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Gratitude Shares

Some of the names below are changed for confidentiality.)

Session with Dr. Laurie and my Husband who passed over.

"Thank you! Thank you! He kept his word. He came to me
as you said he would."

M. Bailey

Session with Dr. Laurie for my dogs.

Two of my dogs fought all the time and everyone saw it. Dr. Laurie said they had a grudge with one another from a past life. She told them to let it go. After years of fighting, they stopped after she talked with them. It was a miracle.

I have spoken to several intuitives who were vague but Dr. Laurie nails it right on the head. She puts words to feelings I had but could not quite pin point. She is the real deal. What a beautiful comfort she gives.



If anyone had told me that the root cause of a crippling belief hidden away in my unconscious could be uncovered and transformed in a short thirty minute phone session with Dr. Laurie Moore, I would never have believed them. However, that is exactly what happened.

I met with Dr. Moore because I have suffered from guilt and shame for years because I believed I failed as a mother with my youngest of three sons. He has told me that he believes I am missing the ‘mommy gene’. I don’t meet his criteria for showing up as a good mother, mother-in-law or grandma.

I was a single parent for most of his childhood. There wasn’t much time to bond with any of my sons because I had to work full time. Of the three boys, he seemed to march to a different drummer, and he still does. We haven’t been able to reach agreement about much of anything. The breach between us has grown wider as he has grown up, married and had a family. What has made it even more heartbreaking for me is that they have my only two grandchildren, whom I see rarely, if at all.

I have read dozens of books dealing with family psychology, spiritual transformation, and forgiveness in my attempt to figure it all out. I’ve taken classes and attended seminars dealing with self-healing and communication issues. I haven’t been able to make any of the teachings work in this situation.

Just prior to my session with Dr. Laurie, I was at the end of my rope, so to speak. I hadn’t spoken to him in over a year. I would have given anything in the world to be able to be at peace with our relationship. However, going into the session I wasn’t holding much hope that it would eliminate my suffering. She surprised me right at the beginning by skipping my whole sordid story and asking me to simply identify my feelings about the breach with my son and his family. This was a new approach for me because I spend most of my time in my head and have difficulty even identifying my feelings. I’ve spent a lifetime stuffing them because of my fear of disapproval and rejection.

Dr. Laurie has the ability to create a very safe space for her clients. She calmly and gently encouraged me to locate the sadness, frustration, hopelessness in my body. It was amazing to me how quickly I felt it all in my solar plexus area. I felt nauseas and almost gagged. I was shocked that my body immediately reacted so strongly to my feelings. It was so unpleasant I didn’t want to stay there. Dr. Laurie calmly asked me to sit with it and in it and observe if it changed or moved at all.

After a few moments of sitting in it despite the nausea, the feeling shifted from mostly frustration to enormous grief and sadness. She asked me to feel the sadness as fully as possible and notice if it moved in my body. It felt immensely deep, dark and empty. As I allowed myself to feel the fullness of sadness and hopelessness over the shattered relationship, the grief and sadness moved into my heart. I felt as though my heart would break in pieces.

A panicky feeling then emerged. My fear was palpable that I would die if I tried to hold the visceral sense of sadness and hopelessness in my heart. Then a very strange thing occurred. I felt dead. I was cold and stiff. I felt the damp earth weighing down on me and pushing me deeper into the earth. I sensed that I was about to descend into a bottomless dark abyss.

Dr. Laurie asked if I would be willing to sit with the intense grief for awhile and see what might come up. At first I said I didn’t really think I could do that. It was actually becoming quite terrifying. I felt totally alone while descending into an endless inky darkness. My mind was frantically trying to understand if what I was experiencing was indeed my actual death. What would happen to me – my-self if I stayed with this feeling?

Would my life be over because I never got my son’s approval of me as a mother and grandmother? The answer came instantly. Not only would my life be over, but I was being condemned to the eternal darkness and separation of hell for failing to fulfill my only purpose for living, which was to be a good mother. My anguish was unbearable.

Everything was becoming blacker, cold and alienating in every way imaginable. I still had the sense that I could choose to escape the whole experience. However, I sensed it was of major importance that I stay and let go of any resistance. If I surrendered to the void, I would be giving up my sense of being a separate self and the awareness that “I am” an individual soul, conscious of my beingness.

