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Reggae/dancehall act Spragga Benz's new album Shotta Culture, is now available on iTunes. The 17- track album which was  released on iTunes on August 31, includes 11 music videos and a  full-length documentary. The album also features collaborations with  artistes including Stephen Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Swizz Beats,  Jazmine Sullivan, Nas, Wayne Wonder, Sizzla Kalonji and Queen Ifrica.
"This album is geared towards enhancing, protecting and preserving my  dancehall culture, so the beats that we use go back to the foundation of  dancehall during the developmental stages," commented Spragga. "Shotta Culture is geared to take dancehall Reggae back to the foundation of the  music, back to the sound of authentic Reggae."
Richie Loop Leaves for US With his song My Cupp blowing across the region and along the eastern seaboard of the United States, emerging star Richie Loop is about to embark on a promotional tour of the United States as he reaches for greater success in the music industry.  The 23-year-old producer-singer exploded on to the scene earlier this year, less than a year after joining the Scikron Entertainment/Big Yard label. His hit party song My Cupp is dominating music charts all over. The song is currently number one in Toronto and on the Chris Coxsone Reggae Charts in New York Style UK; number three on the Caribbean Top 20 charts and on the Digicel Caribbean Top 30 charts; number six on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Charts and number seven on the NY Reggae Charts. He also has several other songs getting frequent airplay, including Party Like it's your Birthday with D-Major and Busy Signal, She Wants it Good, Party Time and Mi Want Mi Own. But under the guidance of Robert Livingston, Richie Loop is planning to strike while the iron, or in this case, My Cupp is hot. So, accompanied by the Big Yard CEO, Richie Loop will leave on Sunday to take on the US East Coast for a month. 
Based on his schedule, Richie Loop is down to make appearances on September 2 in Boston on Jammin' 94.5 with Pup Dog; September 3 at 102 Jams Reggae Fest at Club Lux in Orlando , Florida; Saturday, September 4 at Anything Goes: The Labour Day Edition in Manhattan, New York; Sunday September 5 at Mr Cee's Five Alarm Blaze also in New York; Thursday, September 16 at WZMX radio show in New Haven, Connecticut; Friday, September 17 at the Hot 106 Reggae Show at Lupo's Heart Break Hotel  on Rhode Island and on Thursday September 30 at DJ Pup Dog Party at the Roxy Nightclub in Boston.  The schedule seems daunting but Loop says he is preparing for it and remains focused. "I am not overly excited. I am staying focused and just getting ready for the tour," said the young entertainer, who also had a hand in producing reggae star Gentleman's hit To The Top that features Chris Martin.   The tour, he says, is an opportunity for people to get to know him. "I just want people to see me for who I am, both onstage and off," he said.  Source: Jamaica Star

Reggae Debut Album Tackles Female Empowerment, Spirituality, Love, Sex and Economic Hardship
Available on CD and iTunes today, Angela Latti’s self-titled debut album reaches out to listeners from a unique triad perspective: That of a musical artist, an entrepreneur and a feminist. Angela’s 11-track album tackles important issues such as female empowerment, the complications of love, spirituality vs. religion, economic hardship… even straight up sex!  Whatever the topic, each song deals with a real-life issue. Yet, all the while, the songs have infectious beats you often can’t get out of your mind.
Angela Latti is a self-made woman who has made a comfortable place for herself in this world and uses her strength to uplift women and enlighten men through her music. In fact, the release of this album – from start to finish- was choreographed independently, released on her own Yemalla record label.
Her music mixes a number of genres and the self-penned lyrics, by all accounts, are moving! Several of her songs carry the theme of empowering women, yet many of her songs are simply fun and uplifting. Through her music, Angela aims to encourage women to have pride, confidence and ambition, but, at the same time, have a sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously.
For more information visit


