Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interlakes for adoption - - Marilyn Leece

Do you have a favorite Interlake? Looking for a way to get your work hours in at your convenience? Would you like to learn more about boat maintenance & make new sailing friends in the process? Please consider "Adopting" one of our Interlakes!  

The boats need TLC throughout the season, and this is an excellent way to help maintain the fleet, and have fun in the process! There are currently 9 Interlakes available for "Adoption" at Kent Lake. Jessica Hogg will manage the program and help to mentor the "Adoptive Skippers".

Please contact Jessica to sign up for your favorite boat!   

ASI In The Media - - Joan Swain

As some of you already know, ASI has received some much-deserved media attention lately thanks to four enthusiastic souls who answered the call back in February to help in the effort to ‘get the word out there.’ 


Christopher O’Reilly (L1) was interviewed by the Milford Times, and ended up with an excellent article in the May 13 issue. ASI received front page(!) coverage with photos of the launch and was an informative and personal article.  Word has it that the article also was in a South Lyon paper, with possibly other communities to come.  My only question after reading it online was, “Christopher, what lured you away from Lake Tahoe?”


Meanwhile, Kathy Chrzanowski (L2), put in a lot of time to create and get out a huge press release the prior weekend to more media than I knew existed in the Metro area. Whether or not it was from those releases, Abdur Rasheed (soon to be rated) had contact with both the Macomb Daily and Daily Tribune (covers Oakland county).   I was alerted to the, again, excellent article in the Macomb Daily’s  5/16, Sunday edition. The article lead with some humor and Abdur did a fine job relaying some of his personal experiences and general benefits of ASI membership.  Who knows, perhaps his sons will one day join him as members.


Not only do I wish to thank each member of this season’s PR team, but if given the chance, hope you will as well. For from their efforts comes the possible infusion of necessary new blood into ASi, so all of us can continue our enjoyment of ASI’s diverse benefits.  One other request:  If you see any reference to ASI in the coming weeks, whether an article, calendar listing, on radio or TV, please let one of us know.  Kathy, Abdur, Christopher and Kathy will be most pleased to know if more results come from their much appreciated efforts. 

Dock Masters Needed - - Anne Ostroth

Attention all rated sailors!   Dock Masters are needed at Kent Lake every Saturday, Sunday and holiday for the entire sailing season.


It’s a great way to get work hours, meet new people, and earn the appreciation of the level one instructors.  There are two shifts per day, AM (9 am -1 pm) and PM (1 pm – 4 pm).  If you would like to sign up for some shifts or have questions, email Anne.

The 2010 Level 2 class of sailors - - Bill Lane

Congratulations to all the students from the 2010 Level 2 keel boat students who have passed the navigation and seamanship portions of the Level 2 shore school. The following students have already passed their on the water portion and will soon be rated Level 2 Sailors.

  • Pete Roberson
  • Jerry Brady
  • Christian McTurk
  • Andrew Leszczynski
  • Aga Polkowska
  • Casilda deBenito


Level 2 Head Instructors  Bill Lane and Trudy Morse

If you were to take……    - -  by Bob Dallos

If you were to take all the boats, bow to stern, and all the sailors, with arms outstretched, reaching fingertip to fingertip, that sailed with us on Wet and Wild Wednesday’s last season, you would have a line that would reach all the way to the moon (or at least a pretty long distance).  Exaggeration, on the contrary, the Wet and Wild Wednesday BUCCANEERS of Kent Lake never tell tall tales of sea. 


What do we do you may ask?  Well, starting on Wednesday June 2nd,  old salts, new students or those in between, should simply show up at the East boat launch at Kent Lake about 18:00 (6pm for the newbie’s), ready for fun, skill sharpening, practice sailing, and of course the chance to meet with other club members that also have a passion for tall tailing err, sailing.  John Johnston and I will be around to help ensure that all sailors old and new are paired up on  boats. We will even help with the launch chores, if you’re nice to us.  Then we all have fun and sail until dusk chases us off the lake.   


