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Parent Talk Essentials Pre-Publication Offer
Yes, Parent Talk Essentials is at the printer's! And yes, we have been promising you a knock-your-socks-off pre-publication deal! 
But first, Parent Talk Essentials: How to Talk to Kids about Divorce, Sex, Money, School and Being Responsible in Today's World doesn't need a special deal to make it worth the $14.95 normal selling price. How to talk to your kids about divorce, sex, money, school, and being responsible is worth $14.95 any time. This paperback book has over 300 pages jam packed with verbal skills for effective parent/child communication. 
  • You already know that our previous books, workshops, and radio and television appearances have helped countless parents move closer to becoming the parents they really want to be.  
  • You already know, whether writing or speaking, we offer practical solutions that can be used by real parents working with real children. 
  • You already know that parents, grandparents, professional educators, coaches, caregivers, and others who work with children have found our work inspiring and useful.  
  • You already know we have struck a responsive chord in those who believe working with children is a sacred and honored responsibility.  
The special offer is coming. Hang on!
  • How do I motivate my children to do school work? 
  • Sibling rivalry is increasing in our family. How do I stop it now? 
  • How and when do I talk to my child about sex? 
  • My teen doesn't seem to care about anything. Now what? 
  • My child doesn't appear to know the value of money. Am I doing something wrong? 
  • Their father is a bum. How do I tell them? 
  • My daughter won't take responsibility for her choices. How do I fix this? 
  • My son's friends are a bad influence on him. Should I forbid him to see them? 
Here comes the Special Offer.
We know this valuable collection of successful strategies for helping parents raise responsible, caring, conscious children is worth $14.95. We know that you know that, too. We also know you will invest $14.95 to learn effective Parent Talk that will help your children, tots to teens, navigate life's challenges concerning divorce, sex, money, school, relationships, being responsible, and other important issues. 
You probably don't need a special deal to order this collection of valuable parenting information. Well, we're going to give you one anyway. To sweeten this deal, we are going to send a bunch of  FREE material to each of you who orders Parent Talk Essentials. By ordering this book before the publication date of  December 10, 2010, you will receive… 
Parenting with Purpose through the Holidays by Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman 
E-book (a $9.95 value coming to you FREE)  
This exciting holiday E-Book is filled with inspirational and practical ideas to make this your best family holiday season ever. It includes how to build meaningful family traditions that extend your values, ways to connect with your spouse and children from a heartfelt space, and it provides a wealth of fun-filled learning activities for your children that will keep them occupied and interested during the holidays. This publication is only available via the internet. Read it on your computer, or smartphone; or print a copy for use later. 
Special reports by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller consist of practical advice that you can put to use immediately with your family. Each report deals with a specific parenting concern such as ending morning madness, eliminating whining, etc. Each report offers step-by-step advice to help you handle a typical parenting problem. 
Consisting of important how to's, helpful do’s and don’ts, timely lists of ideas, and valuable steps to parenting success, these Special Reports will help you become the skilled and loving parent you always wanted to be. Each report sells for $4.00. When you order Parent Talk Essentials with this Pre-publication offer, these 24 Special Reports come to you FREE. 
1.   Banishing Bedtime Blues Tips for getting your child to go to bed at night without a struggle. 
2.   Creating a Blended Family: The Do’s and Don’ts Ideas to help you create a harmonious and nurturing blended family. 
3.   Dealing with Lying: The Do’s and Don’ts Ways to help your children develop truth telling as a virtue. 
4.   Discipline That Builds Healthy Self-Esteem How to raise responsible children without using discipline techniques that reduce a child’s self-esteem. 
5.   Effective Discipline: The Nine Myths Help in sorting through the most often believed discipline myths so you can strengthen your own personal parenting style. 
6.   Ending Morning Madness: Tips for Getting Children Ready in the Morning Create peaceful, relaxed mornings with these parenting strategies 
7.   Explaining World Tragedy to Children Learn what to say and do when your child sees TV images of destruction and human tragedy resulting from a natural disaster. 
8.   First Overnight Stay: Getting Your Child Ready How to create an overnight experience for your child that will be fun and comfortable for him or her and reassuring for your family. 