Since I felt so hopeless about the situation, I resigned myself to my fate and accepted my sentence to eternal separation or annihilation for failing to be a good mother. It became even more black and cold and alienating in every way imaginable. Dr. Laurie assured me it was safe to feel the experience of a hellish separation for a little while. “Just be with it”, she said very calmly. I resigned myself to just be in it.

It was what she said next that broke me wide open. She quietly asked if I could think of this space as being “The Beloved”. As she said the words, “The Beloved”, a monumental shift occurred inside me. It felt miraculous. The cold endless blackness was instantly transformed into what felt like a warm, dark velvet cocoon that was completely secure and totally loving.

My mind was immediately confused because I couldn’t equate overwhelming love and peace existing in a total black nothingness. The Beloved Divine Presence was supposed to be all Light, not a black void. In my heart however, I was experiencing the endless void I’d always feared as being hell, as actually being the Divine Love of the All that Is. It was so wondrous that I dreaded the thought of any light interrupting this peaceful nothingness. Any light would interrupt the soft peace, introducing choice to the mind to separate things and judge them. In the warm, dark void every-thing was all one; and yet, there was no thing. Words do not or cannot describe this space of oneness filled with an infinite peace.

When Dr. Laurie gently suggested that I consider inviting my son into this peaceful no-thingness, I resisted the idea at first because I feared losing the wondrous peace I was experiencing. However, my fears evaporated almost instantly in the sea of calm I was floating in. As I thought of him he appeared in front of me smiling with eyes filled with love. We both recognized in that moment that our lives were perfect. We realized we were playing roles in this lifetime to teach us to love authentically. We laughed together at how well we are performing our roles as protagonists in our relationship. The whole idea of judging each other’s performance as mother or son seemed ridiculous. There was just great love and gratitude between us. At the same time I felt there was no separation between us.

As the session came to an end, I was speechless at first. I was stunned to realize I had been linking my children’s disapproval of me as a mother to being condemned to hell. With a belief like that I could never or would never be free of guilt and shame. It would always push me to play the victim to their demands, craving their approval.

Dr. Laurie suggested that it’s probable that my belief that a woman is only valued if she is a good wife and mother is an ancestral one. Societies and religions have implanted this belief in women for centuries. Many women now and in past generations may believe the guilt and shame is theirs alone. They don’t realize it may be linked to the belief that they deserve God’s judgment. It is buried so deeply in the unconscious that it is nearly impossible to access it. Thankfully, Dr. Laurie’s guidance through the process enabled me to feel safe enough to delve into my deeper feelings, face the fear of total rejection and go into the dark void. I was guided throughout to get out of my head, or ego mind, and experience how my suffering thoughts affect my body.

I don’t think it is possible to access the void of no-thingness and experience the Truth through the ego mind. Our resistance to feeling our deepest fears is too great. But with Dr. Laurie’s encouragement to experience my feelings in my body, I was able to face the fear and descend into that dark void (which I had considered evil or hell). I absolutely had to experience the separation of hell in order to experience it being The Beloved.

Since being liberated from the crippling belief that I must have the approval of my sons to have favor with God, my view of my relationship with them and everyone else has shifted. I no longer judge any of it ‘good or bad’. It is all the One Infinite Presence. My only responsibility is to experience myself and everyone else as being one with that Presence.

As we play our human roles we are all perfect mirrors for one another to learn how to be whole. The frictions between us only reveal where we are out of alignment with the wholeness of our hearts. They are not intended to be excuses to judge and condemn each other. We are all connected in consciousness or spirit. There is no separation between our hearts.

Every time I catch myself thinking thoughts of separation, good, bad, right, wrong, ugly or beautiful, I go back to The Beloved beautiful black velvet void. I allow all those suffering thoughts to soak in that peaceful space of the velvet Oneness until they disappear.

I have a new and deeper understanding of Jesus words, “You shall know (experience) the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free”.


I was waiting for our session to begin and I had been expecting a phone call from Dr. Laurie. About 10 minutes after the time we had allocated our session, I got a 'hit' that I should close my eyes and to tune into Dr. Laurie. As I did this, I saw her etherically working on my heart chakra. She was pulling what looked to be grey and darkish mist from my chakra very quickly with her arms. As I watched the scene unfold, I could see and feel my heart area feel lighter. I saw the light around my heart clear to an emerald green within a few minutes and felt an ease within take the place of discord. I saw then, 3 flames being placed in this chakra in the colors of pink, blue and gold. This completed our session. I sensed that at any time I felt 'off' emotionally that I could repeat this visual. The visual being that I would rotate my heart chakra, like a propeller engine in front of me and behind until I could see and feel the emerald green color clear and glow. I have felt a peace in my soul since that first session. This shift was particularly noticeable to me as my sister had just passed a few weeks earlier after a very long struggle with ALS and I had been feeling grief and distress during the last weeks of her life.

