Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the Southeast 2011 11th Edition, May 29,2011

Adoption SUCCESS- BUDDY -January 2011

After getting a call from, Anne Worthman, the person that got me involved in rescue (her sister Jane used to do all the rescue for OES in Georgia and passed away when Anne decided to help out), our rescue jumped in to help her.  She had accepted a sheepdog into her home as an owner turn in (her passion is Irish Wolfhounds, which she has 5 of, but has a softspot for sheepdogs).  She had an energetic boy named Buddy (4 yr old) who seemed to be good with other dogs and just was a bound of energy compared to her gentle giants roaming her household.  Thankfully she agreed to continue fostering him while we found the right home for him.  Ron and Marc had recently lost their boy and their girl was pretty sad.  They live near Asheville and had been asking if we could help them find the right playmate for their girl for awhile. 
When Buddy came along it seemed like this might be a great fit.  Marc and Ron brought their girl down to meet Buddy and they played a bit, but Buddy was bouncing off the walls with happiness to see everyone.  But they knew it would work.  Buddy just needed some guidance and someone to play with to get the energy out of his system.  After getting home.. playtime began and they have been besties ever since!  Marc and Ron are happy their home is complete again. 
FOSTER-ANNE in South Atlanta


Adoption SUCCESS- BECCA now STELLA- FEB 2011

Rebecca (fondly called Becca by her foster mom Betty) came to us under unusual circumstances.  We got a call about a hoarding raid that would be taking place in Arkansas and the agency was sure there was at least 1 full blooded OES and several mixes.  Arkansas is kind of on the outskirts of our territory, but we try to accomodate when we can.  Colin offered to do a very long drive and pick up the dog which required alot of coordination for all the agencies raiding the location.  Colin was able to pull muddy and malnourished Becca from under the house and they took a long trip home in the pouring rain for almost 8 hours.  Thankfully Colin gave her a good bath to make her feel good.  Then she was transferred to Betsy, our President for fostering. 
Betsy has an awesome vet that gives us great prices on Heartworm treatment, but it is a 2 month commitment to foster a HW dog through treatment.  After Becca was through with her final HW treatment, the search began for the right family.  We knew Becca seemed to be good with other dogs, good at crating and was approx 6 years old.
David and his family were looking for another dog to join their 8 yr old female OES.  When he heard about Becca, he was very interested in her.  He brought his family and dog to meet Becca and it seemed to go well.  Reports are that they are all very happy and they couldn't be happier with the match.  Her new name is Stella.


Adoption SUCCESS- OLIVER (now BOB)- FEB 2011

Oliver came to us as an owner turn in.  The family was moving and their child had allergies to him.  Having lived with several kids in the household and other dogs, we really felt Oliver would be an all around good dog.  But in foster care, he showed some aggression issues, food bowl and bone possession and he even quivered his upper lip when he wasn't happy.
Clearly not a dog we felt we could place with children, but he was a very clingy dog, always within 2 feet of his human. 
Then we found Paul and Melissa.  A great couple who were dying to get a dog and really had set their hearts on an OES.  They lived in downtown ATL in a highrise, so we weren't sure it would work out. 
After the home check, and letting them walk Oliver, it was clear they were very caring people who knew what it would take (which included possible training) to make it work with the dog. 
Oliver is now Bob (after Bob Marley).  You have never seen such care put into a pup!  Oliver is approx 2 and now has been to a great trainer.  Paul loves his pup so much he even irons his scarf!  And Melissa and Paul take Bob with them everywhere.  He gets no less than 6 walks a day.  He goes fishing, to the local city bistro's, and everyone in the building knows him! Paul even gave up work (he is in the music industry and tours) so he could make sure Bob was acclimated enough before he took on summer work. Honestly we could not have asked for a better adoption match!
HOME Check- Allison
Foster- Fiona


Adoption SUCCESS- Molly- March 2011

Molly came to us through Craigslist.  She was listed and we contacted the owners.  Apparently they only had Molly a month or two and in that time, Molly killed a prized chicken and didn't want to work the farm like the other farm dogs (st. bernard and pyrnese).  So we jumpled in to get her. 
We scheduled a vet appt a few days later and she literally started her heat cycle while there.  So we were told we would have to wait till the heat cycle was completed and then wait another 2 weeks for it to be safe to spay her. 
She was quite the handful in foster care, having bolted several times through an electronic fence system.  Basically, she didn't know her name, but once she learned her name, she actually was easy to work with.  Molly was approx 6 years old and it was decided she might be a bit too much for anyone with younger kids.
We found an awesome couple (Drew and Amanda) in Greenville, SC who had previous OES experience and were ready for an OES to be in their family.  They came to meet Molly who just adored them upon arrival.  Molly has a nice new home now with 8 ft fencing!  Drew's daughter loves her and is working with some of their dog training friends, who are helping with additional training.  All reports have been good so far! They are very happy with her.
FOSTER:  Betty



Yoshie came to us as an owner turn in.  Divorce, full time job and college classes and being a full time mom left poor Yoshie without alot of human time.  His mom knew it was best to put him in the hands of someone who could play with him alot.
Deirdre had been in line for a sheepdog that was at Cobb county shelter and met our foster Betty, who had spoke in detail with Deirdre about sheepdogs, their upkeep and they kept in touch.  Neither ended up with the dog in question (named Max).  But they continued to keep in touch after meeting and Deirdre put in an application with our rescue.
Within a week, Yoshie showed up and after foster care, it was determined this dog was good with kids, other dogs and cat curious. 
Deirdre and her fiancee Sean came to meet Yoshie and fell in love.  Yoshie has been spoiled rotten ever since.  He gets to go camping or to a state park on the weekends and they even came to Sheepie Day in the Park.  Yoshie had a blast at the park!


