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BY BASIL WALTERS Observer staff reporter
AN added attraction has been introduced to the 2010 Rototom Reggae Sunsplash to be held for the first time in Benicassim, Spain from August 22 -25. As a booster, the organisers of the major summer reggae festival in Europe, have invited Jamaica Film Academy director, Barbara Blake Hannah, to present a three-night programme of the Best of the Reggae Film Festival.
After 16 years, this renowned brand of musicians, artistes and musical aficionados, usually assembled in Italy, if nothing else, will provide for Spain an extended celebration of its World Cup triumph two months ago.
Barbara Blake Hannah
Our Reggae Boyz (football team), is yet to enjoy such crowning glory, but no reggae festival, can boast authenticity without the Jamaican musical stalwarts, even though Europe is now producing its own sensations in the genre.
This is a fact the organisers of the Rototom Reggae Sunsplash who have been chased out of Italy by the authorities, have always recognised and have billed as they have always done, some of reggae’s finest ambassadors from yard.
The line-up for the 17-staging which is yet to be completed, so far include Anthony B, Big Youth, Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Fantan Mojah, Glen Washington, Romaine Virgo, Alpha Blondy, Aswad, Alborosie, and many more to be added. And, as if for greater damage control because of the relocation, the Best of the Jamaica Reggae Film Festival has now been added.
Since 1972 when Jamaica’s first feature film The Harder They Come exposed reggae to the world on its soundtrack, a growing number of films have been made that focus on Jamaica’s reggae music culture.
In 2008 these ‘reggae films’ were gathered together in one place for the first ever Reggae Film Festival, held in New Kingston in February as part of Reggae Month.
The event was a collaboration between Jamaican filmmaker and film festival organiser Barbara Blake Hannah and British film archivist Peter Gittins of Reggae Films UK, with support from private sector sponsors and the Jamaican Ministry of Culture.
Sixteen feature and documentary films from Spain, Germany, Argentina, Canada, the UK and the USA were screened, at the end of which six Jamaican film pioneers appointed to head a Jamaica Film Academy dedicated to the objectives of the Jamaican film industry.
In 2009 a smaller programme premiered films from the USA, Serbia and a Spanish/Jamaican sports documentary that went on to win several international awards.
This year, the Reggae Film Festival saw the screenings of 22 films, a special daytime Children’s Programme and a Make-a-Film-in-24-Hours competition.
“Not only have filmmakers from all over the globe entered their films and travelled to Jamaica to present them and win awards, but the event has come to the notice of global reggae fans, international media and cultural organisations, several of which have established links for future collaboration,” she added.
Among the films to be shown are the Argentinian feature film Roots Time, award winning Japanese documentary Ruffn Tuff – Founders of the Immortal Riddim, a German documentary on Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, the animated film Kina Sky and Not To Me, the first feature film by noted Jamaican film–maker Ras Kassa.
“The directors of the Jamaica Film Academy and Reggae Film Festival are honoured by the invitation and recognition by Rototom Reggae Sunsplash,” Barbara Blake Hannah said.

The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Golden Gate Park, Bandshell, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Saturday, August 21st 
11 am – 6 pm
** FREE **
Golden Gate Park will be ablaze with sacred energy, prayer, music and dance as the
Center for Sacred Studies & Cafe Gratitude host SPIRIT RISING, a fundraiser for The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
Participants will be able to experience the sacred energy that surrounds the internationally acclaimed Grandmothers Council.  Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo and Takelma Siletz Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim will be present to bless and inspire participants.
Performance & Prayer featuring:
-- Jamaican reggae artist RAS MIDAS, bringing a message of social justice,
love and unity
-- Drumming & Dance of all Nations
-- Members of Goddess Alchemy Project
-- SPIRIT WALK OF PEACE: A moving meditation around the perimeter
  of the Bandshell
-- Circle of Four Directions representing & honoring the Grandmothers
-- Inspirational speakers include Lynne Twist
Donations will be gratefully accepted at the circle and will be used to help bring all 13 Grandmothers along with their prayers to Japan, at their council gathering in October.  For more information go to the Events page at

Would you like to receive a box of 2010 Reggae Festival Guides to distribute to your friends and family?
We ship them to you via UPS for free.
We still have a few boxes that we want to get in to the hands of Reggae fans before the end of summer and you can help.
Simply click here and send me your name and shipping address (no P.O. Boxes because we ship via UPS). Type REGGAE DISTRIBUTION in the subject line.
There are 50 in a box.

Dread & an ongoing graphic novel series about Jamaican Super Hero Drew McIntosh. If you missed any episodes, click here to read:
Under the sweltering sun, Maria, Juba and a group of elder women looked on as several young men began the grueling process of crop shifting or in layman terms, slash and burn. The men began chopping down numerous trees in a rugged area of the forest close to the village. Once the trees had fallen, the women assisted by setting fire around the trunks of the trees, letting them burn until the roots were decayed enough to be easily removed from the earth. The woman then joined each other plowing the land, tilling the rugged soil for cultivation and grazing cattle.
Maria, sweating profusely, her khaki shirt stained with grime and sweat, struggled with the rugged terrain, trying her best to make the soil ready for harvest. She was not use to this type of arduous labor. Her muscles ached. As she plowed the earth, she thought about what she would be doing back in Mo’Bay had she not accompanied Philip to the Cockpit Country. She thought about taking a drive down to the street market to buy fruits and vegetables. She thought about sitting in their backyard staring out into the Martha Brae River, watching the sunset.
Maria paused for a moment, taking many deep breaths, while looking up at the hot sun, trying to fight off the unbearable heat.
            “How are you doing over there?” Juba shouted.
            Maria sighed. “I’m surviving,” using her shirt sleeve to wipe sweat from her forehead. “You must remember, I’m a zoologist, not a farmer.” Maria joked.
            “Oh believe me, after a day’s work in the Cockpit Country, you’ll not only be a farmer, but a herder and a hunter as well.”
            “Don’t remind me.”
Meanwhile, Drew accompanied a group of children for a day of frolicking in the forest. Since they were too young to join the older boys in hunting, the younger ones spent their time roaming the treacherous forest, but always staying close or nearby the village. One by one, the children followed a trail, much wider than the beaten path normally traveled, venturing deeper into the forest. Cuffee was among the group. He approached Drew and introduced himself.
“My name is Cuffee.”
“I know,” Drew said, shyly.
There was an awkward moment of silence as the boys continued to follow the other children along beaten path into the forest.
“You came to my house in Mo’Bay!” Drew said, continuing the conversation. Drew  playfully let the palm of his hand glide over the surrounding underbrush.
“You remember?” Cuffee said, surprised.
Drew answered the warrior with a nod of his head.
At that moment Cuffee stopped in his tracks. He quickly looked ahead of the trail to see where the other children were, before continuing his conversation with Drew.
“Do you want to see something that only I have seen!” Cuffee’s voice was mysterious, almost as if someone else was speaking for him.
‘Huh?” Drew said.
“What is it,” Drew asked, a little hesistant.
            “Come with me. I want to show you something.”
            Flashing somewhat of a dishonest smile, Cuffee slowly stepped backwards, urging Drew to follow him.
            “What about the others?” Drew said, looking back at the children.
            “We’ll catch up to them later,” Cuffee said, signaling with his hands to follow him.
To be continued …,
For more information about the author, Nicholas Da Silva, visit