Thank you Laurie for your assistance with this lesson in trusting and going with the flow. It exceeded my expectations and gave me a wonderful tool that I can quickly use if I find myself in a zone of emotional discomfort. However, since our etheric session I have only found the need to do this one time.




This way of focusing works. I felt very hurt for many years. Now I feel light in the dream of my life. I know I am not the dream and I can create the dream from light.

Here is what happened. I attended a phone group with Dr. Laurie Moore. During the group I felt like I was about to die. I felt something was about to choke me. I felt so scared that I took four Tylenols after the group but this did not change anything.

While I was feeling this terror, Dr. Laurie emailed me. She said that she felt I was very scared and she would assist. She said she would not leave me in this state. It was very late at night so she said she would help me right now, if I chose, or first thing in the morning. She assured me that energy was trying to move me to heal me. She promised me that on the other side was something wonderful I had not felt before. She told me of similar experiences she and other clients of hers had encountered. I felt I trusted her so I said she could call me.

She called right away. She lovingly invited me, and nudged me, to face the fear completely. She suggested that I “fully merge with it, welcome it, and give my complete attentiveness to it.” She promised me I was safe. This was so different than therapy where I had had talked about the childhood sexual abuse but left with a huge heaviness. For decades, I had carried this burden with me everywhere. I used to leave therapy feeling worse about it.
I was able to fully feel my terror with Dr. Laurie on the phone. Then, I found a lightness I never knew before. I was freed. It was that simple. I was happily shocked. Could it be so simple? It was!

I am certain that Dr. Laurie Moore's 9 step process is going to help many many people all over the world. The first time I used the process I came out tangibly different, feeling light. My husband noticed immediately. Usually he is not interested in these kinds of programs but he signed up immediately.
After attending the group he said, "This took me to place of peace and bliss that is new to me. I never experienced this before. Dr. Laurie lives her work and practices the 9 steps for real situations in her own life. During the meetings, she was faced with a very harsh challenge. She told the group about this personal matter. She shared how she used the steps and how this freed her. I like the sincerity of this."

Another time I felt very stuck. I was tortured emotionally by the mistreatment that I received from my mother. She disliked me as long as I could remember. I never knew why. She favored my sister. As an adult, going through a challenging illness, I unexpectedly moved into my mother’s home. My heartache about my relationship with my mother was immense. I called Dr. Laurie.

Once again, something that had burdened me most of my life was lifted away in an hour. I began to feel and smell roses everywhere, literally. It was surreal and I cannot explain it. I don’t understand it, but in fully feeling the heartache, I began to feel loved and well. I saw that my thoughts about the people who did not like me were neither fully true nor real. I felt unconditionally loved by Love itself.

During my talk with Dr. Laurie, I saw my Grandmother, who died years ago. She was in my room. I can’t explain that either but it felt very real to me. Emotional pain I was carrying all the time, for a long time, simply disappeared. My Grandmother, who loved me, was there to help.

It's funny -- odd funny, unusual funny -- but as I am watching this video of Gangaji, I think of you, Dr. Laurie. I feel about meeting you the way Gangaji describes meeting her teacher, Papaji.

I think the background to the foreground and the foreground to the background analogy is perfect.

For whatever reason -- through being at the veterinarian's office with Christy in Kentucky at the right time, I heard about you and called-- I was supposed to meet you, to be taught by you. Boy, am I glad . . . .

I first spoke to you because I was grieving the loss of my beloved canine. You let me know exactly what my dog had to say to me. Then, I felt peace over a situation that was heart-wrenching. Later on, you helped me to find peace inside myself, as myself.

Thank you for emanating white light, warmth, and blessing as you teach me.

Lynne ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Laurie:

There has been so much that has happened. One of the main reasons I am able to deal with this crisis with my Mom in the hospital is from your help last Saturday.