For the rated and experienced members of the club, this is not only a great way to meet and welcome new members, but also help them gain confidence in their skills so they too can become rated.  Not only will you have a great time, but you can even get in some of those volunteer hours. And without you, there will be no one to keep the facts the facts.


Looking forward to another great summer of sailing! See you at the dock


John Johnston and Bob Dallos


editor's note: Wednesday's Don't work for you? Try Thundering Thursday's, the next evening. Same agenda!

East Side on the Lake - - Heidi Dzendzel, SC Manager

Stony Creek is open for business! The mast raising went well. The following members helped to get the equipment ready for the season. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Aga   Polkowska -  Practice Sail Mentor
  • MaryJane Bacinski -  Shore School Instructor,    Written Tester
  • Christa Baubie -  Assistant Manager
  • Jim Baubie - Maintenance, Water Instructor              
  • Boat Adoption: Free Spirit
  • Felicia Billardello  -  Assistant Manager, Water Instructor, Practice Sail Mentor
  • Don DeRychere  -  Maintenance Lead, Practice Sail Mentor
  • Heidi Dzendzel - Manager,
  • Boat Adoption: Stony Cruiser
  • Alberto Ferrero - Water Instructor, Water Tester
  • Rick Gady - Maintenance, Practice Sail Mentor
  • Gary Hintz - Maintenance, Practice Sail Mentor
  • Jim Knodel - Maintenance, Water Instructor,   Practice Sail Mentor
  • Ken Kramer -  Maintenance
  • Andrew Leszczynski - Practice Sail Mentor
  • Mike Santine - Maintenance, Practice Sail Mentor
  • Jerry Sitarski - Maintenance, Practice Sail Mentor

There are still two boats remaining for adoption. This is a TLC program. TLC ensures the boat is clean and in great working condition. Once in a while, it may need a maintenance-sail. And if it needs repairs, write it up in the maintenance log. That's all. All practice sails will be pre-arranged. Contact Heidi at asiheidi@yahoo.com for a complete list of mentors.


We know there is an extra provision needed before getting ‘permission to come aboard,’ and that is driving a trailered Interlake to the launching dock. Not everyone has a vehicle hitch and that is why there are rated sailors within the organization, who primarily sail at Stony Creek, and are glad to host practice sails at the beginning of the season.


Stony does not provide OPEN practice sails. Our suggestion is for you to initially send out one email to include all of the people on our list and let them know your sailing status, trailer hitch status, contacting status and all day/evening times available. This will give you and a mentor an opportunity to gage each others’ time frame. Our mentor list has grown from 3 three years ago to now more than 20! For the complete list, email me at asiheidi@yahoo.com , or Felicia Billardello, at felicia@hostservices.net


ASI and Stony Creek Metropark offers the following:

  • Four 18’ Interlake boats on snug harbor trailers (1-7/8” ball hitch)
  • Mentorship program to help you become a rated Level 1 sailor
  • Volunteer maintenance crew to ensure boat availability
  • 3 ASI managers to voice concerns and new ideas
  • Workshops: Docking, Spinnaker Handling and Trailering scheduled once a month


Stony Creek has an outsized body of water; great for racing and practicing man over boards. Put it on your to-do-list… the east side park is located off M-53 (Van Dyke freeway) traveling west on 26 Mile Road. See you there! 

MANITOU: Desperately seeking a new dinghy! - - Norm Schmidt

Are you one of the many sailors who consider the Level 4 boats and the North Channel experience the jewel of ASI? Each year Manitou and Voyager III go up Lake Huron and then are time-shared by Level 4 Captains and their ASI member crews in the North Channel. Each boat pulls a dinghy (zodiac) for the safety and daily use by the crew. A replacement dinghy is desperately needed for Manitou. It is aged, and considered unusable.


As part of the budgeting process, ASI has noted that  the current revenue, especially for Level 4, can not support the cost of replacement of a dinghy at this time. The cost of a new or used dinghy is in the range of $1,000-$1600. We are asking for member donations of any amount. Any amount is greatly appreciated!


