Tuesday, April 27, 2010
BOARDing procedures - - Don Caley

Your 2010 ASI board of trustees are:

  • Mary Hein (president)
  • Kate McRae (vice president)
  • Alberto Ferrero* (secretary)
  • Lori Lozen* (treasurer)
  • Don Sharpe
  • Norm Schmidt
  • Joe Jaeger
  • Marilyn Leece
  • Don Caley

The ASI board meetings are not always lively and consistently interesting, because these sailors deal with all the minutae and nitty-gritty of managing your ASI. But if and when you attend, you'll undoubtedly notice the dedication that all these trustees have in getting things right. In all decisions they make, they're trying to be fair, while maintaining boat safety and keeping costs as low as possible. Through the efforts of the ASI boards of the last few years, they've managed to keep membership, sailpass and charter fees from rising, in spite of a bad economy and a shifting membership base.


The board meets at 7, the fourth Monday of each month, at Farmington Methodist Church, on Farmington road just south of Fourteen Mile Road. These meetings are open to all who wish to attend. The board met last night for their monthly meeting, along with guests Dave Clark, John Johnston, and Jack Townsend. At last night's meeting:

  • We discussed ways to handle the necessary - but unbudgeted - expense of a new bimini for Interlude, our 28' O'Day and purchase of a new dinghy for Voyager III, our 30' S2. We're optimistic about the upcoming sailing season, but can't depend on that to cover these unbudgeted expenses. It was therefore decided to try to handle  them on a 'donation' basis. In that way, those that would benefit most could have the opportunity (and the obligation) to donate specifically to those expenses. So, at upcoming events like the boat launch this Saturday at Kensington and the summer picnics, you'll have an opportunity to donate what you can, for ASI to purchase a new dinghy for Voyager and a new bimini for Interlude (actually the bimini cost is only for the materials, since Joe Jaeger has volunteered to design and build it). Dave Clark is also tweaking the 'booty and swag' program, so that sailors know just what the proceeds go for, when you buy an ASI-logoed sweatshirt or cap. 
  • Don DeGrazia, our General Sail chairman, is seeking a 'co-chair' person who would be willing to take on the responsibility of organizing General Sail meetings. These meetings were extremely popular, but have not been held for the past couple of years due to a lack of a 'point person' to to take on the responsibility. These meetings were mostly held over the winter months, and dealt with sailing and boating issues. Send Don an email for more details.
  • A decision was made to make half-day keelboat charters available on lake St Clair at half the full day cost. This was thought to be necessary to boost boat usage, especially in the fall. "Day' and 'evening' periods will be available, as well as the present 24 hour charters.
  • Another topic that we'll be wrestling with in coming meetings is the burgeoning Level 2 keelboat program. We have a huge 2010 class that will effectively double the number of sailors using the O'days. Will the demand for Lake St Clair charters be so great that we'll have to curtail the 'evening sail' program? Or should we keep that program going, since it is aimed at the general public rather than our membership? How do we deal with that increased demand? More boats are not an option; we will be looking closely at ways for these sailors to qualify for limited cruising of the 30' keelboats in lake St Clair. Stay tuned.   


*not present at last night's meeting  
 Last Saturday's Interlake prep at Crawford Farm - - Joan Swain

A couple times during this past Saturday's 'final' boat prep day, and I put final in quotes, cuz Ms. Mama Nature didn't fully cooperate for our list of jobs, I had this unexpected thought:  "I'm going to miss this time with you."   'You' being the total of 34 participants, in addition to our faithful L1 Maintenance Team headed by Don Caley and consisting of Andy Brown, Don DeRyckere, Bob Moon and Don Sharpe who do all the planning.  