2nd Annual 2 Day Irie Reggae Festival

Sat. Aug 28 – Sun. Aug 29: IrieFest 2-Day Concert in Long Beach, CA

The big man himself, the legendary Beres Hammond returns for another stellar performance at the 2nd Annual Irie Festival slated for Saturday, August 28th- Sunday, August 29th, 2010. Performing on the same stage are special guest Inner Circle, Culture, Pato Banton, Mr.Vegas, The Lions, New Kinston, Aziatic, Kontiki, Quinto Sol, Eljai,Tribal Seeds, Half Pint, Leon and The Peoples and many more.
The event will be held at: Queen Mary Events Park located at 1126 Queen's HWY, Long Beach, CA 98802 Gates open 12noon and ShowTime is at 1pm. General Admissions is $49.99, 2 Day General admissions is $79, V.I.P. Admissions is $100 and 2 day V.I.P. passes are $170. Children under 10 FREE. For ticket info and vending call: (661)718-5566, for tickets log onto and for updates visit

Partial proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation of the University of the West Indies (AFUM) Scholarship Fund. All donations are tax deductible to the full extending of state and federal law.

On September 18, 2010 Greenergy Productions, LLC will kick off one of the most talked about Reggae festivals on the East Coast – HUDSON VALLEY REGGAE FEST (ECO & WORLD MUSIC).  This important social awareness concert event will be hosted by Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa which occupies 250 pristine acres in Ellenville, N.Y., in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.
 “Over the past few months, the resort has worked closely with the event producers to envision an event unlike any other in the upper Hudson Valley region,” said Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa, event coordinator, Rianna Sciullo.  “We look forward to a day of education, ecological awareness and a celebration of world music and culture.”
HUDSON VALLEY REGGAE FEST (ECO & WORLD MUSIC) is a day-long, family-oriented “GO-GREEN” event featuring many musical talents from many different cultures. The International talent onstage will include Jamaica’s No. 1 Dub poet, Mutabaruka; New England’s premier Reggae band, Soul Shot; Haiti’s own popular performer, Freedom; Bonga and the Vodou Drums of Haiti; Cuban artist David Sandoval’s band Delixilo; International Reggae artist Living Truth; musical ensemble, One World Tribe;  master African drummer/teacher, Kofi Donkor and Sankofa and dancers; Singer/songwriter Randy Niles; Hakum who will be speaking to the realities of the world, and Gigi and The Lend Me a Hand Band a 2008 Finalists Children's Music Web Awards for Best Album and Best Song.
We are also proud to have as a partner this year the well known organization Riverkeeper; whose duel mission is to protect the ecological integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries and to safeguard drinking water for New York City and the lower Hudson Valley. For more than 40 years, Riverkeeper has been the leading clean water advocate.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of Riverkeeper’s leaders, along with executive director Paul Gallay, who will be speaking at the festival.
Greenergy Productions, LLC promotes environmental responsibility through music, hands –on educational programs and support for grass root community action.  It aims to create a network of “green ambassadors” through outreach to universities, junior and high schools, churches, community organizations and early childhood education.
Greenery Productions, LLC will donate part of the proceeds to the relief organization SAVE HAITI TODAY, founded by the Haitian artist Freedom who has also partnered with Macy Gray.   Riverkeeper will also be a beneficiary of the festival.
323.646.1175 / US Direct
323.292.0081 / Office

Kale is a super vegetable by all accounts. Great health benefits of kale make it hard to replace in a healthy menu. Kale is high in vitamin C and K, moderate in Calcium, and low in fat and calories. Kale contains beta carotene, and it has one of the highest amount of the antioxidants among all food measured.
Health benefits of kale:
Strengthens bones
Combats cancer
Protects your eyesight
Aids in weight loss
Boosts immune system
Kale builds stronger bones
Calcium and vitamin K are two important nutrients that keep your bones strong; and both of them are found in kale.

