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To dispel rumors about Gregory Isaacs health, Copeland Forbes, his manager, sets the record straight:
"....the facts are he's in the UK doing some medical tests; as you all know, he had some problems with his legs from last year which resulted in a few cancellations of tours, and in the last 12 months he had a very hectic year travelling all over the globe doing concert performances.
After his Grammy nomination for his latest CD "BRAND NEW ME" he recorded one of the Disney Classics "UNDER THE SEA" for Disney World Records compilation CD which included Disney Classics from Ziggy Marley, UB40, Steele Pulse and Morgan Heritage to name a few, before hitting the concert circuit.
He's been to places like South America where he did five concerts in Brazil, two shows in Argentina, one in Peru, then over to Europe where he did several concerts in Holland and Greece. Then he also did all the Raggamuffin festivals in California earlier this year, and in the summer he did a few concerts on the US west coast starting in Boonesville, California at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and ending in San Diego at the Wavehouse, then on to Washington DC for the 25th anniversary show honouring Tony Carr, then up to New York for the Brooklyn Music Festival July 4th.
From there we headed over to the Annual Reggae fest in Tortola, British Virgin Islands on July 31 before heading over to the UK to do the Live Nation promoted BIG CHILL FESTIVAL up in Ledbury, Eastnor north of London where he did a fantastic performance in front of over 50,000 fans and he was the only reggae act on the bill.
From there we were suppose to go to Guadeloupe, French West Indies for a festival performance but while we were in London the pain in his legs started again and it was swollen and it caused him severe pains when ever he tried to walk. The pains were so severe that we had to cancel him off the Guadeloupe festival and Marcia Griffiths was brought in to fill in for his absence.
So since he was in London where he had started his medical tests from last year when the problems with his legs started, he decided that he would stay in London and get all his medical tests done. So he's been in London from early August doing all his medical tests, and contrary to what news has been going around that he's been in a hospital, he's NOT in a hospital but staying with Linda Smith our UK representative in Management (she's the promoter of the Reggae Philarmonic Concerts that had been staged in the UK with John Holt, Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths and Ken Boothe to name a few).
So he's in good hands while he's attending the doctor at a prominent hospital in London and as a matter of fact he's scheduled to return to the doctor this week for another check up before returning to Jamaica in early October.
And as usual his words are always (RUMOURS DEM SPREADING) (ONE MAN AGAINST THE WORLD) lines from two of his famous songs (smile)
One Love
Copeland Forbes (manager)

The Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music, (CPR) presents the 6th Annual Reggae Culture Salute benefit concert on Saturday, October 30th, at Nazareth High School Performance Center 475 E. 57th Street (Clarendon Road & Avenue D). Doors open at 8pm, show time is at 9pm.
The family friendly celebration of the 80th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen of Ethiopia will feature 1970’s trailblazing toaster Big Youth and singer, songwriter Ernie Smith. A musical tribute to Sugar Minott will feature Tony Tuff, Japanese deejay Nahki and New York based deejay Mikey “Mack Daddy” Jarrett. Mysitc Bowie, saxophonist Douglas Guthrie and Anthem Band will also perform. Master drummer, Junior Wedderburn of Lion King fame along with his group Ancient Vibrations, will perform nyahbinghi drumming and chanting.  Enjoy delicious Caribbean cuisine. Admission is $35 in advance. Visit www.cprreggae.org or call 718-421-6927 for information.
About CPR:
The Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music (CPR) is a charitable organization working to raise the bar in the creation, development, promotion and presentation of reggae music. CPR conducts educational forums, presents music events and conducts research to codify, curate and disseminate information about reggae music.

Odel Johnson releases his second full-length album Redemption on Tuesday October 12, 2010 Toronto, ON --
On Tuesday October 12, 2010 Juno Award winning artist/drummer Odel Johnson will release his second full-length CD entitled Redemption. The hard-hitting Roots Rock Reggae CD is available for pre-orders now on www.odeljohnson.com .
Described by Splash Magazine as “The forcefulness of Peter Tosh - wrapped with the messages of Bob Marley”, Odel returns with his first full-length release since his highly acclaimed, Juno Nominated solo debut Mind & Body Sold.
On why he chose the name Redemption for his new album, Odel explains, “When I was writing the songs for Mind & Body Sold the U.S. was in war times, but now, writing Redemption, the economy has caused a shift in people towards being more conscious and community oriented so I see it as a time of redemption.” Written and arranged by Odel and recorded live at Metalworks studio in Toronto by legendary engineer ‘The Scientest’, Redemption shines from beginning to end.
From “Chronicles”, a classic roots reggae track reminiscent of days past, to the hard-hitting, straight up rock on the feature track “Testify”, mixed with a classic rock ballad on “Change”, this album will satisfy a variety of musical tastes. Redemption is produced by Obelisk Music on Odel’s label Ohm Grown Records and is available worldwide courtesy of Equal Distribution. Track Listing Chronicles (4:37) Into Forever (3:48) Trod Natty (4:11) Song Bird (4:09) Harder they Come (4:17) Testify (3:52) Changes (3:15) Redemption (4:38) Dry Harbor Mountains (4:30) For The Love of You (5:47)
Odel will celebrate the release of Redemption on Friday October 15, 2010 with an album release party and performance backed by the legendary band The Govament at Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON M6J 1T9.
Admission is $10 or $20 including a CD. Doors open at 9pm. Press are invited to contact Alyse Feldman at ontheflypr@gmail.com for media credentials. To download Odel's media kit including hi-res photos and sample MP3s: http://www.odeljohnson.com/odel-mediakit.zip For interviews or information contact: Alyse Feldman, President On the Fly Public Relations Toronto ON 416-802-3592 ontheflypr@gmail.com

with META AND THE CORNERSTONES Meta and the Cornerstones continue their monthly residency at 92YTribeca with new artists joining them each time. Led by the indomitable Meta Dia, who is Senegalese and sings in a mixture of French, English, Wolof, and Fulani, and with members converging from the west coast of Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle East, the band creates a unifying and uplifting experience with its feel-good reggae sound that also embraces soul, Afropop, and hip-hop