Each time the 'will-miss-this' thought jumped into my head, I was surprised, for I am not often a get-up-at-dawn-on-Saturday person, let alone traipse out to a farm in Milford where my car resists going over 10mph on the gravel road.  And I easily chill in the cold, especially when accompanied with rain or snow.  But as the day was progressing, I realized what would be missed:   on all 3 days of preparation,


I not only was so pleased to see those of you who showed up, but your good spirits, eagerness and team work to take on whatever jobs were needed, were the combination of treats that made for 3 great days.   I know we all enjoy sailing.  But there's no sailing without the boats, and the boats can't be sailed unless they are launched, and the launch cannot occur without much preparation.  So anytime you're enjoying a sail at Kensington or Stony Creek this season, take a moment to think about, or give a thank-you to our maintenance team, and the rest who helped make it possible:  


all 3 days

Dave Amsdill Carl Clarke

David Pardy Gary Roush

Fred Trinker Stan Urbiel*


2 days

Susanne Guendelsberger

Phil Phillips


1 day

Claire Abrams Ken Kramer

Kimberly B. Bobbie Lilly

K.C. (couldn't read name)         Patrick MacArthur

Peggy Clark                           Judy Martens

Kevin Chow                            Kate McRae

Derome Dowell                       Darryl Newman

Bob Frank                               Mike Nolta

Richard Gady                         Anne Ostroth

Cece Grabowski                      Joe Phillips

Sherri Gregory                        Derek Richardson

Dan Guendelsberger                Ira Russell

Barb Hayes                            John Tiley

Tom Heritage                          Marek (Mark) Tlok


* an extra 'thank-you' to Stan who offered to take care of a needed task between farm days.


And sincere apologies to any missed and/or misspelled names (blame my eyes or spell check).After this Saturday's launch, may you experience special enjoyments sailing this season.

the Second Reef – News and Information for and about ASI’s Level 2 Sailors - - Jack Townsend

All the keelboats are in the water, both Level 2 and Level 4. After several weekends of prep work they finally went for a swim. The ASI launch was scheduled for Tuesday April 20th at 9 a.m. and with all four boats having to re-step their masts it looked to be a long day. Re-stepping a mast is a lengthy process, a process that requires plenty of helping hands and fortunately we had plenty of hands show up.


However, when it was discovered there were no launch-day donuts, there was talk of mutiny and desertion, but in the end everyone stayed and we had a great day. You would think we were cops not sailors, but then again maybe donuts are the modern sailor’s sea biscuit. Hardtack and grog evolves into extra large coffee and a jelly filled – we have come a long way Columbus! I would like to say the day went problem free but no matter how well you plan there is always the opportunity for the unplanned. This year’s wheel of misfortune landed on Voyager. After stepping the mast some faulty mast wire connections were discovered and the mast was brought back down. Although it was disappointing it was better to discover the problem here than 2 months from now in the North Channel. 


Last Saturday, our first workday on the water, was a busy, chilly, and drizzly day on “A” dock, but we accomplished a lot. Engines had their impellers changed, got new oil filters and oil, had their fuel filters changed and their v-belts adjusted. Sails were bent on and Claire and Joe even rigged the Dutchman system on Interlude’s mainsail. We haven’t had that luxury in place for a few years. Not to be outdone, boat captains Chris and David rebuilt the wind vane system on Overture this year. Once the system is wired in the wind indicator dial on the starboard cockpit bulkhead will show the direction and strength of the wind. We haven’t had this system working in quite a few years – it is an ideal wind direction aid when the bimini is up and you can’t see the masthead wind indicator.


There are still a few things that need to be completed and then the boat captains will take the boats out for their shakedown sail. Once that is completed the boat captains will release the boats to the L2 on-water instructors and so begins the second phase of ASI’s L2 sailing class for 2010. This year 22 students completed their shore class requirements and will now venture out onto the beautiful waters of Lake St. Clair. Within the next month or so ASI will have 22 new keelboat Captains, pretty impressive. Congratulations to Bill and Trudy, and all the L2 assistant shore school instructors. 


