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The Flint Spiritual Church
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Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders
Are your personal boundaries
living fences that allow
breezes from distant lands
to bring new fragrances,
new seeds into your space?
Within that precious patch of
ideas, testimonies of existence
made valid through ghost words,
are there new sprouts lifting up,
any possibilities of change?
Has your soil of experience and conclusion
been turned, aerated and transformed
into the fertile ground of receivership?
The soul turns beneath the
weight of these lead blankets.
We do not need the perfect tool
to let in air, only the opening
of heart and mind and
the first sweet taste of
love's fruit - peel and all.
May we be served and
may we also serve.
May we be, thee and I,
as one in service.
Margie Kivel
28 May 2010

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Spiritual Experiences With Holy Spirits

The world is full of people who believe in spirits, in spirit influence and in Christ as the Son of God. But few follow that genesis of thought. We are spirits here on earth for a short time to pass tests of character, we know, and this is our cost to life: to live as we know is right, to believe, and to have the faith that God, will grant us the wisdom to understand what tests of this life we must pass in order to rise to the next sphere, known as Paradise to some. It is the task of the holy spirits, those souls who live in Heaven, as our guardian angels, to teach us what we must become in order to rise to a harmonious state of mind and action and to understand unselfish love.
We must condemn narrow minds, along with our own prejudices, in order to see the true God, the right path, and to follow the highest path in our ability to observe the truth in God and His world as we understand it.
In my walk with Christ’s holy spirits I have been given many lessons, some obvious, some not recognized until years later, but all led by a spirit of truth, and on occasion, with great overriding protection for my safety when I did not know the danger before me.
Mind if I share a few experiences? As a young child, I was able to see spirits, and as a young person, I was able to discern what type of spirits showed up; to either misguide me if they were mundane or evil spirits; or to guide me to higher thoughts if they were holy spirits from Heaven. The spirit world is not a scary place. In fact it is much like earth. There are evil spirits in the spirit realm, and in the physical plane there are evil people amongst society. It is to our own interests that we end up with similar spirits in attitude to ourselves. If we seek higher thinking, harmony and truth in all things, then we attract higher spirits which lead us to higher knowledge of God. Likewise if we seek out selfish, inharmonious and criminal lifestyles, we then also attract similar spirits, which lead us into greater trouble.
My guide, also known as a guardian angel, saved my life when I was 16 years old from what could have been a very bad car accident. I had become friends with a mischievous person who liked to race through the long and winding dirt roads in Northern Canada. Somehow instead of refusing to do the same as him, one day I joined him in a fast paced race on a deserted dirt road. He was faster and soon was far out of site. I kept a pace of over fifty miles per hour up and around the corners of the road, until I found myself cresting over a ridge with the site of the freeway right in front of me perpendicular to the road I was traveling, and only a possibly thousand feet to slow down. I could not slow down enough on the dirt road and was quickly sliding out of control. All of a sudden, I blacked out and found myself floating out of my body, standing behind my body, and watching a very large, blond-haired man driving my van for me in my body. He might have been eight feet tall, very big in build and dressed in what would appear to me military clothing. He was so large he seemed almost too big to drive my vehicle at all. That was all I recall, but when I came back to consciousness, I found myself driving down the two lane paved highway, maybe a mile down the road from where I apparently made a very tight corner. It could have been a fatal accident for me that day, because the far side of the highway had a great embankment more than a hundred feet down. My friend witnessed my van taking the corner from the gravel road to the paved highway and was amazed I made the corner at all. I had no memory of it except for this wonderful giant man driving my vehicle for me.
I thought little of this incident for several years until almost twenty years old. I had begun to study psychology and hypnotherapy. And from my studies and research and through an odd set of circumstances, met a man who was a deep trance medium. The spirit who spoke through him taught of the wonders of God written of in Johannes Greber’s book, “Communication With the Spirit World of God”.
I began to attend spiritualist prayer meetings, and within a short time began seeing more spirits in the room. Some were very noble, and as varied in different shapes of races as many as 22 on one occasion.
With each good spiritual experience from holy spirits, there seemed to follow a negative experience from evil spirits with several weeks from the event. It appeared to be that each time I was given some lesson from the holy spirits, that later on the evil spirits would be allowed to show up and try to redirect me by selfish or materialistic goals, and if this didn’t work, then by a series of frightening nightmares or very vivid spiritual experiences.
Over many months, the lessons from holy spirits became more direct, and the evil attacks grew in violence and fearful visions. #Several events of this sort led up to one specifically real event: Late one night, I found myself worn out mentally, but still quite convicted in trying to follow God and Christ in my life for the first time. I went to bed normally and fell asleep quickly. Over several months, the nightmares had become very solid-feeling. The demons seemed almost material, and had become quite forceful in their threats.
