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Rosemary Gladstar at Conference Booksigning
Halloween is just one way to honor this time of year. Many other cultures honor it by celebrating and remembering their sacred ancestors during Day of the Dead feasts. The two started out as one celebration, when folks left a feast out on the doorstep for the ancestor spirits who would come masked to retrieve it.  
Corinna's Corner
Corinna WoodCelebrating the Season
The significance of this Cross-Quarterly Holiday.
Corinna Wood, Director, Red Moon Herbs & Southeast Wise Women
Some of you may know the quarterly holidays fairly well – Spring and Fall Equinox as well as Winter and Summer Solstice. If the year were charted in a circle, these points make a cross both down the verticle middle and through the horizontal center of the circle. Between each of these points are what’s known as cross quarterly holidays. These are Imbolc (early February), Beltane or May Day, Lammas (early August) and Halloween, which falls halfway between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice.
Fall ColorsIn times of old, the cross quarterly holidays closest to Winter Solstice were celebrated on  the new moon and those cross quarterly holidays closest to Summer Solstice were celebrated on the full moon. 
So this year, by today's solar calendar, the fixed date of Halloween is, of course, Sunday, October 31st. But if we were to celebrate it in the old ways, it would be November 5th, the date of the new moon, also known as Lunar Halloween or Lunar Samhain.
I love the holiday times that fall around Halloween--I delight in watching the kids in my rural community walk through the woods from house to house to trick-or-treat. It also a marks the time of the year that moves into the darkness, winter, and inFall Herbsward quiet time, which is precious to me, my work, and my family. Further, as is known in many other modern cultures, this is the best time to honor and remember our dead. It is often said that the “veils between the worlds are the thinnest” at this time making it an opportune time to learn about, create, or attend Day of the Dead ceremonies.
From a medicine-make perspective, this is the beginning of the root harvest. The bulk of our harvest takes place in November and December when perennial plants send their energy down below the ground for the winter. We’ll soon be harvesting dandelion, yellow dock, poke, burdock, echinacea, and comfrey roots.
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Over 800 Turn Out for the 6th Annual Conference
Southeast Women's Herbal Conference
Photo Contest Winner
Winning photo by Sarah Nunez
With expanded classroom spaces and more efficient meal service, we were able to accommodate over 800 this year! We are thrilled to watch the Wise Woman community continue to grow.
Highlights included Saturday night with ALisa Starkweather, followed by a deep-woods fire circle with hundreds of women; deliciously sunny fall weather; and the team of inspirational teachers.
Rosemary Gladstar delighted us as always! And she was delighted too: "You’ve all done such a wonderful job of creating a delicious feast for the spirit! May our Sister Women’s Circle continue to grow together, circles connected in heart space, intention and spirit!"
Rave reviews from participants are rolling in as well:
"This conference is a well spring of Earth-honoring women and teachings! I met such wonderful women from all over who enriched my weekend, and some who will enrich my future.  The planning was excellent, the volunteers were amazing, and the setting was perfect.  A blending of the elements among like-spirited women.  What's not to love?  Kate Stockman Hendersonville, NC"                
"This was my third herbal conference and it was amazing! Every year, our group has increased, first six women, then eight, now over fourteen. This year was amazing because several of the women in our group brought their mothers and families! We are healing a legacy and infusing it with wisdom for the future and it feels so good! Thank you for the opportunity :) Abbey Brewer Marietta, GA"  
Photo Contest Winners
Photo Contest Winner
Photo Contest Winner
Winning photo by Anei Lo
Winning photo by Jude Lally
The three photos above are the winners of the photo contest. Thank you all so much for your submissions. Winners received $50 Red Moon Herbs gift certificates. Congratulations!
To see the photos full sized plus an Honorable Mention that we just couldn't resist, click here.
Our video contest winner is Mollie Curry. To see her video clips, click here.
Keep in Touch with the Wise Woman Community
Connect with the SE Wise Women Online Forum! 
In the spirit of supporting and extending our connections throughout the year, the Southeast Wise Women Online Forum was created to provide an easily accessible space for us to come together and learn, make new friends, reconnect and contribute by sharing our knowledge and experience as we give voice to the Wise Woman Tradition in the Southeast United States.
Regardless of your familiarity with the tradition, as a member of the forum we encourage you to participate in discussions on topics such as herbal medicine, the conference, or simply express what's in your heart into a circle of wise women. Every member contributes with their presence. We hope to see you there!
SE Wise Women Forum
Wise Woman Immersion
The Wise Woman Herbal ImmersionThe Wise Woman Immersion
May 23-28, 2011

with Corinna Wood

We've extended our "Conference Special."

Registrations postmarked by November 1 will still qualify for the $175 discount. Just mention this offer.

Imagine a world where women are truly empowered,
health care returns to our communities,
and reverence for the Earth pervades our culture.
We can create it,
one wise woman at a time...
“Such an enlightening, empowering, experience!”
Judy Schmutz, Beaufort, NC, 2010 Graduate
“Corinna, your life's work is changing the world!”
Jennifer Martineau, Savannah, GA, 2010 Graduate
New Labels
Our new labels on their rack.
Red Moon Herbs' products are all dressed up in their fancy new labels!
After a year of editing, altering, adding bar codes, toiling over supplement panels, updating artwork, and working with new printers, the new labels are in the workshop and on the bottles.
The big public debut was at the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference where conference attendees sampled and shopped at the Red Moon Herbs booth.
Expect to see the new labels up close and personal the next time you order or pick up Red Moon products at a retail outlet.
New Red Moon Herbs labels
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