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FORCE - FRIENDS OF THE RIVERS COALITION eNEWSLETTER April 2010 PO Box 2627 Stuart, Fl 34995 772-225-6849
April 21, 2010

Here are two noteworthy developments in the battle to save the St. Lucie estuary from the alien discharges that plague us in wet times:
First, one of the most distinguished attorneys you can find anywhere in the field of environmental law will talk to the Rivers Coalition membership April 29 at Stuart City Hall.
She is Monica Reimer of the EarthJustice legal powerhouse. Her subject is of prime interest to the Rivers Coalition, namely:
"When You Must Sue Your Own Government"
Many folks wonder why we should have to file a lawsuit against our own government. Well, we shouldn't. But it's often absolutely necessary and such lawsuits have forced great reforms all across the nation.
One of three branches, the courts serve as an umpire throwing down a penalty flag when and if the other two branches violate the highest authority in the land--the Constitution.
But let Monica tell it, and you can give your own input. Monica and EJ's David Guest were instrumental in leading the Rivers Coalition to the Marzulla & Marzulla firm in Washington to pursue a constitutional "takings" claim against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The Rivers Coalition meeting, open without charge to the public, is at 11 a.m. April 29. There's plenty of free parking and we'll even have a donut and coffee for you.
For some of you who have doubted the wisdom of filing a federal lawsuit, this will be especially interesting.
Click here for more information.
Not-so-brief Brief Covers the Bases
Meanwhile, the Rivers Coalition Defense Fund's Marzulla firm has now filed a 53-page "bombshell" of a legal brief supporting our claim that the polluted discharges from inland violate riparian rights to enjoy waters free of pollution. The brief includes 13,464 words, asking that a three-judge appeal court reverse a trial-level finding against the claim.
"This brief lays out all the facts and precedents supporting the lawsuit," said a Defense Fund spokesman. "It's a bombshell that answers all questions. We think the heavy alien discharges from another watershed are clearly unconstitutional."
You can enjoy fun, food and games Saturday, April 24, at the Environmental Studies Center's picnic in downtown Stuart. Take part for the river and for other local causes. And enjoy yourself.
Click here for more details.
What's Happening?
Thursday April 29, 2010 
11am to 12:30pm at: 
City of Stuart Commission Chambers 
121 SW Flagler Ave, Stuart, Fl 34994
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• Special Presentation - Monica Rimer, Earth Justice
"When You Must Sue Your Own Government"
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New "Save My River" T-shirts featuring an attractive painting of the St. Lucie River wildlife will be available for purchase at the April 2010 meeting.

Read about the T-shirts here:
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