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Peace Talk May/June 2010

Women's Web of Life Dance

Women's Web of Life Dance

May 28th-30th, 2010
Led by Jeanne Robinson & Margarita DiVita, Dance Chiefs
Spider is the Grandmother of creation; an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth. We receive our first lesson from Grandmother Spider by contemplating her web. Just as the Spider weaves a web, so too must we weave our own lives. This serves as a reminder that our choices construct our lives. It is a message to be mindful of the choices we are making and ask ourselves:

            How are my choices affecting my life?
            How can my choices improve my life?
            How are my choices affecting others in my life?
When we see our decisions, choices and actions as far-reaching, effective tools in life, we can see how we weave a web that can either serve us or enslave us. Grandmother Spider beckons us to be mindful of our behaviors; be smart about the life we weave for ourselves.
The Women’s Web Of Life Dance is about looking down the threads of life, both forward and backward, and seeing all the possible consequences of our choices. It is about seeing, understanding, and ultimately taking responsibility for what we set in motion. It is about gaining understanding of how every single, little thing we do, affects the strands next to us, across from us and, indeed, the whole web of life.
We create and dance in an egg-shaped arbor with 13 poles and a central fire. Although the dancers and crew are women, men are invited to support by helping to prepare the dance area on Friday, serving in the kitchen during the dance and participating in the feast on Sunday.  
In past years, the requested donation of the dance has been $295. This covers the expenses necessary to hold the dance. There is never a charge for ceremony.
In 2010 the Women’s Web Of Life Dance is offered on a donation basis.
For information contact us at or
For a list of what to bring

View or print our flyer

"For The One" World Youth Gathering & Dance

"For the One" World Youth Gathering
and Youth Dance
Gathering June 19 - 24
Dance  June 25 - 28
This June, a ten-day "For the One" World Youth Gathering sponsored by the "For the One" Organization will be held in the Knoxville, Tennessee area in the USA (June 19-28). Invitations have gone out to teens, young adults and supporters from the United States, and other countries such as Bosnia, Croatia, South Africa, Israel, Palestine, Germany, Ireland Norway, Wales, Scotland and England.
The purpose of this Gathering is to bring young people and their supporters together from different countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of each other, experience common bonds that transcend differences, and gain new skills for healthier living. The “For the One” World Youth Dance, that will take place on the final four days of the Gathering, will add a level of experiential learning that is life-changing.
The Center for Peace in Seymour, TN will host the dance itself Friday, June 25 to Monday, June 28. This healing dance combines fasting, sound and movement over a period of three days. The experienced crew that gathers to support the process holds the dancers in an energetic container of love and safety. The result is transformative and healing, often at profound levels that shifts and changes lives for the better.
We are asking your help in offering other youth the chance to be transformed like Danette, whose story is attached.  Most of the youth dancers have very little money and we will need your support to pay for their travel and related expenses.  There are several ways that you can be a part of this extraordinary Gathering of diverse cultures:
  • Sponsor a dancer ($490 for the ten days; $250 for non-dancers/supporters)
  • Give a donation of money (Any size is welcome!)
    Give a donation of food or supplies
  • Purchase a plane ticket ($1,000+ average to bring someone from overseas)
  • Help raise funds by promoting this event to your local community, school, and/or business (We and others are available for presentations.)
Come to Gathering and/or the Dance and be on the crew!
If you are interested in getting involved in any of these ways, please send an e-mail to the event organizers, John Pehrson or Jeanne White Eagle, at
More information is available about the For the One Organization, Dances & organizers at
and on our website: .

For more information about the World Youth Gathering

"Messiah" Training

Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm
"Beginning September 1,  I began leading a weekly seminar at the Center for Peace around the subject of 'Messiah' Training.  These are on a continuing basis [until they are not] and everyone is invited to participate.
"If you have read and liked such books as Richard Bach’s ILLUSIONS and/or are intrigued by the teachings of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and/or follow the visionary path taught by people like Joseph Rael, you already may have been studying up on this subject – already a 'messiah in training'. 
"Please do not let the language throw you!  These times together are very little about doctrine, demands, or nice ideas and much more about self discovery, personal power, and mutual support."
Perry Robinson

More Information on Messiah Training

Fire Ceremony

7th of each month, 7 pm
           ~ led by Katy Koontz

The purpose of the FIRE CEREMONY is to heal and purify both the planet’s physical oceans and the oceans of cosmic thought.

At 7 pm local time, fire elders light ceremonial fires at  each of the Peace Sound Chambers around the world. Those present watch the fire in silence until it burns out, giving to it what we want to transmute in our lives and staying open to the messages and teachings it brings. All are welcome. We suggest you arrive around 6:45 pm.