The Dutchman system and a wind indicator cockpit display, what else could we possible want for this sailing season – how about hassle free pump-outs and fueling, what? Isn’t that right off your Christmas list? Well thanks to Don Sharpe your wish has come true. Don has set up, through JBM, a season long pump-out program for the Level 2 boats. When it is time for a pump-out all you need to do is pull into the JBM fuel dock and show the dock attendant the “pump-out” sticker, located in the port side salon window. This is a pre-paid program so you do not need to pay and then seek reimbursement. The program is available all 7 days of the week instead of the old system of Monday through Friday. Naturally you will need to take care of the tip for the attendant out of your pocket – sorry no reimbursements on gratuities. The pump-out program is only good at the JBM fuel dock, no where else, if you pump out at Belle River or another location that cost is out of your pocket. So remember, “pump before you go or it’s your dough”.


Excited about the pump-out program? Well there’s more. Don also set up a fuel charge account at the JBM fuel dock. This is also a pre-paid account, meaning you do not pay for fuel when you re-fuel at JBM. How it works. You pull into the fuel dock, without hitting anything, tie off and fuel up. When it comes time to pay you tell the attendant you are with ASI and want to charge the cost of fuel onto the ASI fuel card. The attendant will swipe the ASI fuel card, which they keep on hand, you will need to sign the receipt and write on the receipt which boat you are on. And then, this part is important, you give the signed receipt back to the attendant so they can keep it on file for ASI. And then, important part #2, we would like you to write the amount of fuel taken on and the cost on the ASI checklist comments section. That’s all there is to it, easy - squeezy.


But…….there always seems to be a “but” and here’s the fuel “but” - this system has been put in place to accommodate only the fuel needs of the day and evening timeshare sails. If you go on an overnight trip, a weekend trip or longer, the cost of all fuel used, is your responsibility, this is an ASI policy at both the L2 and L4 levels. For example, I leave JBM with a full tank of fuel and go on a 3 day trip, when I come back the fuel tank is ¾ full. It is my responsibility to refill the tank back to “full” and at my cost, no reimbursements, before I dock the boat. And, like the pump-outs, fuel dock attendant gratuities are out of your pocket. Remember you are a Great Lakes Sailor so put up the sails, turn off the engine, save some fuel and enjoy one of the best sailing lakes around.  

ASI to offer two North Channel Cruising Workshops in 2010

What's a cruising workshop?

A week of cruising Lake Huron's North Channel in one of ASI's 30 foot keelboats, Manitou or Voyager III.


Who can sign up as crew? 

 Almost any adult member of ASI. No, it's not necessary to be 'rated', even for level 1.


What will I be expected to do as one of the crew? 

 As much - or as little - as you wish. The cruising workshops offer an opportunity to members to inexpensively experience the North Channel. You'll get a taste of what it's like to live aboard a cruising sailboat, and to learn some of the skills necessary for sailing and 'gunkholing' there. You'll have a chance to help out navigating and trimming the sails. Yes, you'll be on the helm, too.   


Who's in charge?

 One of ASI's Level 4 sailors will skipper the boat, with another keelboat sailor as first mate.


Where will the workshop start and end?

 Your crew will drive from here to Little Current (on Manitoulin Island). There you will board the boat, and live aboard for a week. Then you and your crew will return to Little Current and drive home. 


What are the dates?

two one-week workshops are scheduled, starting July 17 and August 21


What is included in the workshop cost?  

 The workshop cost is your share of the cost of chartering for one week. The crew generally shares all other costs; transportation to and from Little Current, provisions, dockage, fuel, pumpouts, etc. 


What's the North Channel like?

Because it is very remote, it is relatively uncrowded. The water is clear and you'll be able to swim (but it is chilly!). Hundreds of small islands provide numerous quiet, secluded anchorages. Once you've been to the North Channel, you'll want to come back!


If you are interested in participating in a North Channel workshop please email or call the ASI Sail Secretary. 


To participate you must have a current ASI membership.  The cost for the workshop is $300 per person, and a crew of 3 workshop participants is expected.  Traditionally the Captain of the workshop will review the list to select a crew.  Space is limited so participation is not a sure thing.

