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Lee Johnson Remembrance - Saturday, October 9


Lee Johnson, a long-time AYH and ASI sailor, died Friday, August 13. His long-time companion, Rosalie Pivarich (bench, center), sponsored a remebrance luncheon on Saturday October 9. Fifty of his friends met at Kensington's East Boat Launch to celebrate his Lee's life and share memories. 

Keelboat sailing, decommissioning and takeout opportunities


Be sure to contact Jon Buyle for one last timeshare of your favorite keelboat to end the 2010 sailing season. Also, please remember to support your maintenance captains and their assistants in preparing the keelboats for the winter. 

  • Keelboat Decommissioning will take place Saturday, October 16. See schedule below.
  • Boat takeout will occur on Tuesday, October 19, starting at 8:30 am.

These are opportunities to get volunteer hours in. During the following weekends, your help will be required in covering the boats.


Decommissioning of our four keelboats - Manitou, Voyager III, Overture and Interlude - is scheduled for Saturday, October 16 from 9 am to 4 pm

  • Please meet at the gazebo for donuts, hot cider and coffee
  • Chili and hot dogs will be served at lunch
  • Boat maintenance captains and station leaders, please arrive at 8:30

Interested in becoming a station leader? Please contact Marilyn Leece or Jessica Hogg, co-managers

The Interlake takeout schedule - Kensington


Who? You!

Where? Kensington East Boat Launch

When? Saturday October 23, 9 am to ??


- Coffee, hot cider and donuts will be served- Station leaders please arrive at 8:30

- Interested in becoming a station leader? please contact Marilyn Leece or Jessica Hogg, co-managers


Note: This will be Marilyn's last season as Level 1 Launch/Take-Out Leader, due to other ASI  commitments. If you are interested in being mentored for a position that is fun, educational,and you enjoy meeting new people, please contact Marilyn Leece

The Interlake takeout schedule - Stony Creek

At Stony Creek, decommissioning will take place on Monday October 18 at 5:30 pm. The utility trailer and the three Interlakes will then have to be trailered to Crawford Farm. If you can help with the decommissioning or the trailering, contact Heidi Dzendel.

The Election dinner meeting

We'll be electing three new ASI board trustees at the the October 23, 2010 dinner meeting at the Monaghan K of C hall, Farmington Road north of Seven Mile. 


So far, three sailors have accepted nominations for the three open spots on the ASI Board:

  • Lori Lozen 
  • Tony Calvas
  • Mike Perrin

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor, during the meeting.


The buffet menu consists of Baked Chicken, Veggie Lasagna, Baked Potato wedges, tossed salad and dessert

  • social hour - 6 pm   (cash bar)
  • dinner - 7 pm
  • election and meeting - 8 pm

Tickets are $18 per person: call Lisa, our ASI Sail secretary, 248-393-4280 for tickets. That's less than two weeks away! Call for your tickets NOW!  


Please note that we'll be holding the January Awards dinner at the same place, on Saturday, January 22. Details to follow, but put it on your calendar! That one you don't want to miss either! 

Prerequisite for ASI Level 2 Keel Boat Class - - Bill Lane

An important requirement for the ASI Level 2 Keel Boat program is that you complete and present a certificate showing completion of US Power Squadron or US Coast Guard Auxiliary Safe Boating / Basic Seamanship course before the start of Level 2 classes. The class must have a navigation component.  The class must be completed before you start the Level 2 class which is March 1, 2011. You are advised to take the course now because the course has limited or no availability in January. Any questions call Bill Lane 248-891-6125 or wjl6355@gmail.com


Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron


Time: Starts October 14, Thursday, and meets once a week for 8 weeks (no class on Thanksgiving) from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm.  I may be able to reduce the duration to 7 weeks depending on the students and their progress.   


Location: Lincoln High School,

7425 Willis Road, Ypsilanti, MI.  


This is located on Willis Road, 4 miles south of Ypsilanti and 2.5 miles east of US 23.  I will have the exact school entrance and room number shortly.   Cost: The total cost is $55.  This includes a $20 registration fee to Washtenaw Community College, the program manager for building use, security, IT services, etc.  It also includes $35 fee to the Ann Arbor Sail and Power Squadron.  This provides the student manual + 2 CDs.  One CD is electronic charts which I hope to teach.  The other CD is an animated and voice CD which covers the entire course so you can do it on your computer but I hope that students will read the manual.


Robert A. Buchanan

3045 Foxcroft     

Ann Arbor, MI  48104     

(734) 971-6589     BuchananRA@msn.com



Our man in Barbados

Richard Jagers, who is spending the winter in Barbados, sends frequent updates. Here's his latest:


Friends,went sailing today. solo in a 14 ft sunfish... fun but challenging cause wind kept shifting. when you got about 200 yards off shore you lost the island effect, and not as much wind shift, but the swells were larger then I wanted to deal with in such a small boat so i did most of it closer to shore. The swells were fun to ride back, like a surfer rides them.

Fortunately, they were not breaking that far out and it was smooth riding them in.