Donations are appreciated.

Sweat Lodge

Sweat lodgeA sweat lodge or "Purification Lodge", is an intensely rewarding experience. By entering the womb of Mother Earth (the lodge), we seek purification and a deeper spiritual awareness through prayer.

Generally speaking the experience is to deepen spiritual awareness. The steam, heat, and darkness intensify prayers and personal introspection. The lodge leader (pourer), with help from the fire tender, hold an energetic space of safety and security while setting the intent of the lodge.

There are composting toilets in the meadow. You may change clothes in these toilets or at the Peace Sound Chamber. There is no nudity in our lodges.

Suggested Items to Bring:

  • Two Towels
  • Men are requested to wear swim trunks, gym shorts or something similar.
  • Women are requested to wear a skirt or dress. (Something for inside the sweat that is modest and you don’t mind getting muddy.)
  • Change of clothes (Preferably long sleeve and covers all of the legs to keep from getting the feast area dirty).
  • Covered Dish for the Feast.

It is appropriate to bring tobacco, a small gift, or monetary gift for the fire-keeper and lodge master, both of whom offer their services to the people as a gift.

Cash donations are used to support the Sweat Lodge.  We use lots of wood for the fire; supplies like herbs (sage, tobacco, cornmeal, etc.), drinking water, and more. If you are feeling abundant, a donation would be appreciated.

There is never a charge for Ceremony. If you are not feeling abundant, PLEASE do not allow this to prevent you from coming.

Drumming Circle

Every Friday @ 7:30 pm
~led by José Gonzalez and Tamy Brown

Drumming is a powerful, sometimes dramatic, way to break into other levels of our mind.  Sensitive instruments can measure the way that drumming affects the brain waves.  That’s the reason for tens of thousands of years the shaman has journeyed with the drum.

This drumming is not specifically for journeying; but you get to use it whatever way you wish – including having a good time doing it!
So, on Friday of each week, bring your drum, and come join us.
Donations are appreciated.

Perry's Ponderings

Beware of Judgment
By Perry Robinson
There was one thing Jesus was very specific in prohibiting:  judgment.
“Judge not, lest you be condemned.”   
[“judge” is “krine” (Gk.), “condemn” is “katakrine”; the “kata-“ prefix adds intensity and thoroughness to the action]
The wise Ones remind us that one of the principles of this universe is:  Energy follows my focus; and my focus responds to energy.
What I focus on is being expanding and empowered in me and in all things, just because of my focused attention.
It works, no matter whether the energy with which I focus is positive or negative.
When I judge someone or something, my judgment focuses negative energy; what I judge is being expanded and empowered in me and in all things.
When I bless someone or something, my blessing focuses positive energy; what I bless is being expanded and empowered in me and in all things.
Put another way:
What I hate is being expanded and empowered in me and in all things.
What I love is being expanded and empowered in me and in all things.  
Or stated personally:
What I hate, I am becoming.
What I love, I am becoming.
The speed and intensity of the energy involved is in measure of the intensity of my emotions in focus.
Additionally, when energy is being generated around something or someone, my attention is drawn to it.  When my attention is drawn to it, my focus adds expansive power to that which has drawn my attention.  Great performers and tyrants are experts in using this energy, of course, for different purposes.
This is a too-much-ignored downside to the media explosion.  All over the world through the internet people have access to information about an almost unlimited array of subjects.  The greatest gift of the internet can also be its downside.  Be very clear, however:  the up or down is not necessarily inherent in the information.  Information is information; the energy comes in how I use the information, my emotional content – whether I judge or bless the people and events involved.  Nevertheless, what I find in searching the internet draws my focus to it and energy follows my focus.  Do you get the drift?  I do not even need to spell it out; but energy follows my focus . . . .
They used to say that ignorance is bliss.  Not!  But the more we know, the more responsibility [response ability] we have.  What we do with what we know is our choice.  Results will follow our choices.
I have a responsibility to make choices for myself.
When I try to foist my choices upon someone else, I cannot escape those choices also being foisted upon me.
When I give to you it is a way of recognizing that I have received.  When I give love and support, it affirms for you and for me that I have received love and support.  When I give you judgment, it affirms for you and for me that I have received judgment.
Have you noticed how many public figures have been exposed sensationally, for  having committed the very acts they had most vehemently opposed?  Their judgments of other have become their own condemnation.
Have you noticed how many ministers and priests have been caught up in the very “sins” they have been preaching against?  Their judgments of others have become their own condemnation.
For myself, I have noticed that, since I so strongly resent excessive use and abuse of authority, I can be very authoritative.  What I hate, I am becoming; and my judgment of those who misuse authority is expanding the misuse of authority in myself and in all things!  Watch what you are thinking, Perry!
Our opinions, pet peeves, judgments, “emotional buttons”, and mindsets do much more than merely make up blinders and boxes, which distort our visions and perceptions.  They also march with us through life – actually, more effectively so than the Verizon crowd in the commercial you may have seen on TV.  Even without our knowledge they are expanding and empowering everything around us with our personal distortions, AND keeping us from listening to that quiet voice of Creator Spirit.
Creator “rigged” this universe in such a way that we would be continually reminded of all the things which we have carefully hidden inside; and Creator treats both our thoughts and our unconscious mindsets as if they were prayers – AND answers them.
This is not about “good or bad”.  This is about being aware of what I desire and pay attention to and about knowing that I actually have been getting what I desire.  This shows me why that which I get doesn’t always match what I thought I desired and thought I prayed for.   
The intensity of my prayers for what I really desire is too often much lesser than the intensity of my opinions, pet peeves, judgments, “emotional buttons”, and mindsets.  
Well, if I do not like what I am getting, perhaps I need to change my prayers.
So –
“Judge not, lest you be condemned.”  .  .  .  .
I bless the teaching about judgment; because it reminds me where much of my/our pain has come from.
Pain is a powerful teacher.  But pain itself responds to attention [and is not healed but empowered by my focus]; so, enough about the downside!
It is also impossible to bless [an active form of “love”] without being blessed in doing so.  
I confirm that I have received, when I give.  
I understand that I am forgiven, when I forgive.  
Giving healing to another is the way I know that I have been healed.
When I bless the world and all others my cup overflows.