Interlake Racing - - Michael Golden

NEWLY RATED L1 grads get into the racing program at no charge for 2010.  


the RACING PROGRAM is open to all rated members. The season opens with a workshop on right-of-way rules, safety, and go-fast techniques. Guided practice on the water with drills and exercises gives you a chance to brush up and learn new boat handling techniques.

We rotate crews with an experienced person on board to assist you. The Saturday or Sunday races are scheduled in the morning or late afternoon. Each crewmember gets to skipper when they are ready. You may learn how to rig and put up the chute at a dockside spinnaker workshop. You will have the opportunity to join a team and sail with the same crew sometimes.   


We gather at the dock or a cafe after on the water events to exchange ideas & make excuses!  

Fees: The racing program is open to returning rated sailors at a fee of $25 for the season + two additional volunteer hours on Interlake maintenance.  

-No charge to new L1 rated 2009 graduates for their first year in racing.
-First time racers, previously rated, are $15 for the first year.
-Sign up on the sail pass form and come to the Thursday, April 22 seminar.  


BASIC RACING SEMINAR is for all new racers and sailors thinking about improving on their skills. The meeting is Thursday, April 22, 2010, 7pm, upstairs at Busch’s Market, 37083 Six Mile Road, (East of Newburgh Road), Livonia, 48152. Learn how boats go faster and safer in balance.   New novice racers are required to attend that April seminar.  


ON THE WATER EVENTS: Check the web site or the Burgee for the race schedule soon.

The Racing Program           Stephen Poulos             Joe Jaeger  

Mayday, Mayday! - - Marilyn Leece



Who? - YOU !

When? -Sat. May 1st. 09:00

Where? -Crawford Farm (see directions) 


Station Leaders Still Needed!  Members with trailer hitches still needed! (1 7/8" or 2") 

-Please contact: Marilyn Leece @ Sailrmare@sbcglobal.netor: Jessica Hogg @ Sweetpeablue@aol.com to sign up. 


Launch begins @ Crawford Farm 


08:30 MEETING TIME FOR:Level 1 Manager, L1 Maintenance Crew, Launch Facilitators, Station Leaders, and members with trailer hitches. 

09:00 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP:Sign in, Launch Orientation, and :

YES! COFFEE & DONUTS! (your host: Diane Tower:) 

09:15: 2010 "LET'S DO LAUNCH" BEGINS! 


"SEA" YOU THERE! Marilyn LeeceJessica Hogg Level 1 Launch Facilitators

Interlakes for adoption - - Marilyn Leece

Do you have a favorite Interlake? Looking for a way to get your work hrs. in at your convenience? Would you like to learn more about boat maintenance & make new sailing friends in the process? Please consider "Adopting" one of our Interlakes!  

The boats need TLC throughout the season, and this is an excellent way to help maintain the fleet, and have fun in the process! There are currently 9 Interlakes available for "Adoption" at Kent Lake. Jessica Hogg will manage the program and help to mentor the "Adoptive Skippers".

Please contact Jessica to sign up for your favorite boat!   

Wanted: Station leaders for Interlake launch - - Marilyn Leece

Also,, members for trailering (with a 1 7/8" & 2" ball) 

  • WHO?       YOU!
  • WHEN :     SAT. MAY 1ST. 2010 (station leaders to arrive @ 08:30)

*We will be conducting a Station Leader's Meeting before Launch Day*

Please contact: Marilyn Leece OR:   Jessica Hogg  

Do you have a favorite boat name? - - Joan Swain

With appreciation to 7 of our members, and 1 honorary member, I am pleased to present 16 names for your consideration in naming our newest Interlake.  First of all, the participants were: Carl Clarke, Bill Crawford, Joe Jaeger, Judy Martens, JoAnne & Tom McClure, Phil Phillips, Mark Valentine and Nancy Weiss.  Thank you.  Without your input, there would have been no contest.  