Article: by Ted Drozdowski
Rock fans have been betting for decades that Keith Richards would join the angels. It’s finally happened. The disc Wingless Angels II came out, featuring Richards as impresario and occasional guitarist, bassist and singer for the Wingless Angels band.
Recorded at Richards’ home and studio in Jamaica, the Wingless Angels are an aggregation of fishermen, neighbors, relatives and friends of the late, pioneering ska singer Justin Hinds, who makes his last appearances on the CD.
Hinds, who died in March 2005, was the leader of the Dominoes, who scored the number one Jamaican hit “Carry Go Bring Home” in 1963. The song and the heavenly voiced Hinds were both major influences on reggae legend Bob Marley.
The new album is a major departure for Richards and his fans, regardless of the guitar slinger’s (and his fellow Stones’) longstanding interest in Jamaican music. It captures the slow, steady beat of Nyabinghi — a Rastafarian spiritual style typically made up of drums and voices alone.
The group’s invitation for Richards’ to join was a major departure for this highly traditional sound. Richards describes what’s captured on Wingless Angels II, Hinds’ first new studio album release in 13 years, as “marrow music” — music that gets right inside one’s bones.
He explains that the drumbeats are purposely kept just slightly slower than the human heart to induce a calming spiritual state — which means Richards also limits his guitar to gentle strumming and a few spare melody lines to fit the tenor of loose harmonies and overall super-laid-back feel that makes the disc a balm. The thick, warm, open and rich tone Richards’ employs on the disc invokes the sound he typically produces with the ebony Gibson ES-335 he’s wrangled on so many stages over the last 13 years, or the white Gibson ES-345 he started busting out at shows in 2006.
A double-CD of the first Wingless Angels album paired with the new disc is being released in a special edition that includes original drawings by Richards and extensive liner notes. Richards will also sign a limited number of copies.
An interest in Africa-rooted music, from blues to trance grooves to reggae and beyond, has always been part of Richards’ and the Stones’ canon — beginning with their primal blues roots. Outside of the blues they’ve always played, the group’s first public foray into this fertile area was conducted by the late Brian Jones.
In 1968 Jones was invited to Morocco by artist Brion Gysin and painter Mohamad Hamri, whose mother was a native of the village of Jaipuka. There he found a rich clan of musicians who played in a primal style dominated by horns, reeds, droning stringed instruments and drums, inspired, in part, by the god-like figure Pan.
In 1971, the posthumous release of the album Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka took that music to the world at large and was, inarguably, the first popular entry in the category of World Music. It is fair to say that the sound of these Moroccan musicians had an impact on the psychedelic sounds that would infuse The Rolling Stones’ own most sonically experimental albums.
Of course, reggae had already seeped into the Stones’ music. After all, the style was part of the soundtrack of life in the British Isles. It’s at the percolating heart of 1966’s “Under My Thumb” as well as later recordings, including “Cherry Oh Cherry” and “You Don’t Have To Mean It.” The latter remains the band’s most direct tribute to Hinds, who died of lung cancer at age 62 in 2005.

Within hours of its release in North America, Buju Banton's album, Before the Dawn, is already creating waves. The album, which comes on the heels of Monday's news of a hung jury in Buju's drug trial, has debuted at number two on the iTunes Reggae charts for the US market. 
On this chart, Bob Marley's album, Legend, holds the top spot. Other acts holding down places are Hassidic Jew, Matisyahu, Michael Franti and Spearhead and US-based Reggae band, Rebelution. Described by Gargamel Music as a prophetic project, the album is said to encapsulate the experiences of the artiste who has been imprisoned in Florida since last December on a charge of conspiracy to possess and distribute five kilogrammes of cocaine. Gargamel Music quotes Buju as saying, "All the songs on this album were written before I and I found I self in this current situation, yet they all speak profoundly to what I and I am going through right now...You might can lock the flesh but you can never lock the spirit of Rasta."
In an interview with the Jamaica Observer on Monday, Buju's manager Tracii McGregor was asked whether she felt that the publicity the deejay has received throughout the trial would have a positive effect on the release of the album. McGregor noted that like all Buju's releases, Before the Dawn was highly anticipated by the Gargamel's fans. Already, the track Innocent, is being seen as the unofficial anthem of Before the Dawn, which is Buju's ninth studio album. The release date for the UK and France is set for next Monday, October 4, the album will be available in the rest of Europe this Friday.

Dread & Alive....is an ongoing graphic novel series about Jamaican Super Hero Drew McIntosh. If you missed any episodes, click here to read:
Chapter Eleven
The next morning was business as usual for the Jamaican Maroons. Most of the villagers had forgotten about the near-tragic events that had occurred the night before. Instead, they were focused on completing their daily activities. For Drew, his morning began on a different note. Cudjoe, having discussed it with Maria and Philip the night before, decided it would be best if he were to take the young Islander under his wings and teach him about the Cockpit Country. Philip and Maria readily welcomed the idea. Who better than to teach their son about the rain forest than one of the oldest inhabitants of the Cockpit Country. The idea brought great comfort and relief to the McIntosh, especially to Maria whose nerves had been rattled to the point of her wanting to pick up and leave the village of Accompong.
Standing outside the entrance to their hut, Maria and Philip spent a few minutes with Drew before setting out to do some fieldwork in the forest. Cudjoe was present as well.
            “I want you to keep this with you,” Philip said, reaching into his pocket. A moment later, he revealed a shiny compass. “You remember how to use it, right?”
            “Uh huh,” Drew replied, nodding his head.
Placing the compass in the palm of Drew’s hand, Philip decided to give Drew a refresher course. “From map to field, the proper yield is East is least and West—,”
“West is best,” Drew said, completing the rhyme his father taught him.
      “Very good, kiddo!”
            Cudjoe, standing over the two and watching closely, chucked and said, “When I’m through with the boy, he won’t need anything to guide him through the rain forest. He will become one with the forest.”
Philip turned to Cudjoe and smiled. “That’s the idea.”
Maria crouched in front of Drew to talk to him face to face. “Your father and I have some work to do in the forest. We want you to stay here with Cudjoe.”
“How come I can’t come with you?” Drew asked, displaying sad puppy dog eyes.
“It’s not how come. It’s why can’t I come with you?” Maria corrected Drew. “Your father and I feel it’s best that you spend some time with Cudjoe. Get to know the forest from an expert.”
“But I want to come with you,” Drew pleaded with his mother.
“I know you do,” Maria said, caressing his face with her hand. “We don’t want anything to happen to you. You gave us such a scare yesterday. We both feel that by staying with Cudjoe, he will show you the forest.”
Wearing a frown, Drew glanced down at the ground.
“Now promise me you’ll behave,” Maria said.
“I will,” Drew reluctantly answered.
“I love you Drew,” Maria said, running her hand over his dreadlocks.
Drew looked up at his mother and smiled. “Me too, mom.”
Maria rose to her feet and quickly slipped into her backpack before joining Philip by his side.
            “Come with me, Drew,” Cudjoe said, extending his hand. “We’ve got a long day ahead of us.”
To be continued …,
For more information about the author,
Nicholas Da Silva, visit 