In This Issue

Women's Web of Life Dance

"For The One" World Youth Gathering & Dance

"Messiah" Training

Fire Ceremony

Sweat Lodge

Drumming Circle

Perry's Ponderings

Calendar at a Glance
Tuesday, 7:30 pm
Messiah Training

Friday, 7:30 pm
Drumming Circle

May 7, 6:45pm
Fire Ceremony
May 15, 10 am
Saturday Sweat Lodge
May 20, 7:00pm
Thursday Night Sweat Lodge
May 22, 9am-4pm
Work Day For Women's Web Dance
May 23, 4pm-6pm
Monthly Council Meeting
May 28-May 30
Women's Web of Life Dance

June 5, 10 am
Saturday Sweat Lodge
June 7, 6:45pm
Fire Ceremony
June 12, 9am-4pm
Work Day for For the One World Youth Dance
June 13, 4pm-6pm
Monthly Council Meeting
June 17, 7:00pm
Thursday Night Sweat Lodge
June 19, 9am-4pm
Work Day for For the One World Youth Dance
Work is Worship
“Work is Worship”
Work/activity is one very clear way to celebrate our selves as part of the community by which we are being fed spiritually. And it is always a lot of fun. Time seems to alter into a process rather than a taskmaster and friendships are born and nurtured by our community participation.
Bring gloves, appropriate clothing, water and an open willing attitude. If you have any special skills, please let us know so we can best use your talents. Of course, we will first take care of the pressing needs, but there is a lot of work to be done and all your talents are valuable.
We provide lunch. (So kitchen help is also appreciated.)
Perry 865-428-3070 or
Steve 865-300-4424
Chanting in the Chamber
The Peace Sound Chamber is available for chanting, vision quests and ceremonies of many different types.
You are encouraged to come to the chamber and chant, drum, meditate or simply sit (the chamber Spirits love it); please check first that there is not something already scheduled.
Please call at least two weeks in advance to reserve our facilities as usage requires council approval.
Council Meeting
This is the gathering of the board of directors to discuss new ideas, future projects, and events.  Feel free to come with suggestions and comments.
May 23 & June 13,  4 pm -  visitors welcome
For more information, call the Center at (865) 428-3070.
Directions to the Center

Council Members
The Center for Peace is a non-profit religious corporation in the State of Tennessee. Donations to the Center for Peace can be claimed as deductions from income for income tax purposes.

Active Council Members of the Center for Peace:

Candy Barbee
Tamy Brown
Nan Citty

Steve Citty

Margarita DiVita
Jefferson  City

Al Fletcher

Katy Koontz

Cheryl Patterson

Dona Polero
Jim Phillips
Jeanne Robinson

Perry Robinson

Marcus Weseman
Center For Peace • 880 Graves Delozier Road • Seymour • TN • 37865

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