People with low vitamin K tend to have low mineral density of their bones and experience more bone fractures. One ounce of kale daily provides four time recommended daily allowance of this important vitamin. Calcium from kale is absorbed by the body at a much higher rate than from many other foods. This quality makes kale an irreplaceable source of calcium for both vegetarians and vegans. Eating one ounce of kale a day may cut the risk of bone fracture by 30%.
Kale combats cancer
Researches has found that vegetables from the brassica family - kale, cabbage, broccoli, turnips and brussels sprouts - are especially protective against cancer due to naturally occurring chemicals that block the cancer-forming process. Kale is a healthy food that prevents cancer or slows down its progression.
Kale is a healthy food for our eyesight
As we age, we become susceptible to the macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Experts advice is to consume foods with carotenoids – antioxidants abundant in kale. Didi you know? Consuming 6 mg of lutein per day helps to reduce one's chances of AMD by 43%.
To meet this requirement, you need to eat only 1/3 cup of kale. Add fat from non-animal sources, such as flax oil or olive oil, to ensure maximum absorption of the carotenoids in kale.
They don't have to worry about their vitamins A,C, and K at all! Kale provides more than 100% of the recommended daily value. Manganese, Copper and Calcium content in kale is impressive, as you will see further.
1 cup of raw kale contains :
Calories - 33.
Weight - 67 g:
56 g from water,
1 g from fibre.
Remaining 10 g provide:
Vitamin K - 684%
Vitamin A - 206%
Vitamin C - 134%
Vitamin B6 - 9%
Thiamin - 5%
Riboflavin - 5%
Niacin -3%
Folate - 5%  
Manganese - 26%
Copper - 10%
Calcium - 9%
Potassium - 9%
Iron - 6%
Magnesium - 6%
Phosphorus - 4%
Zinc - 2%
Selenium - 1%
Sodium - 1%.
KALE - a green leafy vegetable with many benefits.
Till the Next TIME ~ keep it sexy babe with animal free cuisine
"V" Chef Mayra
Chef   Mayra-Also known as "Dr Flavor"
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In My Opinion!

(Kingston, Jamaica 18th, Aug 2010) Any artiste who chooses aliases must never forget that a name is as relevant to its character as the lyrics. Over the years we have seen the positive and negative effect aliases have on characters example, Assassin (the character) is probably one of the most respected Dancehall artistes there is, he’s responsible, consistent and a true Dancehall star but the name (alias) does not fit the character and certainly have not created opportunities other artistes have benefited from such as working with corporate entities.  On the other hand an alias can be very effective, it can become a brand and sells the character such as the alias, Vybz Kartel.  The character is creative and trendy and has become one of Dancehall’s most influential artistes.  Aliases distinguish the character and identifies with their lyrical content.  In my opinion, choosing an alias is as important as making hits so artistes should be careful of the aliases they choose!
Isat’s First Major Performance!
Upcoming Reggae artiste Isat performed for the first time on a major stage alongside his dad, vintage Reggae artiste Big Youth at Stur- Gav tribute to the late Sugar Minott, the show was held on Saturday August 14th at Mas Camp.  The crowd response was very encouraging and even prompt one industry insider to invite Isat to perform the following Monday at the weekly Uptown Mondays event which he did to yet another warm reception.   
Isat’s dream is to revive Reggae music making it once again an attractive brand to young Jamaicans.  The artiste is appalled by the fact that kids, teenagers and young adults in Europe, California and the rest of the world accept Reggae in its purest form but kid of similar demographic in Jamaica believes Reggae is Vintage.  Isat claim he is the man behind the music and will forever be singing and performing Reggae in its authentic form of love, spirituality and social commentary, “but modern” in other words Isat’s aim is present through his music “the current generation expression of Reggae.”
 Cush Hunta Shoots New Video!
 In light of a major distribution deal with MSE (Media, Sports and Entertainment) that lead to the distribution of his single, “No Skylarking” featuring reigning Reggae Queen Marcia Griffith and young rapper Phaze Kryme to over 31 digital stores (including leading digital download stores Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Limewire, Emusic, Verizon and Thumplay Inc.) Corner Stone Productions has completed yet another project on its agenda for Cush Hunta, that of shooting a medley video for Cush’s Ready Fi Buss and A De Same Thing” tracks.  The video, directed by Infrared was shot on location at Blaze Nightclub in Portmore and Cush’s hometown, Allman Town.  Ready Fi Buss is currently Cush Hunta’s most popular single and A De Same Ting is receiving consistent rotation on local radio.  The feedback from both songs has prompted the artiste’s management team to release a video to capitalize on the growing trend. Cush Hunta is schedule to perform at telecommunications giant LIME, Skool Aid event August 21 at Jamworld Centre in Portmore, St. Catherine.  LIME Skool Aid event will be day of music, entertainment and giveaways for kids going back to school.  Other performers on the event include Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Richie Loop, Etana, Chris Martin, Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas and many more.
HIGHLIGHTS! Nesbeth depart Kingston to perform on Calgary International Reggae Festival on Saturday August 21st.  On his arrival, he is expected to do several interviews including a live television performance on City TV channel 8 backed by the Ultimate Crew Band from Toronto as well as interviews on
Virgin Radio 98.5, CJAY 92.1 and AM 1060 Classic Country.   
 New Image Promotions
 2a Derrymore Road
 Kingston 10
 Tel.: 1-876-871-3080 or 302-6590

Wed, Sept 1
Cal Neva Resort, Crystal Bay, NV (north Tahoe)
9:30 pm (Doors Open at 8:30 pm)
$20.00 advance
all ages
530-583-2801 or 775-337-8344

