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Little Pearls

Little Pearls

Listen to the Children

If you remember "Kids Say the Darndest Things" with Art Linkletter and later with Bill Cosby, you know that children can be surprisingly funny. 


Recently, in venues like our local TEDx events, I've been hearing profound ideas coming from young ones, too. 


Perhaps it's time we listened more closely and learned from them!

Spotlight Pearl & Mini-Documentary for 9-11: Child to Child

September 11, 2001, was a deeply traumatic event for everyone in this country.  It was especially traumatic for children who lost loved ones and for other children who had to imagine what that kind of loss was like.


Just after September 11, a Little Pearls project called Child to Child: Heart to Heart was born. 

In this project, children from the Asheville, NC area sent poignant messages of love and support to the children of greater New York.


These children, all 4th and 5th graders, spoke from their hearts, directly to the children who had suffered loss.  We were blown away by their wisdom,understanding and compassion during the filming.


The 30 second Pearl has been on YouTube for awhile and it's a sweet, timeless one.  Click on this photo to see it:

We grownups could learn from these kids, given the hostility and ignorance around this tragic event today, nine years later.


The 5 minute Child to Child mini-documentary, sent to NYC schools and Red Cross volunteers in 2001, has just been uploaded to YouTube for the first time.

Click the image here to see it:











More about the children and the story behind this project, which came together quickly and with much serendipity, is at Child to Child


We hope their messages continue to touch hearts -- and maybe even open some minds!

Connecting across Generations

All Little Pearls are about our connection to each other, to other species, to Nature, to Spirit and to our deepest selves. 


Connecting across generations is important, too.  Adults benefit at least as much as children from really listening and sharing. 


Little Pearls foster connection and understanding by opening hearts and minds.  It's what we do.

You can help us make new Pearls and get them out into the world.  Please consider donating.  We really need your support! 





Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


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In this issue:

Listen to the Children

Spotlight Pearl & Mini-Documentary for 9-11: Child to Child

Connecting across Generations

Cool Links!


Upcoming Pearls - Animals and More

Cool Links!

GreatLittlePearls on YouTube



Upcoming Pearls


What's New!

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2010 Great NonProfits Reviews


Once again, we are proud to be the non-profit umbrella organization for the Nov. 1-14, 2010 Asheville International Children's Film Festival: AICFF


Check out the brand new AICFF trailer


Now in second year, it's even bigger and better.

Tickets are on sale now and it's going to be GREAT!



Upcoming Pearls - Animals and More

The powerful bond between humans and animals is a basic theme of our Animal Pearls.


Five Little Pearls so far feature animals: four Dog Pearls and one about Pinkey, a baby screech owl.



Many more dogs, already filmed in HD, await the chance to be Dog Stars so their images and stories can help support the adoption of dogs, cats and other animals.

Please help! Do(g)nations or Donate Now


We have dreams for Animal Pearls about cats, horses, birds and more. 


For more on animal AND non-animal Pearls, visit: Upcoming Pearls

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