Happy Mother's Day To All
Mothers Day Party Continues Through Tomorrow
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Modern Ambassador For Maternal Advancement
Sunday May 9, 3PM Look for Joy Rose as ParentDish Features A Mom Every Hour
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Mamapalooza, Inc., Joy Rose, Media Mom™ and a fantastic team of artists, business-women, freelancers and volunteers produce Family Festivals, Baby and Green Expos and Moms Night Out Events featuring Feminist Moms, Rockin' Moms and Women In Business. Monthly events include local music showcases, comedy, activism and (Sixty Chicks) networking for women. A mom-owned and operated multimedia organization, Mamapalooza has successfully pioneered a new culture of mom-branded performance, business and activism. Events, media, workshops, festivals, publications, CDs, membership, and online support connect and entertain through grass-roots programs that empower and support (m)others and more.  Mamapalooza's ongoing mission to create authentic, inspirational, large-scale experiences reach millions. To this end, Mamapalooza is a steady supplier of varied and exciting programs that have led to innovative activities positively impacting families and revolutionizing marketing to moms, respecting them as trend setters and women of influence. Moms Rock!
Motherhood Film and Mamazina Magazine
Festivals Are Ongoing
May 8 2-4PM in Pleasanton, CA on Main Street at The Plesanton Museum. 603 Main Street
May 15 12-8PM Columbus, Ohio at Global Gallery Coffee House 3535 N. High St. CLICK FOR COLUMBUS
May 20-23 M.O.M./Mamapalooza Conference, May 20, 21, 22 DAYTIME NYC Nola Studios, Fri.May 21 8PM,Bowery Poetry Club 'Maternal Perspectives', Sat.May 22 2-6PM Arlene's Grocery 'Singer/Songwriter Showcase and Open Poetry Slam, Sat.May 22 6:30PM Broadway Comedy Club FULL METAL MAMAS, Sat.May 22 8PM The Slipper Room HOT MAMA BURLESQUE and more. Daytime conference at NOLA 244 West 54th St. IS open to the public. $25 per day or $10 per session. CLICK FOR CONFERENCE
May 22 11-5PM Westchester, NY 6th Annual Mamapalooza at Kensico Dam, Valhalla, NY (FREE)
May 23 11-5PM  New York, NY 7th Annual Mamapalooza Outdoor Extravaganza at Riverside Park So. (FREE)
MAY 29 All Day, Collingswood Mayfair with Mamapalooza(FREE)
JULY 31, AUG 1  Chicago, ILL, BeBePaluzza with  Mamapalooza Stage Experience CLICK FOR BeBePaluzza
Thanks To Our Sponsors and Partners
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Dunkin Donuts

Mom Conference May 20, 21, 22 NYC is OPEN to ALL!
Presenters and participants from around the world discuss and disseminate information on Motherhood, Feminism, The Arts and Academia.
244 West 54th St. NOLA Studios, NYC (Log onto website for exact times)
General Admission $25 Per Aay at the Door / $10 Per Session
We're Busy and So Are You!
Happy Mother's Day To Every Care-giver and Creator of a Passion Project!
Joy Rose is The Media Mom
Mamapalooza • PO Box 210 • Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706
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