You told me so much about my Mom that turned out to be true. When I told her she became your fan.
You see, I had never shared the kind of relationship with my mother that I longed to have. I was her care-taker. After you spoke to me, very unexpectedly, I felt the impetus to talk to her directly. I told her how her treatment of me was affecting me. You called this step number 5, changing the environment with addition.

I think, hearing from you, that she was being given an opportunity to change for her own happiness and learning, helped me to talk to her. Instead of keeping it all to myself any longer I spoke.

She responded very well. Something shifted between us. I told her what you said about her experience of being in the hospital even though you never met her before. She verified that it was accurate. You just knew. Now, Mom and I are enjoying each other in a way that I have always wished for. It is a miracle. She calls me “her best friend!”

You first assisted me by letting me know what our animal friends had to tell us. This helped us a lot in a variety of ways. Later on, you helped me to change my relationship with my own mother. Thank you.

A month later it has continued. Things couldn't be better with Mom and I ... a lot thanks to you! This is the first time in my life I feel true love from her. She is so much kinder now too.
There is so much to tell you. I can't wait to see you.


I called Dr. Laurie because I was in intense despair. I ended a marriage. I made this choice because my ex-wife’s addiction to alcohol and drugs was affecting our relationship in adverse ways. She was refusing to get help. I gave all I could. I began to feel hopeless and relapsed into drinking alcohol, something I had given up 100% consistently sixteen years ago. Out of self-respect, I returned to A-A, got a sponsor, cold turkeyed the alcohol, and made a decision to complete my marriage.

It was an emotionally painful choice though I feel , the most self-loving choice. I felt agony over ending the relationship. I felt I was a failure. At age 54, I didn’t think I would have the chance for a good marriage again. I really lost hope in life. I was smoking a lot and not doing much of anything. I had no desire to be involved in life. I was uncomfortable around people, feeling judged and paranoid. My wife had said negative things about me that had gotten in deep over the years. The friendly, service-based, loving person I had known myself to be was missing.

My beautiful dog honked the horn in the car numerous times during my first session. I was embarrassed. When Dr. Laurie said, “I think your canine-friend wants you to find your joy again” it felt true. At the time, I didn’t know that Laurie was an animal communicator as well as a counselor. I thought she was just speculating. Later I found out that she was listening to my dog.

During the first two sessions, Dr. Laurie taught me step one, gratitude, and step three, feel fully. When I practiced the steps, I felt deep peace for the first time since my crisis, but assumed it was just momentary. Sr. Laurie encouraged me to practice the two steps diligently throughout my days.
During the next three weeks I turned inside out. I found my heart was fulfilled. I remembered the person I had been. I opened up spiritually in a new way, feeling deep love of God I had known years ago, immense gratitude, and a new kind of joyous peace. I became very joyous, profoundly so. I started to surf again where I was approached by sea lions and seagulls who sat with me and shared reverent awe. A whale breached in front of me. Divine Ma was giving me grace right and left!

Serendipity took me to people and places that helped me to trust what I was going through. My faith in being in relationship again down the road was revived. Now I enjoyed being with myself in a state of love and appreciation for life. I became eager to start each day. Each morning I woke up and meditated, excited about the surprises that would unfold as I lived life.

When uncomfortable feelings arose, I brought them to the sessions with Dr. Laurie. She sat with me, encouraging me to feel fully. I moved through layers of terror, emotional hurt, guilt and sorrow, finding more tranquility and faith in LOVE each time. I saw a DVD of Laurie’s teacher Gangaji and felt I could give up smoking in time. It no longer felt impossible. Dr. Laurie guided me through the layers of fear that were leading to my smoking. My empathetic nature feared overwhelm. Smoking was like protection. Until I was moved through the layers of feelings connected to smoking I really didn’t know why I felt addicted to it. Dr. Laurie assured me the right time would come to quit and that we would continue to move through the layers until that time arrived. She encouraged me to use step 1 (gratitude) to focus on the bounty of grace I was living in. I felt more at ease for my imperfections, more in touch with the love of God that was most important to me.

I asked Dr. Laurie if she had experienced the oneness like Papaji. Gangaji’s teacher. She said, "It is always right here, Scott. Everything else filters through it. Where inside your heart is the oneness not?" Then I realized I was held as all oneness, Each situation seemed miraculously connected to the others.

I began to reach out to people in love. A woman I met said that she was at war with herself because she could not forgive herself. I looked into her eyes and said, “It is okay that you cannot forgive yourself yet.” I watched as relief came over her face.

