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The Flint Spiritual Church
The August 2010 eNewsletter of The FSC

Love Is The Lever

A message through Elizabeth Greber 1933
Love is the lever with which you can move out of the way the heaviest obstacles on the path of your lives. When I say ‘love’, I do not refer to it as a sentiment of affection, but I mean that love which is the expression of your good will and which manifests in deeds.
You say that you love God. If that were really true, why then do you not will the same as God wills, and why do you not do as God wills? And if you say that you want to do what God wants, why do you not carry out what you have recognized as God’s will?
If, for example, you want to be meek and gentle according to the teachings of Christ, why do you not do it, and why do you not make every effort and use every opportunity to become meek and gentle? How is it then, that the smallest things can throw you off your balance, as it happens nearly every day, without your making the slightest improvement? And that you call ‘will’ ?
You say you want to love God. If that were true, why do you speak so seldom and so little of Him? Do we not like to talk to someone we love, are we not glad to be in his nearness and to speak with him? And God is always close to you if you desire His nearness!
And if you would really love your fellowmen, as it is God’s will, where then is your will to the deed?
You would not grieve someone you really love, would you? Rather, you would have compassion for him, would try to understand his faults, would not heap reproach upon him, but forgive him. You would not make his life a heavy burden, not fill his soul with bitterness. For love is full of patience and kindness, love does not permit itself to be provoked to bitterness, love bears all, understands all, excuses and forgives all.
Where, then, is your will in all this?
If you mortals would apply to this task one-tenth of your efforts used for material things, things valued in money, it would be so much better with your personal happiness and the happiness of your families.
God is so modest in His demands and so lenient with your accomplishments, but would you not think that He is entitled to at least one-tenth of your efforts? In reality, it should be the other way around, namely nine-tenths for God and one for earthly affairs. That would be the right proportion.
Learn, therefore, to love truly and you will learn to live truly. For true love is true life.
Oh Father, only these are Thy children who always ask what is Thy will and how to please Thee.  All those who are here have the good will. Even though they are still weak and sinful, and though their lives still are dark and clouded, they do know that Thou are their Father, and that Thou wilst take their hands if they strive to walk the road that leads them back to their real Home. Bless all of them.


The School of Life

In the tapestry that is our life experiences, does it seem as though a certain color, or a common thread, is woven over and over again? Does it seem as though a situation appears again and again, although in different ways, each time? I believe this is God's way of getting our attention there is something that is fundamental to our spiritual growth that must be learned, once and for all, for us to evolve and grow into the person God has called us to be.
Just as we are all unique individuals, so is the circumstance that provides the lesson. It may be learning the lesson of forgiveness. For others, trusting God for healing, and still others, to let go of trying to “outline”; that is, telling God how something needs to be worked out. On a personal level, it is overcoming a long-standing belief in appearances as fact, and finding it difficult to let go and trust God to fully provide for me and meet all of my financial needs. In short, to prosper me. As a result, this “lesson” has reappeared, each time in a different way, over the course of time. I  know I am finally “getting it”, as the latest reappearance did not send me into a negative place in my thinking. I just had an inner peace there was nothing to be concerned about, as God was taking care of everything.  It was truly a burden-lifting realization.
When we have important spiritual lessons to learn, we are provided with all the tools we need when we ask for help and guidance. Added faith, words from a hymn, inner peace, a timely word from a friend or a loved one; whatever is needed is given. There are a myriad of ways God can speak to us. It is ourselves who need to be open and aware of His moving and working in and through us to ensure the lesson is learned. Jesus had many methods of healing, but each was pertinent to the person's need. So to, is the way our life's lessons are learned. What may be right for another might be totally different for me because of our individuality.
There is a very important fact to remember. No matter how long the time has been in learning our lesson, no matter how difficult and impossible it may seem, it can, and will be, learned. The key is in surrendering what we need to learn to God. Not just part of it, but all of it, knowing that, if not, it will just show up again in a different way.
We are not equipped to learn the difficult and oh, so important, lessons in our spiritual walk on our own. Our abilities and strengths are not enough, but “with God, all things are possible”. All the help of Heaven is at hand when we reach out and ask. Remember the words of the Master when He said . . .”The Father Who lives continually in Me does the (His) works, (His own miracles, deeds of power)”. John 14:10 AMP.
In closing, please take these words of comfort unto you, knowing they are meant for you when you feel your faith weakening and need reassurance. “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.]” Matt. 11:28 AMP
Love and Blessings,
Rev. Edee Root