On one night I seemed to be awake and separate from my physical body, floating an few inches above my body in my bed. And in a wisp of moment, a creature flew toward me that appeared to be a wiry skeleton-type creature with wrinkled skin stretched over it’s whole body. It landed on my bed behind me as I lay on my side. I heard the bed squeak slightly with the creature’s weight on my mattress. I could feel it‘s presence. It chuckled deeply, and poked it’s bony finger in the back of my shoulder in hopes I would turn around. I froze and a prayer came to my mind, "Jesus, take this thing away, keep me safe." In an instant, that same creature blew away as if by some strong wind. It seemed that this happened because of my prayer. This was quite a powerful experience , to know that prayer to God was that effective and also might return a rapid response of aid. I then began to test this new powerful ability - prayer.
I first tested it on a girl I saw at a psychic fair. She might have been fifteen years old, pale and unhealthy looking behind her psychic booth. Her sign said she could see auras, and could draw yours for twenty five bucks - a lousy paying job in the least! As I approached her, I decided to test this prayer thing to Jesus Christ, the Son of God in Heaven. And as I asked Him in my mind only to send His holy spirits to her side, it was as though the spirits controlling her could hear me speaking it aloud. Her face contorted in a terrified look, and in an instant she shot up from her chair behind the booth and disappeared behind the side panel. She never came back.
This was convincing that there were malevolent spirits at work behind some mundane psychic people. And prayer to God and to Jesus His Son was the power of protection over these evil entities. I neither understood how it worked, nor why it worked yet. But it did work, and the more focus I put forth toward this wonderful action of prayer to God in the name of Jesus, the Messiah, the more small miracles did I see in the day. My mother was healed instantly of a flu virus within fifteen minutes of my taking her hands and praying for God to heal her. Prayer is very powerful.
One afternoon, on a lazy Saturday, I decided to go up to my room and take a short nap. As I walked toward my bedroom, I suddenly grew very tired and heavy. I flopped on my bed sideways, and with barely enough energy to even make it that far. I quickly fell into a very deep, heavy and peaceful sleep. And in what I thought was a dream, I began to watch fluffy white clouds roll up quickly in front of my eyes. As soon as these fluffy clouds filled the picture, a tiny, brilliant spark flashed in the center of the clouds. And from that spark, the clouds rolled back to reveal a brilliant, light-filled face of a perfect, Heavenly face of a lady. This female radiated a bright light. And in my dream I thought to myself, "This is the most beautiful picture of a lady I‘ve ever seen.", at which the immobile ’picture’ smiled at me. It surprised me and caused me to wake up. This was a fantastic experience. She was indeed an angel of Heaven, sent to introduce me to a wonderful experience of God’s beauty and perfection. Models on earth are quite plain compared to this female spirit.
From this high experience, over many weeks, life became more difficult in sleep again. On one final, pivotal event, I had gone to bed and fell asleep, but seeming within only ten minutes or so I was awakened to find myself floating just inches above my bed. It was not as a dream state, but wide awake. From a distance I watched a female demon fly toward me. She was more powerful than the other demons who had caused me fearful nights before this. It’s appearance was like that of a demon witch. It caused me to freeze with it’s appearance. It made a breathing sound like a freight train coming down the tracks. It was very frightening. I could not stop it from coming close. I turned on my side with my back to it, hoping it was going to disappear. It came right up to me. I could feel it’s breath on the back of my neck I had a terrible thought that it was going to overtake me altogether, and all I could do in my own thinking, was to escape this frightening creature.
I jumped off my bed and bolted for the door. I reached for the doorknob but this demon followed me, flying horizontally from the floor at head’s height. It screamed no sound I have heard on earth, a cross between a wild boar and maybe a hawk screech, but very loud and very angry. It dug it’s long sharp fingers into my shoulders and drove me to the floor to my knees before I could touch the doorknob. In my terror all I could say was, ”help!!” upward to God.
Instantly a bolt of lightning flashed in my room so bright that I felt I was within the lightning strike. And within moments after that, I found myself back in my bed, lying down, floating above my body. The demon was gone, and standing over me was a familiar eight foot tall angel dressed in military clothes. His blond hair and striking brilliant blue eyes I recognized from a rescue of a potential fatal car accident at sixteen.
The demons that had caused so much fear for such along time were nowhere to be found. The giant angel standing over me only said, "next time don’t wait so long to pray”. He smiled fully and warmly, and I fell asleep, peacefully and quietly. The next day, I felt as though I had lived two lives; one in the spirit world and one in the physical. My life began to knit together as a dream come true in the physical. Small miracles were apparent to us all in our several prayer groups. I was not the only one who experienced wonders like these I’ve described.
My life was finally complete. I sold everything material that was dear to me that God was not a part of. I felt clean and free, and finally felt more devoted to God. It was the beginning of the rest of the joys of Christ in my life, as well as the sorrows of the devil always in the way. In retrospect, it seems that our devotion to God is tested. Demons of our past are allowed to test us and see if we bend still, or if we still wander away from the comforting protection of our Heavenly Father.
Knowledge is truly the key to life - but only knowledge from God's holy spirits and His angels of mercy. They are our guardian angels, They are our best friends, who have only our best interests at heart. We each are born on earth with a guardian angel, or we could never survive the attacks of even the least of devils. I am truly free, and this freedom is given as a gift from God to all people in earth, open to all as a Salvation from a dark past and sorrow from below. This is open to all people and all spirits alike, as they gain in ability to resist sin, and gain in the knowledge of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. A wealth of knowledge can be found in Johannes Greber's expert book, "Communication With the Spirit World of God - It's Laws and Purpose". It alone will guide the reader to discernment of spirits, for which I am most, most grateful.
Brent Sherman