Dread & Alive....is an ongoing graphic novel series about Jamaican Super Hero Drew McIntosh. If you missed any episodes, click here to read:
A group of children were returning to the village. Among the children was Cuffee. They weren’t alone. The hunters, including Philip, were also returning from a successful day of hunting. The men had managed to kill four wild boars during their hunt. Maria frantically scanned the group of children but couldn’t see Drew. Somewhat relieved to see Philip, she then raced over to inform him of the bad news. Philip, armed with a spear that was stained with the remnants of the wild boar’s blood, observed Maria approaching him. He could see the look of concern on her face.
“I can’t find Drew?” Maria continued, “have you seen him?”
            Philip shook his head. “No. I thought he was with you. Is something wrong?”
            A frantic Maria continued. “He’s not in the village. We’ve checked everywhere.”
            “I’m sure he must be around her somewhere. Did you check our hut?”
            “I said I checked everywhere!” Maria’s snapped back.
            “I don’t think we have anything to worry about,” Philip said, grasping her arms gently. “If Drew’s in the forest, he can’t be far. We’ll find him.”
“What if something’s happened to him?” Maria asked, shaking uncontrollably.
“Shhhh,” Philip said, putting his arms around Maria and holding her for a moment. “I’ll go get Cudjoe right now and we’ll go look for him.” As he kissed Maria on her forehead, a group of villagers had gathered around, announcing Cudjoe’s arrival. Juba, realizing that Maria was distraught from not knowing where Drew was, had gone to fetch Cudjoe. She returned with the village chief and Cuffee, the last person to see Drew.
 “Look,” Philip said. “Here comes Cudjoe now.”
Cudjoe was quick to respond. “Juba has explain everything to me,” he continued, “We will find Drew.”
            The village chief turned to Cuffee and placing his hand on the young boy shoulder, spoke to him in their native tongue. Philip and Maria looked on, hoping that Cuffee could give them any information on Drew’s whereabouts. Cudjoe appeared angry at times when he spoke. When their conversation was done, he turned to Philip and Maria.
            “I believe Cuffee has something to tell you.”
            “I know where Drew is,” Cuffee said, looking down at the ground to avoid making eye contact with Maria and Philip. “I will take you to him!”
            “What?” Maria said, shaking her head in disbelief. “You know where he is? And you leave him out there? How could you?”
            “Take it easy on him,” Philip said, trying to calm her anger. “He’s just a kid.”
            Cudjoe intervened. “We must go now … before nightfall,” he warned. “There are dangerous things lurking in the rain forest. It’s important that we find Drew before they do.”
“I’m going with you,” Maria said, hearing Cudjoe’s words.
To be continued …,
For more information about the author,
Nicholas Da Silva, visit 

Thursday, Sept 23
Tosh/Marley Celebration featuring the Fully Fullwood Band
also Zion Roots
Harlows, Sacramento, CA 
8:30 doors/Showtime 9:30.
$20 advance
21 and over
Friday, Sept 24
Tosh / Marley Celebration featuring the Fully Fullwood Band
Cal-Neva Resort, Crystal Bay, NV (north Tahoe)
8:30 doors and showtime 9:30.
$20 advance
All ages

By Westcoaster.ca Staff TOFINO —
An award-winning reggae musician, named 2009's Best New Artist by digital music leader iTunes, will perform in Tofino at the end of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic.
Mishka’s concert is scheduled to take place at Tofino’s Royal Canadian Legion at 8 p.m. Oct. 16. The Cold Water Classic Canada runs from Oct. 9 to Oct. 15.
He’ll also perform at the Cold Water Classic’s last stop in Santa Cruz.
“To celebrate the last two stops, O'Neill has announced a special West Coast tour by j.k. livin artist Mishka, who will follow the Series from Canada to the Western United States,” according to a Sept. 1 press release. “During the tour, Mishka will commemorate his ongoing relationship with O'Neill, which was announced earlier this year in association with the brand's new eco-friendly apparel line, ECO'Neill.”
Mishka has released four albums.
The Cold Water Classic also visits Tasmania, Australia, Thurso, Scotland and the Western Cape of South Africa
To listen to some of Mishka’s music, visit http://mishka.com/index.php

LONDON, United Kingdom – An interactive exhibition on the life of Jamaican singer, Laurel Aitken will open in October at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester, in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom. The Ska with Laurel exhibition tells the story of the legendary Jamaican ska artiste, Laurel Aitken, who died in 2005. Described as a major force in ska music, Aitken was an influential figure in the development of new Jamaican musical styles in the 1950s and 60s. He also played a key role in bringing these genres to popularity in England. The exhibition will include audio-visual material, costumes, photographs, posters, and press cuttings of his work. He lived in Leicester for 35 years and was credited for his contribution to the cultural life of the city, by inspiring and helping hundreds of young musicians.
Long-time friend and colleague, Earl Robinson said Aitken was a truly legendary performer. Robinson, who wrote a special tribute to Aitken, told JIS news that the exhibition was a fitting tribute to Aitken, who had moved to England from Jamaica in the early 1960s. "Laurel Aitken's big break came in 1958 with the release in Jamaica on Chris Blackwell's newly formed Island Records both in Jamaica and England of Little Sheila (which) held the number one spot on the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) charts for 11 weeks.
Laurel Aitken had claimed to be the not only the first ever Jamaican artiste ever to have a number one hit song in Jamaica, but also the first artiste to have two hit songs in the hit parade for 11 weeks," Robinson explained. He said that Aitken's music proved to be popular in the 1960s and 70s and also influenced the 'two-tone' sound of the early 1980s, particularly with British bands such as The Specials, and Bad Manners. He was also a popular performer in Germany, Italy, and Japan.
Aitken's career included working with artistes such as Jimmy Cliff, Owen Grey, Winston Groovy, Ruddy, and Skitto. He moved to Leicester in 1971, and lived mainly in the Belgrave area, with his wife, Sandra. Among Aitken's awards for community achievement was recognition from the Leicester Society of Jamaicans in 1986. These awards are in recognition of his support and contribution to many local upcoming bands, and artistes in the East Midlands region.