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Vision Alignment Project

There is a wonderful website called The Intenders of the Highest Good created by Tony Burroughs. It is focused on the project of aligning hearts and minds of the world through visionary focusing. Today it features A Vision for Our Food.
There are many aspects to this concept. One is the recognition that if you are focused on any vision that is for the highest good of the planet and its inhabitants and your intention is joined with that of others it has power. It is a process of dreaming into reality, long understood by the aborigines of Australia and other indigenous people of the world.
It is a realization of the God that you are and from that level, using the power of the divine impulse to create. From that action, joined with the same intentional action sent forth by others, that true change manifests. You can try to make changes on a personal level or a political level, but sooner or later you discover that the depth of the changes you have made are not deep enough to create a new vision.
Vision is what it is all about. It is letting go of any boundaries or restrictions to your consciousness and moving beyond space and time into infinite possibility. Today we envision our food supply as full of life- giving energy. We envision the tenders of the soil, the planters of the seed, as being aligned with the vision of complete and vibrant health for all who dwell on the earth.
Our vision expands to include prayers of blessing upon the earth which are felt and understood and used in the agricultural world. Farming practices are infused with this attitude of love and respect, from the planting and harvesting to the distribution of food. Because methods of food production have changed, the earth flourishes and comes back into balance. A vision of abundance has replaced the illusion of scarcity.
As our vision grows, we imagine into reality a new consciousness of the peoples of the world, which brings a new way of feeding our bodies that nourishes our hearts, minds and bodies. We eat according to need, not desire, and we choose those foods which are fresh with life force. We make choices that are in resonance with our food supply and our body’s nutritional needs, and we are thereby filled with energy, enthusiasm and love.
The energy that permeates our vision is one of love and gratitude expressed through prayers and blessings. In all things, may we be as one, generous with our hearts and spirit, blessing and being blessed…and so it is!
Margie Kivel
25 July 2010