The 14th annual Earthdance Festival will take place at the renowned Black Oak Ranch, a property rich in native history and old growth oak trees. The ranch has been home to Earthdance for the past 8 years, but due to expanding audiences, the festival will be moving to a larger facility for 2011.  Often described as a festival that combines the artistic liberation of Burning Man with the socially responsible conscience of the Oregon Country Fair, the festival has gained international recognition as one of the best “boutique” festivals on the west coast of the USA, with sell out shows each year. 
For 2010, Earthdance Northern California will unite with over 350 locations in 60 countries across the world to create the most conscious global festival of our time. To make this year a “grand farewell” to remember, the festival will present an incredible line up of conscious musicians, visual artists, DJ's, speakers and activists, who believe in a sustainable future for our planet.  Working with the theme of “unity in diversity”, the festival will host 5 music stages and will feature high profile conscious artists from many genres of the international music scene, including World, Electronica, Hip Hop, Folk and Jazz.  Also included will be an indigenous elder’s council, made up of indigenous elders from many nations, who will share wisdom and sacred ceremony.
An important part of the festival will be a compelling educational component called the “Activist Alley”, where festival patrons can interact with both local and international non-profit groups. These organizations will share information and workshops on relevant global and local issues, inspiring local participants to take a stand for the future of our planet.
A highlight of the festival will be a synchronized global link up, taking place on Saturday the 18th, when at 4pm (PST), Earthdance California will synchronize with over 350 locations in 60 countries. At this precise moment, a specially created song called the “prayer for peace” will be played in every location at the same time.  The festival will also feature a wide variety of ‘Healthy’ vendors supplying many types of international foods and eco wares. Shaded camping and HOT showers are also available to festival attendees.
Part proceeds from the festival will be donated to the Earthdance non-profit, A California based 501c3 organization.

Jamaican Reggae Tops Inaugural Lonely Planet Awards
Lonely Planet, the popular tourist guide company, has rated and assessed the top tourist destinations in the world for its first ever awards.
The global brand, which found its feet 30 years ago, has found that UK holidaymakers rate value-for-money accommodation and cheap train travel at the top of their list. More than 3,500 people voted in the polls, which were conducted in association with Explore, an adventure operator.
Scotland’s wild beaches were considered the ‘most under-rated’ British day trip, closely followed by the UK’s cities and also Dorset’s coastline. Abroad, reggae on Negril’s beaches in Jamaica was awarded the ‘greatest cultural experience’ of them all, topping Italy’s opera scene and Cuba’s salsa dancing.
Meanwhile, The Mayan temples of Tikal, Guatemala, were considered to be the world’s best historical experience. The cultured area fought off stiff competition from the renowned Taj Mahal and even Egypt’s pyramids. In terms of food and cuisine, Italy reigned as top dog.
The dream year-out trip was yachting around the world, while dream celebrity travel partners were Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley and Michael Palin. The poll also assessed where people would like to emigrate to, with New Zealand and Australia ranking highest.
Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s travel editor, said days out in Britain don’t have to be traditional seaside jaunts or tours of stately homes: "Brits are fast discovering some of the country’s lesser-known attractions and Scotland’s stunning beaches are, quite rightly, recognised as one of the best."
Mr Hall reiterated that the more unusual award winners are a clear indication that holidaymakers should try something a little different for summer 2010.

Friday, August 20th - a benefit performance by
The Caribbean Allstars
Justice for Oscar Gran

"Jail Killer Cops"
Humanist Hall - 390-27th Street Oakland - music, food, fun!!
doors open at 6 pm, music at 7:30 pm

Editor's note: My Pakistani friend, Wasim, told me that this foundation is one of the best to donate money to Pakistan for flood victims:
Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician, is launching his own emergency fundraising appeal for the victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan, pitting him directly against the government’s own efforts.
The Imran Khan Flood Relief organisation will seek to tackle both the immediate emergency and the long-term rehabilitation work required. “The government has totally collapsed, there’s no government here,” Khan told the Guardian. “The government’s efforts to raise money have totally failed because no one trusts the government.”
Khan will seek to mobilise thousands of Pakistanis behind his cause, to produce an army of volunteers to carry out the work. The floods have ravaged at least a fifth of the land mass of Pakistan and has hit 20 million people, with the waters continuing to envelop new areas.

Pakistan 2010 Catastrophe

The Imran Khan Foundation independently and also in conjunction with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has put a program in place to help the victims of this calamity.
Some of the things we are doing to  are as follows:
Setting up camps for the displaced people
Setting up Mobile clinics
Continuous distribution of Ration Bags
We desperately need your help in making sure that these efforts continue.
Please donate generously using any of the following methods:
  • On Line using PAYPAL on 
  • Direct deposit in our USA account:
    Beneficiary: The Imran Khan Foundation
    Bank: United Central Bank, Los Angeles, CA
    Account Number: 1045418
    Routing No:  111914852
  • Mail your check made out to ‘Imran Khan Foundation’
    Imran Khan Foundation c/o
    Shafiq Khan
    30 Barcelona
    Irvine, CA 92614
For more information you can contact the following individuals in your respective areas:
United States:
Narjis Ali                    DC                 1 571 212 1098
Ali Asim Khan             NJ/NY            1 908 248 2746
Dabbir Tirmizi            NJ/NY             1 973 668 6496
Shafiq Khan               West Coast      1 626 272 9142
Ali Zaidi
Founding member
The Imran Khan Foundation
Member CEC Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Pak: +92321 8239007
Dubai: +97150 505 6263
The Imran Khan Foundation is a nonprofit corporation and a registered tax-exempt public charity under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.
Our EIN # is 20-3770042
Your contribution today to The Imran Khan Foundation is tax deductible in the US to the full extent as permitted by law.

The 2010 REGGAE FESTIVAL GUIDE MAGAZINE  is available to read onine in digital format, page-by-page:

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TOUSSAINT : : Black Gold
I Grade Records is pleased to introduce, Black Gold, the debut solo album by Toussaint. Most well known as the former lead singer of the Stax Records and Blue Note recording group Soulive, Toussaint is poised to bring forth his unforgettable blend of soul and roots to the world. Black Gold embodies a unique combination of the American soul of Toussaint’s upbringing and the African-Caribbean roots he has gravitated towards. His compelling storytelling and seamless vocal range (as heard on the standout tracks “Roots In A Modern Time”, “Unforgettable”, “Black Gold”) are a perfect match for the cutting-edge, soul-tinged roots grooves assembled by Virgin Islands-based I Grade Records (Midnite, Dezarie, Pressure, Niyorah). Black Gold will be released digitally on August 10 through Zojak Worldwide, and distributed physically through VIROOTS.COM, Ernie B’s Reggae and VP Records starting August 24.
The musical arrangements on Black Gold were largely crafted by the Zion I Kings production team, consisting of Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred (I Grade Records), Jah David (Zion High Productions), and Digital Ancient (Lustre Kings Productions). Alongside these accomplished producers is an all-star cast of musicians including Dean Pond, Tuff Lion, Santa Davis, Jawge Hughes, Youssoupha Sidibe, Johnny Trama, Eli Winderman, Balboa Becker and Padraic Coursey. The 15 tracks on Black Gold are a true soul-roots treasure that seamlessly blends the best of American soul singing traditions and the depth of live instrumentation roots reggae.
-release date: August 10 -digital; August 24 - physical
site where you can purchase: iTunes, &