Synchronicities began to occur. I found out that my roommate knew Laurie’s teacher Gangaji.

My natural inclination to serve grew huge. My Mother was hitting the nurses when I got to the nursing home. She was very angry. “Mom, “I said, “Let’s go out and have some fun.”
“I am not going anywhere,” was her reply. I practiced step 3 (fully feeling) and step 5 (witness the movie as inherently valuable) in silence. My Mom looked up and said, “Okay, let’s go!” I was amazed. We went to town and her demeanor changed to joy.

My beautiful canine friend became very happy. She had been exhibiting lots of nervousness, loss of hair, and barking in upset while I was down. Now That I thrived so did she. The hair grew back, the barking lessened, and her demeanor softened into ease and delight. We experience exuberance together.

We both are watching the movie unfold, We are one, my beloved canine-partner & I. Dr. Laurie, yesterday’s experience is unlike anything I've ever had. Think it was in its purist form: Unconditional Love that had no limits. It's inside me opening up. You were right there with me. Thanks so much for sharing your gift. This is huge for me. My canine-pal is happy. I feel like a little kid in a candy store. Went to my first yoga class where I met like-minded souls. My canine buddy was sleeping in the truck outside in peace.

I'm so much better and I really feel I have you and Braco and of course my soul to thank.
I'm smiling and singing and dancing all over the place these days. Nothing seems to bother me.

Findings of this “qualitative” research study:

Peace and Love will find their way through every openeing allowing.....

I pray that all people and animals who can benefit from this work find the way to it and receive it FULLY and Cleanly in universal Love.

I pray that RECEPTIVE, HIGHLY-ETHICAL organizations WHO WILL BENEFIT, COME IN CONTACT WITH SLN TEACHERS. That these steps be used to cleanse and rebuild teams as well as individuals around the world is my purpose-aim.

Thank you to Divine Ma, Source, God, Goddess, and All Additional Ways we name the Light and Love!

For your own session please call me at 831-477-7007 or visit the link below.

Dr. Laurie Moore

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Message to YOU

Animals send pictures, feelings, and words via their hearts. Humans do also, but cover this up, with other intellectual maps at times. So when I am speaking to an animal or a person and the person says, "how did you know all this, when I gave you no background?" it is because I am LISTENING to their heart. I am listening via the universal heart. When we listen to the universal heart we find there is only one heart with many flavors, voices and beings running in waves through Her/Him.

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Internet Television
Akua Lona with Dr. Laurie Moore
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This show, Akua Lono was developed as an arena for people
to receive positive shifts, changes, awakenings, transformations with self ....or just to drop by to learn more about an animal friend.

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An Article about Animal Communication

Animals speak to us by sending images, words and feelings telepathically, heart-to-heart. By learning how to speak to animals, we enter new states of consciousness. We may find our “I” to be dissolving into a steady Peace and Love. We may find ourselves held in a Oneness that is a complete answer to many of our life-questions.

We come into deeper fulfillment as we learn the language of domestic animals, wild animals and even insects. We are invited into a love that takes us home. We discover that joy, peace and love are born before circumstances. We begin to emirate waves of fullness into life, into others. In time, we discover the Oneness that holds us all and find our “I” to be dissolving into a steady Peace and Love.

I have helped people to enter into animal’s worlds for many years. Often a person will call me with an innocent desire to understand his or her animal companion better. Following this inclination, frequently leads to a spiritual birth. Sometimes people contact me because their animal is facing a challenge. Commonly, this leads to a healing for both the animal and person. The healing is naturally created when the person comes into more resonance with their animal friend.

Sometimes people call me for help because as an animal is getting ready to pass, has just passed or is getting ready to reincarnate. People get a strong sense when a loved one is going to leave or return. Animals help to guide their human friends in each of these passages.

One time a dog named Cisco told me that he would grow yellow flowers in his person’s garden after he passed. She thought I was very off because a) there were no yellow flowers in her garden, b) an animal cannot plant flowers and c) an animal on the others side certainly cannot plant flowers! I felt embarrassed about her response but had learned to trust the animals’ sensitive and astute predictions. Over a year later, she called to say that Cisco had passed and that on the date of his birthday, mysterious yellow flowers grew in her garden.