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Perspective is a point of view that depends on the viewpoint and the scope of the examination.  Values and importances can vary greatly from one person to the next and can change with the passage of time.  Perspective, like life, is dynamic, continually changing with each individual observer.
Our world and the universe are very complex.  Amongst the billions of galaxies, random elements should have produced a large number of life forms in various stages of development in many places if chance was our true origin.  After many years of careful observation, we appear to be the only place in the universe that is sustaining millions of life forms, even after mass extinctions have occurred.  A greater intelligence can produce intricate systems and mechanisms given enough time, thought, and materials.  Humans have developed a small amount of the skills needed to make sustainable complex and wonderful things.  People work within the framework of what is already around themselves to create beautiful and terrifying things that have never before existed on Earth.
Learning is the process of gaining knowledge from experiences and studying.  Growth comes from applying knowledge.  Life improves with careful growth, which is why it is important to keep learning.  We share our planet with billions of other humans and other life forms.  With our vast numbers of people and capabilities, we can either improve or destroy the wide range of ecosystems and the biodiversity they support, depending on how we apply our skills and knowledge.  Periodic re-examination of our position of how we are living as the superior creatures on the Earth is critical as our knowledge expands.
Our planet has its own spirit with vast energies that interconnect all living things.  When an eco-system is destroyed, many other systems are affected.  Nature destroys through storms, with mechanisms in place to rebuild with a fresh start.  Humans have become powerful, but don't always have large-scale plans in mind when actions are taken.  Careless over-hunting eliminated the sea otters who ate rapidly growing plants, maintaining a balance.  With the otters gone, the weeds went rampant into an over-population situation that killed many other species of plants, fish, and animals.  Life is interconnected in many ways.  Interconnections of living things are both observed and felt.  It is important to try to look at the big picture even though we cannot see everything at once.  Realizing the parameters of your perspective view of life is important in gaining a look at the big picture instead of keeping a narrow view.  Theories are developed to help explain mysteries and put the pieces together, providing a larger view of our lives.  Spirituality and religion helps to provide answers that gives us purpose and direction by providing a larger perspective view that includes things that are not easily seen.
Science fiction can help provide ideas for tomorrows' science facts.  Electronic devices commonly used today, would have been viewed as frightening foreign objects in an earlier time.  Familiarity can breed content as the perspective is changed.  Supernatural power associated with cults and religions may just be natural power that needs a natural explanation applied from a different perspective.  Spiritual awareness is based on thought processes requiring careful examination from different points of view.
Microscopes provide a look at tiny worlds that exist within our own world.  An ant lives in a mound of dirt, and traverses only a small amount of the Earth compared to yourself, so it's perspective is much narrower than yours is.  The lake you went swimming in is part of the Earth that an ant lives on, but it has no way of seeing that far to realize that it is there.  Movement increases the range of perception.  Perspective also changes with movement.  As you move closer to a dot, it may become a significant object.  We do live on Earth, but as we look into the nighttime sky we see it is a part of something greater.  The dots in the sky are only a small representation of something much larger.  Determining what is beyond our vision can be enhanced by instrumentation and expanded by thought.  Spirituality and religion teach us about greater things beyond the scope of our vision.  Truly comprehending the things around us may be made more clear, by realizing they are a small part of a greater scheme and keeping things in perspective.
Perspective is a point of view used to perceive things in their actual interrelations, and helps to prioritize by providing comparative importance.  With perspective, it all depends on where you are looking from, what you are looking at, and how you perceive what is seen.  Life can be an exciting journey if you keep an open and inquiring mind.
Be Good to Every Living Thing,
Dennis Dunk


Affirmation for August

Originally published May 2009 but it's worth updating and repeating.
Adapted from Isaiah 30:20-21  by Rev. Rick Root  
"It does not matter what is currently going on in my life.  My spiritual teachers are not pushed off into a corner anymore, but my spiritual eyes see my teachers:  and my spiritual ears hear that voice behind me saying, "This is the way, walk  ye in it", whenever I turn to the left or to the right off Thy straight and narrow path."

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Biblical Spiritualism - Claircognizance and Healing by Command
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Our Mission

The Flint Spiritual Church is an independent, progressive, non-traditional, Christian Church and is founded upon the sacred teachings of the Holy Bible; to bring mankind the understanding of spirituality according to the fundamentals of Spiritualism.
Rev. Rick Root - Editor -
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Biblical Spiritualism - Claircognizance and Healing by Command

From Wikipedia: Claircognizance (knowing) In the field of parapsychology, claircognizance [presumably from late 17th century French clair (clear) & cognizance (knowledge) is a form of extra-sensory perception wherein a person acquires psychic knowledge primarily by means of intrinsic knowledge. It is the ability to know something without a physical explanation why you know it, like the concept of mediums.

Healing by command is the ability of some healing mediums to "command" the healing take place.

These are color coded to make it easier to see.

Acts 14:8-10 KJV

And there sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother's womb, who never had walked: (9) The same heard Paul speak: who stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith to be healed, (10) Said with a loud voice, Stand upright on thy feet. And he leaped and walked.