9.   Five Best/Worst Things You Can Say to Your Children About War and Terrorism War and terrorism dominate most newscasts. Tips on what and what not to say to help you children cope with these stressful topics. 
10. Grace-Full Parenting Twelve important strategies for infusing grace into your parenting style. 
11. Guilt Tripping Refuse to be a parent who causes children to feel shame and guilt for their actions. Learn how to communicate honestly without sneaking shame into the equation. 
12. How to Invest in Your Children This Summer Learn the importance of investing in your children by investing in experiences, not in things. 
13. Make Yourself Dispensable Ten ways to make yourself dispensable in your child’s life, each of which will help you move closer to your goal to raising an independent, autonomous, fully-functioning young adult. 
14. Parenting Commitment Quiz: How Committed Are You to Raising Caring, Confident, Responsible Children? Are you a committed parent? Do you place family first? Is your success at home as important as the success you achieve in other areas of your life? Find out here. 
15. Playing the Sporting Game Regardless of the sport, if you want to show support for your child while encouraging and teaching good sportsmanship, the guidelines remain the same. 
16. Reducing Aggression in Your Child: Four Steps You Can Take Now How to deal with a child who exhibits aggressive behavior at home or school. 
17. Role Modeling Quiz: How to Tell If You’re a Great Role Model for Your Child Take this quiz to find out what kind of role model you are for your children. 
18. Six Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher at Conference Time Questions that send a strong message to your child’s teacher that you’re serious about raising a responsible, caring, confident child with a well-rounded academic experience. 
19. Spoiling Children: The Seven Myths Learn whether you’re buying into any of these common myths about spoiling children. 
20. Talking to Children about a Parent in the War Zone Do’s and don’ts for helping children deal with the emotional stress of having a parent in the war zone. 
21. Tattle Tales Tips for dealing with tattling. Helping children distinguish the difference between tattling and reporting. 
22. The Ten Worst Things to Say to Your Child Words can empower and words can wound. Check out what effect your words are having on your children. 
23. Toilet Teaching: The True/False Quiz See how you fare in the toilet teaching of your child with this quick true/false quiz. 
24. Winning the Whining War Guidelines for how to stop whining about your whining child and take effective action.  
Yes, you get all 24 Special Reports FREE when you order Parent Talk Essentials. 
And that’s not all!
You will also receive our FREE E-Course on Praise! 
Good Praise/Bad Praise How To Praise Your Way To Creating An Emotionally Healthy Child 
by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller. Three weekly e-mail sessions ($12.95 value, coming to you FREE.)  
This E-Course is divided into three sections that will be delivered to you at a rate of one a week. Each lesson will give you valuable information about praise, many examples of the skills being presented, and opportunities to apply the skills to your own life.  
You will learn the three types of praise and be able to tell which ones help your child develop self-esteem, confidence, and an internal standard of excellence. You will also learn how to recognize the most harmful type of praise--the one that builds praise junkies and teaches children to rely on the opinions of others for measures of their self-worth. 
You will be exposed to examples, quizzes, and exercises that will help you develop a style of praise that is most difficult for your child to deny and has the greatest potential to transform your child into a caring, confident, responsible youngster. You will learn to praise in a way that will give your child verbal messages that she can use to develop a strong internal sense of self-esteem and worth so she can become her own source of encouragement, her own source of motivation, her own source of reward. 
This E-Course is skill-oriented and practical, and offers ideas you can put to use immediately with your family.  
That's the deal.
You order one copy of Parent Talk Essentials and we send you a bunch for FREE stuff.  
You get…Parent Talk Essentials…and…  
  • Parenting with Purpose through the Holidays (E-Book by Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman) 
  • 24 Special Reports dealing with typical parenting problems)  
  • Good Praise/Bad Praise How To Praise Your Way To Creating An Emotionally Healthy Child (E-Course by Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller) 
Special Note:
Parent Talk Essentials will be mailed to you as soon as we receive copies from the printer. We expect that to be December 10, 2010. 
The e-book, Parenting with Purpose through the Holidays and the 24 Special Reports will come to you immediately via email.  
Good Praise/Bad Praise How To Praise Your Way To Creating An Emotionally Healthy Child will arrive via email in three weekly installments.  
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