I practiced sailing between all the mooring lines and moored boats; one boat was weather-vaned pointing due east, yet the boat 50 ft away was pointing due south, so you can see why it was a little confusing. I didn't duck far enough and the main sheet went around my neck, so i had to let the sail out to keep from getting strangled. If i sail these small boats, I will need to become even more flexible so I can get way down in the boat on maneuvers.


I tried practicing some circles, but they were far from perfect. Almost flipped it once on a jibe, but hiked out and all was fine. The main sheet was too short, and I wish the tiller was 6 inches longer. It has a tiller extension, but I found it very awkward to use. One time on a circle the traveler wrapped itself all the way around the tiller extension, have no idea how that happened, but my guess is that with some adjustments that would never happen. I had to unhook the main sheet, in order to get the traveler unwrapped from the tiller. Of course the boat wanted to sail it's own circles since the tiller was then stuck. not something i would choose to do since the boat put itself on a run, but i was able to undo the clip, and quickly untangle it and hook it back up without loosing control. I washed both sides of the boat, by putting the rail under - but i wasn't going to push my luck and accidentally flip it with the gusts that were present.


The person who let me take the boat out told me to drop the main before I reached shore... about 50 ft off. Well, with an offshore breeze, no anchor, no paddle, no bailer (self bailing), once i dropped the main, i was slowly being taken out to sea. So i used the dagger board to paddle in from 100 ft. They all got a laugh out of it, but at least I didn't hit the boat on any hard objects. The water where i jumped off to walk the boat in was also deeper then I expected, so I got wet anyway. Normally they just sail up to the beach, but with all the storms the beach has many rocks that could damage the boat so he wanted me to walk it in. He denied the fact that he told me to drop the main... so I was the joke for the day. Never thought I'd use a chain stitch on a sunfish!


Wednesday is the big day. Tuesday we get the main back for Gypsy the 30 footer, as we took the racing sail off this week. The racing sail has been on for 19 months, it would not have hurt to use it to sail, but he wanted the normal sail back on. I should be able to get the basic electrical done tomorrow. Radio, GPS, running lights. Bilge and windlass are already working, as well as charging circuit, blower, solar and fuel pumps. We also got both engines running, one we are happy with, the other may or may not have a float problem on the carburetor. We need to fix the prop on the inboard, so I'll take my dive gear out and see what I can do with the prop. The rest of the electrical i will get done when possible. I could have had it finished, but he isn't as organized as I wish he was, and days that the water was like glass we didn't go to the boat.


We almost flipped the dinghy the other day, as a rogue wave came in as we were launching. I had installed a new baler in the dinghy, and we really needed it as we had about 6 inches of water in the bottom. of course everything got soaked - the one day I didn't put my tools in the dry bag. It took me 2 hours to clean them all when I got home.


2 engines running, but the dinghy motor is giving us trouble. It stalls out under load. but if you take the cover off, giving it more air it is much better and won't stall. We have tried everything, but have no ideas what else to try. Talk later, I'll let you know how the sail goes on Weds.


I did tie a round with two half hitches to the stanchion, but as the painter was wet it slid up to the round. dinghy didn't go anywhere, but was further out then we wanted. So next time I'll tie a round with the two half hitches near the round. This worked as I could hold the painter with one hand and tie it with the other. There is no cleat midships.

2011 Keelboat classes - - Bill Lane

Become a Level 2 Captain and sail the Level 2 O’Day 28' Keel boats Interlude and Overture on Lake St Clair. Learn the basics of: navigation and GPS, docking a keelboat, anchoring, keelboat sailing, radio operation, boat systems, rules of the road for power boats, and much more.


  Prerequisites are:

  1. Declare sailing ability by submitting a sailing resume to head of Level 2 instruction.
  2. Be an ASI member and Level 1 Sail Pass holder with all volunteer hours up to date.
  3. Complete and present a certificate showing completion of US Power Squadron or US Coast Guard Auxiliary Safe Boating / Basic Seamanship course before the start of Level 2 classes. The class must have a navigation component. 

Sail longer and farther than ever before!


Contact Bill Lane, Level 2 head instructor, for details248-891-6125Email: wjl6355@gmail.com




Level 3/4 class for 2011


Level 2 sailors, it is not too early to be think of joining the level 3/4 class for 2011

Sail to interesting ports such as

  •       Thames River
  •       Port Huron/Sarnia
  •       Goderich
  •       Kincardine
  •       Port Elgin
  •       Harbor Beach
  •       Tobermory
  •       Killarney

Georgian Bay and the finest cruising area in North America, The North Channel. Explore beautiful coves such as: Covered Portage, Snug Harbour, Marianne cove, The Pool and Browning Cove


Learn advance navigation techniques and enhance your knowledge of GPS

  • Do off-shore sailing work
  • Advanced anchoring
  • Boat provisioning
  • Crew organization
  • Sail to a destination overnight
  • Prerequisite are to have a Level 2 sail pass and work hours current, and to sail the Level 2 keel boats 8 times, 4 times as captain and 4 times as crew.

Contact Bill Lane for details 248-891-6125  or Email to wjl6355@gmail.com

One more thing...


The ASI Burgee is now on an 'as needed' schedule. The next one will be - well, we just don't know! It depends on input! Please send your Burgee input to asidon@comcast.net 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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