  • | Photos by Veronique Skelsey and Rototom 2010
The richness of the festival experience was as hard to avoid as the midday sun.
For 17 years the week-long Rototom Sunsplash has been one of the brightest events on the European reggae festival calendar. This year however Rototom was excommunicated from Berlusconi’s Italy for facilitating "the use of ganja" leaving the lush green farmland of Rivellino Park in Osoppo for the rocky arid terrain of the FIB site in Benicassim, Spain. Re-styled as “Rototom Exodus”, the 2010 edition remained a unique experience, where the music, while excellent, took a backseat to the overall vibe.
The location meant an almost brutal level of heat particularly when keeping Spanish hours and living in tents. This resulted in thousands of festival goers sleeping on the nearby beach or in any available patch of shade in the arena during the day. If anything, this curious lifestyle brought people together - although many must have missed a favourite act due to the onset of fatigue!
On the Saturday, Anthony B, who closed the festival the previous year, performed the first main stage headline slot as bats wheeled under a filling moon. Calling the audience his “freedom fighters” he fired them with his Buju tune Free Up The General. Where many artists have been guarded about commenting on Banton’s cocaine possession case, Anthony told United Reggae, “He is my friend” and “if it takes one year to take a person into court in this modern age, there is something tricky going on”.
Sunday saw Digicel Rising Star 2007 winner Romain Virgo add youth, vocal power and mic technique to an otherwise veteran dominated bill. Of the latter, Bob Andy had picked up a nasty cold while in the UK the weekend before that affected his voice, yet the love for this man and his songs was so great that he received an ovation. Later he confided to us he hadn’t wanted to play, that the reaction “blew my mind” and was “one of the greatest honours of my career”. It was then left to the irascible but still mesmerizing Big Youth to bring the live music to an end.
Off the main stage, Monday’s biggest surprise was the huge voice of 22 year old German Sara Lugo in the Zion Town tent. Backed by European Reggae Contest semi-finalists Fireman Crew, she was soon had both Serbian trombonist Hornsman Coyote and Jamaican singer Ginjah up there with her. Back under the gold lion, Bushman and his skilled No More Babylon band gave another consummate performance of his rock solid roots music. He challenged the tagline of the festival (“peace, love and reggae”) by singing Peter Tosh’s Equal Rights (“I don’t want no peace, I need equal rights”) as well as his own hits such as Fire Bun A Weak Heart and Creatures Of The Night. Then it was time for Rodigan in the dancehall tent who asked everyone to put their lighters up in Italian before remembering we were now in Spain!
For Tuesday’s full moon, the festival reasserted its Italian roots with a record crowd for Alborosie. His backing singer and protégé I Eye opened with her Bill Withers do-over Mama’s Hands before rejoining him for further matriarchal matters for their combination Mama She Don’t Like You. With his slick band and multiple Capleton style pull-ups Alborosie comes across as more at home in the studio than on stage. But that night as he played his protest song Rototom Free only a cynic could fail to be swept up in the emotion of the show.
Your United Reggae correspondent was invited to be a judge at the European Reggae Contest on the Wednesday so any appraisal of the contestants or the final decision would be inappropriate. Meanwhile Fantan Mojah had his performance cut short due to be being stuck in traffic (and promised United Reggae “next time I’m going to make it up to the people”) but made his usual rabble rousing best of what he had. Yet the real draw of the evening was Ivorian legend Alpha Blondy who pulled an Alborosie sized crowd far in advance of his entrance. Classic rock figured strongly in his set with a Led Zeppelin intro and a cover of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here before he closed with his original hit, Brigadier Sabari.
Though dancehall was minimal in this year’s line-up, on the Thursday it got its chance to shine. Tony Matterhorn played the Dancehall tent after Busy Signal took the main stage. The big question was: would Busy’s AutoTuned studio collages translate live? And with the exception of some off-key singing on lovers material like Night Shift and One More Night, the answer was – mostly - yes. On the roots side, two of the festival’s best performances came from the “reborn” Pablo Moses and a typically professional turn from Max Romeo - who filled in for the regrettable short notice cancellation of Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel.
On Friday temperatures reached a monstrous 41 degrees. Sara Lugo got to sing on the main stage, having been invited by reggae’s blue collar tough guy Chuck Fenda during his set. There was further disappointment when Tabby from Mighty Diamonds failed to show due to visa problems leaving Bunny and Judge’s harmonising a little threadbare. But meanwhile the Jamaican Film Festival was screening the likes of Coping With Babylon and Wa Do Dem and the Vibronics in the Dub Zone dropped Errol Bellot’s Roots Gone International – as fitting an anthem for Rototom as you could find.
Finally, a cloudier and cooler closing Saturday saw some gender parity on the main stage. After the Brinsley Forde-less Aswad proved what an incredibly tight outfit they were with a tastefully dubby offering, Etana played her soulful radio friendly brand of conscious music backed by Live Wya (the house band for the rest of the night). The legendary Marcia Griffiths, still making hits when her fellow I Three members have long retired, then documented her incredible career in speech and song (sadly she and Bob Andy were unable to share a stage). Live Wya’s lack of horns was unfortunate given the Abyssinians back catalogue but the greatest harmonies in reggae showed no signs of losing their crown.
The Rototom vibe, if it can be put into words, was peaceful, green, diverse and tightly controlled. Energy recycling achievements were proudly displayed, litter was almost non-existent, and food and drink prices were monitored and reduced. As with many European festivals the majority of punters were well-to-do young hippies going through their “dreadlock college” phase. Here, however, instead of trudging between two stages and a dancehall tent and back again, a plethora of sound systems, high quality food, and worthy activities including skateboarding, tightrope walking, painting and lectures kept everyone occupied or amused. At times the atmosphere seemed eerily wholesome compared to the empty hedonism of most UK festivals, but considering the 140,000 people who descended on Benicassim (according to Rototom) it was remarkable to observe the total lack of aggression or negativity on site. The only real irritant was the constant soundclash from multiple music sources throughout.
So while the organisers had to deal with no shows and teething problems with the new setting behind the scenes, for a first time visitor, the Spanish Rototom was a truly singular event: where the richness of the festival experience was as hard to avoid as the midday sun. Plans are already in place for 2011 at the site and if this year’s edition was anything to go on, you won’t want to miss out.


Fri, Oct 22, 9 pm, $15
Brooklyn's soulful singer/songwriter Maya Azucena recently won a Grammy for her duet on Stephen Marley’s “Reggae Album of the Year” Mind Control, and has shared bills with an impressive list of new and legendary artists such as Roberta Flack, Roy Ayers, Vernon Reid, Joss Stone, Big Daddy Kane, The Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight and John Legend.
For this special CMJ show at 92YTribeca, she brings together a host of special guests to perform a night of duets, including: Chris Rob, Big Brooklyn Red, Honey LaRochelle, Jahstix, Hasan Salaam, and Mark Shine. She will also be joined on stage by bandmates Chris Rob - keyboards, Christian Ver Halen - guitar, Solomon Dorsey - bass, and Ivan Katz - drums

New trial in December.
After three days of negotiations the jurors at Buju Banton's trial for conspiracy to purchase and distribute cocaine have failed to reach a verdict.
At 9.52 am Jamaican time yesterday the Jamaica Observer, the only Jamaican publication with a reporter on the ground at Sam M Gibbons Court in Tampa Florida, published on its website and Twitter page that the jury was split down the middle as to Banton's guilt or innocence. At 2.37pm the Observer reported that a verdict could not be reached.
United States Judge Tim Moody ruled a mistrial then announced that a new trial would begin in December.
On Friday Buju's case became the sixth biggest trending topic on Twitter and the micro-blogging site was awash with rumours that the case had ended in both innocent and guilty verdicts.
Fans flew into to Tampa over the weekend from New York, Los Angeles and Jamaica to fast, pray and show support for Buju. A group of Rasta elders took up residence at his Gargamel studios on Carlisle Avenue to chant for his freedom.
Buju was offered a plea bargain for a two year sentence but risked life imprisonment and hefty fines to plead his innocence. Banton's co-defendants, Ian Thomas and James Mack, both pled guilty to their charges and will be sentenced in November.
A transcript of Buju's recorded phone conversations with Thomas, an unidentified male, and an undercover police detective has been published at http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2010/PDFs/banton.pdf.
Meanwhile Bounty Killer was granted $500,000 bail in his assault case and ordered to return to court on November 9th.
During his time in prison Buju finished recording his Before The Dawn album, due for release today, September 28th.
source: United Reggae

