"No Fishing" Sign on Mission Creek

Creeks Division Installs "No Fishing" Signs at Creekside Locations

Signs were posted in three locations in the City of Santa Barbara:
  • Mission Creek at Mission Canyon Road (Rocky Nook Park)
  • Mission Creek at Foothill Road
  • Rattlesnake Creek at Las Canoas Road (Skofield Park)
The signs, developed by the California Department of Fish and Game and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, read (in English and Spanish):

Steelhead Trout living in California Coastal Streams
are protected by Federal & State Laws. 
If you see a violation call:
CAL TIP Hotline: 888/334-2258 or NOAA Hotline: 800/853-1964
These signs were part of a larger project to install signs in steelhead waters throughout the tri-county area.  As part of public outreach efforts, these signs will help deter poaching, and inform private landowners and the public of the restoration and protection activities that are taking place.
These signs have been sponsored and paid for by the Tri-County Fish Team through a California Department of Fish and Game grant.  The purpose of the Tri-County Fish Team is to work with federal, state, and local agencies and non-governmental groups to improve information, secure funding, and enhance public understanding and support for salmonid restoration and recovery.

Fun in the Sun participants at Bohnett Park

Thank You Youth Apprentices and Volunteers!

The Creeks Division has hired a Restoration Intern and three teens through the City's Youth Apprentice Program to help restore Old Mission Creek at Bohnett Park over the summer.
On July 29th and 30th, 30 students and counselors from the United Way's "Fun in the Sun" program at La Cumbre Junior High School joined our Intern and Youth Apprentices to help clear invasive plants from the creek bed. The next step for the Youth Apprentices will be to plant 300 native plants at the restoration site.
"Fun in the Sun" participants also picked up trash along Old Mission Creek and throughout the park, and spent time exploring the creek, finding tadpoles, frogs, and crawdads.  
On August 5th, 17 of the Fun in the Sun students also helped replace 74 storm drain markers in the Westside neighborhood. The curb markers serve as a reminder to the community that storm drains flow directly to the ocean untreated.

Is Your Favorite Restaurant Protecting Our Creeks and Ocean?
The next time you visit your favorite restaurant, look for the Certified Business sticker in their window! Restaurants play an important part in the health of our local creeks and ocean.
Common pollutants from restaurants include food, oil and grease, soaps, detergents, solvents, cleansers, trash, and litter. 
The Clean Water Business Program focuses on best management practices (BMPs) to reduce and eliminate polluted discharge into streets and storm drains.
The Creeks Division has developed a simple checklist of BMPs for restaurants that they must meet to be certified. The City also offers a Business Assistance Program, which provides businesses with specific products, free of charge, that help protect water quality.
The Creeks Division has certified 50 local restaurants who are taking important steps to protect creek and ocean water quality!
The Clean Water Business program also includes automotive businesses and mobile washers. View the complete list of Certified Businesses online at www.sbcreeks.com.
City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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