationship to, these living beings of higher consciousness, if we wish their assistance.  In the end, even they will tell us it is our own higher dimensional being that must be fully awakened and embodied.  This is the point.  Yet, gaining the wisdom and alliance of those who have entered the higher vibrational states already, or those who have always lived there, can be of utmost assistance.
In our own work, we will be in North America, again, in the near future, engaging in further offerings, in work with the “DreamKeepers” of the planet, Activation Points in N. America, along the “StarSeal” of New England, for instance, and the practices we are calling “the Great Awakening”, which draws upon the wisdom of these Holy Beings in direct transmissions through the sound practices we offer, throughout many regions of the US, especially in the Northeast.
We shall, also, be infusing these newsletters with more insights and information regarding these shifts and how we each might assist in coming into greater stability and balance, healing, wholeness, and integration, how to assist this great shift occurring.
For instance, just last week, we received an urgent plea from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Carrier of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Peace Pipe, reminding us of the great prophecies of his peoples, and the white animal mysteries of the Earth which are occurring, worldwide, confirming it is time we collectively enter in prayers for the well being of this great planet and all living beings upon it.  He asks us to continue our prayers, and sacred ceremonies, especially honoring the World Peace and Sacred Sites Day on June 21, Summer Solstice (World Peace Day is, also, Sept 21, another international day of honoring.)  We incorporated these prayers of White Buffalo Calf Woman into our work here in the high mountains and lakes, and ancient sacred sites, of the Dolomites, of SudTirol,  as well as France, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.
And, just last month, I was honored with the presence of Grandmother Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, a 27th Generation Wisdom Carrier of the great teachings of the Pale Prophet, of Cherokee wisdom, who lived and taught Luminous Body practices 2860 years ago, which spread across N. America.   She reminds us of the impact of cosmic waves from the Heart of the Galaxy, and the Heart behind that Heart, as well as the alignment with this great Sacred Heart of the Galaxy, the Heart of the Earth, and the Human Heart.  This comes at a time modern science is confirming unexplained phenomena of particle waves arising from the center of the galaxy, as well as a 'wall' of energy emitting light phenomena.
This work has become an integral aspect of several of our practices, as the Star Nations ask us to embody their wisdom and compassion, arising from the Heart of the Cosmic Mother, as embodied in the Heart of the Galaxy.  For the Western Mind, this may seem too abstract to embrace.  Yet, by simply focusing on these hearts of Universal Wisdom, (the Heart of the Earth, the Heart of the Galaxy, our own Heart, simultaneously, however we imagine them to exist,) in alignment with each other, Venerable says we come into Harmony with All Life.  We find it is more than language will easily communicate.  In the least, it is a powerful practice.  Try it, allowing your body’s own wisdom to understand this extraordinary and powerful alignment.  Your Wisdom Body understands all that your intelligent mind may not be able to grasp, for we each hold all wisdom within our inherent nature, even in the memory of our cells and DNA.  We contain All Knowing, each of us. 
Let us know how you experience this practice.  Just sit with it for 10-20 minutes, first, entering deep spaciousness within your own heart, then imagining the Heart of the Galaxy, the spiral arms of the stars spinning around it, arising in that space, and the Heart of the Earth, beneath you, all arising in harmonious Being.
Yet, moreso, please join us in our upcoming programs to experience and receive the enhanced energetic qualities of this extraordinary work as we come together in sacred community, to align in such practices, in service, for the benefit of all humanity and our blessed Earth, as well as, to receive the direct Transmissions which arise from the WisdomKeepers who share these practices with us, which bring even greater refinement, attunement, and infusion of the energies available to us, through such practices.
We continue, through our practices, singing and seeding our prayers from, and into, every aspect of this great Earth where we travel and work, from working with the Great OverLighting Deva of Sao Paolo, Brazil, upon her bequest, to working with the Apus (mountain spirits) here in the High Alps of Europe, where they have called upon us to rekindle the ancient relations, to the ancient ceremonial sites of Southern France, where we sang and prayed just last month, and will offer practice next year to rekindle the ancient living relations of Earth and Sky, to Great Britain and Egypt, where we have been, and shall be in coming months, and, yes, Vermont, as well, where we consistently are working with the Ancient WisdomKeepers of ceremonial sites and places of natural Beauty and Power.  The mountains, lakes, springs, hills, woodlands, fertile fields, Stone Beings, and all others we come into contact with, each speak to us, each in their own way, and ask that we each, in our own way, rekindle and restore the ancient Living Relations with All Things, with All Life. 
