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Hupericum perforatum
Summer Solstice, also known as midsummer’s eve, marks the longest day and thus shortest night of the year, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the Sun, our source of light. Solstice connotes the very height of summer and the ripeness and fullness of the earth’s bounty. In many cultures, summer is a time of passion, celebration, and aliveness. After the June 21st solstice the wheel of the year will turn again and the days will slowly begin to shorten, reminding us that change is ever present. St Johnswort (a.k.a. St Joanswort) comes into peak potency when it blooms, pictured right, close to summer solstice.
The Plants Here are in Full Summer Bloom!
Julie watering starts in her home greenhouse
Julie (Red Moon Customer Service) watering starts in her home farm greenhouse.
ComfreyFlowering comfrey  Motherwort coming into bloomMotherwort coming into bloom
Summer Solstice Specials
Summer Solstice Specials
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Sunny Days (St. Johnswort, Lemon Balm, Motherwort)
Balances nervous system; supports healthy state of emotional well-being
Promotes healthy and calm nervous system
Support for menstrual discomfort and stress supports cardiovascular system health
Supports emotional balance; supports nervous system function; supports immune system function
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Red Moon Herbs Specials!
Corinna's Corner
Corinna WoodThe Pleasure & Beauty of Growing Lemon Balm, Motherwort, and St Johnswort
Corinna Wood, Director, Red Moon Herbs & Southeast Wise Women
Lemon Balm, Motherwort, and St Johnswort are three of my favorite herbs to grow. The pleasures of growing these herbs are many. . .
To begin with, in herb gardening, I am partial to perennials 
Corinna with Lemon Balmand strong self-sowing annuals, which result in more benefit year by year from the original input of labor. Sure, there’s mulching and tending each year but there’s also the advantage that the plants grow bigger and offer more as they grow.
It's not unusual for one motherwort in our garden to grow so verdantly that it makes dozens of baby plants, so sweet with their jagged-edge leaves, and beautifully delicate pink flowers ringed round the stalk, the very next year.
With lemon balm, just crushing the leaves in my hands and rubbing them on my arms and face gives me that sensuous and mood-elevating feeling that lemon balm is so well known for!Ocean of lemon balm
Outside our windows, St. J’s is holding in the erosion on our sloped fence-line and doing double duty as medicine for Red Moon Herbs.
Aside from the sheer pleasure of having these friends around, they can be incorporated into life a variety of ways, namely: fresh herbs in food or bath, sun tea, drying for craft projects or future use in infusion teas, picking and sniffing for a mid-day pickup, photography, demonstration gardens, seed saving, and more. They also offer food to the pollinators, life to the soil, and medicine for the animals and humans.
Conference Happenings
Women's Conference Welcomes Kathleen Maier in 2010
Back by popular demand, Kathleen Maier, will be teaching at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference, October 1-3. She’ll be offering three classes, which include one intensive entitled The Endocrine System, Exploring the Body/Mind Mystery. Her other two classes are entitled: Mooncycle Care Thru the Life Stages and Auto-Immune Disorders are part of the Advanced track. All three classes are eligible for Nursing CEU’s.
Kathleen Maier, AHG, PA, has been a practicing herbalist for over twenty years. She is currently director of Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, VA which hosts a three year community herbalist training program as well as other classes and internationally known guest lecturers. Her training as a Physician’s Assistant allows her to translate the language of medicine and ground in the wisdom of the age-old, earth-centered practices. She is very active with United Plant Savers.
You won't want to miss this opportunity to study with this masterful teacher.
Register Now!
Registration is open for the 6th Annual
October 1-3, 2010 ~ Lake Eden, Black Mountain, NC
Work Exchange Call

If you're interested in attending the conference as a work exchanger, now's the time to visit the website for Work Exchange applications.
Work Exchange Deadline is August 1.
Join the New SE Wise Women Forum!~
The Southeast Wise Women Online Forum is here! 
We hope you will join us as we gather to build an online community dedicated to the Wise Woman Tradition in the Southeast United States.
Our new forum is designed to provide a broad, user friendly arena for us to come together to learn, make new friends, reconnect and contribute by sharing our knowledge and experience.
As one of our SE Wise Woman Forumnewsletter subscribers, we invite you to build the foundation of our new herbal community by being among the first to know about and post in our Forum! Invite your friends to join you in lending your voices to the Wise Woman Tradition of herbal medicine- simple living, earth-based healing and local plants!   See you at the Forum!
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