Fill  the appliance with hot soapy water when the cooker has cooled. Let soak for  15-20 minutes, and then scrub with a cloth, nylon net pad or a plastic sponge.  Do not use a harsh abrasive cleaner, SOS pad or metal pad.
Rinse well in hot  water and dry.  To remove mineral stains, fill crockpot 3/4 full with hot water and 1 cup white  vinegar. Cover and cook on high for 2 hours. Then let the crockpot cool and  soak and clean as directed above.  To remove water marks from glazed crockery, rub the surface with vegetable oil and let  stand for 2-3 hours. Then fill with hot soapy water, rub the surface, and scrub  with a nylon net pad. Rinse and dry well.
What is a Slow Cooker- Crockpot?
A slow cooker, Crock-Pot (a US trademark that is often used generically), or  Slo-Cooker (a UK trade mark that is often used generically) is a countertop  electrical cooking appliance that maintains a relatively low temperature  compared to other cooking methods (such as baking, boiling, and frying), for many hours allowing unattended cooking of veggie stew, and other suitable dishes.
Even though a slow cooker takes longer to cook the food, it will actually save you time!  How is this possible? Well, you can quickly load the ingredients in the morning and turn it on. That right there is the bulk of your time - not very much!
And at dinner time, your home will greet you with a flavorful aroma fit for a king or queen!
Health Benefits
Low, constant heat crockpots cook by may help prevent disease according to recent studies! Some compounds (advanced glycation end products) are formed when fats, sugars, and proteins are heated at high temperatures, as when food is grilled, broiled, or microwaved.
These AGE's irritate cells and may  be a factor in the formation of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.  Because slow cookers only heat between 200 and 300 degrees, these compounds do not form in as great of numbers in crockpot cooked meals.
Crockpot Cooking Safety Tips
Although  I have never had a bad experience with my crockpot (and I'm sure you won't either), there are a few safety measures you need to follow to ensure food  safety. Some of them are pretty basic and common sense and you are probably  doing them already. But it never hurts to go over them and to just continue to  be aware of the importance of proper food handling and preparation techniques. 
Always start clean, a clean cooker, clean utensils, a clean work area. And wash your  hands before and during food preparation.  Be sure to handle ingredients carefully.
Since slow cookers can take a while to get to  temperatures hot enough to kill off bacteria, it is imperative to keep the ingredients constantly refrigerated prior to food preparation. Remember that bacteria multiply on food quickly at room temperature.
Therefore perishable foods should remain refrigerated until you need them. 
Vegetables can be cut up in advance but make sure you store them separately in covered containers.  Keep  the lid on. Experts say that removing the lid can add 20 minutes to the cooking  time! This is because it takes that long to re-generate the lost heat and steam. Remove it only to stir the food or check for doneness
Since vegetables cook slower than “meat”, place the vegetables on the bottom. Then add the Vegan meat and cover the food with your broth, sauce, or water. (Depends on our VEGAN meat) If possible, set the slow cooker setting on high for the first hour of cooking to  get the food warmed up quickly. Then switch it to low for the rest of the day.  If it is not possible, the Food Safety and Inspection Service says it is still safe to cook foods on low for the entire time, since the temperatures stay hot  enough for long enough to prevent any bacterial growth on the food. 
Please use this as a suggestion:
We are not working with “Animal Protein” but as a Food safety please consider this  suggestion: If you  are away during the entire slow-cooking process and you know that there has  been a power outage, don't take any chances. Throw the food out. Although it  may look done, it could also be unsafe for consumption. You can know if there  was a power outage by the time flashing on your other appliances such as  microwave or VCR.  If you  are home during a power outage, complete the cooking another way - gas stove,  etc.
Preparing Ingredients
Surprisingly, vegetables cook more slowly than meats (do you believe that?) in the moist heat of the slow cooker. So vegetables should be cut or chopped roughly the  same size and placed in the bottom of the crockpot. Vegan meat can be browned  before being cooked, but that step isn't necessary. 
Converting a Recipe
Crockpots vary but the low setting is typically around 100 degrees and its high setting is around 300  degrees.
Knowing this, it is fairly easy to convert most recipes for use in your slow cooker. Some adjustments to cooking times will be a judgment call on your part,  but some simple guidelines should help. Just follow a few simple rules and you're on your way.
You should decrease the liquid since it does not boil away in a crockpot.
Add Your vegan cheeses and other non dairy milk product towards the end of your  cooking since they tend to break down if they are cooked for too long..
Add rice and noodles at the end of your cooking as well. They will turn mushy  if they are cooked too long. You can cook these separately and then combine them when it's time to serve.
Add your spices at the end.
If a stovetop recipe calls for 15-30 minutes, the crockpot should cook it for 1  1/2 - 2 1/2 hrs at a high temperature and 4 - 8 hours at its low temperature setting.
If a stovetop recipe calls for 35-45 minutes, the crockpot should cook it for  3-4 hrs at a high temperature setting and 6 - 10 hours at its low temperature  setting.
If a stovetop recipe calls for 50 min to 3 hours, the crockpot should cook it  for 4 - 6 hrs at a high temperature setting and 8 - 16 hours at its low  temperature setting.
Following these guidelines will allow you to be able to convert a stovetop recipe to its delicious slow cooking counterpart!
Check back next week for Some of My Favorite Crockpot Side Dishes and Entrees!
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Following another celebrated run of global touring, the Easy Star All-Stars are hitting the West Coast for a tour of California with special guest and new label mate Cas Haley. 
These will be their last US shows before the release of Dubber Side of the Moon on October 26. Cas Haley has also just released a new album titled Connection, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Reggae Charts last week.
With Dubber Side of the Moon, The Easy Star All-Stars, Inspired by the burgeoning dub step scene and dub visionaries such as On-U Sound’s Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor, have compiled the ultimate remix collection of their much lauded reggae smash Dub Side of The Moon.
Each track features a unique dub producer exploring spaced-out reggae and bass-heavy remixes of the original Dub Side of the Moon – a reggae tribute to Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon. The album also includes 4 bonus remixes (as well as 2 additional bonus tracks exclusive to the iTunes release).
Originally released in 2003, Dub Side of the Moon was followed by Radiodread (2006) and Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band (2009), establishing Easy Star All-Stars as one of the top international reggae acts of the last decade. The band has amassed over 300,000 album sales and is equally successful in live appearances, playing over 125 shows in 25 countries on 6 different continents in 2009 alone.
In fact, the idea of reinterpreting Dub Side spawned from the band’s intense touring schedule. They were continually being exposed to new dub and reggae offshoots around the world. “We really wanted to evolve these songs and put them in the hands of producers who might take it in new directions,” explains Easy Star Records’ Lem Oppenheimer. “It seemed like a good way to bring some of this newly developing futurist reggae right into our own music.” It was essential to find a balance between the classic dub masters and the new generation of bass-line enthusiasts, while also managing to express the band’s musical outlook and development.
Mad Professor had previously worked on the Radiodread album and was an obvious choice, as were John Peel favorites Dreadzone and Adrian Sherwood, both of whom fit into what Easy Star Records likes to call the ‘dub master vibe.’ Mad Professor’s mix is typically off the wall, whilst Adrian Sherwood manages to create a wall of sound through his adventures in space echo. The All-Stars’ resident soundman The Alchemist’s interpretation of ‘Money’ is a bass bleeder from the start and is probably the track that fits easiest into the dub step category, but Kalbata’s might be the most innovative mix on the album. Israeli born and signed to Soul Jazz Records, his mix merges the tech sound into dub-step. Boston’s mysterious 10 Ft Ganja Plant and Canada’s Juno-Award winner Dubmatix both provide roots heavy remixes to the album.
2011 will be another big year for the Easy Star All-Stars with the release of two new albums. In the spring, the All-Stars will debut an album of original material written by members of the collective. In the second half of the year, the band will release another highly anticipated tribute album. No official word yet as to what classic album the band will reinterpret, but audiences can be assured it will have the same fresh and vibrant reggae sound that only the Easy Star All-Stars can deliver.
Tour Dates
10/1/10     Humboldt Brews     Aracata, CA*
10/2/10     Catalyst     Santa Cruz, CA*
Track Listing of Dubber Side of the Moon…
1.    Speak To Me/Breathe (In The Air) (Dubmatix Remix)
2.    On The Run (10 Ft. Ganja Plant Remix)
3.    Time (Groove Corporation Remix)
4.    The Great Gig In The Sky (Dubphonic Remix)
5.    Money (The Alchemist Remix)
6.    Us And Them (Dreadzone Remix)
7.    Any Colour You Like (Kalbata Remix)
8.    Brain Damage (Adrian Sherwood & Jazzwad Remix)
9.    Eclipse (Victor Rice Remix)
Bonus Tracks
10.    Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene (Border Crossing Remix)
11.    Money (Mad Professor Remix)
12.    Time Version (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix)
13.    On The Run (J.Viewz Remix)

