Arabesque Aruba

The title of this newsletter was inspired by the word Arabesque which means resembling Arabian.


I am using this word here for the sound and alliteration effect and just to play with suffix -esque: arabesque-arUbesque-picturesque-Picassoesque.


From French -esque (-ish, -ic, -esque) from Italian -esco (like) from Medieval Latin -iscus, of Germanic origin, from Frankish *-isc (-ish) from Proto-Germanic *-iskaz. Akin to Old High German -isc (German -isch), Old English -isc, Old Norse iskr, Gothic -isks. More at -ish. 


See the definitions below.





Definition 1

As you may probably know  one of the meanings of this word is a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one leg with the other extended to the back. I wish I could do it (as I used to - in the first grade :-), but now ... my lovely bones (which are knitting well I guess) can't do this.












Definition 2

The next definition is about design.


An ornate design of intertwined floral, foliate, and geometric figures.












Definition 3

An intricate or elaborate pattern or design.












Definition 4


Music An ornate, whimsical composition especially for piano.




Arabesque Art

There are two modes to arabesque art. The first recalls the principles that govern the order of the world. These principles include the bare basics of what makes objects structurally sound and, by extension, beautiful (i.e. the angle and the fixed/static shapes that it creates).



In the first mode, each repeating geometric form has a built-in symbolism ascribed to it. For example, the square, with its four equilateral sides, is symbolic of the equally important elements of nature:earth, air, fire, and water. Without any one of the four, the physical world, represented by a circle that inscribes the square, would collapse upon itself and cease to exist.
















The second mode is based upon the flowing nature of plant  forms. This mode recalls the feminine nature of life giving.




















In addition, upon inspection of the many examples of Arabesque art, some would argue that there is in fact a third mode, the mode of Arabic calligraphy










Arabesque font


I told you I like words. This time it's Arubesque. The original word is, of course, arabesque, but for us who have just come from Aruba it's with a U.


The -esque words here turned out to be a surprisingly close-knit word family that resembles Aruba:-)


Click image to open Word Arti(n)sanity



Aruba. This picturesque place has become a synonym for paradise.


By the way, as I learned from Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat Pray Love, which I am rereading at the moment, the word paradise comes from the Persian and means literally "a walled garden" (p.236)


FYI: The release date for the movie with Julia Roberts based on E.Gilbert's book is August 13, 2010 (click image for the book link)




Man ice skating on outdoor ice rink doing an arabesque.


Some of you might think that it's Andrey doing his free dance Hey, Rulla-te-Rulla-te-Rulla-lala (Russia, 60s) - he is famous for this dance and for portrait similarities:-) but it's not him..


Click on the image to see the instructions on how to perform an arabesque pose  :-)))


Like a statuesque dancer in a graceful pose, the watapana,

or divi-divi tree, is one of Aruba's hallmarks. The divi-divis are always

bent toward the

west  (where

the best





The arabesque patterns can be very beautiful.


My design is not intricate at all; in fact, it's pretty simple, but you can see geometry there :-)


This small summer purse is made of Aruban sky blue cotton. The button is a stone found on Eagle Beach.


Click on the image to see more.




"the fluctuating shapes of a cloudscape, the complex arabesque of a camera movement, the blink of a character's eye" (Nigel Andrews).




"the fluctuating shapes of a cloudscape, the complex arabesque of a camera movement, the blink of a character's eye" (Andrew Preobrazhenskiy - my shot).


Click image for Sun, Sand and Sea :-)


Debussy’s Arabesque

Debussy is a famous French composer. His arabesque is a popular piano piece.


Click image for music to your ears :-)


Beautiful Aruban dance.


Very PaulGauguinesque!!





Geometric arabesque tiling on the underside of the dome of the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz.


Click image for more info






Beautiful palapas on Eagle Beach.




Beautiful lines of plant forms



Aruba has its own aloe farm and factory where they show you how the gel is extracted from the aloe vera plant and used in a variety of products. We all know the healing powers of this plant. It makes a good skin toner too!


For some cultures, calligraphy is a visible expression of the highest art of all - the art of the spoken word (the transmittal of thoughts and of history)



Aruba. Eagle Beach.


I don't know what this bird is, but it looks very  pelicanesque to me:-)

Fun with -esque Words and Pictures

Does it resemble anything you've seen or heard before?:-))




Not Kafkaesque


click on the image

Arabesque Aruba

This iguana is green with envy

Pasa un bon  summer! Ajo...

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