Each of us are able to contribute in these small ways, creating simple prayers from our heart, engaging with the living and sentient beings of life on this planet, holding wakefulness, watchfulness, mindfulness, and wisdom being, awakening our own luminous being, from within our own self.  Then, sending our prayers and thoughts, our bounty, and good seed, into this fertile soil, re-enlivening it with our own prayers and intentions, in harmony with All Life, Universal Wisdom, and the origin Seeds of Creation.
EACH of us has the opportunity, and responsibility, to enter into wakeful living, each in our own way, in our own lives.  Even where you do not understand, or cannot embrace, the manner in which I speak of these experiences.  Look for ways you can interpret and experience it, to benefit your own Knowing and Waking Being.  We each have our part to contribute, and to collaborate with All Creation, in this time of Great Awakening.
For those who seek assistance, we are constantly creating and offering luminous body/awakening practices everywhere we travel, as well as outdoor practices to rekindle and reawaken living relations with the Earth and her Elemental beings.  We continue to re-awaken the ancient living connections with the Earth and her Wisdom Keepers, the Holy Beings of all realms, the Ancestral Beings, and Elemental Beings, in all regions of the Earth.  In keeping with the requests of my own Elders, I continue to re-awaken the ancient ancestral alignments of the planet, which feed and nourish each other, both the ancestral passageways and places, many of which are beyond our common perceptions of time and space.  And, in alignment with the requests of those of the “Star Nations”, the Star Beings, which most indigenous cultures understand, and embrace, as our most ancient Ancestors, we offer this work of embodying the origin Seeds of Consciousness, containing the blueprint of the true Human Being, the Awakened and Luminous Being that we each truly are.
In the coming months, we have several very special practices.
We are creating a number of unique opportunities to engage in just such meaningful work, such as, our initiatory Incan based practices and ceremonies in Return To Beauty, learning to enter Living Relations with all aspects of Earth and Sky, nourishing the “Seed of our Potential,” of our Awakened, Enlightened, or Luminous Being, while working with the living prophesies, and creating real and meaningful ceremony for personal and planetary healing.  My Peruvian elders have asked these practices continue to be offered, in large part, because their prophesies state more of us must come into understanding of how to enter Living Relations with the Living Energies of the Earth and Cosmos.  With their assistance, requests, and guidance, we created these practices in our own sacred homelands, in Vermont.  These have evolved, at their bidding, into incorporating the Living Wisdom of Place, including the wisdom teachings of N. America, thus affirming the prophecies of Eagle and Condor, which so many traditional peoples of all continents of the Americas speak toward.  We are IN those times.
These practices will occur within the ‘vortex’ which has awakened, and the Living Energies and Holy Beings who reside in relation to it, who are now guiding many of our practices, in what we call the Sacred StarSeal of Vermont.  (For more information, see our Living Earth Living Relations article, or our Awakening the Dragon program, via our Earth Mysteries Links.  Because of your continued interest in these practices, we are extending our early registration Discount Deadlines until June 1 and July 1.  See Online.  We shall be posting the full 6 day itinerary of Sacred Sites, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Stone Chambers, Canyons, and Caves, in the near future.
In alignment with guidance from those whom we call the Holy Beings, of the celestial worlds, we, also, offer many indoor trainings which assist to come into this greater awakening and alignment.  Two especial programs of this nature are the “Great Awakening” practice during the Cosmic Convergence, in Boston, July 17, and a primary sound healing training, The Art of Sacred Sound with personal and world healing ceremonies, at Omega Sept 6-10.  The first day of this Sacred Sound Practice, will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)
Perhaps highlighting our offerings of wisdom consciousness this year is our sacred tour, EGYPT: 10.10.10, Initiations into the Halls of Orion, this October.  These will be powerful and meaningful invitations to engage with the Holy Beings of other realms, to enter deep coalescence, collaboration, and integration of celestial energies into our earth experience.  The StarSeeds, the Deep Knowing which we each carry, are, simply, waiting to be re-awakened, and re-invigorated with our own authentic True Knowing.