CHEF MAYRA - Chef Mayra Fusión Grilled Poblano Pepper and Mango Quesadillas
Wha’Cha Need
* 16 (10 inch) flour tortillas
* 1 (8 ounce) VEGAN package cream cheese, softened
* 1 mango, peeled and diced
* 1 fresh Poblano pepper, seeded and minced
* 1/4 cup Vegan butter, melted

Wha’Cha you Do
1. Preheat grill for medium heat.
2. Spread half of the tortillas with about 2 tablespoons VEGAN cream cheese each.      
Sprinkle mango and POBLANO peppers over cheese, and press another tortilla       on top. Brush VEGAN butter over the outside of each quesadilla, top and bottom.
3. Grill quesadillas 5 minutes each side, or until golden brown. Remove from grill, and slice into wedges. Serve warm.
For  More Ideas go to Chef Mayra.com & Click on Recipes.

For more cooking tips and recipes, why not take my next cooking class?
Email me for details on upcoming classes.
Stay Lean, Green & SexyTM
Chef Mayra
Stay Lean, Green & SexyTM Chef Mayra
Vegan is Sexy!
Call or click to reach me 702-722-0108;

Stone Groove with Meta and the Cornerstones: Dakar to NYC   
92YTribeca, 200 Hudson @ Canal NYC, NY 212-601-1000
Sat, Sep 11, 2010, 8pm Doors, 9pm Show
$12.00 advance / $15.00 door
This second edition of our new monthly residency with the Brooklyn based international reggae-soul phenoms Meta and the Cornerstones and new special guests monthly features a photography exhibit by Abby Ross, entitled Voices of Senegal and performances by choreographer Sara Galan's company (D) Ancestry and Teranga, NYC's premier Senegalese M'Balax band. The dance company combines its roots in West African dance culture (with live drumming!) and the contemporary styles of today. (D) Ancestry will present Destination: Imagination, a work for five dancers and two Sabar drummers from Senegal, West Africa.

Mystic Roots has played their unique blend of reggae, hip-hop and Cali-style raggamuffin jams for the past decade.  Criss-crossing the country tirelessly performing  while keeping it positive, they self-release and promote all of their material. 
Their latest release:  CALI-HI features 18 tracks  with guest appearances from Pato Banton, Barrington Levy, Zion from The Green, and many more.  This album is a double disc combo, one CD and one  bonus DVD called What's It Like?  - The Official Mystic Roots Documentary.
Even though the CD drops online and in stores and online on Oct 5th, the band is hosting special exclusive CD release parties. You can pre-order a copy before the disc comes out! You will get your CD/DVD shipped to your house one week earlier than the street date; just go to http://www.cali-hi.com  to get it in the next few weeks!
CALI-HI Release parties!
Shattuck Down Low Lounge
Friday, September 10, 2010
2284 Shattuck Avenue   Berkeley, CA 94704
 (510) 548-1159
Mystic Roots Band Live
Playing With: Colin Kelly, Thrive
Doors: 9:00pm
Set Time: 12:00am-1:30am
Ticket Price: $8 adv / $10 d.o.s.
710 Beach Club
Saturday, September 11, 2010
710 Garnet Ave.   San Diego, CA 92109
 (858) 483-7844
Mystic Roots Band Live
Doors: 9:00pm
Set Time: 11:30pm-1:00am
Ticket Price: $8
For more information visit:

The 14th annual Earthdance Festival will take place at the renowned Black Oak Ranch, a property rich in native history and old growth oak trees. The ranch has been home to Earthdance for the past 8 years, but due to expanding audiences, the festival will be moving to a larger facility for 2011.  Often described as a festival that combines the artistic liberation of Burning Man with the socially responsible conscience of the Oregon Country Fair, the festival has gained international recognition as one of the best “boutique” festivals on the west coast of the USA, with sell out shows each year.
 For 2010, Earthdance Northern California will unite with over 350 locations in 60 countries across the world to create the most conscious global festival of our time. To make this year a “grand farewell” to remember, the festival will present an incredible line up of conscious musicians, visual artists, DJ's, speakers and activists, who believe in a sustainable future for our planet.  Working with the theme of “unity in diversity”, the festival will host 5 music stages and will feature high profile conscious artists from many genres of the international music scene, including World, Electronica, Hip Hop, Folk and Jazz.  Also included will be an indigenous elder’s council, made up of indigenous elders from many nations, who will share wisdom and sacred ceremony.
An important part of the festival will be a compelling educational component called the “Activist Alley”, where festival patrons can interact with both local and international non-profit groups. These organizations will share information and workshops on relevant global and local issues, inspiring local participants to take a stand for the future of our planet.
A highlight of the festival will be a synchronized global link up, taking place on Saturday the 18th, when at 4pm (PST), Earthdance California will synchronize with over 350 locations in 60 countries.
At this precise moment, a specially created song called the “prayer for peace” will be played in every location at the same time.  The festival will also feature a wide variety of ‘Healthy’ vendors supplying many types of international foods and eco wares. Shaded camping and HOT showers are also available to festival attendees.
Part proceeds from the festival will be donated to the Earthdance non-profit, A California based 501c3 organization.