In my book, The Cat’s Reincarnation and Unconditional Trust in Love, I share the story of a dove who taught me to look into my own soul for contentment. I let you know about a moth who taught me how to vibrate peace. I celebrate an owl, who sat by my driveway, in the middle of the street, so that I had to stop the car, and discover a great reverence. I share about a hawk who helped guide me into awakening. I talk all about my cat, Jessie, who reincarnated, taking me into unconditional joy.

The animals have been my teachers and guides in many ways. I believe that we can find new ways to allow personal and global Peace to evolve, as we listen to the animals.
I will be answering personal questions about your own animal friends, alive or passed, over via phone, skype, or in person when you book a session below.

Dr. Laurie Moore

Set up an animal communication for yourself and your beloved animal friend(s)

Ongoing Television: Universal Love & Animal Communication

For you who enjoy television, thanks for your patience. We experienced some ripples as we learned that every television station has unique expectations for how we edit! Thanks to Dana’s diligence, we will have many new episodes that fit requirements for many. They will begin to air in EARLY 2014. Sorry for all the many many delays.
Press the link below for a a list of television stations:
Thank you to all our hosts around the country!

press this link than scroll way down


Miraculous Couple Break Throughs

Hi Dr. Laurie:

Everything is AMAZING, we are so in love and have been sooo happy. We feel thankful we came to speak with you when we did. We both wish we would've done it sooner.

We've been getting along great, had one or two little argument but moved on and hugged it out and it was over and done with in no time. Feels great to be free of that resentment.

My husband has been doing really well. The anxiety and worry he was feeling has improved a ton and he's feeling much better. He hasn't had the angry feeling he was experiencing; it makes me feel really good to see him feeling good.

We've been working together to get things ready for the baby and he has been in full-on "nesting" mode right along with me. It's very sweet. He is making a real effort to change his ways with regard to me taking on the domestic duties and is helping me out with dinner more. It makes it much easier for me to do those things without his help too. Just knowing he wants to help me has made a big difference.

I'm doing really well myself. The work we did dealing with our loss has seemed to free my mind from feeling so overwhelmed when the thought of it comes up and I am thinking of this baby in another way. I can feel the one we lost still but this baby is also with me and I can see this life as being separate from hers. My husband has struggled several times thinking of her and has slipped calling this baby _____; painful for both of us but we are there to support each other and we get through it. Even though we still grieve her, we are doing better.

We are both so impressed with how our lives together have improved in such a small amount of time. There may come a time where a refresher course is needed but at the moment we are feeling strong and content with where we are.
Thank you for everything, big hug!
Much Love,_____ and ______

Dr. Laurie:
I was getting couple hours of sleep a night, heartbroken and feeling deeply hurt. She felt so hurt and frustrated she was going to leave. Several sessions later we are getting along wonderfully.

I want to express my gratitude to
you for the past few sessions.
You have helped me immensely
and I have stepped into my clarity
and power and masculine presence
much more, just as we discussed.

The first few sessions moved the
emotional sludge and then the
last one brought in the clarity
that enabled me to see that I
don't have to 'become that man'
or 'grow into it'. I just chose to
allow that part of me to come
into full presence. My partner and I
have stepped into a virtually
brand new level of life and love

And if any stuff comes up along the
way, I'll stay in this presence.


Dr. Laurie:
I was going to leave and now I cannot imagine being with out my husband. We have returned to gratitude in place of uproar!
Thank you!

Couples Counseling

New Gratitude Shares

I loved the animal communication training group yesterday. It was fantastic.
I just read the Santa Cruz Sentinel article and I had no idea you were into all the things that the
article lists. I feel really lucky to have found you.
I love your style of therapy too.
Can't wait for our next one!

Hi Laurie,

I have been meaning to email and tell you how spot on some of your comments were about our pets.

Lila’s description of being not emotional and light (that is a subtle description with a cat but really nails her). She has always seemed detached (in a good way). Her wanting the door left open. Boy do we know that!

Shanti description of being simple and peaceful and still inside and how she needs time alone could not describe her better. And the comment about sounds, no extra sounds in the house etc. That is major.

Nikos description of being eager to do a job but not sure what is so like his energy. And being needy and wanting to be included and be doted over and be the center of things. Wow!

It was really quite amazing how well you pin pointed their personalities. Does that happen with most of your readings or sometimes more than others?

Anyway thank you and I wanted to give you feedback on how accurate it was.

Oh yes and the comment about my being a hidden people pleaser but not something you would know from my personality. I could really relate to that but doubt if anyone would get that about me. That was Lila’s observation.