Adoption SUCCESS- Max now Finley- April 2011

Remember the reference to the dog MAX that was at the shelter in the previous (Yoshie) post.  Well after he was adopted by the person that got him, he was turned back into the shelter within a week.  Apparently he was too much dog for the kids. 
So we were lucky enough to get Max, a wall eyed (one blue and one brown eyed) beauty.  He was a very big boy for an approx. 2 year old dog, but pretty obedient and eager to please.  He just needed to be loved on.  Desperate for love, he would put his head under your hand just so you could pet him.  He was always under foot and just a super love.  We knew we didn't want to put him in a family with small children so the search was on. 
A great couple who live in Charleston came to visit Max and fell in love with him (who wouldn't).  They had recently lost their sheepdog and their home wasn't the same without one.
Max is now Finley.  He now has a kittie to share his new home with and they are finding their way around each other with curiosity.  He has also started working with a trainer and that is helping them manage this very active dog.  Finley even has his very own dog sitter who just adores this big boy.  We all kind of fell in love with this boy and wish everyone a very long happy life together.
FOSTER:  Betty in AL



After being notified by a shelter volunteer of a young dog in a kill shelter, in NE Tennessee, we had to find a way to get him out of there.  At just 1 1/2 years old, his family was moving to a no dog location and left him at the shelter.  Luckily we had a very special couple willing to make a very long round trip to get this pup and get him in the hands of a foster family we had secured.  Paula lives south of Knoxville part of the year and just happened to be there when we needed her.  After 8 hours on the road, Roscoe finally ended up in Marietta, GA for foster care. 
Roscoe got his microchipping and HW test through us, but thankfully had already been neutered and gotten some vetting at the shelter before we pulled him.
Roscoe was well received by his foster family.  Aside from his desire to eat alot of any type of paper hanging around, they called him "the perfect dog".  He got along with other dogs, cats, and kids. He also came to "sheepie day in the park" and had a blast.  This guy had no food aggression issues, just an all round great guy.  They loved him so much, they really only wanted him to be placed in the Atlanta area if at all possible. 
Luckily the perfect family came along.  Not only did they live a few miles from where we have our "sheepie day in the park" which meant we would see him many times again in our future, they also were sheepdog owners and wanted another dog to join their home. His new mom is about to retire, so she will get to spend alot of time with this sweet boy.  Reports are that this guy is doing great and is figuring out the pecking order around the household.  His female furry friend (also a rescue) is 8 years old and I suspect she is top dog!
Transport: The Frasiers in TN
Foster:  The Waxman's in GA



Sometimes adoptions don't work out. Paulie came to us 2 years ago as an owner turn in due to financial issues and unease around kids. 
She was adopted by someone who didn't have young kids, but soon started babysitting for her daughter who did have one kid, then another and then another was on the way.  It was clear that the grandchildren being around wasn't working for Paulie.  The owner felt she needed to give Paulie back to rescue because of the changing environment around her with the grandchildren. 
Paulie came back to Fiona who fostered her the first time.  I'm actually writing this, so I can tell you that Paulie is without a doubt the hardest foster I have ever had to give up (2 times).  She is a petite little girl at 68lbs and just small in stature.  She blinks at you with these pretty little eyes.  She was a great second dog in the household, but she did chase the cats.  She crated well and loved the dog park.  She would curl up at my feet when I took a nap on the couch.  Just a super sweet little girl.  I knew I could only give her up to the perfect family and to someone in the state of GA so that if anything ever happened that it didn't work out, she would be close by and I would take her in as my second dog for good.
BUT.. I found the perfect home.  They have an adopted female OES and they told me later their daughter is also adopted.  They understand unconditional love.  It was their daughter, who suggested their dog, Bailey should have a sister. They bought so much for her before she ever got there, she was spoiled the moment she arrived.  Her new mom is a stay at home mom , whose birthday just happened to be the day after adoption day.   Paulie is enjoying a huge back yard to play in and the dogs like to play and chase.  Both dogs are going through dog training together at the same time, although Paulie will do anything for a treat.  Sit and crate commands were super easy with a treat in hand.  Paulie is enjoying rawhides and bones (her favorites) and now has a happy family to enjoy her!


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My apologies for this late and packed newsletter.  While my goal would be to get this out about once a quarter, sometimes it is just not doable.  We appreciate your patience in waiting for this newsletter update! 


Announcing our "after work" Summer Solstice night in the park.. June 23.    While I realize June 21 is the actual Summer Solstice, I needed to move it a few days over to make it work with my schedule.  I do like seeing any dogs that make it. 
This is one of the longest daylight days of the year, so anyone trying to make it should be able to take advantage after work to get there and enjoy at least an hour if not more before it gets dark.  We will meet at our Pinckneyville Park in Norcross, GA from 7:00pm - dark.   Hope to see you there!


We had about 20 dogs that joined us on April 17 for our annual Spring sheepie day in the park.  Everyone had fun and many got to meet foster dogs, Paulie, Roscoe and Max (now Finley).  Yoshie who had just been adopted showed up and it's just so nice to see the dogs be curious around each other or chase and at this point, many of us just like to catch up with each other!  We will have a Fall get together and will try to make it on a Saturday just in case that helps more people show up!

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Donations can be made to:
Attn: Carolyn Vaisin
12878 Saddlebrook Circle
Fairhope, AL   36532
You may also visit our website where we have a Paypal link on our site.  Please fill out the Membership page if you are interested in donating $20 or more. 
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