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Little Pearls

Little Pearls

Reaching for the Stars!

Many of us are wrestling with big challenges these days, just as summer heat sucks the energy right out of us.  So much to manage, so little oomph....


We can't change some things that make life difficult, yet we can always change our attitudes.


It's time for some cool inspiration!

Spotlight Pearl: Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for the Stars captures the essence of Amanda Levesque's strong character and will, even in the face of physical challenges that most of us would find overwhelming. 


The story starts here: Reaching for the Stars

You can see Amanda's Pearl here (click on image):

or here: Reaching for the Stars on YouTube

Amanda's Pearl was one of the first, created by Debra Roberts when Amanda was only 17.  Daniel Barber did the filming and editing, with Lauren Ford as voice-over.

This month, Amanda turns 27.  She now has a new video, created by Kurt Mann and produced by  Robin Cape and Bruce Kelly.  This time, Daniel Barber is on-camera, accompanying Amanda doing her own vocals.  This video is VERY moving!


Amazing Amanda

Reaching for Your Input

We call our Little Pearls "tiny films" that open hearts and minds. 


Yet how can Little Pearls possibly have an impact when minds are closed, as so many seem to be these days?


We believe that minds can be opened when the heart is opened, through laughter, tears, surprise, delight and other emotions that take a backdoor route around our mental defenses. 


Our work can open minds by first opening hearts: a gift we think the world really needs, especially now.


Do you know of any research that backs up this belief?  If so, please share!


Our friend David Cohen, gifted cartoonist, just addressed the issue of closed minds in a great Cohencidents cartoon called "Long Ways Away".


In case you can't read it, the coin slot on the viewing machine says One Open Mind and the view is See The Other Sides Point of View.


You can see this and some of David's other cartoons on his Facebook page  His e-mail is

Reaching for Vacation - YES!

After two years without a real break, we're heading to Oregon in a few days.  Those lovely mountains, that incredible coastline, my California gray whale buddies - can't wait!

The Flip Video camera is coming along.  Who knows what cool critters or nature stories might show up?

We'll be ready to go again when vacation is over, eager to make new Pearls, get them out into the world and open hearts and minds, more and more. 



Please consider donating to Little Pearls - we need your support!








Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


PS  Check out our current social networking and non-profit links below.  We've also just dipped a toe into Twitter as littlepearlsorg

In this issue:

Reaching for the Stars!

Spotlight Pearl: Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for Your Input

Reaching for Vacation - YES!

Cool Links!


Upcoming Pearls - Animals and More

Waiting to be Dog Stars

Cool Links!

GreatLittlePearls on YouTube




Upcoming Pearls 

What's New!


Donate Now

2010 Great NonProfits Reviews


Once again, we are proud to be the non-profit umbrella organization for the Nov. 1-14, 2010 Asheville International Children's Film Festival



AICFF founder Tim Arem has offered us a $5 share of his $15 World of Clowning DVD for kids.  Let him know you heard about it from us!

Upcoming Pearls - Animals and More

Out of all the Little Pearls created so far, five feature animals: four Dog Pearls and one about Pinkey, a baby screech owl.


Twenty-two more dogs, already filmed in HD, await the chance to be Dog Stars, too. 

Their images and stories can help support the adoption of dogs, cats and other animals.

Please help! Do(g)nations or Donate Now


We have dreams for Pearls about cats, horses, birds and more.  And Gracie and her kitty baby Theo, here with Dad:

For more on animal AND non-animal Pearls:
Upcoming Pearls

Waiting to be Dog Stars





...and many more
GREAT dawgs...

Our Dog Stars

Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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