SOho Restaurant & Music Club
THE LIONS backing THE HEPTONES + solo set
1221 State St., Santa Barbara, CA  93101
9pm start
Dub Quake Rhythm & Culture Festival
THE LIONS backing THE HEPTONES + solo set
Plus Michael Rose, Sister Nancy, Scientist with Roots Radics,
Stone Love with Rory, Buyepongo, Viernes 13, Jubilee Orchestra,
Jah Faith, El Haru Kuroi, Dub Club DJs and many more
Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
3 stages of music!
2pm start
All ages
Advance tickets $20

RastaEmpire.com is an online retailer that specializes in the Reggae and Rastafarian lifestyle products. Since opening in 2006, RastaEmpire.com has been dedicated to supplying the freshest Rasta clothing, accessories, music and books worldwide.
The Empire has the largest assortment of Bob Marley gear, Rasta wear and Reggae fashion at the lowest prices. RastaEmpire carries a wide variety of Rasta and Reggae jewelry, bags, footwear, headwear, and décor. If it’s available they have it.
Not only does RastaEmpire.com have the most complete selection of Bob Marley apparel on the internet, they have the most secure store. RastaEmpire takes every step possible to ensure the safety of customer’s personal information. They host their own servers and there are absolutely no third parties.
Customer satisfaction is a high priority to RastaEmpire.com. The Empire focuses on providing excellent and dependable customer service. There are RastaEmpire representatives available Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST to answer any questions about products, ordering and shipping.
Visit RastaEmpire.com to learn more about the Empire and check out their Rasta merchandise.
Join the RastaEmpire facebook to receive updates on new products and coupons at www.facebook.com/rastaempire .

The song was produced by 21st Hapilos/Cannon Productions. In a release to the media, Riley disclosed his reasons for paying homage to the contribution of the mothers around the world.
"This song is an anthem for mothers, and it is basically giving thanks to them for the never-ending contribution that they have given to the society on a whole," said Riley.
The song has been serviced to radio stations in Jamaica for airplay consideration. Riley disclosed that an accompanying music video is also currently in the works.
Riley recently returned to the island after making his debut performance in Aruba. The show, which was held at the Joe Laveist Sport Park in St Nicholas, featured Riley as the lone act on the bill.
"It was a great show and the support from the women and the children was really good. It was my first time performing in Aruba and it was quite an experience for me," Riley stated.
During his set, Riley reeled out bite-sized crunches of hits including Love's Contagious, Lion Paw, Far Away, Backbiter, Good Girl Gone Bad, She's Royal and Human Nature, among others.
Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Etana has been selected by the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership (CBMP) to raise awareness on their regional HIV/AIDS campaign.
This initiative is developed by a partnership of more than 92 leading TV and radio broadcasters in over 24 nations. The campaign seeks to inspire Caribbean youths to help stop the spread of the disease and reduce discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.
The involvement of the international reggae act takes the form of a series of public service announcements which will feature the singer speaking openly to motivate all to get tested and staying protected.
The campaign utilises the input of several influential entertainers across the Caribbean, who portrays a positive and respected image, to help with the fight against AIDS. Etana feels proud in playing an integral role in getting this message across to the millions of viewers and listeners.
The reggae singer recently travelled to meet with the organisers in Barbados, where her message to the public was recorded. The scenes will feature Etana sharing her perspective on the issue of HIV/AIDS by providing some insight on the topic. She shares her personal view and outlines the importance of getting tested.
Footage is available at www.iliveup.com which allows the public to be involved in the development of the campaign as it progresses. The final product will result in a grand promotion and advertising campaign to spread knowledge throughout the Caribbean, and the world at large.
Source: Jamaica Star

The Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music (CPR) will present reggae veteran Ernie Smith with the Pinnacle Award, its highest honor for an artist when he performs at this year’s staging of its annual Reggae Culture Salute, taking place in Brooklyn, New York.
Ernie Smith, whose recording career began in 1967 with his recording of his composition I Can’t Take It, is celebrating the re-release of a new album, Country Mile in this, his 43rd year in the business.
During the first five years of his career, the composer, lyricist and singer developed an enviable track record of delivering hit recordings which catapulted him to becoming one of the most prolific singer/songwriters in Jamaica. These recordings included such compositions as Bend Down, Pitta Patta, One Dream and Ride on Sammy which today remain highly acclaimed in the pantheon of reggae hit recordings.
In 1972, he arrived at a major plateau in his budding career when he bested more than 4,000 competitors from around the world to win the Yamaha World Music Festival in Tokyo Japan with his composition, Life is Just for Living, a feat which gained him international recognition and is credited with introducing Jamaican music to Japan. Reggae Legend Ernie Smith Still basking in the glow of his Japan success, Ernie Smith went on in 1973 to make several international appearances including Madison Square Garden in New York and returned home to be awarded by the Jamaican government with the Badge of Honor, becoming the first popular musician to be so honored.
The following year his composition, Play di Music, performed by Tinga Stewart won the Jamaican Festival Song competition, but two years later, his highly acclaimed recording, Power and the Glory, which raised questions about the nation’s development declaring “as we fight one another for the power and the glory, the kingdom goes to waste” caused him great strife, such that he thought it best to migrate to a safer environment.
Ernie Smith continued performing and recording from his adopted home in Toronto, Canada, where he is credited with bringing reggae to mainstream Canada before his 1988 return to living in Jamaica where he received the Independence Award in 2001, the Musgrave Medal in 2003 and the Order of Distinction in 2006, in recognition of his life’s work.
Ernie Smith is best known for reggae music but his talents are far flung. His love of country music is reflected in his recordings of several country hits including Chris Christopherson’s perennial favorite, Sunday Morning. He has also composed and recorded gospel music and his 1975 recording All for Jesus was included in the Caribbean School Hymnal in 2005 and in the Church of England (Episcopal/Anglican) Hymnal in 2010.
At Reggae Culture Salute, Ernie Smith will join other artists, including DJ Nahki of Japan in paying tribute to the late Sugar Minott who followed Ernie Smith’s path to become wildly popular in Japan. Other artists appearing at Reggae Culture salute include Big Youth, Tony Tuff, Mystic Bowie, Ancient Vibrations, Douglas Guthrie and Anthem Band.
Reggae Culture Salute marks the anniversary of the Coronation of his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and Empress Mennen on November 2nd 1930 and celebrates the unique relationship between reggae, Rasta, Selassie and Jamaica and the Pinnacle Award is named for the Rasta community of Pinnacle in St Catherine, Jamaica.
The event is open to a general audience, children, 12 and under, are admitted free of cost. Proceeds benefit the Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music, Inc., a Brooklyn based not-for-profit dedicated to raising the bar in the creation, production, promotion and presentation of reggae music.

