Tuesday, September 21, 2010

JoAnne McClure and the 36,000 cookies


JoAnne McClure, ASI's intrepid master instructor, is a woman of many talents. She's not only an educator, but also a sailor, a pianist, a ham radio operator and gardener. She's also, as you know, an accomplished baker! 


You already know that JoAnne brings those big, round tins of home-made cookies, every time she goes to Kensington. But how they do add up!


She's been at it know for about twenty (20!) years, baking batches of sixty (60!) cookies at a time. She does this thirty (30!) times a year. Somebody, late this sailing season, ate her 36,000th cookie!


Thanks, JoAnne, for all you do - and all the cookies you bake!

Sangria Party at McFadden's ! - - Last chance to RSVP!

You are cordially invited to a “Home Made Sangria” party on September 25, 8 pm, in celebration of the Level 3-4 transfer trip 2010. 


What’s the occasion? Avast me hearties!  A group of  ASI Sea Dogs are returning from a cruise of the “North Channel”. They will be heavily laden with tall tales and rich pictures of their adventure.  What better excuse for throwing a party?! 


Where?              N   42’25.813, W  83’40.157


For you Landlubbers the address is:

63345 W. 8 mile road                                                                      

South Lyon, MI 48178              


We had planned this for July, but too many sailors were... sailing!  We're hoping that late September works for you! 


What to bring? A dish to pass and a bottle of red wine  (The wine is for the Sangria so it doesn’t need to be the good stuff) and lots of sailing pictures and stories. What say you!  A cat on board!? There is a cat that insists on living here. Arrrg!  If you have allergies to a cat please take any precautions necessary to enjoy the party. 


Join us in the second annual celebration for the 2010 ASI students earning their “Level 4”.  This is ASI’s highest Level of achievement.  Truly worthy of an evening of merry making, cheer and congratulations!   


Your host,  Loren McFadden  Cell   (248) 568-5960 Please RSVP by clicking on the link, or email to  loren.j.mcfadden@gmail.com.

Volunteer opportunities at the Metroparks - - Becky Gajewski, HCMP

Just a quick notice to inform you that we’ve had to make a couple of changes to our workday schedule for the remainder of the season:


The August 21st workday at Stony Creek that was cancelled due to a power outage has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 17th from 1-4. We will still be meeting at the nature center.


The September 25th workday at Kensington has been rescheduled for Sunday, October 3rd from 1-4. We will now be meeting at the Shorefishing Parking Lot instead of the group camp.


I will send out another reminder with additional information about these events as the dates get closer. For those of you who had already signed up for the Kensington workday, please RSVP to me again so I know if you will be able to make the new date. Feel free to pass on any questions you may have.


Thanks, and have a great day!


Becky Gajewski

Natural resource technician

Huron-Clinton Metroparks


810-227-2757 x5182

Interlake takeout at Kensington and Stony Creek

Be sure to mark your calendars! We'll be taking the Interlakes out at Kensington and Stony Creek on Saturday, October 23. Details to follow. 

Where Has the Kent Cup Been? - - Christopher G. O'Reilly

Where Has the Kent Cup Been? The 270 foot Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington state's most popular scenic attractions, and ASI's own Kent Cup paid a visit!


For those of you not 'in-the-know', the Kent Cup Regatta is an annual race organized by the racing program members. The trophy for this race is the Kent Cup. It is a crystal vase engraved for the first KC race in 2003 and in 2007, the Irish team donated a silver Champagne bucket to hold the cup. The winning teams flag goes in the cup, the cup goes in the shinny silver holder and the whole shebang is under the care of the winning team members until the following year. Where will the cup be next?


Racing is a fun way for new or experienced skippers to refine their sailing skills. One learns sailing by doing it; having another boat sailing nearby, trying to get every ounce of performance out of your rig, and the spirit of competition are all great teachers. You don’t have to be competitive about racing to gain confidence in your ability on the helm.

Feel the need for speed? As a rated member, including newly rated, you are eligible to crew on one of the Interlakes on "Fall off-the-dock race" days. Dates are September 19 and 26th, and October 3rd and 9th. For more information contact Joe Jaeger (313) 492-1657,  or Michael Golden (248) 549-3030. Get your race on!

Fall-off-the-Dock Race schedule - - Michael Golden

Newly rated L1 skippers and all rated members are welcome to participate in the fall-off-the-dock races as crew.

These races are on for four weekends in the  afternoon .  Sign in on the clipboard as a “C” for Crew.  You can feel what a race is like,


             Sun  Sept  19    3:45  Fall off the dock race   

             Sun  Sept  26    3:45  Fall off the dock race

             Sun   Oct     3    3:45  Fall off the dock race   

             Sat   Oct      9    3:45  Fall off the dock race


STUDENTS: complete your tests for L1 and get into the race program next year at no additional cost beyond renewal. Take the water test first, then the written test to get your rating. The racing program will give you the opportunity to gain the confidence that experienced sailors have.

