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Knitting in June

Hi! I am just exploring the new possibilities and learning new skills. This time it's about how to make an e-newsletter.

My bones are knitting well

Isn't it a coincidence that the key word that would describe how I am feeling now is knit? It's been almost six months since that  snowy day in January. I still can't walk fast or dance, but it's coming. It actually looks like my bones are knitting well. And my hands are knitting too (in a different way :-)





Click on the image of Katharine Hepburn to see who else is knitting!

Habu Scarf

The only thing I made in June was this gorgeous scarf. It's made of the  Japanese yarn called habu. It's a cotton but feels like paper. This   particular habu yarn is called "Gima"  which means "fake linen" in Japanese.


This 100% cotton yarn knitted up into an airy fabric that feels crisp and fresh. The scarf stretches and can also be a belt and a bandana.

                                                         Click on the image to see more

Going to Aruba


Tomorrow we are leaving for Aruba - woo-hoo! - for ten days.  It's our first trip to that part of the world, and Mi stima Aruba - I love Aruba already- (It's in Papiamento - one of the two languages spoken there).


I'll tell you more when we come back :-)

For now,  bon goza (let's enjoy) the summer in Toronto.


Ku tur mi amor -with all my love (I kid thee not - no kidding:-)))))


Tanya P.





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