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Little Pearls

Little Pearls

The Web of Life... and Us

This has been a painful time for those of us who love the natural world.  The news from the Gulf, day after day, shows we still have much to learn about relating to nature.


This disaster was caused by humans.  It harms not only the people and economy in the Gulf, but also the lush marshes, the beaches, the Gulf waters and all the living beings who call them home. 

These plants, animals and ecosystems don't have any choices.  They are at our mercy.  What other choices could we have made?  What other choices can we make now?


“Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together.  All things connect.”  ~ attributed to Chief Seattle


Because we truly are all connected, this disaster harms every one of us, too.  We MUST find better ways to coexist with the web of life, now! 

Spotlight Pearl: Wild and Free

How can we coexist in healthy ways with nature and all life on this planet?  Surely, some new answers will be found outside the bounds of accepted tradition.


Our friend Clyde Hollifield, a legendary wildlife rehabber, explored this edge in his work with a baby screech owl named Pinkey. 

Clyde knew Pinkey needed an unorthodox approach called "soft release."  He took a risk to meet that need, giving us an amazing glimpse into the world of owls.


In this time of year when wild babies are everywhere, we share this story about a baby owl and his human friend.

The story and several fascinating linked pages start here: Wild and Free: A Screech Owl Named Pinkey  

You can see Pinkey's Pearl here (click on image):

or here Wild and Free on YouTube


There is an 8 minute compilation, too.  We hope to add audio narration to make it work better for children.

Dog and Animal Pearls So Far...

Before our funny owl appeared, we made two Little Pearls about dogs: Special Gifts and Dr. Willie


Since Pinkey's Pearl, we have created the first two of a new series called Dog Pearls  


Coming Home and Spirit Dog are poignant and spiritual, featuring five dogs running free on top of a mountain.  They deal with letting go when the time comes, and love that never dies.



Twenty-two more dogs, already filmed in HD, await the chance to be Dog Stars in new, lighter Dog Pearls. 

Two of them, Charley and Freya, died recently and a couple others are nearing the end of their lives.  It's a painful reminder that most animals' lives are short.


Please help us make all these dogs stars, so their images and stories can help support the adoption of dogs and other animals.  Do(g)nations or Donate Now


We have plans for Pearls about cats, horses, birds and more.  Check them out!  Upcoming Pearls

Cat Pearls

Rescued as a tiny, shy orphan, Theo came to us by serendipity.  At 6 weeks, he became a therapy kitten for my 95 year old mother.  He lit up the last 5 months of her life with love.

We hope to make a Cat Pearl with stills of their remarkable relationship, and we will definitely make Flip Video Pearls of Theo playing with his dog sister Gracie. Stay tuned!

We ARE All Connected

Little Pearls inspire connection and compassion on behalf of all living beings.


Our work opens minds by first opening hearts: a gift we think the world really needs, especially now.


Please support us: Donate Now







Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


PS  See Upcoming Pearls We're not just about animals!


PPS  Check out our current social networking and non-profit links below. 

In this issue:

The Web of Life... and Us

Spotlight Pearl: Wild and Free

Dog and Animal Pearls So Far...

Cat Pearls

We ARE All Connected

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Waiting to be Dog Stars

Cool Links!

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Upcoming Pearls 

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Once again, we are proud to be the non-profit umbrella organization for the Nov. 1-14, 2010 Asheville International Children's Film Festival



AICFF founder Tim Arem has offered us a $5 share of his $15 World of Clowning DVD for kids.  Let him know you heard about it from us!

Waiting to be Dog Stars










Dollie Mae




Floyd and Isabelle

Harley (now Harvey)


Weazie (angel view)

and more...

Our Dog Stars

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