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In John 14:21, Jesus promises to reveal himself unto us.  Tell us how the Lord and Master Jesus has manifested himself unto you by whatever way you experienced it.
We would also like you to share how contact with spirits and angels have blessed and changed your life.  Have you been saved from calamity due to their intervention?  Have you received guidance that turned your life around?  Have you received a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing?  Please share your experiences for possible inclusion here.  Send your submissions by email to
This Month's Encounter
We always hear of grand miracles in people’s lives, but no one ever relates all the small miracles that happen every day; we often do not even acknowledge them but they are as legitimate as the big ones.
Here are a few of the many small miracles in my life.
My sister and I had just joined a prayer group in the vein of the groups that were held in the past by the believers of Johannes Greber. We were so excited to finally be in a group having read his book, “Communication With the Spirit World of God”. This book had finally answered most of our spiritual questions.
At the first meeting we were both asked to stop smoking since smoking was not a clean habit and interfered with out capability to communicate with God’s spirits. Both of us had been smoking all of our adult lives and were now in our late thirties and early forties. We knew it would be a challenge but could never have anticipated how really difficult this would be for us.
One day we were sitting by the swimming pool and feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining of how impossible this was to do, but at the same time we really wanted to be in the meetings. Suddenly a package of gum flew out of my sister’s pocket and fell on the pool deck, we both jumped and knew at that moment that it was the help we needed to make our commitment. My sister said she felt a hand reach into her pocket just before the gum fell out. Our commitment having been made, we stopped complaining at that very moment and were able to make the change to stop smoking. 
On another occasion, my daughter and I were making up a waterbed when her one year old started jumping on the bed. Suddenly he lost his footing and was standing on the edge of the waterbed with one foot on the bed and the other in the air while his body was at a forty five degree angle heading backwards toward the floor. We both lunged to catch him, knowing we could not catch him in time, when suddenly his body was brought to an upright position on the bed and a nasty accident was averted.
On several occasions in our first days of joining the Greber group my daughter and I received money from one place or another, the sum of which was exactly to the penny of what we needed to fulfill an important obligation. We both knew it was not a happy coincidence but a little miracle from God.  
If we are willing to give God the credit for our little miracles, we will find that they happen more often than we ever anticipated.


Prayer Requests

"Prayers go up and blessings come down."  Yiddish Proverb
Upon request, your prayer petitions will be held in strict confidence by our Prayer Warriors, as they continue to pray with you and for you during the next 30 days.  Send your prayer requests 
If you would like to become one of our prayer warriors please email 
A Spiritualist Healing Prayer
I ask the great Unseen Healing Force to remove all obstructions from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health. I ask this in all sincerity and honesty and I will do my part. I ask this great Unseen Healing Force to help both present and absent ones who are in need of help and to restore them to perfect health. I put my trust in the Love and Power of God. Amen.

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Book Offer - Free Download

This book teaches how to walk in a very high form of Spiritualism and should be read by anyone interested in Spiritualism and/or those who want a deeper walk with God and the Master Jesus. 
It corrects many of the doctrines of man that have made their way into Christianity.
It expresses God's Plan of Salvation as revealed by the Spirit World.
You can read more about it, or if you want one of the few hard bound copies we have left, visit the church's website at:
I personally recommend the reading of this book to all seekers of truth, Rev. Rick Root.
The free download is in pdf format.  If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it here:
Once downloaded, please remember to save it to your computer.

Communication With The Spirit World Of God - Free Download


2nd Quarter Financial Report

The FSC is dedicated to financial transparency and we will continue to report on a quartly basis. 
Balance Forward $1,216.46
Donations to the FSC $348.00
Expenses -$108.98
Donations made by FSC -$20.00

Balance $1,435.48

2009 Balance Forward $1,349.33
Total Donations to the FSC $788.00
Total Expenses -$606.85
Total Donations made by the FSC -$95.00

Balance $1,435.48

Balance Forward $319.47
Donations to the Building Fund $115.50
Total Expenses -$3.08

Balance $431.89

Balance Forward $261.51
Donations to the Building Fund $175.50
Total Expenses -$5.12

   As we move forward in the preparations for holding our church services in a building, the expenditures  to make this move a reality have significantly increased.
  We are in need of additional funding, and would prayerfully ask you to plant a financial seed in the ministry.  "Give, and it shall be given unto you."  We feel this is a dynamic ministry that is unfolding and evolving as God and Spirit leads, and we are grateful for, and continue to pray for all our ministry contributors and partners.
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