Here, again, the language we use cannot do justice to the extraordinary experiences which occur when we enter Living Relations with the WisdomKeepers of these ancient lineage traditions, or Sacred Sites.  The experiences take us beyond the normal construct of Time and Space, often setting the Spirit loose to fly to our origins, or future destinations, to further deepen our wisdom and knowing, often with the guidance of the Holy Beings, the StarBeings, and master teachers of many lineages, of all Times.  The Halls of Orion symbolize these majestic gateways which these practices open us to, to incorporate, and embody higher wisdom, during this work.  Utilizing the ancient Wisdom Halls (actual temples) of the Egyptian lineages will only accentuate the nature of the work, but, also, align with the wisdom of the halls of Origin of this work.  Some speak to the Halls of Amenti, which carry the ancient most records of humanity.  These, too, shall be revealed, to those who are ready.
Many are speaking of the coming climate of 2012, and the miracles that will appear.  Many are speaking of the ascension of humanity.
The work is not about another time or place.  It is not about the end of the world, the end of time, or leaving the Earth to enter another state. 
The work is about calling forward our own power and authenticity, our own wholeness and Divinity.  It is claiming our birthright here on Earth, as living, awakened beings of luminous light, fully embodying the multi-dimensional aspects of our Divine self in its fullness, fully supporting and claiming our right and authority to co-create, to collaborate with the very Heart of Creation, by living in Alignment with that Heart, through our own Heart.
The Heart of the Earth is opening to us.  
The Sky is calling us home.  To embody that fullness, Here, Now.
Breathe it in, draw it down.  We are home where our Heart is fully awakened and alive.  Fully present.  Fully Being.
To come into full awakening, we must become fully present in ourselves, Here, Now. 
We send you Many Blessings in your life and work.
May we bring forth the Unity of consciousness and Beauty of Being which is called upon us now.
In a Sacred Way, we offer this wisdom and practice.
Feel free to share this mail with others.
We simply ask that you include our contact information here.
Zacciah Blackburn
©2010 Zacciah Blackburn
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THE ART OF SACRED SOUND; OMEGA, with Zacciah, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal
The Art of Sacred Sound:  Healing The Earth, Ourselves, and Each Other
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  • Sept 6-10 at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
    • with one full day of chanting with Zacciah, Jai Uttal, Deval Premal, and Krishna Das 
  • The first day of this practice will be in sacred chant with the great luminaries of chant, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, and Deva Premal.  We shall then enter deeper into the practice of Sacred Chant, Toning, Invocation, Ceremony, and Embodying the energies of Living Consciousness through our own sounds and voices, for the next 4 days, with Zacciah.  (You do not need any prior training, musical talent, or special voice/singing experience or quality to engage in this work.)
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2012: The Great Awakening
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With All Aspects of Creation
Co-Creating the Template of Heaven on Earth
These are precious programs to prepare us for these changing times, to penetrate the veils of Mystery for greater understanding into the nature of Who We Are, and Why We have come to this planet at this time.
This work, The Great Awakening, provides explicit and practical steps for this new era of awakening which humanity has entered, with explicit steps to assist in this personal and collective awakening, long prophecied by many cultures of the world.
The Great Awakening
offers keen insight into the nature of this incredible threshold of awakening, upon which humanity stands poised, as well as offering each participant a vehicle which can transport us into other worlds of understanding, experience, and self knowledge. 
These experiences are especially heightened via the art of Sacred Sound Transmissions, through which Zacciah brings the sounds and voices of Holy Beings from other realms of consciousness, into our present environ, 
which can heighten our sense of Living Reality. 
The vast majority of participants find these experiences extraordinarily enriching, life altering, and deeply transformative. 
At the same time, participants are left with practical exercises to carry into their every day lives.  
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