Bruno Mars has the 'Liquor Store Blues' on a new song from his upcoming 'Doo-Wops & Hooligans ' album, in stores Oct. 5.
With ethereal, backing "ooohs," the reggae roots-infused track is mixed  with quite depressive lyrics: "'Cause my job's got me goin' nowhere / So  I ain't got a thing to lose / Take me to a place where I don't care /  This is me and my liquor store blues."
However, reverb effects in the bridge, along with Damian Marley's distinct verse, stamp it as a lively, reggae-flavored effort.
'Liquor Store Blues' is currently available on iTunes, and follows the release of the single, 'Just the Way You Are.' The song comes out just days after the Hawaiian-Puerto Rican singer's arrest for cocaine possession was announced.

The 2010 REGGAE FESTIVAL GUIDE MAGAZINE  is available to read onine in digital format, page-by-page:

Calendar listing:
Thursday, October 14, 2010
Peter Tosh Birthday Celebration Concert with
Tosh 1 and Sister I-Live, Nyabinghi Drummers
Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA
$15 advance/$20 at door
kids free
Doors open 8pm/Music 9pm
All ages
Out of Many One Productions presents the annual Peter Tosh Birthday Celebration Concert on Thursday, October 14 at the all-ages Ashkenaz venue in Berkeley. The doors open at 8 and the music starts at 9pm with Nyabinghi Drummers and then opening act, Sister I-Live. The headliner, Tosh 1 rounds out the evening’s festivities in celebration of the late, great Peter Tosh.
$15 advance tickets can be purchased at Ashkenaz. At the door, the tickets are $20; kids under 12 are free with paid adult, and students with student I.D. card are also $15 at the door. The Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community is  located at 1317 San Pablo Ave
In Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 525-5054.
Tosh 1, the youngest son of the late great Reggae icon Winston Hubert McIntosh, aka Peter Tosh, was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1980. He moved to Boston in 1985. He is currently an economics major at Northwestern University. After a great summer of festival performances, promoters are already asking the young Tosh back for more shows shortly after therafter.
“In Boston, Tosh 1 was introduced to rap and "That was when music was real,”  says Tosh 1, who started mixing the sounds of reggae with loops and samples of hip-hop in high school. Tosh has a love-hate relationship with the hip-hop genre, and believes many of its artists have gone astray, seduced by major record deals, fast cars and expensive clothes.
"The same revolutionary spirit that once inspired me has been transformed into everything it once detested"; says Tosh 1.
In 2000, Tosh 1 decided to record a couple of tracks in the studio, creating a hybrid sound that blended urban sounds, but still stayed true to the tenets of reggae and its messages of social change, activism and spirituality. "It was like second nature, like magic"; says Tosh 1. "People just fell in love with it."
Tosh 1 is a revolutionary artist with an impetus to right wrongs. "I give people food for thought" explains Tosh 1, "about waking people up. I am going to expose the system for what it is. We have to be more conscious of our life here on earth and stop complaining."
Tosh 1's debut album Babylon Burning is slated for release in spring 2011. He is currently back and forth to the studio, working on his new single "Wicked a Go Bun".
This summer 2010, Tosh 1 was very busy on the US festival circuit. He headlined the Maple Ridge Carribean Festival at the Memorial Peace Park in Vancouver, BC. Canada. He also performed on the Mid-West Reggaefest and the South Bend Reggaefest, and in Minnesota he performed on the Bayfront Reggae Festival, and in upstate New York, he performed on The Gig in the Sky Festival.
He was also booked this summer on the Montreal Reggaefest in eastern Canada. Tosh 1 traveled to Jamaica four times this summer for festivals there - The Life Fest, put on by Spragga Benz as a tribute to his son who was murdered, The Western Consciousness show, Bunny Wailer's show and The Negril Escape Summer Concert Series. Tosh 1 was embraced and very warmly received in Jamaica, the land of his birth. This October western U S tour will be a special treat for all those Peter Tosh fans who have been waiting for Peter's next release, and for the younger generations who never got to see Peter Tosh perform live in the flesh. Peter's youngest son, Tosh 1 has now taken the torch and moved ahead with youthful strength and vigor to carry on the work of his father.
For more information, contact Out Of Many One 917/834-0330 or the Ashkenaz
(510) 525-5054.
Contact: Peter Wardle
King's Music International
Phone: (510) 326-8445 or online at reggaeangl@aol.com

Ossie Dellimore's : : Freedom's Journal
Ossie Dellimore        
The Secret To Success
From Reggae Music
The Secret To Success is the opening tune from Ossie Dellimore's long-awaited follow up to "Freedom's Journal."
Reggae Music is a classic disc.
Eleven brand new songs plus 4 dubs. One hour of crucial modern roots.
16 page booklet with info and lyrics. Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.
Skank Records is proud to present Ossie's sophomore release to the world. This will be a serious contender for album of the year honors. Check it out.

Melekel : : Name of Song: Free Buju Banton Name of CD/Album: single release on Island def jam digital distribution
Release Date: September 26, 2010
genre: Reggae
additional genre: Dancehall

sites the single can be purchased:  www.melekel.com
Itunes (US, JAPAN, UK, AUSTRALIA,) Amazon mp3, Emusic, Rhapsody, Napster, Myspace.com 

Youtube Video Link for single:  
Description of Song:  
In a spirit of Dancehall fraternity towards fellow Reggae Roots artist Buju Banton (Mark Myrie) whom has been detained in a Florida Federal Facility since late 2009; Melekel
has released a single titled "Free Buju Banton" on Island Def Jam Digital Distribution.  
The single was written and produced by Melekel

"To eco what fans around the world feel, they want to see Buju free" says the Panamanian born Dancehall Reggae Phenom.
To date this writer has heard three good renditions honoring the captive Rastafarian soldier from artist such as Anthony B, Sizzla and now Melekel.
The video makes a comparison between slavery and the present day prison system, driven by images that capture one of the most evil acts if not the most in World history; the captivity and further enslavement of a Nation of people.  Although a sensitive issue the video is made in good taste with the point getting across from the first clip.  With an up tempo beat, catchy hook and on time delivery the single is a definite club banger.  