Adele Harley's long awaited debut Reggae  album entitled 'Come Into My Life' is now due for release on August 16th 2010 and will be available for digital download at itunes and other digital download sites which we will inform you of in due course.
Produced by 'Mafia & Fluxy' this seventeen tracked album is tipped to be the top Female Reggae album of this year and beyond.  With seventeen blazing tracks, thirteen of which are original tracks written  by Adele Harley and Mafia & Fluxy.  Featuring collabs with Glamma Kid and Leroy Mafia, the legendary Dean Fraser on sax, and the multi talented Ms Harley playing strings and flute on two tracks
The track attached is a Reggae cover of the well known and classic tune by Chante Moore' called 'Loves taken over' which was first released in 1992 and has unbelievably has never been covered until now.
-release date 16TH OF AUGUST 2010
 site where they can purchase: ITUNES
Rachael Boss

I Grade Records and Denkenesh Records are proud to present the I Grade Family’s “Feel Your Presence” Tour featuring Niyorah, Toussaint and Tuff Lion. From August 6 through August 26, the three-week tour will cover 3 shows in the US Virgin Islands and 14 shows in California, Oregon and Washington.  The “Feel Your Presence” tour is a celebration of two massive summer releases: Niyorah’s brand new album, Feel Your Presence, on Denkenesh Records, and Toussaint’s solo debut, Black Gold, on I Grade Records.
Niyorah, Dominica-born, St. Thomas-raised singjay is one of the most renowned VI reggae artists.  He has released 4 albums to-date, the most recent of which is an excellent roots album called Feel Your Presence that was recorded, in part, at Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica.  Niyorah, a high energy performer, has blessed the stage at festivals and clubs worldwide including, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (2007), Reggae Rising (2009), The World Social Forum (Venezuela), The Independent (SF), and others. He is a very energetic performer with a strong and loyal following throughout the west coast and in the Virgin Islands.
Toussaint  is a soul/funk/reggae artist based in the Boston area.  The former lead singer of the internationally acclaimed soul/funk group Soulive, Toussaint recently linked with St. Croix-based I Grade Records to record his solo debut album, Black Gold, which will be released on August 10.  Toussaint’s sound is an organic blend of soul and roots reggae.  A veteran of the stage, Toussaint has performed at legendary venues around the world including The Knitting Factory (LA), the Nokia Theater (NYC), House of Blues (LA), and the Blue Note (NYC). The lead single off of Black Gold, “Be You”, has been ringing the airwaves throughout the world since its release in April.
The original guitar maestro and roaring lion, Tuff Lion has established himself as a living legend among seekers of conscious, quality roots reggae.  He has played on countless reggae releases out of the VI in his years of work with Midnite, Bambu Station and I Grade.  He released his solo album in 2007 (Utterance) and a critically acclaimed guitar instrumental album in 2008 (Ten Strings).
The backing Band – the Jah Current Band – is a six piece unit comprised of members of the St. Croix-based Red I Band, Jamaican bassist/producer Andrew “Bassie” Campbell, and Celebrity Hornz: a 2-piece horn section based in California.
The Tour Dates are as follows:
DATE                         CITY                                       VENUE
Fri, Aug 20                Arcadia, CA                          TBA
Sat, Aug 21               Ashland, OR                         TBA
Sun, Aug 22              OPEN
Mon, Aug 23             Arcata, CA                           Jambalaya
Tues, Aug 24             Nevada City, CA                  Coopers
Wed, Aug 25             Sebastapol, CA                    TBA
Thurs, Aug 26           Berkeley, CA                        Ashkenaz
Niyorah, Toussaint and Tuff Lion are available for interviews upon request.
I Grade Records                      
Tour dates for Tippa Irie West Coast Tour
Tippa Irie & Band special guest Jah Sun
- STICK TO MY ROOTS west coast tour -
8-20 DownTown Brew San Luis Obispo, CA
8-21SoHo, Santa Baraba , CA
8-22 Coach house, San Juan Capistrano, CA
8-24 Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA
8-28 Irie Festival Long Beach, CA
Beres Hammond, Returns To North America “For The Love Of It” Summer Tour [Complete Dates/Locations Inside]
Jamaican musical legend and Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, and producer Beres Hammond’s “For The Love Of It” 2010 Tour kicked off in Florida last week and will continue throughout the U.S. and Canada making stops in 35 cities including Atlanta (July 30), Washington, DC (August 1), New York (August 6,7 & 8), San Francisco (August 27), Los Angeles (August 29) and wrapping back in Florida’s West Palm Beach (Sept 12). Joining Hammond on the tour will be Kenyatta Hill & Culture and Inner Circle.
Known to many as the originator of “lover’s rock,” Hammond has been writing, producing and pouring out his smoky-sweet voice over every kind of riddim track for over three decades. He continues to top the charts, most recently with the 2008 release A MOMENT IN TIME which Allmusic called “another fine album from one of Jamaica's finest singers” He has sold out some of the country’s largest venues including New York’s Radio City Music Hall.
The single “I Feel Good” from A MOMENT IN TIME has remained in the Top 5 on reggae charts since the release. Hammond can also be found on the summer’s must-have reggae compilation REGGAE GOLD 2010, along with other chart toppers as Damian Marley and Nas, Shaggy, Etana and Gyptian. VP Records recently reissued Hammond’s 1979 JUST A MAN, which has been praised as a “triumphant reissue.”