Thanks again.


Amazing session Dr Laurie! Thank you! So much is still coming up to see the light of day! Finding you has been an answer to a prayer.

I would like to set up another session.

In Gratitude,


Dearest Laurie,

I just watched your Buddha at the Gas Pump interview, and I must tell you I was moved to tears, and my heart exploded in a million pieces. You were giving voice to my very own deepest heart and soul, things I have known and lived by my entire life, and taught my children as well. To feel the deepest love, oneness with, and reverence for all beings, human, animal, plant, insect and rock, for ALL are God!!! My children are in their thirties now, and they still come and thank me for teaching them this all encompassing love. Here, in brief, is why:

There was a beautiful awakening in this story, as a very young child. Our apple trees were in full bloom, covered in white flowers, and they had a wonderful sweet fragrance. The air was warm, and there was a soft breeze. There was a strong urge to be completely immersed in all that beauty, to be one with it. I started climbing up into the tree, and my senses became intensely heightened.

The coolness of the bark on my fingertips as my hands grasped the branches, the sweet fragrance that filled the air, and the bright, clear blue of the sky, all flooded my awareness. I reached the upper branches, and a breeze lifted me, and swayed me gently. Just then, the whole world fell away. There was just a living, breathing ocean of gold, shimmering Consciousness, composed of the most exquisite love, more love than I had ever imagined, and all sense of “I” disappeared.

There wasn’t anyone with whom I could share this, not parents, not friends. No one knew what I meant. My sense of “I” eventually returned. Then I met two Gurus. As I sat with these ones, the “I” fell away, just like before, and I began to follow their instructions to chant and meditate, and I began to open my home to anyone who was drawn there. There was a strong urge to help relieve the suffering of “others” still caught in the illusion. This sadhana, holding Meditation Retreats, Shaktipat Intensives, and serving everyone with love has gone on for decades. Now, the doer is falling away, and there is no longer much desire to do anything. There is just the present moment.

Just this. Just this. In you is found a perfect emanation of That Presence, and, here, it shines out in great joy and light in the recognition of Itself. Consciousness finding Consciousness.

I love you on the deepest level that love exists. All of existence is love. Thank you for being an expression of that inexpressible love!

Many Blessings and Much Love, Deborah Hawes

Each of our animals has gone though a transformation in action or since you spoke to them and us. So have we. We are all in a more silent, aware place. Thank you!
Alice and Greg

I felt overwhelmed and stuck. During the session I shifted to bliss and joy. Thank you.

Thank you, Dr. Laurie! I felt frozen before the session, afraid to work with animals who might report being abused. During our session I went through the layers of my heart from blame to anger to sorrow to tenderness to love. Next I went through layers of missing to joy.

Hi Dr. Moore,
I am just writing you to thank you and to tell you how much our lives have changed since we started seeing you. I use the tools you taught me with meditation everyday. I have overcame so much with the help you gave me. Your work has truly changed me. I love how my life has changed and it's all thanks to you. Thank you so much.
Alma and Tyrone

What you just spoke to me on the phone, and how you invited me to relate to myself is the single most important gift I have ever received in my life. Thank you. This love is circling back on you.