With special guest CAS HALEY 
Oct 01, 2010     Humboldt Brews     Arcata, CA 
Oct 02, 2010     Catalyst     Santa Cruz, CA 
Oct 04, 2010     Jimmy Mak's     Portland, OR (Cas Haley solo show)
Oct 12, 2010     Rockwood Music Hall     New York, NY (Cas Haley solo show)
Oct 14, 2010     Hare and Hounds     King's Heath, Birmingham UK  
Oct 15, 2010     Brewery Arts Centre     Kendal, Cumbria UK    
Oct 16, 2010     Electric Palace     Bridport, Dorest UK    
Oct 17, 2010     Subscription Rooms     Stroud UK    
Oct 19, 2010     Scala     King's Cross, London UK    
Oct 20, 2010     Academy 3     Manchester UK    
Oct 21, 2010     Roisin Dubh     Galway IRELAND    
Oct 22, 2010     Cyprus Avenue     Cork IRELAND    
Oct 23, 2010     The Academy     Dublin IRELAND    
Oct 24, 2010     The Stiff Kitten     Belfast UK    
Oct 26, 2010     The Wedgewood Rooms     Southsea, Portsmouth UK    
Oct 27, 2010     Student Union     Leeds UK
Oct 28, 2010     Sub 89     Reading UNITED KINGDOM    
Oct 29, 2010     Cheese & Grain     Frome, Somerset UK    
Oct 30, 2010     Phoenix     Exeter UK   
Oct 31, 2010     Waterfront     Norwich UK
Saturday, October 16
“Dear Dad” book signing @ New Karibbean City
Oakland, California
Sunday, October 31
The Beat Breast Cancer Music Festival @ King George Park V
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Saturday, November 20
Rotary Club Benefit Concert @ Truman Annex Waterfront
Key West, Florida
Tuesday, November 23
Acoustic set & book signing @ The Negril Escape Hotel
Negril, Jamaica
After the release of Mi Deh Yah in France this summer, Clinton Fearon and his Boogie Brown band are coming in Europe to present the new album live on stage. Enjoy!
Mi Deh Yah French Tour
October, 2nd @ Brise-Glace, Annecy (74)
October, 3rd @ La Fourmi, Limoges (87)
October, 6th @ Poste a Galene, Marseille (13)
October, 7th @ Gignac (34) details to come
October, 8th @ Festival Eklekzik, Luc (12)
October, 9th @ Tapis Rouge, Colombes (92)
October, 14th @ CC Paul Bailliart, Massy (91)
October, 16th @ Ferme de Gwernandour, Brasparts (29)
October, 22nd @ Usine a Chapeau, Rambouillet (78)
October, 23rd @ Festival Roots, Kingersheim (68)
October, 26th @ New Morning, Paris (75)
October, 28th @ Le Hublot, Nancy (54)
October, 29th @La Grange a Musique, Creil (60)
October, 30th @ Du Rock et des Vaches Festival, Andard (49)
Clinton Fearon in solo acoustic performances
November, 2nd@ Vooruit, Gent (BE)
November, 9th@ Grenoble (38) details to come
November, 12th @ Ebullition, Bulle (CH)
Check our website for update
Check our channel for live videos
Capleton/Romain Virgo/Munga U.S. Tour Dates:
09/22/10 New Haven, CT,  Toads Place
09/23/10 Portland, ME,  Asylum
09/24/10 Revere, MA,  Club Lido
09/25/10 Jamaica, NY,  Amazura
09/26/10 Hartford, CT,  West Indian Club
09/28/10 New York, NY,  B.B. Kings
09/29/10 Providence, RI,  Lupos
10/01/10 Norfolk, VA,  Norva Theater
10/02/10 Philadelphia, PA, Felton Supper Club
10/03/10 Albany, NY,  Armory
10/06/10 Raleigh, NC,  Lincoln Theater
10/07/10 Covington, KY,  Madison Theater
10/08/10 Columbus, OH,  Alrosa Villa
10/09/10 Chicago, IL,  Kenetic Playground
10/10/10 St. Louis, MO,  The Mansion
10/12/10 Denver, CO,  Cervantis
10/14/10 Albuquerque, NM, Sunshine Theater
10/15/10 Dallas, TX,  Preet Pavilion
10/16/10 Houston, TX,  Fitzgeralds
10/17/10 Austin, TX ,  Flamingo Cantina
10/19/10 Nashville, TN,  Bentley House of Soul
10/22/10 Stone Mountain, GA, Club Intrigue
Sat Oct 02 10  08:00 PM
The Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA - Irieside opening for reggae legend Pato Banton and the Now Generation Band!!!
Fri Oct 22 10  08:00 PM
The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA - TIMES:  6PM - Doors, 7:30 PM - Local A, 8:15PM - Local B, 9PM - COMMON SENSE, 10:30PM - PATO BANTON
Sat Oct 23 10  12:00 PM
Long Beach City College, Pacific Coast Campus in Long Beach, CA -
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars
1-04-2011, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Jamcruise 9,
9/30/10  Wilbert’s    Cleveland, OH
10/2/10   Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival Columbia MO
SOJA returns to South America!!!
November 12 Fortaleza, Brazil Biruta
November 13 São Luis, Brazil Lagoa da Jansen
November 14 Belém, Brazil Cidade Folia
November 16 Buenos Aires, Argentina Teatro Gran Rex
November 18 Porto Alegre, Brazil Opinião
November 19 Recife, Brazil Clube Português
November 20 Salvador, Brazil República do Reggae
November 21 Brasília, Brazil UNB
December 2 Lima, Peru EMBARCADERO 41 Bambu Station
December 8 Vitória, Brazil Ilhacústico
December 9 Juiz de Fora, Brazil Cultural Bar
December 10 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Fundição Progresso Groundation
December 11 São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil Estância Alto da Serra Groundation
December 12 Belo Horizonte, Brazil Mix Garden
The Melodians & Frankie Paul with The Yellow Wall Dub Squad Autumn 2010
Fri Oct 1:19 Brdwy. 17 Broadway Blvd., Fairfax, CA
Fri Oct 8: Club Envy 1500 Old Hot Springs Rd. Carson City NV
Sat Oct 9: Wave House San Diego 3125 Ocean Front Walk San Diego, CA
Sun Oct 10: The White House - 340 S. Coast Highway - Laguna Beach, CA
Wed Oct 13: Last Day Saloon.120 Fifth Street.Santa Rosa, CA
Thurs Oct 14: Ukiah Brewing Co-102 S. State St Ukiah, CA
Fri Oct 15: Red Fox Tavern. 415 5th St Eureka, Ca
Sat Oct 16:TBA Portland, OR
Sun Oct 17: Nectar Lounge  412 N. 36th St. Seattle, WA.
Tue Oct 19:The Top Hat. 134 West Front St. Missoula, MT
Wed Oct 20: TBA Salt Lake City UT
Thurs Oct 21:Ashkenaz 1317 San Pablo Avenue. Berkley, Ca
Fri Oct 22: Rhythm Lounge 245 Pine Avenue. Long Beach, CA
Sat Oct 23: SOHO 1221 State ST. Santa Barbara, CA
Sun Oct 24: Nakisaki 276 Fulton Ave Hempstead, NY
Robert Oyugi
Ujama Designs LLC
1107 12th St #517
Boulder, CO 80302

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 October 1
1954: British colony of Nigeria becomes a federation.
1960: Nigeria gains independence from Britain. (National Day)
1961: East and West Cameroon merge as Federal Republic of Cameroon. (Unification Day)
1963: Nigeria becomes a republic within the Commonwealth. (National Day)
1970: Yami Bolo (Roland Ephraim Maclean) is born in Whitfield Town (Kingston 13), Kingston, Jamaica.
1970: Founding of NORML

FLAVA SQUAD ENTERTAINMENT has offered a silent prayer for our brother BUJU BANTON as he continues his judgement in the courts of FLORIDA. I beg of each and everyone that view this to send a prayer to your GOD to be with him through this and for those with negative thoughts and the negative comments please read the words below !!!!!