LOS ANGELES – Dancehall Queen, Lady Saw (Marion Hall), has  announced the release of her first album since 2007, "My Way," due out  on September 7th, 2010 through new partnership with Toasting Music, alongside her label Diva Records, distributed by Fontana/Universal.
Jamaican-born Reggae singer and “Queen of Dancehall,” Lady Saw was the first female DJ to win a Grammy Award, and the first female to be  certified triple platinum as a result of her work on No Doubt’s  "Underneath It All" in 2003 after reaching #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot  100 Chart. Saw also received gold certification for her work "Smile"  with Vitamin C. Previous releases "Lover Girl," "Give Me A Reason," and  "Passion," paved the way for her best-selling album, "Raw, the Best of  Lady Saw" in 1998, which received four and a half stars by AMG.
With the release of "My Way," Saw brings back her famous Dancehall beats  and gritty lyrics that first gained her acclaim and widespread  popularity at Dancehall shows. The album features fourteen tracks  including lead single, "Party Till December," which will also feature a  music video due out in late August. Other tracks include "He Is At My  House (feat, Eve)," "Every Way Mi Go," and "I Can’t Wait (feat. Ding  Dong)".
“Lady Saw exudes a strength and determination in her music both  lyrically and melodically that resonates with her fans. My Way continues that sound, and will likely permeate through not just the dancehall and  reggae communities, but to Hip Hop and Dance fans as well. That makes  her a perfect fit for Toasting Music,” says Steven Weber, President of  Toasting Music.
Lady Saw will be playing a number of shows throughout the late Summer and early Fall, including appearances at Montreal Reggae Festival August  8th, Hot 97 ‘On the Reggae Tip’ in NYC September 3rd, and at Miami  Carnival on October 9th.
Track Listing
 1. Every Way Mi Go
 2. Your Chick
 3. Bigga Than
 4. He Is At My House (feat. Eve)
 5. My Way
 6. Party Till December
 7. Tighta
 8. Cyaan Get Me
 9. Crazy Love
 10. My Money
 11. Muscle Control (feat. Camar)
 12. 5 Minutes
 13. Facebook
 14. I Can’t Wait (feat. Ding Dong)
 15. I’m A Woman

ISHI DUBE 'Like Rain' - [mix drop riddim]

New single available from LionCamps' Ishi Dube - Now Available on ITunes
An up-beat song with an uplifting message delivered on a captivating 
dancehall / reggae beat. Has the vibes of Rupee or Kevin Lyttle but carries 
a roots and culture theme.

We would like to apologize for the Festival not being executed in the manner it was planned we were unaware of the actions being taken against Festival. I must thank all the artists who made various sacrifices to ensure there were performances, members of the community who stepped up to assist in whatever manner they could, the various government agencies that funded the Festival, sponsors and volunteers who went above and beyond any expectations.
At this time we are unable to process refunds for the Ottawa Reggae Festival ticket purchasers due to the legal proceedings against the Festival. Please check back for updates
Thank you
Ottawa Reggae Festival
Benjamin Williams

by Howard Campbell, Gleaner Writer
Norma Dodd, widow of legendary music producer Clement 'Coxson' Dodd, died on Tuesday at the University Hospital of the West Indies. She was in her late 60s. Musicologist Bunny Goodison, a close friend of the Dodd family, confirmed her passing, but was unable to give the cause of death. Earlier this year, Tanya, one of Mrs Dodd's three children, had died in the United States. "I remember her as a good human being, very polite, never offensive," Goodison told The Gleaner. Mrs Dodd and her husband migrated to the United States in the 1980s where they established an office for his famed Studio One company in Brooklyn, New York.
From their base in Brooklyn, the Dodds monitored a Studio One renaissance thanks to an exclusive distribution deal with Heartbeat Records, an independent company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Key role in keeping Studio One alive, the couple returned to Jamaica in 1998 to manage distribution and recording at the studio's original Brentford Road headquarters.
Dodd, a former farm worker, is arguably reggae's greatest producer. He founded Studio One in October 1963 and helped nurture the careers of several great Jamaican acts, including The Wailers, The Heptones, Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Dennis Brown and Burning Spear. He died from a heart attack at age 72 in 2004. Goodison said though Norma Dodd was never as musically astute as her husband, she played a major role in keeping the company alive following his death, helping to oversee distribution of Studio One's massive catalogue in Europe and North America. Norma Dodd died two months after the death of singer Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott, one of her husband's noted protégés. She is survived by daughters Carol and Sandra.

