The Make A Wish Fairy Shoe

Helloooooo Everyone!

Believe it or not tomorrow will be one week of the day of my surgery. I continually grow stronger and stronger with each passing day. As many of you know Conrad’s birthday was 4 June. Although I was not able to do much as a celebration on his actual birthday, by Sunday we went out to eat together and enjoy as nice dinner and celebration of his 62nd year.

I have not begun to drive yet. I am wearing a fashioned pair of large grenade drains. For those of you who have not experienced surgery or have know someone else that has had surgery in the last few years, this is a new medical break through procedure.

Drains hang from the part of the body that you have had surgery. Benefits are they are pulling out the fluids from your body that otherwise could cause infections or clotting, dramatically increase your healing abilities. The disadvantage of these drains is that they are attached to my body and when they pinch and pull at my skin, they remind me constantly where they are hanging from at all times. These larger grenade shaped drains are one of the reason I am not driving. They also do not assist in writing at the computer. I will be exploring my relationship with them for another week or less.

I have gone out a number of times each day for food, Starbucks, and to the office for painting. I know this rapid healing is possible because of the excellent care Conrad has given me along with your continually loving support and energy. I only needed to use my pain pump after surgery for several hours, and since then just several Tylenol each day.

The series of paintings that I am working on now are going to be called “Walk In Her Shoes.” Each shoe will have its own personality and be linked to a different famous woman or Goddess throughout time. I am having a lot of fun beginning this design process. They make me laugh because they have various light qualities attached to them, including the feelings of being whimsical about them. They are great to paint as I sit in an over stuff chair balancing my grandee size drains and listening to music.

I am including an image of one of the shoes, but keep in mind that it is far from being complete. Each detail that I paint seems to call for another detail to be added. Because of this I world on several shoe paintings at a time. So you are going to get the first look at the new work that is being created out of a sense of play, my quirky sense of humor, and a dash of culture.

The image that Conrad is including is called the “Make A Wish Fairy Shoe!” With that title in mind, I make a wish for all of you that you to find something this week to make you laugh. To make you feel good about yourself and receive a wish coming true for you! Because this week I certainly have many of my wishes come through for me. I know that in my heart you are a vibrant part of my healing process. So I am going to take the next four or five days off from writing. My focus is on the deepening of my physical healing, building my strength, and playing with the fantasy of creating shoes.

I am working on a new writing to send out to all of you that will be ready next week. For now, just know I appreciate each of you, for you energy and support.

I love you all!


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