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Beltane is the Gaelic name for May Day, on May 1st, the time of festivals marking the beginning of the pastoral season and the celebration of fertility. Earth-based peoples have traditionally marked this holy day by large bonfires, much dancing, and often the erection of May Poles decorated with flowers and ribbons. Beltane is a cross-quarter day, which means it marks the midpoint between spring equinox and summer solstice.
Corinna's Corner
Corinna WoodBalancing the hormones
Protecting our reproductive selves from estrogen dominance
Corinna Wood, Director, Red Moon Herbs & Southeast Wise Women
So much of women’s health revolves around our reproductive cycles and the corresponding hormonal cycles. I get countless questions about the estrogen/progesterone balance. Women want to understand more about their PMS, endometriosis, fibroids--or to how to support their fertility, a healthy pregnancy, or menopause.
In these times, many girls and women tend to have high levels of estrogen, or what’s being called “estrogen dominance,” in large part to the xenoestrogens found in pollutants such as plastics, pesticides, and bovine growth hormones, which find their way into our food and water supplies. This estrogen dominance is being found to contribute to many of women’s chronic reproductive system health issues.
Taking steps to balance the hormones is helpful for many reproductive illnesses as well as easing common issues such as PMS or the menopausal transition. Some ideas:
  • Healthy fats not only help the liver process toxins but also support cholesterol, which is one of the most important compounds in the body and plays a huge role. Medically, it is considered the mother of all hormones as the body uses it as a building block to make all other hormones as needed. Healthy fats include raw organic butter, cheese, and raw coconut oil.
  • Try to reduce toxins in your life in all forms. Eat only organic foods, get good drinking water, don’t use a microwave, avoid plastics, x-rays, carpets, and all harmful chemicals (e.g., nail polish, synthetic perfumes).
  • Support natural progesterone in your life to balance your homones. Nettle infusion supports our bodies with phytosterols (plant hormones) and Vitex extract supports the pituitary gland which helps regulate estrogen and progesterone.
May our children someday live on a planet that is creating more balance than we seem to be. Until then we must protect ourselves from illness and nourish ourselves deeply so we have energy to continue creating the world we want to inhabit.
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The Real Story of Comfrey Love Oil:
"We’ve been making Comfrey Oil since the beginning of Red Moon Herbs in 1994. In fact it is the major component of our first product: Comfrey Salve. Because we had plenty of Comfrey Oil, our staff started taking it home and using it as a lubricant, to much delight. Around the same time, we were getting more and more requests from menopausal women asking for a product to help with their vaginal dryness. Thus Comfrey Love Oil was born--and has now become a very popular product with women of all ages. The demulcent properties in the comfrey are infused in the oil making it slippery, mimicking our natural fluids. Please remember that oil degrades latex so don't use with your latex condoms."  
Corinna Wood, Director of Red Moon Herbs and the Southeast Wise Women
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The Comfrey is Comin' On
Comfrey returns strong each year
by Lee Warren

At our farm, we grow comfrey in every spare nook. This deep-rooted perennial comes from Europe but has naturalized here, and it is one of the first plants to come up vigorously in the spring. Its leaves are large and dark green, and the plant also boasts purple or blue flowers which nod over in clusters. It flowers from May to August and will produce four cuttings through the season.
Comfrey has long been used medicinally and is most renowned for its ability to heal wounds, stings, sprains, and inflammations of all kinds. Known commonly as “knitbone,” it is used for healing broken bones in people and animals. Probably due to its high mineral content and the phytochemical allantoin, it stimulates cell reproduction.
In addition to its medicinal properties, farmers have traditionally fed comfrey to livestock as a rich source of minerals, especially in spring when they need a boost after a long winter with no greens.
Because comfrey is so deep rooted, it draws nutrients into itself from the subsoil and its NPK nutrient profile rivals that of commercial fertilizers, especially in the potassium department. In addition to using it medicinally, it can be used as a natural fertilizer, mulch, or compost pile activator.
Comfrey is easy to grow, tolerating a range of conditions, and once established is tenacious and enthusiastic. It spreads from the roots and even a tiny piece will produce a new plant. Its lush foliage makes a wonderful ornamental addition to the garden - just make sure you put it in a place you’d like it for a long time to come. When getting established, it loves lots of manure or compost as a fertilizer.
Lee Warren
Lee Warren is an herbalist, homesteader, writer, and member of Earthaven Ecovillage since 2001. She is the Program and Outreach Coordinator for the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference and coordinates this newsletter for Red Moon Herbs.
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Spring Baby Goats!
Ema CarmonaSpring is busy time of year at the Carmona Homestead. Ema Carmona, Manager of Red Moon Herbs, and her family welcomed 4 new baby goats into their dairy goat herd earlier this month. Aren't they adorable?
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