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Little Pearls

Little Pearls

The Heart Work of Life

These are challenging times.  Even if our own lives are good, suffering is all around us and calls us to be response-able.

When life seems so uncertain, chaotic and destructive that it breaks our hearts, can we let our hearts break OPEN? 


How can we be of greatest service in a world full of needs while enjoying and loving our lives?


God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.                                   ~ Fredrick Buechner

This place of meeting is what I call Heart Work.


It's a journey ~ and a gift ~ to find this place, for you, for me AND for the world.  Let's get going! 


Spotlight Pearl: After the Storm

Speaking of the need for Heart Work, five years after Hurricane Katrina caused such damage to our Gulf Coast and to America's psyche, where are we now?


The concern, wisdom and calls to action in After the Storm (a 30 second Pearl and it's longer companion) still ring true.  The ending words are:

We have the resources to take care of ourselves, each other and all life on earth WHEN we get our priorities straight. 

We have the power to make new choices.  If not now, when?


See for yourself how powerful this 4-minute set of Pearls is.  Click the image here:


As one friend said, "It's timeless.  After the Storm could've been made yesterday and called After the Spill.  There's so much loss going on today in just the same way.  Different particulars, same loss."


Clearly, much work still needs to be done....

And Now....

Our vacation in Oregon made it clear that more simplicity and balance are needed in my life, and also in this labor of love called Little Pearls.  It is my Heart Work.


In this picture at Crater Lake in July, I felt so  

centered.  The trick now is bringing more of this feeling into my work.  It's time for  some changes. 


One change you'll notice is shorter, more frequent newsletters, with a simpler color scheme. 


I'll be asking for some specific help and input from you soon. 


In the meantime, you can help us make new Pearls and get them out into the world, where they can do their own Heart Work of opening hearts and minds. 


Please consider donating.  We really need your support!






Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


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In this issue:

The Heart Work of Life

Spotlight Pearl: After the Storm

And Now....

Cool Links!


Upcoming Pearls - Animals and More

Dog Pearls Promo Coming Soon!

Cool Links!

GreatLittlePearls on YouTube



Upcoming Pearls


What's New!

Donate Now

2010 Great NonProfits Reviews


Once again, we are proud to be the non-profit umbrella organization  for the Nov. 1-14, 2010 Asheville International Children's Film Festival


Now in second year, it's even bigger and better.

Tickets go on sale September 1st and it's going to be GREAT!



Upcoming Pearls - Animals and More

One positive change since Katrina is that people will no longer be forced to abandon their animals in disasters.

This change recognizes the power of the human/animal bond, an underpinning of our Animal Pearls.


Five Little Pearls so far feature animals: four Dog Pearls and one about Pinkey, a baby screech owl.


Many more dogs, already filmed in HD, await the chance to be Dog Stars so their images and stories can help support the adoption of dogs, cats and other animals.

Please help! Do(g)nations or Donate Now


We have dreams for Pearls about cats, horses, birds and more.  And Gracie and her kitty Theo, here with Dad:

For more on animal AND non-animal Pearls: Upcoming Pearls

Dog Pearls Promo Coming Soon!

Wiley patiently sat for a little Flip video session last week.  He, Maggie and Anna will be part of a promo for the Dog Pearls, once I learn to do simple editing by myself for the first time.



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