If you are one of the 30 Level 4 members, (or hope to be someday) please consider a donation of $50 or $100 for replacement costs. Donations can be made by check or credit card to ASI Sail Secretary. asisailsecretary@aat.net  or (248) 393-2480. Yes, donations are tax deductible!


Thank you,Norm Schmidt   Level 4 Manager

Crew and skipper matchup

How does 'crew and skipper matchup' work? Maybe you've put together a cruise, taking one of our keelboats for a few days, or even a few hours. But you're in need of another crew member or two. Maybe you've got a North Channel charter and need another crew member. Or maybe you're interested in crewing, but don't have a 'skipper' to sign on with. And Interlake sailors too; perhaps you'd like to set up a sail with another ASI sailor. Newbie or old salt, here's a way to find a skipper or fill out a crew.


If you're a skipper in need of crew, send me the particulars of your sail; the date, other members, destination, etc. Or if you are looking to crew for somebody else, send me possible dates, places, times, etc. I'll post responses here, and you can get in touch with a potential crewmember, or potential skipper. Be sure to include phone number and email address


Let's see if we can match everybody up, to make sure we take full advantage of this upcoming sailing season!

Ahoy Level 2  Sailors!  (and future Level 2 Sailors) - - Marilyn Leece

After much discussion and poll taking, it was a near-unanimous YES for the installation of a Bimini for Interlude.


Joe Jaeger has submitted a proposal for the framework and fabric, and the total cost should be around $375. Joe has also volunteered to make the framework and Bimini! (Original estimates were approximately $700-800) The Board is committed to a more stream-lined budget for the future of A.S.I.,  and we are asking members to donate whatever amount they are comfortable with, for the cost of the framework and Bimini.


On those hot, summer days - or the cold, wet ones - wouldn't it be nice to have some protection from the elements ?

Any amount by check, or credit card is tax-deductible, and may be sent to Lisa, our sail secretary, at asisailsecretary@att.net . Thank you so much for your support!  And many thanks to Joe!

Flotsam and Jetsam

  • Nautical Deli has offered a free drink when you buy a full sandwich or a "soup and sandwich" to ASI members for the 2010 sailing season. It is located at 23839 Jefferson Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI, just north of 9 Mile Road. You must show your ASI membership card.   (thanks, Mary Hein!
  • At the last board meeting it was unanimously decided  to offer half-day rates, to Level 3 and 4 sailors, for Manitou and Voyager III, in an attempt to maximize boat usage. These new half-day rates will be $45 weekday and $50 weekend. The existing full-day rates remain in effect.
  • The entire Race Calendar is posted in the Racing section of the ASI website.
  • Wet n' Wild Wednesdays resumes at Kensington on Wednesday June 2nd
  • Thundering Thursdays resumes at Kensington on Thursday June 3rd
  • Don't miss ASI in the Milford Parade on July 3! Our 'float' will be our newest Interlake, Wind Song.  Wanna help? Details on how to be part of the parade in the next Burgee.  

Kay Moon in Rehab in Brighton

Kay Moon, Bob's wife, is in a rehab center in Brighton now, but she is not doing too well.  She has been very ill now for over two months.  Bob is with her most of the time, most days.  An e-mail to Bob would probably be very welcome.  Perhaps a get well card if you think that is what you want to do. The Moon address is 4471 VanAmberg, Brighton, Michigan, 48114. Though she does not sail, a lot of you would recognize her or know her.  Her phone is 810-986-0743. Email Bob at r-moon@sbcglobal.net

ASI's Cruising Workshops in the North Channel

What's a cruising workshop?


A week of cruising Lake Huron's North Channel in one of ASI's 30 foot keelboats, Manitou or Voyager III.


Who can sign up as crew? 

 Almost any adult member of ASI. No, it's not necessary to be 'rated', even for level 1.


What will I be expected to do as one of the crew? 