A ...Better Tomorrow
Written by Selvin ‘Ewan’ McRae


I will try to live a life of love today
And of course tomorrow I’ll do the same
However I’m convinced that our actions
Are sometimes that not of ours, so who is to be blame
Don’t judge me for my work of yesterday
Pray with me for tomorrow is a better day
Give me a chance to do right and make it better
Remembering the race isn’t for the swift and time is the master
The strength of a man isn’t measured
By what he says he is able to do
But by the amount he has done or
Helped to get accomplished
Be careful of what we feed our minds
It will definitely become our thoughts
Our thoughts develops our actions
And our actions our habits
Our habits form our character
And it continues until the end of time
I’ve seen days where no rain was falling
Yet water poured down my cheeks
Had me thinking it was raining for days
Craving for love to fill this empty space
Felt like I’ve towed a heavy load
Thoughts running through my head
Hoping and wishing I was dead
Yet suicide I never contemplated
Our thoughts can go a long way
If we only look deep on our inside
Allowing our good thoughts to be our guide
So that in a better tomorrow, we’ll can ride

By Richie B, host – “HOT MIX” on Hot 102FM
 OCTOBER 1, 2010
TW            LW    WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01                 1            17            One Man – Vybz Kartel & Gaza Slim – Adidjaheim/Notnice (2wks@#1) NM
02            2            13            My Heart – Wayne Marshall feat. Mavado – Yard Vybz/Off Limits NM
03            6            10            Drinking Rum & Red Bull – Beenie Man feat. Fambo –Seanizzle Records U-3
04            4            23            Boss Lady – Toya – Downsound NM
05            5            10            Jeans & Fitted  – Vybz Kartel feat. Russian – Head Concussion Records NM
06            3            12            House Top - Mavado – Rose Gold Entertainment (1wk@#1) D-3
07            9            7            Nah Sell Out – Khago – Seanizzle U-2
08            7            20            Gal A Mad Over – Mavado – Di Genius (2wks@#1) D-1
09            10            9            Dem a Pree  – Mr. Lexx – Ward 21 U-1
10            11            14            Rightful Place - Edee – Unseen Lab U-1
11            12            7            For Your Eyez Only – Shaggy feat. Alaine  – K-Licious Music U-1
12            14            7            Life – Shawn Storm – Adidjaheim/Notnice U-2
13            13            8            Di General – Timberlee – Ward 21 NM
14            8             20            Clarks Pt 2 (Clarks Again) – Vybz Kartel – Head Concussion (3wks@#1) D-6
15              16            6             I’m Ok  – Beenie Man – Seanizzle U-1
16            18            6            Irie – Andrew & Wada Blood – Deewaan U-2
17`            19            4            Messiah – Mavado – Chimney Records U-2
18            20            5            Look At All These Girls - Nando – Heart to Art Music U-2
19            22            3            Touch a Button – Vybz Kartel – TJ Records U-3
20            15            15            Summer Break – Bugle/Chevaughn/Razz & Biggy – Notice Production (pp#4) D-5
21            23            3            Girls Night Out – David M – BGM Entertainment U-2
22            24            2            Wifey Walk Out – DJ Liquid – Seanizzle Records U-2
23            25            2            Not Scared Enough – Bounti Killer feat Angel Doolas – SANKOFA U-2
24            -            New            Stulla – Mavado – CR203
25            -            New            Jim Screechie – Spice – Equinoxx Production
TW            LW    WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            2            17            This is for Real – Ras Charmer – House of Hits (1wk@#1) U-1
02            3            18            Wanna Give You Love – Warrior King – Rootz Warrior Production U-1
03            4            16            Torn – Tony Anthony – Phylani Music U-1
04            5            15            We Shall Find A Way – Hezron – Hard Shield Records/Tads Int’l Records U-1
05            1            22            The Leaders – ELJAI – Jah Mix Entertainment/No Doubt Records (2wks@#1) D-4
06            7            17            Down in Jamaica – Kabbalist – Bamboo Music U-1
07            8            14            John Prophecy (aka Di Yutes) – Strugglas – Roaring Tone Productions
08            9            11            My Life – I-Octane – DJ Frass U-1
09            6            21            Free – Etana – No Doubt Records (2wks@#1) D-3
10               11            11            Life Caan Done – Princess Thundah – 619 Entertainment Group U-1
11               12            10            Wild Fire (Protect The People) – Tarrus Riley – Don Corleon U-1
12            13            9            Just as I Am – Misteree – Capsicum Records U-1
13            10            16            Tomorrow – G Whizz – TJ Records (pp#8) D-3
14            14            9            Still Got the Blues – Oneil Peart – Red Nile Music NM
15               16            8            Fight Without a Reason – KI – NTS Records U-1
16            17            7            Tears – Kurt Warmington – Infidelity Records U-1
17            18            6            Good Man in ur Life (Real Man) – Chuck Fender – Penthouse U-1
18            19            5            Fed up with the System – Capleton – Powermack Promotions U-1
19            15            24            Dance Like We’re Making Love/Sugar Dumplin – Nicky B – Feelin Records (2wks@#1) D-4
20            21            4            Comfort Zone – Busy Signal – Penthouse Records U-1
21            22            4            Who Give Di Order – Cerassie Tea – 2000 Plus Production U-1
22            23            3            Love How You Touch Me – Elvis D – Listen Up Records U-1
23            24            2            Summer Love – Denyque – Cashflow U-1
24               25            2            A Nuh Suh Mi Want Live – Nesbeth – Jan Bigs Production U-1
25               -            New            Justice – Ras Bogle – Global Life/Corner Street Records
TW            LW   WOC            TITLE/ARTISTE/LABEL
01            2            7            Hold You – Gyptian – VP Records (1wk@#1) U-1
02            3            10            Reggae Gold  – Various Artistes – VP Records U-1
03            1            12            The Hit List Vol. 2 – Various Artistes – Tads International Records (3wks@#1) D-2
04            4            9            Million Chance – Tony Anthony – Phylani Music NM
05            5            7            I-ternal Fire – Capleton – VP Records NM
06                6            6            D.O.B.  – Busy Signal – VP Records NM
07            7            4             Never Lost my Way – Ginjah – No Doubt/Flava Records NM
08         9            4            Herbalist – Chezidek – Tads Int’l Records U-1
09            10            2            Trodding – Natty King –Tads International Records U-1
10            8            12            Romain Virgo  – Romain Virgo – VP Records (3wks@#1) D-2
 Numbers in bracket indicate the number of weeks at the No. 1 Spot.
Key:   U – Upward, D – Down, NM – Non-Mover
TW – This Week, LW – Last Week, WC Weeks on Chart, PP in bracket – Peak Position
Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play

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40th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival 2010
Friday-Sunday, October 1st-3rd 2010
Madison Wisconsin
United States
1st Annual Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Sunday, October 10th 2010
United States
Caribbean Music Festival 2010
Saturday-Sunday, October 16th-17th 2010
Bonita Springs Florida
United States
Arroyo Seco Reggae Daze @ Miller's Lodge
Friday-Sunday, October 22nd-24th 2010
Greenfield Ca
United States
1st Annual Reggae-Zona Roots Festival
Saturday-Sunday, October 30th-31st 2010
Buckeye,AZ Arizona
United States
Reggae Culture Salute
Saturday, October 30th 2010
Brooklyn New York
United States
Ocean Breeze Music Festival & Conference
Friday-Sunday, November 12th-14th 2010
St. John's
St. John's Antigua
Bayside Rocks Festival
Saturday, November 20th 2010
Miami Florida
United States
Reggae Marathon
Thursday-Saturday, December 2nd-4th 2010
Byron Bay Reggaefest
Saturday, December 4th 2010
Byron Bay New South Wales
The Guatemalan/Mayan Gathering of the Peacemakers
Friday-Thursday, December 17th-23rd 2010
Santiago Atitlan Lake Atitlan
~Tribal Fusion Faire VII~
Friday-Monday, December 17th-20th 2010
San Luis Obispo California
United States
Reggae in the Rift Valley
Thursday, December 23rd 2010 - Sunday, January 2nd 2011
Shashamene/Adama Shoa
Friday, December 31st 2010 - Sunday, January 2nd 2011
Nairobi Nairobi Ke

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