OK, I would have conjured up a name or two, but I resisted mingling mine with your excellent submissions. Now, for the names, some of which were submitted with "explanations" (included) - and once such started coming in, all were invited to add.  I am so glad the responsibility of choosing the final winner is not up to me.  Here they are.....drum roll, please: 

  • Albatross
  • Custom 1 - play on words: Customflex, is our manufacturer plus recognition that  every sail & boat is unique
  • Fun Time - that's what it's all about, isn't it?
  • Kensington
  • Mr. Fahrenheit
  • Osprey
  • Peace
  • Be Still
  • Sails Meeting
  • Salt & Pepper - an old "salt" with a lot of vinegar & pepper to spice up the event
  • Sara's Song - memorial to a mother who lost most of her family in the Holocaust
  • Sea Belle
  • Such A Life - what a wonderful experience sailing is
  • Time For Fun - that's what it's all about, isn't it?
  • Wind Lyric - in keeping with the musical theme of the L2 boats
  • Wind Song - in keeping with the musical theme of the L2 boats
  • Wolverine 

There are 2 ways to vote for your favorite 3:  either email me, jkswain36@att.net (deadline 5/1, 8PM), or if you are at the L1 launch this Saturday, 5/1, the names will also be available for your selection of 3.  


The votes will be tallied Sat. evening. The winner will be announced in next week's Burgee. 


Rules, reminders, requests:  No stuffing of ballots please; no dragging your 6 long, lost cousins to the launch to sneak in votes; no bribing of yours truly; no multiple em votes - ASI is not Dancing With the Stars.  I expect that we don't need to call in Jimmy Carter for this, and, frankly, if you don't want to vote, great.  We only want votes from those who truly grasp the importance of this issue.   It's now in your hands.  Thank you again to all who contributed to the list of names.  The wait begins...............

Kay Moon in hospital

Kay Moon, Bob's wife, was taken to St. Joseph's hospital two weeks ago with lung and intestinal problems. She is now on the road to recovery! If you'd like to send a 'get well' card, send it to Bob and he'll see that she gets it. The Moon address is 4471 VanAmberg, Brighton Michigan 48114-8129. Or email her here


MANITOU: Desperately seeking a new dinghy! - - Norm Schmidt

Are you one of the many sailors who consider the Level 4 boats and the North Channel experience the jewel of ASI?


Each year Manitou and Voyager III go up Lake Huron and then are time-shared by Level 4 Captains and their ASI member crews in the North Channel. Each boat pulls a dinghy (zodiac) for the safety and daily use by the crew. A replacement dinghy is desperately needed for Manitou. It is aged, and considered unusable.

As part of the budgeting process, ASI has noted that  the current revenue, especially for Level 4, can not support the cost of replacement of a dinghy at this time. The cost of a new or used dinghy is in the range of $1,000-$1600. We are asking for member donations of any amount. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

 If you are one of the 30 Level 4 members, (or hope to be someday) please consider a donation of $50 or $100 for replacement costs. Donations can be made by check or credit card to ASI Sail Secretary. asisailsecretary@aat.net  or (248) 393-2480. Yes, donations are tax deductible!


Thank you,

Norm Schmidt   Level 4 Manager

Ahoy Level 2  Sailors!  (and future Level 2 Sailors) - - Marilyn Leece

After much discussion and poll taking, it was a near-unanimous YES for the installation of a Bimini for Interlude.


Joe Jaeger has submitted a proposal for the framework and fabric, and the total cost should be around $375. Joe has also volunteered to make the framework and Bimini! (Original estimates were approximately $700-800) The Board is committed to a more stream-lined budget for the future of A.S.I.,  and we are asking members to donate whatever amount they are comfortable with, for the cost of the framework and Bimini.


On those hot, summer days - or the cold, wet ones - wouldn't it be nice to have some protection from the elements ?

Any amount by check, or credit card is tax-deductible, and may be sent to Lisa, our sail secretary, at asisailsecretary@att.net . Thank you so much for your support!  And many thanks to Joe!

One more thing... 

The Burgee is on a weekly schedule. It goes out every Tuesday, now that spring is here. Get your stuff to me by Sunday, and I can put it in the next Tuesday's edition. Or send your Burgee input, NOW, to asidon@comcast.net

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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