The 2010 REGGAE FESTIVAL GUIDE MAGAZINE  is available to read onine in digital format, page-by-page:

The 2nd Annual Rastafari Ancient Living Arts & Kultural Event (R.A.L.A.K.)at Lake Eden events site in Black Mountain, is two days with music by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Stephen Marley, Bunny Wailer, Ras Michael & more on Saturday September 11th.
Then on Sunday, September 12th the Black Mountain Arc (BMARC) will host interfaith Reasonings intermingled with acoustic roots music and a fun family area. More information can be found at www.ralak.com.  
A 1-day pass is $50 and a 2-day pass is $70.
This annual event commemorates the Ethiopian New Year and offers conscious Reggae, Natural Food and Craft Vendors, Kids Activities, Non-Profit Organizations and much more. It is a bridge between the ancient past, the present and the future. RALAK is unmatched in scope as it is Reggae presented by Rastafari people working to fulfill the Rastafari Creed: to let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourish, the aged protected, the infants cared for and the homeless housed.

“RALAK is intended to illustrate the Rastafari Way of Life, in its Ancient African Indigenous Tradition and as such, present the Living Ancient Culture, which We, The Rastafari People practice, safe guard (preserve) and defend with every fiber of Our spiritual and material being daily, through righteous action and behavior.”

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Renee Asteria : : RazteRiA
Latin roots, reggae riddims, activist intent and strong female vocals coalesce on Renee Asteria’s rockin’ new release RazteRia (Asteria Records). Drawing inspiration from all over the world Renee pulls disparate fragments from the air, the seas, the trees and the breeze and puts them to work in the human environment with intuitive intent and elusive ease. Standout tracks include “Work It,” “Soul” and the effervescent “Rain.” Using her heart like a guidance system and her voice as a tuning fork she confronts real life issues on “2 Faced,” “Illegal,” “Soul” and “Risk” (presented in two mixes) and leaves you longing for more with “La Baja.” The result is soulful, rock-solid and recommended.
 –Chuck Foster, Reggae Central, KPFK-LA
release date - For internet sale (June 1st, 2010)
The Official CD release is coming up Sept 23rd in Berkeley, CA.
Renee Asteria LIVE IN CONCERT with GODE, RAW-G and LT3!
Sept 23rd, 9 pm, 10/12$ adv,std/door
Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Ave, 94708 Berkeley, CA
genre: reggae
additional genre: alternative
site where they can purchase: http://cdbaby.com/cd/reneeasteria
 Renee Asteria
 510 931 7504 - 510 230 8960

Pato Ranking meets Don Fe : : Pato Ranking meets Don Fe Volume 1
First Digital Download release from the label Dub Vibrations. Features 5 vocal cuts (3 in Spanish, 2 in English) from Pato Ranking, and 5 dub cuts of the same tracks from Don Fe. This is the first of a series of releases from the Chilean
singer Pato Ranking and UK born Don Fe. The style moves from the Perry
inspired 'Wise Feeling' to the hardcore modern dub sounds of 'Dub sin
Verguenza'. With backing vocals by Prince Jamo this is a new release
that is definitely worth a listen......
release date : 1st September 2010
genre: reggae
additional genre: DUB
site where they can purchase: www.amazon.com, iTunes