For further information and tour passes, please contact:
Nathaniel Watkins – VP Records
O: 718-425-1151
Beres Hammond Tour 2010
Date                     Day                             City                                Venue
20-Aug         Friday                      Edmonton                         TBA
21-Aug         Saturday                Calgary                               Calagery Reggae festival
23-Aug         Monday                  Vancouver, Canada         Commordore Ballroom
24-Aug         Tuesday                 Seattle, WA                        Neumos
26-Aug         Thursday                Chico, CA                          Calif State (Bell Auditorium)
27-Aug         Friday                      San Fran/Oakland           The Independent
29-Aug         Sunday                   Los Angeles, CA              Queen Mary, Los Angeles
30-Aug         Monday                   Las Vegas, NV                 TBA
31-Aug         Tuesday                 Salt Lake City, UT             Bay Entertainment Complex
1-Sep           Wednesday           Denver, CO                       TBA
3-Sep           Friday                      Philadelphia PA               Trocadara
4-Sep           Saturday                 Newark NJ                         TBA
5-Sep           Sunday                   Albany NY                           TBA
10-Sep         Friday                     Jacksonville FL
12-Sep         Sunday                  West Palm Beach FL
August 21 San Juan, Puerto Rico Tito Puente Ampitheatre Groundation
August 28 Crownsville, MD Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds The Pietasters,The Bridge, & More!!
September 25 Santa Barbara, CA West Beach Festival UB40, Easy Star All Stars, Collie Buddz, Iration, & MORE

Fri Aug 20 10  08:00 PM
Galileo's Restaurant and Pizzeria in Pueblo, CO -
Sat Aug 21 10  11:00 AM
THC Music Festival in Alma, CO - McGoon Productions is proud to present the first annual THC (The High Country) Music Festival - The Highest Music Festival in the World, August 20-22, 2010.  This is a totally unique music experience, located in historic Alma, Colorado. Presenting 40 Bands, ranging in genres from Rock, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Indie, Americana Roots, Country, Latin, Hip-Hop, Metal, Alternative, and more.
Performances on 1 outdoor showcase stage during the day and 2 indoor showcase stages at night, 50+ arts, crafts, and food vendors all attracting an average of 2,500+ music fans per day nationwide and from the surrounding area for the 3 day event.
Sun Aug 22 10  09:00 PM
Corazon in Santa Fe, NM -
Thu Aug 26 10  05:00 PM
Music In The Park in San Jose, CA -
Thu Aug 26 10  10:00 PM
San Jose Bar & Grill in San Jose, CA -
Fri Aug 27 10  12:00 PM
State of Jefferson Music Fest and Hemp Expo 2010 in Lake Selmac, OR - Takilma will be one of the many bands performing @ The Jefferson State Music Festival & Hemp Expo 2010 which will be held at Lake Selmac in Southern efferson.orgOregon.  The festival is set for Friday Aug. 27th 2010 & Saturday Aug. 28th 2010.
Sat Aug 28 10  08:00 PM
Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center in Berkeley, CA -
Sun Aug 29 10  01:00 PM
Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA -
Wed Sep 08 10  08:00 PM
Mt Tabor Theater in Portland, OR -
Thu Sep 09 10  08:00 PM
Panida Theatre in Sandpoint, ID - Charity show for the homeless
Thu Sep 16 10  08:00 PM
Fishlips in Bakersfield, CA -
Fri Sep 17 10  08:00 PM
Alex's Bar in Long Beach, CA - Dub PassenJah Singing LIVE(a full set) with the LB Liberators. Headlining the show will be Pato Banton and The Now Generation Band.  Early arrival is suggested, this show will most likely sell out.
Sat Sep 18 10  08:00 PM
Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA - Pato Banton and The Now Generation, WithOut Papers, & more
Fri Oct 01 10  08:00 PM
The BriXton South Bay in Redondo Beach, CA -
Sat Oct 02 10  08:00 PM
The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA - Irieside opening for reggae legend Pato Banton and the Now Generation Band!!!
Fri Oct 22 10  08:00 PM
The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA - TIMES:  6PM - Doors, 7:30 PM - Local A, 8:15PM - Local B, 9PM - COMMON SENSE, 10:30PM - PATO BANTON
Sat Oct 23 10  12:00 PM
Long Beach City College, Pacific Coast Campus in Long Beach, CA -
14 Aug Cleveland,OH/Midwest Reggae Fest
Don't Miss Inner Circle in a City Near You!  
August 21, 2010- Calgary Reggae Festival-Calgary, CA
August 26, 2010- Calgary, CA
August 26, 2010- Crest Theater-Sacramento, California, US
August 29, 2010- Queen Mary Los Angeles, California, US     
For more information on Inner Circle please contact Monifa Brown
 (973) 579-7763 EXT 26/
 Abebe Lewis Marketing & Branding Group    
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars
1-04-2011, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Jamcruise 9,
9/30/10  Wilbert’s    Cleveland, OH
10/2/10   Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival Columbia MO

8/27/10 Schooner’s Landing Demariscotta ME
8/31/10 One Pelham East Newport RI
9/2/10  Johnny D’s Somerville MA
9/4/10  On The Waterfront Music Festival Rockford IL
9/8/10 Club Viva St Louis , MO

