Fifth Legamus Title Makes Transition to
Unadapted Cicero Student-Friendly

xxii + 226 pp (2010) 8½” x 11” Paperback, ISBN 978-0-86516-656-1

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Cicero: A Legamus Transitional Reader
by Judith Sebesta and Mark Haynes
You’ll love how master teachers Mark Haynes and Judith Sebesta make teaching Cicero so much more manageable!
The Cicero: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader contains 103 lines from Cicero’s Pro Archia. Innovative text combines special visual features—including line alignments based on meaning with the “pass through” method—to unpack Cicero's complex prose. Copious notes and reader aids along with facing vocabulary make this text an excellent introduction to Cicero and smoothes the way for upper level Latin reading. Resources include an introduction to Cicero, bibliography, grammatical appendix, figures of speech appendix, and a pull-out vocabulary.
Selections (103 lines) from Pro Archia: 4.2-4, 5.1-3, 5.4-6, 6.1, 6.2-3, 7.1-3, 12 entire, 13.1, 14.1-3, 18.4-5, 19 entire, 23 entire, 24.1-3, 28 entire, 29 entire, 31 entire, 1 entire, 2 entire, and 3 entire.
Special features:
  • “pass through” approach that  begins with the main statement and adds clauses with each “pass”
  • transitional aids: lines aligned to facilitate comprehension, implied words in parentheses, difficult noun-adjective pairings in different fonts
  • complete vocabulary and grammatical notes on facing pages
  • post-reading materials that encourage appreciation of Cicero’s style, reflection on what has been read, and making connections to the modern world
About the Authors
Mark Haynes
holds an MA in Classical Languages from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. For over twenty years he has taught Latin and served as the Foreign Language Department Chair at Creighton Preparatory School in Omaha, Nebraska. The recipient of the 2003 Eunice Kraft Award for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching from the Classical Association of the Middle West and South, he is active in both the American Classical League and CAMWS.
Judith Sebesta earned her BA in Classics from the University of Chicago and her PhD in Classics from Stanford University. She has served as Professor of Classics and as Chair of the Department of History at the University of South Dakota where she has been recognized for outstanding teaching: Belbas-Larson Teaching Award 2003, Professor of the Year 2003, and the Cutler Award in Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Sciences, 2004. The recipient of the American Classical League Emeritus/Emerita Award in 2008, Sebesta has been a leader in ACL activities. Her publications include Hippocrene Concise Dictionary Latin-English, English-Latin (Hippocrene Books, 2009); Carl Orff Carmina Burana Cantiones Profanae (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers 1984; 2nd edition, 1996); The Worlds of Roman Women: A Latin Reader, coauthored with Ann Raia and Celia Luschnig (Focus Press, 2005); and The World of Roman Costume, coedited with Larissa Bonfante (University of Wisconsin Press, 1994).
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