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Little Pearls

Little Pearls
Sharing YOUR Special Gifts

Every single one of us has special gifts.


Do you know what yours are?  And are you sharing them in ways that bring you joy AND make a difference, shining a light for someone else? 


If not, what needs to shift?  In this time when misunderstanding and polarization seem to be increasing, YOUR gifts just may change the world.  We're ready to cheer you on!

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver
Spotlight Pearl: Special Gifts

This early Little Pearl features Chloe, a mixed breed dog from the shelter, singing her heart out as Sallie Ford and Taya Ricker play a beautiful violin duet.

An ordinary dog in other ways, Chloe had an unexpected gift when she was adopted into Taya's musical family.  When a violin played, she HAD to sing!  See her funny story here:  Special Gifts


Now young adults, both Sallie and Taya are making their way in the world of music. 


Sallie has an exciting band in Portland, Oregon:

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside


Taya is a violin performance major at UNC-G and performs frequently. 


Chloe is now an older dog,  still beautiful and doing fine. We hope she's still singing.


Keep sharing your musical gits, Taya, Sallie AND Chloe!

You can see Special Gifts here

or here Special Gifts on YouTube


Dog and Animal Pearls... so far...
Special Gifts was our first Pearl to feature an animal. Since then, we have created Pearls about a therapy dog in Dr. Willie and a baby screech owl in Wild and Free: a Screech Owl Named Pinkey.

Both Pearls reflect the special gifts of Clyde Hollifield, whose magical work with animals is legendary. 
Special Gifts of Animals, yet to Share

We have also created the first two of a series of Dog Pearls Coming Home and Spirit Dog are poignant and spiritual, featuring five dogs running free on a gorgeous mountaintop.  They deal with living and dying in complete trust and love. 


Twenty-two more dogs, already filmed in HD, await the chance to share their special gifts in new, lighter Dog Pearls. 


We recently lost one of our Dog Stars unexpectedly: Charley Parker, shown here as a cover dawg.  


Please help us make Charley and all his buddies stars, so their images and stories can help support the adoption of dogs and other animals.  Do(g)nations or Donate Now

We have plans for Pearls about cats, horses, birds and more.  All animals have special gifts to share! Upcoming Pearls
Our Special Gifts

Little Pearls inspire connection and compassion on behalf of all living beings. 


Our work can open minds by first opening hearts: a gift we think the world really needs, especially now.


Please support us: Donate Now



Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls



PS See Upcoming Pearls: we're not just about animals!

PPS Check out our current social networking and non-profit links below. 
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Cat Pearls
Rescued as a tiny, frightened orphan, Theo came to us by serendipity. At 6 weeks, he was a therapy kitten for my 95 year old mother.  He lit up the last 5 months of her life with love. We  hope to make a Cat Pearl with stills of their remarkable relationship, and we will definitely make Flip Video Pearls of Theo playing with his dog sister Gracie. Stay tuned!
Waiting to be Dog Stars














Dollie Mae





and more....


Our Dog Stars

Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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