"Commnication With the Spirit World of God - It's Laws and Purpose".


Important Questions 2 - Why Am I Here?

Why we are here can be seen in creation itself.  When you create something, satisfaction can be derived from the effort of designing and implementing the plans, as well as from the results.  The acts of making things that work well brings great compensation.  We are here to seek and provide happiness both to this physical world and to the spiritual world.  Beauty can be found anywhere.  It is an appreciation of good work and is subjective to the viewer’s own taste.  Great intelligence provides for future growth as well as for the present.  We are here for the pleasure of greater powers as well as for ourselves.  Creation often has long term implications with results that can reach beyond a local environment and may last beyond the lifetime of the creator.
Humans are a very complex combination of material and spiritual elements on a journey of discovery and growth.  Exploration leads to growth and development.  Earth is a proving ground filled with challenges and chances to learn.  There is a plan for every person, although it is subtle and difficult to recognize.  Figuring out what an individuals plan is and cooperating with it will make life easier.  Life's lessons that are not learned are often repeated later.  Humans are the most deep thinking and some of the most intelligent of the creatures that roam the Earth.  People are intended to be caretakers, shepherds, stewards, and guardians of the Earth and it's creatures.  Doing these things should be major goals to be included in everyone's life plan.  It is our duty to use our knowledge wisely to make the world a good place for all of the creatures.  Caring for the Earth includes things like safeguarding radioactivity, being careful with bio-engineering, and avoiding using chemicals that can affect the long term survival of the planet and it's inhabitants.  Husbandry, that should be practiced by all people, is the management and conservation of resources, cultivating crops, and taking care animals.  Cooperating with the established schemes of natural processes enables nature to continue it's cycles of recycling everything and providing for the future.
Well I don't know about you, but I'm not planning on taking much with me when I leave this place; so I'm trying to leave some good memories and beautiful things behind.  Hopefully the world will be a better place because we were both here.  Leaving a brilliant light behind as a beacon of hope is a wonderful goal for any caring person.  You are here to make life better for all living things.
Now that you have a better idea of why you are here, what will you do to help fulfill your purpose?  Take a little time to make the world a better place and you'll find yourself smiling.  Showing compassion is being involved in the lives of others.  A smile speaks in a universal language.  It is one of the few infections that you can spread that others will appreciate.  I sincerely hope that you will enjoy your journey of life.  Perhaps we will meet along the way and share some smiles.
Be Good to Each Other,
Dennis Dunk
"...every human being should keep helping things along the best he can in order to justify his existence." Robert S. Beard 11-4-1969