Mystic Roots
Shattuck Down Low Lounge
Friday, September 10, 2010
2284 Shattuck Avenue   Berkeley, CA 94704
 (510) 548-1159
Mystic Roots Band Live
Playing With: Colin Kelly, Thrive
Doors: 9:00pm
Set Time: 12:00am-1:30am
Ticket Price: $8 adv / $10 d.o.s.
710 Beach Club
Saturday, September 11, 2010
710 Garnet Ave.   San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 483-7844
Mystic Roots Band Live
Doors: 9:00pm
Set Time: 11:30pm-1:00am
Ticket Price: $8
For more information visit:
Fri. 10th – Santa Barbara, CA – Soho’s
Sat. 11th – Long Beach, CA – The Grand Romance
Tues. 14th – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
Wed. 15th – Arcata, CA - The Arcata Theatre
Thurs. 16th – Provolt, OR – The Provolt General Store
Fri. 17th – Seattle, WA – Nectar
Sat. 18th – Eugene, OR – The Wow Hall
Sun 19th – Portland, OR – Mt. Tabors
Wed. 22nd – Aspen, CO – The Belly Up
Thurs. 23rd – Denver, CO – Cervantes
Fri. 24th – Salt Lake City, UT - The Bay
Sat. 25th – Ketchum, ID – The Town Plaza
Sun. 26th – Victor, ID – The Knotty Pine
ZEMA:  Brazil Tour 2010 - The Gladiators With "Special Guest" Zema
Roots Empress, Zema will be back on the road with the legendary Gladiators, this time returning to Brazil.  She comments, "I love the people of Brazil!  They are so passionate about music and especally reggae music."  You can catch the show on the following dates:
10 September  Fortaleza - Biruta Bar
11 September  Recife - Clube Portugues
12 September  Vitoria - Ilha Acustica
16 September  Natal – Largo Da Rua Chile
17 September  Sao Paulo – Expresso Brasil
18 September  Salvador -  Bahia Café Hall
10-Sep  Friday    Jacksonville FL
12-Sep  Sunday  West Palm Beach FL
Thu Sep 16 10  08:00 PM
Fishlips in Bakersfield, CA -
Fri Sep 17 10  08:00 PM
Alex's Bar in Long Beach, CA - Dub PassenJah Singing LIVE(a full set) with the LB Liberators. Headlining the show will be Pato Banton and The Now Generation Band.  Early arrival is suggested, this show will most likely sell out.
Sat Sep 18 10  08:00 PM
Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA - Pato Banton and The Now Generation, WithOut Papers, & more
Fri Oct 01 10  08:00 PM
The BriXton South Bay in Redondo Beach, CA -
Sat Oct 02 10  08:00 PM
The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA - Irieside opening for reggae legend Pato Banton and the Now Generation Band!!!
Fri Oct 22 10  08:00 PM
The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA - TIMES:  6PM - Doors, 7:30 PM - Local A, 8:15PM - Local B, 9PM - COMMON SENSE, 10:30PM - PATO BANTON
Sat Oct 23 10  12:00 PM
Long Beach City College, Pacific Coast Campus in Long Beach, CA -
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars
1-04-2011, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Jamcruise 9,
9/30/10  Wilbert’s    Cleveland, OH
10/2/10   Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival Columbia MO
Mighty Diamonds Sept 2010
Sat Sept 11: Soul Rebel.Testival Heritage Cultural  Center Lakewood Colorado
Tue Sept 14: Bluebird 216 N. Walnut St. Bloomington, IN
Thurs Sept 16: The Mad Planet 533 E Center St Milwaukee, WI
Fri Sept 17:Blind Pig 208 S. First St. Ann Arbor MI
Sat Sept 18: Alrosa Villa. 5055 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH
Sun Sept 19: Wilbert's 812 Huron Avenue Cleveland, Ohio
Mon Sept 20: Majestic Theatre. 115 King St. Madison, WI
Tue Sept 21: drive
Wed Sept 22: Club Metronome  188 Main St.Burlington, VT
Thurs Sept 23: The Shadow Lounge 5972 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA
Fri Sept 24: The West Indian Social Club. 3340 Main St. Hartford, CT 
Sat Sept  25: The Chance Theater 6 Crannell St. Poughkeepsie, NY
Sun Sept 26: Nakisaki  276 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY

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 September 10
Japanese folk singer Inoue Yosui is arrested for marijuana possession
 September 11
Ethiopian New Year
1957: Terry Ganzie (Vandorne Johnson) is born in Askenish, Hanover.
1962: Jamaica is admitted to the United Nations.
1987: Winston Hubert McIntosh aka Peter Tosh and two others are shot and killed in Peter's home in Kingston, Jamaica. Peter was 42. (b. October 19, 1944)
The police say Peter was shot in the head after he refused to give money to robbers.

Linda Precious is a reggae artist born in Swaziland and based in South Africa. His musical career began at 16 years old. He went to  Somnjalose High School in his early years.
His early musical  influence began when he was a uniform keeper for the late mbaqanga  artist Ligundvwane LakaNgwane Sdumo Shabangu.

After this experience,  he became a dancer and back-up vocalist for other local artists. Still  searching for the passion in him, he became part of a gospel music group  called ‘The Gladiatiors’ and they went on to release an album called  ‘Bayethe Nkosi engcwele.’
After the group split, he left for South  Africa where he ventured into reggae. He recorded his first album in  2005 named ‘I have a dream,’ which put him on the map as an emerging  reggae artist after the death of icon Lucky Dube.
His music has been  aired on radio and television stations such as Botswana’s B.tv,  Lesotho’s Joy Fm, Catholic Fm, local SBIS, Swazi tv and channel S and  South Africa’s Ligwalagwala, Alex Fm, Queeenstown Fm, Soweto tv,  Channel-o among others.

His latest 20-tracked album is called ‘the  dream is alive.’ His album is dedicated to family members,  underprivileged people, the African youth, unjustly sentenced prisoners  and persons with disabilities.
He has allowed his personal  compassion and empathy for these to filter through to his music. Linda  Precious is currently signed under Jah crucial records. For bookings  call 082 569 8382 or email jahcrucial2002@yahoo.com.

Tosh1, the son of the late great Reggae icon Winston Hubert McIntosh a.k.a. Peter Tosh, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At the tender age of five he moved to the states into what would be his lifelong home in Boston, Massachusetts.
At the age of seven, the time of his father’s untimely death is when young Tosh first picked up a pen and began to write. Haunted by the murder of his father and continuously perplexed by the unanswered questions surrounding this tragic event, young Tosh desperately sought an outlet in which to discharge his frustration. Tosh's personal taste in music became influenced by the rhythms and lyrics of his uncle Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley and his father Peter Tosh.
He was inspired and moved by the hard hitting cultural message of foundation reggae. After many years of training and honing his lyrical abilities, Tosh 1 has truly become a master at his craft and humbly seeks to take his music to a higher level. Tosh 1 states "My mission is to deliver a message of Truth without compromise in the language I am most familiar with; the language of the struggle.” With his powerful singing voice and lyrical generalship Tosh 1 displays a versatility that is unmatched amazingly to fans of the reggae and hip-hop world.
This year, Tosh1 has headlined reggae festivals all over the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. www.myspace.com/jahtosh www.facebook.com/Tosh1 www.twitter.com/Tosh1 For Bookings Management:
Riddim Entertainment LLC
Melody Cunningham

