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iv + 84 pp (2010) 6" x 9” Paperback,
ISBN 978-0-86516-7506

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A Beginning Latin Christian Reader
De Bonis Cogitationibus
by Rose Williams
Master Latin teacher Rose Williams has authored a beginning Latin reader that draws from the Bible and other Christian sources as well as from some ancient Roman sources. The readings all illuminate the book’s central theme, drawn from Philippians 4.8—Things which are true, things which are honest, things which are just, things which are pure, things which are lovely, things which are of good report; reflect on these things. In the fashion of a graded reader, De Bonis Cogitationibus stories are initially short but gradually grow longer and more involved as the student’s skills as a Latin reader grow. A teacher’s guide will also be available. 
  • Latin passages increase in complexity as student skills grow
  • Each section includes a vocabulary
  • Grammatical notes ease students through the readings
  • References to the grammatical appendices encourage review and reinforcement
  • Readings readily invite discussion of their moral content as desired
  • Background notes provide information about the classical sources
The graded reader and its carefully chosen passages provide students a smooth transition into reading, understanding, and appreciating the “good thoughts” of the ancients—both the biblical and the classical. The reader complements all beginning Latin texts and Artes Latinae especially.

About the Author:
A veteran Latin instructor at the high school and university level, Rose Williams holds a BA from Baylor University and an MA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She did postgraduate work in Latin and the Humanities at the University of Dallas and the University of Texas at Austin. On a Rockefeller Grant she conducted research at the Bodleian Library of Oxford University, England, and at the University of Pisa, Italy. She is the author of numerous classics textbooks and teaching guides as well as humorous books of Latin phrases. She serves on various classics consultant boards and maintains a website,, devoted to Latin teaching materials.
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