To our friends in the I.S.A.
May the Lord bless your Convention
And guide your every decision.
 The Independent Spiritualist Association are holding their annual Convention at the Best Western Hotel, 2755 S Lapeer Rd., Lake Orion, MI on June 11, 12 and 13.  
FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010
11 A.M.
Call To Order ... President: Rev. Gloria Ward
Invocation ... Rev. Carolyn Potter
Formal Opening Convention ... Rev. Carolee Polan
Benediction ... Rev. Sandra Nelson
2:00 - 4:00 P.M.
Education: Bill Lumsden AM & Rev. Thomas Janssen
Topic: "Various Forms of Healing
7:00 P.M.
Song and Healing Service ... Bill Lumsden AM
Invocation ... Catherine Dorr AM
Declaration of Principles ... Sheila Dean
Welcome Address by the Spiritualist Church of the Good Samaritan ... Rev. Sandra Nelson
Speakers ... Rev. Nancy Jagiello, Pat Holm, Laurel Izard
Message Bearers ... All Board Members Present
Benediction ... Ron Peshek
(Note: Open Circle at 9:00 P.M., Meeting Room)
Saturday, June 12, 2010
9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
READINGS ... All I.S.A. Mediums Present
1:00 P.M.
6:30 P.M.
Opening Song ... Rev. Mahala Bacon
Invocation ... Rev. Catherine Welch
Installation of Officers ... Rev. Catherine Welch
Benediction ... Pat Holm AM
(Banquet Tickets needed to be purchased by May 31st)
NOTE: Following the Banquet and Service please join with us in the hospitality room for bingo and fellowship.  Later there will be a circle.  For mor information see Rev. Bonnie Peshek or Rev. Suzanne Chase.
Sunday, June 13, 2010
10:00 A.M.
Invocation ... Rev. Nancy Jagiello
Memorial Service ... Rev. Mahala Bacon
Song and Healing ... Rev. Mahala Bacon
Declaration of Principles ... Beverly Canfield
Speakers ... Laura Claus, Jim Burnett
Message Bearers ... To be announced
Benediction ... Rev. Thomas Janssen
1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
"Truths and Misconceptions"
Bill Lumsden AM & Rev. Thomas Janssen
5:00 P.M.
Meditation and Healing Service ... New President
Invocation ... Rev. Suzanne Chase
Declaration of Principles ... Sheila Dean
Speaker ... Newly elected President
Message Bearers ... All Board Members
Benediction ... Rev. Sandy Nelson


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Important Questions 2 - Why Am I Here?
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Our Mission

The Flint Spiritual Church is an independent, progressive, non-traditional, Christian Church and is founded upon the sacred teachings of the Holy Bible; to bring mankind the understanding of spirituality according to the fundamentals of Spiritualism.