Peace In Our Time
  Thank you for the gift
The freedom to wonder
In search of the light
Are we gonna let it shine
Forgiveness is the key
The perfect emotion
Will you show us the way
To peace in our time
Where the wild wind blows
The deserts are shiftin'
And the seed will grow
In the sands of time
From the darkest night
A new day is dawning
It's a long long way
To peace in our time
Tell me where can we find
Peace in our - in our time
Where can we find
Peace in our time
From a distant shore
Voices are crying
Can you hear them call
Are we gonna light their way
Salvation is the key
We have to keep tryin'
What we need right now
Peace in our time
Tell me where can we find
Peace in our - in our time
Where can we find
Peace in our time
Thank you for the chance
To light up the darkness
Leading the way
Show us to the promised land
Tear down these walls
That keep us imprisoned
What we're prayin' for
Is peace in our time
Tell me where can we find
Peace in our - in our time
Where can we find
Peace in our time

By Richie B, host – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM
SEPTEMBER 10, 2010
TW            LW    WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            2            17            Gal A Mad Over – Mavado – Di Genius (2wks@#1) U-1
02            1             17            Clarks Pt 2 (Clarks Again) – Vybz Kartel – Head Concussion (3wks@#1) D-1
03            7            9            House Top - Mavado – Rose Gold Entertainment U-4
04                 3            14            One Man – Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Adidjaheim/Notnice (pp#3) D-1
05            5            20            Boss Lady – Toya – Downsound NM
06            8            10            My Heart – Wayne Marshall feat. Mavado – Yard Vybz/Off Limits U-2
07            4            12            Summer Break – Bugle/Chevaughn/Razz & Biggy – Notice Production (pp#4) D-3
08            10            7            Drinking Rum & Red Bull – Beenie Man feat. Fambo –Seanizzle Records U-2
09            11            7            Jeans & Fitted  – Vybz Kartel feat. Russian – Head Concussion Records U-2
10            6            15            Gallis Fi Dem – Flexx – Romeich Records (pp#6) D-4
11            13            6            Dem a Pree  – Mr. Lexx – Ward 21 U-2
12            12            11            Rightful Place - Edee – Unseen Lab NM
13            15            4            Nah Sell Out – Khago – Seanizzle U-2
14            9            15            How We Do It – Elephant Man feat Bounty Killer – CR203/Adidjaheim/Notnice (2wks@#1) D-5
15            17            5            Di General – Timberlee – Ward 21 U-2
16            14            21            Hold Yuh – Gyptian – VP Records (2wks@#1) D-2
17            19            4            For Your Eyez Only – Shaggy feat. Alaine  – K-Licious Music U-2
18            20            4            Life – Shawn Storm – Adidjaheim/Notnice U-2
19            16            23            My Cupp – Richie Loops – Big Yard Music (2wks@#1) D-3
20              21            3             I’m Ok  – Beenie Man – Seanizzle U-1
21            23            3            Irie – Andrew & Wada Blood – Deewaan U-2
22            18            24            Clarks – Vybz Kartel / Popcaan / Gaza Slim – CR203/Adidjaheim/Notnice (4wks@#1) D-4
23`            -            New            Messiah – Mavado – Chimney Records
24            25            2            Look At All These Girls - Nando – Heart to Art Music U-1
25            22            11            Show It – Demarco & Craig – Star Kutt/Koch (pp#12) D-3
TW            LW    WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            1            18            Free – Etana – No Doubt Records (2wks@#1) NM
02            2            19            The Leaders – ELJAI – Jah Mix Entertainment/No Doubt Records NM
03            3            15            Wanna Give You Love – Warrior King – Rootz Warrior Production NM
04            5            14            This is for Real – Ras Charmer – House of Hits U-1
05            6            13            Torn – Tony Anthony – Phylani Music U-1
06            7            12            We Shall Find A Way – Hezron – Hard Shield Records/Tads Int’l Records U-1
07            4            21            Dance Like We’re Making Love/Sugar Dumplin – Nicky B – Feelin Records (2wks@#1) D-3
08            9            14            Down in Jamaica – Kabbalist – Bamboo Music U-1
09            10            13            Tomorrow – G Whizz – TJ Records U-1
10            11            8            My Life – I-Octane – DJ Frass U-1
11            12            11            John Prophecy (aka Di Yutes) – Strugglas – Roaring Tone Productions
12               8            23            Gangster Life – Junior X – Revolutionary Entertainment (1wk@#1) D-4
13               15            8            Life Caan Done – Princess Thundah – 619 Entertainment Group U-2
14               14            7            Wild Fire (Protect The People) – Tarrus Riley – Don Corleon NM
15            16            6            Just as I Am – Misteree – Capsicum Records U-1
16            13            24            My Promise – Andy Livingston – Black Dutch Records (2wks@#1) D-3
17            19            6            Still Got the Blues – Oneil Peart – Red Nile Music U-2
18               18            6             If You Don’t Know Me By Now – George Nooks – Total Records NM
19               21            5            Fight Without a Reason – KI – NTS Records U-2
20            22            4            Tears – Kurt Warmington – Infidelity Records U-2
21            23            3            Good Man in ur Life (Real Man) – Chuck Fender – Penthouse U-2
22            17            25            Unconditional Love – Jah Cure feat Phyllisia – SOBE/Danga Zone (3wks@#1) D-5
23            24            2            Fed up with the System – Capleton – Powermack Promotions U-1
24            -            New            Comfort Zone – Busy Signal – Penthouse Records
25            -            New            Who Give Di Order – Cerassie Tea – 2000 Plus Production
TW            LW   WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            2            9            The Hit List Vol. 2 – Various Artistes – Tads International Records (1wk@#1) U-1
02            1            9            Romain Virgo  – Romain Virgo – VP Records (3wks@#1) D-1
03            4            5            Hold You – Gyptian – VP Records U-1
04            5            7            Reggae Gold  – Various Artistes – VP Records U-1
05            3            14            Distant Relatives – Nas & Damian “Jnr Gong” Marley – Universal Republic/Def Jam (3wks@#1) D-2
06            6            6            Million Chance – Tony Anthony – Phylani Music NM
07            7            4            I-ternal Fire – Capleton – VP Records NM
08                9            3            D.O.B.  – Busy Signal – VP Records U-1
09             -            New             Never Lost my Way – Ginjah – No Doubt/Flava Records
10         -            New            Herbalist – Chezidek – Tads Int’l Records
Numbers in bracket indicate the number of weeks at the No. 1 Spot.
Key:   U – Upward, D – Down, NM – Non-Mover
TW – This Week, LW – Last Week, WC Weeks on Chart, PP in bracket – Peak Position
Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play