Barbados update - - Richard Jagers 

An Email from ASI's man in Barbados, Richard Jagers:


I have not been sailing yet, however I did spend the day on board a moored sailboat! I met several sailors, and have started working on the electrical on a 30 ft boat moored about 300 yards off shore. As soon as we get one of the motors running, lights, radio etc, we will go for a sail down the coast.


Where is Tom Sands when you need him? Can you put a postage stamp on him and mail him to Barbados? He would love this sailor, he has Autocad diagrams of everything, except the electrical as he inherited it with the boat.


The waves have been 5 ft due to Igor so we have been unable to get the dingy thru the surf to get to the boat. Normally the waves are ankle high on the west coast of the island. Hopefully they are calmer in the next few days. I'd swim out, but I'm afraid that 100 amp hour AGM battery would sink me to the bottom!


I talked to the Barbados Cruising Club, right next to the Barbados Yacht Club, and they are considering establishing partnerships with other sailing clubs so the membership would transfer for people on vacation. They have several catamarans, and several Lasers, as well as some other boats that the members can take out, much like our fleet of Interlakes. Several of the members also have boats, but most of them are in St. Lucia until hurricane season passes. Since not many people from MI make it to Barbados, it is not feasible to have a partnership with the BCC.


Hopefully by this time next week we will have the 30 ft up and running.


ASI members have it so good, go to the lake, rig the boat and go sailing. Here we have to get the boat in the water, or get to the moored boat.


Have a great week

Richard Jagers from Barbados


Prerequisite for ASI Level 2 Keel Boat Class - - Bill Lane

An important requirement for the ASI Level 2 Keel Boat program is that you complete and present a certificate showing completion of US Power Squadron or US Coast Guard Auxiliary Safe Boating / Basic Seamanship course before the start of Level 2 classes. The class must have a navigation component.  The class must be completed before you start the Level 2 class which is March 1, 2011. You are advised to take the course now because the course has limited or no availability in January. Any questions call Bill Lane 248-891-6125 or wjl6355@gmail.com


Classes are offered in the following locations.

Birmingham Sail and Power Squadron

Basic Classes (Taught at the following locations)

To register call (313) 565-0402 or (248) 224-7235, 

or send an email to seo@bpsd9.org 

You can also sign up at the class location the first night.


America's Boating Courses


America's Boating Course

Class begins Monday, October 4

Royal Oak High School

1500 LexingtonRoyal Oak MI 48073

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cost: $45 for course manual plus facility fee for school (approx $20)

Length: 8 weeks

Instructor: Colleen Godfrey, P and Mike Israel, SN


America's Boating Course

Class begins Monday, October 4

West Bloomfield High School

4925 Orchard Lake Rd

West Bloomfield, MI 48323

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cost: $45 for course manual plus facility fee for school (approx $20)

Length: 8 weeks

Instructor: David Kowalski, N


America's Boating Course

Class begins Monday, October 4

Stoney Creek High School

575 E. Tienken Rd

Rochester Hills, MI 48306

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cost: $45 for course manual plus facility fee for school (approx $20)

Note: For this course, students must call the school, at 248-726-3165,

to register and pay the facility fee at least 7 days prior to start date.

Length: 8 weeks

Instructor: Brenda Sumey, AP and Gary Jialanella, AP


America's Boating Course

Class begins Monday, October 4

First United Methodist Church of Troy

6363 Livernois

Troy, MI 48098.


Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron


Time: Starts October 14, Thursday, and meets once a week for 8 weeks (no class on Thanksgiving) from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm.  I may be able to reduce the duration to 7 weeks depending on the students and their progress.   


Location: Lincoln High School,

7425 Willis Road, Ypsilanti, MI.  


This is located on Willis Road, 4 miles south of Ypsilanti and 2.5 miles east of US 23.  I will have the exact school entrance and room number shortly.   Cost: The total cost is $55.  This includes a $20 registration fee to Washtenaw Community College, the program manager for building use, security, IT services, etc.  It also includes $35 fee to the Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron.  This provides the student manual + 2 CDs.  One CD is electronic charts which I hope to teach.  The other CD is an animated and voice CD which covers the entire course so you can do it on your computer but I hope that students will read the manual.


Robert A. Buchanan

3045 Foxcroft     

Ann Arbor, MI  48104     

(734) 971-6589     BuchananRA@msn.com



Bill Crawford's Milford tractor show

No, it's not about sailing! But we thought you'd like to know that Bill Crawford, of Crawford Farm, where our Interlakes spend their winters, hosts an antique tractor show every fall in Milford.


Here he is, with his 1935 John Deere. This tractor is still in good running condition, and has the original rear tires, which have never been repaired in 75 years, though he did replace the valve stems (they just don't make 'em like they used to!)


This year's show was bigger than ever, with dozens of old tractors and farm implements. 