FRIDAY 20.August.10   SOTTO MARINA (Italy) / Arena Live Cayo Blanco
SUNDAY:   22.August.10   CORSEPT (France) / Couvre Feu Festival
TUESDAY: 24.August.10  BENICASSIM (Spain) / Rototom Festival
THURSDAY:   26.August.10  LA TESTE de BUCH (France) / Parc des Expositions
FRIDAY:   27.August.10 BRATISLAVA (Slovakia) / Uprising Reggae Festival
SATURDAY:   28.August.10 WIESEN (Austria) / Wiesen Sunsplash
SUNDAY:   29.August.10   UBERSEE (Germany) / Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival
 Mighty Diamonds Sept 2010
Thurs Sept 2: Yoshi's San Francisco 1330 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94115
Fri Sept 3: Saint Rocke. (w/ Wailing Souls)142 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach, CA,
Sat Sept 4: Wave House (w/ Wailing Souls) 3125 Ocean Front Walk San Diego, CA 09
Sun Sept 5: TBA
Mon Sept 6: TBA
Tue Sept 7: The Catalyst 1011 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, 95060
Wed Sept 8: Drive
Thurs Sept 9: The Abbey Theatre 128 E. College Ave. Durango, CO  
Fri Sept 10: Quixote .2151 Lawrence St. Denver, CO 80202.
Sat Sept 11: Soul Rebel.Testival Heritage Cultural  Center Lakewood Colorado
Sun Sept 12: TBA
Mon Sept 13: Drive
Tue Sept 14: Bluebird 216 N. Walnut St. Bloomington, IN
Wed Sept 15: Exedus II 3477 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL 60657:
Thurs Sept 16: The Mad Planet 533 E Center St Milwaukee, WI
Fri Sept 17:Blind Pig 208 S. First St. Ann Arbor MI
Sat Sept 18: Alrosa Villa. 5055 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH
Sun Sept 19: Wilbert's 812 Huron Avenue Cleveland, Ohio
Mon Sept 20: Majestic Theatre. 115 King St. Madison, WI
Tue Sept 21: drive
Wed Sept 22: Club Metronome  188 Main St.Burlington, VT
Thurs Sept 23: TBA

Fri Sept 24: The West Indian Social Club. 3340 Main St. Hartford, CT 
Sat Sept  25: The Chance Theater 6 Crannell St. Poughkeepsie, NY
Sun Sept 26: Nakisaki  276 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY

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Jah Itagaki's REGGAE LIFE
   This Day in Reggae
and Nubian, Rasta, herb and related history
 August 18
----: Musician/producer Dalton Browne is born.
1965: Wycliffe 'Steely' Johnson [& Clevie] is born in Kingston, Jamaica.
 August 19
1940: Johnny Nash is born in Houston, USA.
1964: DJ Wickerman (David Taylor) is born in Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica.
1989: Desmond Tutu, black South African Anglican Archbishop, defies apartheid laws by walking alone on a South African beach.
2006: Joseph Hill, lead vocalist of reggae group Culture, dies while on tour in Berlin, Germany. He was 57.
 August 20
1960: Senegal gains independence from France.

After a while,
you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand
and chaining a soul,
And you learn
that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't mean security,
And you begin
to learn that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises,
And you begin
to accept your defeats with your head up
and your eyes open,
with the grace of a woman,
not the grief of a child,
And you learn
to build all your roads on today
because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans,
and futures have a way of falling down
in mid-flight.
And after a while
you learn that even sunshine burns
if you get too much.
So plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul,
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn
that you really can endure...
that you really are strong...
and you really do have worth...
And you learn and learn...
With every goodbye,
You learn.
by Veronica A Shoffstall