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So Lion Reggae Festival
Friday-Saturday, September 10th-11th 2010
Paisy-Cosdon Aube
Ralak Festival
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 2010
Black Mountain North Carolina
United States
Hempstalk Festival
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 2010
Portland Oregon
United States
Saturday-Sunday, September 11th-12th 2010
London united kingdom
United Kingdom
The Guatemalan/Mayan Gathering of the Peacemakers
Sunday-Saturday, September 12th-18th 2010
Santiago Atitlan Lake Atitlan
Friday-Sunday, September 17th-19th 2010
Laytonville California
United States
USA Roots Reggae Dub Expo 2010
Saturday-Saturday, September 18th-18th 2010
San Diego CA
United States
Thursday, September 23rd 2010
Sacramento California
United States
Friday, September 24th 2010
Crystal Bay Nevada
United States
Riddim Runway
Saturday-Sunday, September 25th-26th 2010
Fort Myers FL
United States
Taste of the Caribbean
Saturday, September 25th 2010
Houston Texas
United States
Las Vegas Good Karma Festival
Saturday-Sunday, September 25th-26th 2010
Las Vegas Nevada
United States
World Sound Cup Clash 2010
Saturday, September 25th 2010
Brixton London
United Kingdom
Ocean Breeze Festival Series
Wednesday, May 5th - Friday, October 1st 2010
Ocean Side CA
United States
40th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival 2010
Friday-Sunday, October 1st-3rd 2010
Madison Wisconsin
United States
1st Annual Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Sunday, October 10th 2010
United States
Caribbean Music Festival 2010
Saturday-Sunday, October 16th-17th 2010
Bonita Springs Florida
United States
Arroyo Seco Reggae Daze @ Miller's Lodge
Friday-Sunday, October 22nd-24th 2010
Greenfield Ca
United States
Ocean Breeze Music Festival & Conference
Friday-Sunday, November 12th-14th 2010
St. John's St. John's
Bayside Rocks Festival
Saturday, November 20th 2010
Miami Florida
United States
Reggae Marathon
Thursday-Saturday, December 2nd-4th 201-
Byron Bay Reggaefest 2010
Saturday, December 4th 2010
Byron Bay New South Wales
The Guatemalan/Mayan Gathering of the Peacemakers
Friday-Thursday, December 17th-23rd 2010
Santiago Atitlan Lake Atitlan
Reggae in the Rift Valley
Thursday, December 23rd 2010 - Sunday, January 2nd 2011
Shashamene/Adama Shoa
Friday, December 31st 2010
Sunday, January 2nd 2011
Nairobi Nairobi
Riddim Runway
Saturday-Sunday, September 25th-26th 2010
Fort Myers FL
United States
Taste of the Caribbean
Saturday, September 25th 2010
Houston Texas
United States

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