2011 Keelboat classes - - Bill Lane

Become a Level 2 Captain and sail the Level 2 O’Day 28 foot Keel boats Interlude and Overture on Lake St Clair


Learn the basics of: navigation and GPS, docking a keelboat, anchoring, keelboat sailing, radio operation, boat systems, rules of the road for power boats, and much more


  Prerequisites are:

  1. Declare sailing ability by submitting a sailing resume to head of Level 2 instruction.
  2. Be an ASI member and Level 1 Sail Pass holder with all volunteer hours up to date.
  3. Complete and present a certificate showing completion of US Power Squadron or US Coast Guard Auxiliary Safe Boating / Basic Seamanship course before the start of Level 2 classes. The class must have a navigation component. 

Sail longer and farther than ever before!


Contact Bill Lane, Level 2 head instructor, for details248-891-6125Email: wjl6355@gmail.com




Level 3/4 class for 2011


Level 2 sailors, it is not too early to be think of joining the level 3/4 class for 2011

Sail to interesting ports such as

  •       Thames River
  •       Port Huron/Sarnia
  •       Goderich
  •       Kincardine
  •       Port Elgin
  •       Harbor Beach
  •       Tobermory
  •       Killarney

Georgian Bay and the finest cruising area in North America, The North Channel. Explore beautiful coves such as: Covered Portage, Snug Harbour, Marianne cove, The Pool and Browning Cove


Learn advance navigation techniques and enhance your knowledge of GPS

  • Do off-shore sailing work
  • Advanced anchoring
  • Boat provisioning
  • Crew organization
  • Sail to a destination overnight
  • Prerequisite are to have a Level 2 sail pass and work hours current, and to sail the Level 2 keel boats 8 times, 4 times as captain and 4 times as crew.

Contact Bill Lane for details 248-891-6125  or Email to wjl6355@gmail.com


A watch was left on Overture (Sept 1). To claim it, contact Jerry Sitarski

Crew and skipper matchup

How does 'crew and skipper matchup' work? Maybe you've put together a cruise, taking one of our keelboats for a few days, or even a few hours. But you're in need of another crew member or two. Maybe you've got a North Channel charter and need another crew member. Or maybe you're interested in crewing, but don't have a 'skipper' to sign on with. And Interlake sailors too; perhaps you'd like to set up a sail with another ASI sailor. Newbie or old salt, here's a way to find a skipper or fill out a crew.


If you're a skipper in need of crew, send me the particulars of your sail; the date, other members, destination, etc. Or if you are looking to crew for somebody else, send me possible dates, places, times, etc. I'll post responses here, and you can get in touch with a potential crewmember, or potential skipper. Be sure to include phone number and email address. 


Let's see if we can match everybody up, to make sure we take full advantage of this sailing season as it winds down!



  • Elisa Gomez is hoping to squeeze in practice sails before the season is over. She just finished the fall Level 1 class, has a fairly flexible schedule and is ready to rock. Email at emgomez@gmail.com  or call 313 407 3784 for a nerve-wracking time. Thanks!


  • Attn new students: you need practice, I need hours.  I am Level 1 rated and am available most evenings for practice sails at Kensington.  Please call for arrangements. 248-229-4550.
  • I'm a level II sailor and am available to practice sail with anybody at Level I or II as either skipper or crew and am generally available any weekday or weekend, any time.  ff interested, they can call me, Dave Pardy, on my cell at 248-506-2396
  • I am a Level 2, and I would be available to be crew in the evenings during the week, and Saturday/Sunday day.  Please contact me at 734-787-7903 or at amazinggrace359@yahoo.com
  • I am newly rated Level 1 sailor and I am looking to do some sailing this week.  I will be taking Wednesday off and would like to find someone to sail with.  I will be available from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.  If interested please call my cell 248-464-9069.  Ivan Roman
  • Jennifer and Mithat (“Mito”) husband-wife pair -- Level 1 students looking for practice sail opportunities on Kent Lake.  We are available Fridays and weekends, AM or PM, and Thurs. nights.  Please email or call if you’d be willing to take us out. Ward-Batts@wayne.edu  248-930-1169
  • I'm busy Mon. and Wed. mornings but available most other days if someone needs a crew member for a keel boat. I recently got my L2 rating. Steve Wyborski
  • My name is Suzanne Moore. I am an experienced Flying Scot sailor (7 years; 5 as crew, 2 as skipper) who has recently joined ASI. I am interested in crewing for anyone who may need crew. If I don't have to complete classes before I could skipper (with an experienced member perhaps?) that would be great too. Reply to Suzanne.  My email address is sbenlouc@med.umich.edu
  • I am a level 1 member looking to crew to gain experience. Weekdays are best, some weekends available. Call Chris, 248-245-4433 or email me at chris@retrosoftware.net. Cheers! Best Regards,Christopher G. O'Reilly
  • We need a First Mate for a Sunday sail with my family… please call or email! Rick Cortright, 248-333-3300 cell:  248-722-3407 

One more thing...


The ASI Burgee is on an 'every Tuesday' schedule. The next one will be Tuesday, September 28. Please send your Burgee input to asidon@comcast.net by Sunday September 26.

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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