By Richie B, host – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM
 AUGUST 20, 2010
TW            LW    WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            2             14            Clarks Pt 2 (Clarks Again) – Vybz Kartel – Head Concussion (1wk@#1) U-1
02            1            14            Gal A Mad Over – Mavado – Di Genius (1wk@#1) D-1
03                 5            11            One Man – Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Adidjaheim/Notnice U-2
04            3            12            How We Do It – Elephant Man feat Bounty Killer(2wks@#1) D-1 – CR203/Adidjaheim/Notnice
05            6            9            Summer Break – Bugle/Chevaughn/Razz & Biggy – Notice Production U-1
06            4            18            Hold Yuh – Gyptian – VP Records (2wks@#1) D-2
07            8            12            Gallis Fi Dem – Flexx – Romeich Records U-1
08            9            17            Boss Lady – Toya – Downsound U-1
09            10            6            House Top - Mavado – Rose Gold Entertainment U-1
10            13            7            My Heart – Wayne Marshall feat. Mavado – Yard Vybz/Off Limits U-3
11            16            4            Drinking Rum & Red Bull – Beenie Man feat. Fambo –Seanizzle Records U-5
12            7            20            My Cupp – Richie Loops – Big Yard Music (2wks@#1) D-5
13            11            21            Clarks – Vybz Kartel / Popcaan / Gaza Slim – CR203/Adidjaheim/Notnice (4wks@#1) D-2
14            15            8            Rightful Place - Edee – Unseen Lab U-1
15            18            4            Jeans & Fitted  – Vybz Kartel feat. Russian – Head Concussion Records U-3
16            12            8            Show It – Demarco & Craig – Star Kutt/Koch (pp#12) D-4
17            14            16            Bank Inna Mi Pocket - Versatile – Romeich Records (pp#5) D-3
18            21            3            Dem a Pree  – Mr. Lexx – Ward 21 U-3
19              17            18             Party Cup – Ding Dong – IMG (pp#3) D-2
20`            22            3            Curfew – Beenie Man – Rose Gold Entertainment U-2
21            -            New            Nah Sell Out – Khago – Seanizzle
22            24            2            Di General – Timberlee – Ward 21 U-2
23            -            New            For Your Eyez Only – Shaggy feat. Alaine  – K-Licious Music
24            23            25            Come into My Room – Mavado & Stacious – Di Genius (1wk@#1) D-1
25            -            New            Life – Shawn Storm – Adidjaheim/Notnice
TW            LW    WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            3            18            Dance Like We’re Making Love/Sugar Dumplin – Nicky B – Feelin Records (1wk@#1) U-2
02               1            20            Gangster Life – Junior X – Revolutionary Entertainment (1wk@#1) D-1
03            5            15            Free – Etana – No Doubt Records U-2
04            4            16            The Leaders – ELJAI – Jah Mix Entertainment/No Doubt Records NM
05            6            12            Wanna Give You Love – Warrior King – Rootz Warrior Production U-1
06            2            21            My Promise – Andy Livingston – Black Dutch Records (2wks@#1) D-4
07            8            11            This is for Real – Ras Charmer – House of Hits U-1
08            9            10            Torn – Tony Anthony – Phylani Music U-1
09            10            9            We Shall Find A Way – Hezron – Hard Shield Records/Tads Int’l Records U-1
10            7            22            Unconditional Love – Jah Cure feat Phyllisia – SOBE/Danga Zone (3wks@#1) D-3
11            12            11            Down in Jamaica – Kabbalist – Bamboo Music U-1
12            13            10            Tomorrow – G Whizz – TJ Records U-1
13            11            21            Thank You Jah – Vybz Kartel – Adidjaheim / Notnice (pp#4) D-2
14            17            5            My Life – I-Octane – DJ Frass U-3
15            16            8            John Prophecy (aka Di Yutes) – Strugglas – Roaring Tone Productions
16            14            19            Come Back to Bed – Gramps Morgan – Dada Son Entertainment (pp#7) D-2
17               19            4            Protect The People – Tarrus Riley – Don Corleon U-2
18               20            5            Life Caan Done – Princess Thundah – 619 Entertainment Group U-2
19            15            8            The Promised Land – Nas & Jnr Gong feat. Dennis Brown – Universal Republic Records (pp#15) D-4
20            23            3            Just as I Am – Misteree – Capsicum Records U-3
21               22            3             If You Don’t Know Me By Now – George Nooks – Total Records U-1
22            24            3            Still Got The Blues – Oneil Peart – Red Nile Music U-2
23            18            24            Night Shift – Busy Signal – Turf Muzik/Star Player Music Group (pp#6) D-5
24               25            2            Fight Without a Reason – KI – NTS Records U-1
25            -            New            Tears – Kurt Warmington – Infidelity Records
TW            LW   WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            2            6            Romain Virgo  – Romain Virgo – VP Records (1wk@#1) U-1
02            1            11            Distant Relatives – Nas & Damian “Jnr Gong” Marley – Universal Republic/Def Jam (3wks@#1) D01
03            5            6            The Hit List Vol. 2  – Various Artistes – Tads International Records U-2
04            3            12             Infallible – Tanya Stevens – Tarantula Records (2wks@#1) D-1
05            10            2            Hold You – Gyptian – VP Records U-5
06                 4            9            Cashflow Reggae All Stars – Various Artistes – Cashflow/Tads Int’l Records D-2
07            8            4            Reggae Gold  – Various Artistes – VP Records U-1
08            9            3            Million Chance – Tony Anthony – Phylani Music U-1
09            -            New            I-ternal Fire – Capleton – VP Records
10                6            15            Red Pond – Junior Kelly – VP Records D-4
Numbers in bracket indicate the number of weeks at the No. 1 Spot.
Key:   U – Upward, D – Down, NM – Non-Mover
TW – This Week, LW – Last Week, WC Weeks on Chart, PP in bracket – Peak Position
Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play

Click on festival name to click through to festival website.
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click on SUBMIT FESTIVAL, fill in the blanks.
Calgary International Reggae Festival
Thursday-Saturday, August 19th-21st 2010
Calgary Alberta
Ottawa Reggae Festival
Friday-Sunday, August 20th-22nd 2010
Ottawa Ontario
Chicago Reggae Festival
Saturday, August 21st 2010
Chicago Illinois
United States
Rototom Sunsplash
Saturday-Saturday, August 21st-28th 2010
Benicassim Castellon
1st Annual SummerClash
Saturday, August 21st 2010
Sebastopol California
United States
26th annual Woodstock Reggae Festival
Saturday, August 21st 2010
Woodstock New York
Sunday, August 22nd - Friday, September 3rd 2010
Jefferson State Music Festival and Hemp Expo 2010
Friday-Saturday, August 27th-28th 2010
Selma Oregon
United States
Friday-Saturday, August 27th-28th 2010
Bratislava SLOVAKIA
The SEEN Festival
Saturday, August 28th 2010
Berkeley California
United States
Reggae on the Rocks
Saturday, August 28th 2010
Morrison CO
United States
Olympia Hemp Fest
Saturday-Sunday, August 28th-29th 2010
Olympia Washington
United States
Russian River Hemp and Marijuana Festival
Saturday-Sunday, August 28th-29th 2010
Rio Nido CA
United States
Reggae Summer Night
Saturday, August 28th 2010
Hamm NRW
Sunday, August 29th 2010
United Kingdom
The Gathering of the Peacemakers
Sunday, August 29th - Saturday, September 4th 2010
Asheville NC
United States
Irie Reggae Festival
Sunday, August 29th 2010
Long Beach CA
United States
Cambridge Festival 2010
Tuesday-Friday, August 31st-6th 2010
Southern St James
Israel Vibration & Roots Radics Band
Wednesday, September 1st 2010
Crystal Bay NV
United States
Friday-Sunday, September 3rd-5th 2010
O Burgo-Culleredo A Coruña
Lafayette Reggae & Cultural Festival
Friday-Sunday, September 3rd-5th 2010
Lafayette Louisiana
United States
2nd Annual Reggae Fest
Sunday, September 5th 2010
Mountain WI
United States
Ralak Festival
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 201
Black Mountain North Carolina
United States
Hempstalk Festival
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 2010
Portland Oregon
United States
R.A.L.A.K. Rastafari Ancient Living Arts and Kulture fest
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 2010
black mountain/asheville north carolina
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 2010
London united kingdom
United Kingdom
The Guatemalan/Mayan Gathering of the Peacemakers
Sunday-Saturday, September 12th-18th 2010
Santiago Atitlan Lake Atitlan
Friday-Sunday, September 17th-19th 2010
Laytonville California
United States
USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo 2010
Saturday-Saturday, September 18th-18th 2010
San Diego CA
United States

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