 As much - or as little - as you wish. The cruising workshops offer an opportunity to members to inexpensively experience the North Channel. You'll get a taste of what it's like to live aboard a cruising sailboat, and to learn some of the skills necessary for sailing and 'gunkholing' there. You'll have a chance to help out navigating and trimming the sails. Yes, you'll be on the helm, too.   


Who's in charge?

 One of ASI's Level 4 sailors will skipper the boat, with another keelboat sailor as first mate.


Where will the workshop start and end?

 Your crew will drive from here to Little Current (on Manitoulin Island). There you will board the boat, and live aboard for a week. Then you and your crew will return to Little Current and drive home. 


What are the dates?

two one-week workshops are scheduled, starting July 17 and August 21


What is included in the workshop cost?  

 The workshop cost is your share of the cost of chartering for one week. The crew generally shares all other costs; transportation to and from Little Current, provisions, dockage, fuel, pumpouts, etc. 


What's the North Channel like?

Because it is very remote, it is relatively uncrowded. The water is clear and you'll be able to swim (but it is chilly!). Hundreds of small islands provide numerous quiet, secluded anchorages. Once you've been to the North Channel, you'll want to come back!


If you are interested in participating in a North Channel workshop please email or call the ASI Sail Secretary. 


To participate you must have a current ASI membership.  The cost for the workshop is $300 per person, and a crew of 3 workshop participants is expected.  Traditionally the Captain of the workshop will review the list to select a crew.  Space is limited so participation is not a sure thing.

ASI Racing - Notice of Race - - Joe Jaeger

Race: JAM Race (jib and main) 


When: This Sunday, May 23 at 3:45p 


Race committee: RC TBD (arrive at 3:00p to setup the course) Please come willing to sign-up for RC Duty in following weeks


Instruction topic: Jib work, main trim, 'sailing by the jib'


Comments: Come out for our first official race of the season and get a jump on your competitors!


Note, all subsequent Racing Notices will be posted weekly in the Burgee.  Furthermore, the entire Race Calendar is posted in the Racing section of the ASI website.

Keelboat Timeshares for 2010 - - Jon Buyle

Open for business! The sailing season is here!  Hurray!  Timeshares are now being accepted for the 2010 season.  Here are a few reminders to make the process work best for all of us: 

  1. Please limit your calls to 9AM-9PM, unless it’s an emergency.  Feel free to email me anytime. 
  2. Use the ASI website to check on availability of keelboats before calling.  It is updated daily. You can also click on an entry in the calendar to obtain more details, such as the designated captain of a timeshare. That information can be useful for several reasons, such as checking with the previous captain on any problems he experienced with the boat, arranging a transition with the next captain, or notifying the next captain if you are going to be late. 
  3. When leaving voicemail requests, please speak slowly and clearly, especially when leaving numbers.  I often have to listen to a message several times to get all the information. 
  4. Be sure to notify the Boat Captain and Keelboat Scheduler if a boat needs immediate attention that could affect safety & future timeshares. 
  5. Remember that reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not held or confirmed for you until secured with a credit card. 
  6. Make your reservations as far in advance as you can.  I will do my best to respond to last-minute requests, but cannot guarantee a response in less than 24 hours.  (I have a life too!) 
  7. Finally, Do NOT take a boat without clearing it with the Scheduler first, even though a boat appears to be available or your boat becomes disabled. There have been situations where a member who has reserved and paid for a timeshare arrives later and finds the boat gone. It may also be a safety risk for you and your passengers, as the boat may have been taken out of service or have special instructions that the Boat Captain has asked me to convey. 


For the new Level 2 Captains, remember that you cannot reserve a boat until you have passed all requirements, notified Lisa and paid for your upgrade.  Have a great summer and great sailing season!  Hope to see all of you out on the lake.


 Jon Buyle, Keelboat Scheduler  313-881-6393   jmb51@hotmail.com

One more thing...  

The ASI Burgee is on an 'every Tuesday' schedule. Get your stuff to me by Sunday for inclusion in the next Tuesday's Burgee. Please send your Burgee input to asidon@comcast.net 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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