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Tell Us Of Your Experiences

In John 14:21, Jesus promises to reveal himself unto us.  Tell us how the Lord and Master Jesus has manifested himself unto you by whatever way you experienced it.
We would also like you to share how contact with spirits and angels have blessed and changed your life.  Have you been saved from calamity due to their intervention?  Have you received guidance that turned your life around?  Have you received a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing?  Please share your experiences for possible inclusion here.  Send your submissions by email to


Biblical Spiritualism - Clairvoyance

Through clairvoyance, Jesus was able to say with assurance where the fish were to be found. 
Luke 5:1-11 KJV
And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, (2) And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets. (3) And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon's, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship. (4) Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. (5) And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. (6) And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. (7) And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink. (8) When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord. (9) For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes which they had taken: (10) And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. (11) And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.

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Book Offer

The New Testament 
A New Translation 
Based on the Oldest Manuscripts 
By Johannes Greber 
(Highly Spiritualistic) 
Hardcover - blue with white cross, 464 pages 
Your gift for a donation of $30.00 or more to our building fund - US only.  (shipping included)
1 Corinthians Chapter 2 - Johannes Greber Translation
     For my part, brothers, when I came to you, I did not come preaching God's mystery to you in high-sounding, learned phrases. I was determined to appear before you as one who knew nothing but Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ the crucified. I impressed you as a physically weak, timid, and very nervous man; and the things that I said and preached I did not lay before you in fascinating word of human wisdom, but it was God's spirit-world and God's power that spoke through me. For your faith was not to be based on human wisdom, but on a divine power.
     And yet, that which we express is true wisdom, although only in the eyes of those who are ripe for it. It is not the wisdom of this world or of its rulers, who are indeed far from being wise. We proclaim the mysterious plan conceived by God in His wisdom, a plan which has hitherto been concealed, but which God established before time began in order to lead us back to glory. This plan was known to none of the rulers of this world, for otherwise, they would not have crucified the lord of glory. We preach that which the Scriptures express in the words, “No eye has seen and no ear has heard and no human heart has divined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” But to us God has revealed them through His spirit-world; for the spirit-world of God fathoms everything, even the depths of divinity. What human being knows his fellow-man's innermost thoughts? Not one. Only the spirit that dwells in man knows his true inner nature. So too only the spirit-world of God knew God's thoughts and plans. Now we have not received one of the evil spirits that rule the world, but a spirit that comes from God, so that we may know what God in His grace has bestowed upon us. We preach about this also, not with words taught by human wisdom, but in such words as a spirit of God teaches us; thus we deliver the spirit's message in the same words in which the spirit gave it to us. True, a worldly-minded man does not accept what comes from a spirit of God, for he looks upon communication with God's spirit-world as madness. Neither is he fit to understand it correctly, for only those who know the laws governing spirit-communication can properly judge it. But any one who is in communication with the world of spirits can judge of these things correctly, although such people, to be sure, are not understood by the worldly-minded. For what worldly-minded man has ever known the thoughts of the Lord, so that he was able to teach those who communicate with God's spirits? But we, by our spirit-communication, know the thought of the Lord.

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Prayer Requests

"It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal."  Helen Kellar 
Upon request, your prayer petitions will be held in strict confidence by our Prayer Warriors, as they continue to pray with you and for you during the next 30 days.  Send your prayer requests to 
If you would like to become one of our prayer warriors please email 
A Spiritualist Healing Prayer
I ask the great Unseen Healing Force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health. I ask this in all sincerity and honesty and I will do my part. I ask this great Unseen Healing Force to help both present and absent ones who are in need of help and to restore them to perfect health. I put my trust in the Love and Power of God. Amen.

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This Month's Affirmation

by Rev. Edee Root
I am ready to receive new experiences, new opportunities and new blessings, as I open my mind and heart to the infinite wisdom of the One Presence and One Power, God the Good, Omnipotent. I am grateful for all that He has given me, is now giving me, and will continue to give to me.

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Laugh Of The Month

Send your family friendly jokes and funny stories to for possible inclusion here.  Regardless, I enjoy a good laugh.

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