Hi Laurie,
My dog is back!
I am so grateful for your help, clarity and support, even from a far. I ran through pastures looking for her for the last few days and finally today with your words in my head and my heart filled with hugs and love for her I found her in a random area nearby.
I am so grateful for your support and hope that you are feeling great and in joy wherever you are.
All the best and so much gratitude to you,
With love,
~~~~~~ (Some names are withheld to respect confidenitality).

Finnegan, my dog, gets very excited whenever we are going to talk to Dr. Laurie. Then after Dr. Laurie and he speak he gets becomes very calm.

My cat has been snarling at people and won't let anyone pet her. But when Dr. Laurie met her, she walked right up to Dr. Laurie. She became very calm. The shift lasted.

Thank you for this wonderful session. You confirmed what I also felt about my canines. Mojo came up to me to wag his tail right as we ended. It has been a real pleasure and I will be in touch with you again.

Dear Laurie:
There has been so much that has happened. One of the main reasons I am able to deal with this crisis with my Mom in the hospital is from your help last Saturday.

There is so much to tell you, you were right on with with your predictions.

I can't wait to see you.

I found your session so uplifting and I am so grateful for that. You are a treasure.

Thanks so much, Laurie.
It is so incredible. I had the worse migraine before I called you. Normally I would have cancelled everything to go to bed but I was desperate to make the session-call. I even thought I may need to stay at home today because I feel so bad. After the session-call the migraine was gone as if never here. I went to bed but got up again because I could not sleep. I stayed on the terrace for another 2 hours till 2 am, not being tired and not thinking anything (Finally, just being in peace and at ease with me. )
Thank you so much,
Big hug,
Have a great day!
Hope I can ask you soon again for support and hopefully not only when I am so desperate.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Thank you is I can say right now. You gave me an incredible time. I knew it was worth it and very needed. I will keep you updated with the latest news. You are really special. I am looking forward for the recording to hear the session again to make notes. I promised myself not to judge what I said or not said. I had totally forgotten how much it can help to get the right support! Thanks again.
You are an Angel on my pathway.
Hug and love,

Laurie, Laurie, Laurie...
Thank you so much for the amazing book on Creative Intimacy. Wow! It is so right on the money and so what I needed to remind myself that love can be. So sweet in a relationship is what love can be. It is also so sweet to remember all of who I have been and will be in relationships. This is truely a masterpiece that you so intuitively receivedd. It is perfect for myself as well as everyone I know.
Thank you , thank you , thank you.
Love , Love, Love,
PS. I am savoring the time and moments of reading your most insightful, honest, intriguing, masterpiece, Creative Intimacy.
Megan Lynch

Dear Dr. Laurie:
It's funny -- odd funny, unusual funny -- but as I am listening to this / watching this video of Gangaji, I think of you. I feel about meeting you the way Gangaji describes meeting her teacher, Papaji.

I think the background to the foreground and the foreground to the background analogy is perfect.

For whatever reason -- through being at the veterinarian's office with Christy -- I was supposed to meet you, to be taught by you. Boy, am I glad . . . .

Good morning, Laurie -

Thank you once again for all of your care, expertise, and support.

I am in the midst of preparing a presentation for an upcoming convention with other animal care practitioners and education providers (the IAAMB / International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork). My topic focus is related to "how telepathically connecting with animals and related paths can help us as practitioners move through our own stages of transformation in a state of openness and grace that that can become a foundation for what we are able to provide for our clients".

Included in this I am aiming to touch upon some of the key things that have helped me so profoundly on my own path of transformation, and continuing to work through challenges as they arise on the journey. I would be very honored to have you permission to share reference to your Success Love Now program and the private session work we have done so far, and your upcoming series as well. This has been a major step for me since December. Referencing this time frame and the work with you as a key transformation point is something that feels important to me to share in a very authentic and deeply grateful way.
Carol Schultz
Founder and Executive Director of Animal Spirit Network

I am truly moved by our open heart, Laurie.
You are a treasure on this planet. you are a light!

"Laurie you are an amazing writer and a generous giver! I was tongue-tied to receive 5 books from you all the way from USA to Uganda for free! You even incurred shipping costs. Your books made me smile and my 4 other friends. This is very incredible and hard to believe since we had never met physically!"
Bahemuka Joseph

Hey Laurie,

I said to my wife this morning, "If Laurie Moore does come to Europe again we are not ever going to be the same." And I mean it.
When I listened to your CD and looked at your website, steel doors started slamming shut inside my head!
No-one can be that happy without having a down side! She has a girlie voice! Girlie voices can't say profound things! She talks about fairies and masters etc. she should keep that to herself! She says we are universal love? How can we be universal love when we are killing each other? On the phone she talks to people about pain and colors moving around their bodies - isn't this all just new age rubbish?
I know you are NOT putting on a show. I see innocence, spontaneity, intelligence, honesty and love in you. (My wife also has these qualities.) I haven't ever seen a teacher like you before. You are a one off (A British expression which means something that cannot be repeated or reproduced, i.e. happening once). ...and I can't quite get my head around where you are at. That's why I want to see you in Brighton!
Thanks for holding the space!

Dearest Dr. Laurie,

my name is Izabela. I'm Polish, but now, for a while, living in Ireland, where I study "ritual chant and song".

I saw in youtube giving some satsangs and also, in the film where you are speaking with Gangaji. This all moved me so much. So I just feel strong impulse to write to you this few words, to say "THANK YOU THAT YOU ARE".

When I am hearing you, my heart is open and full of Love. Your presence is so special and awakening this deep soul missing to become one with all beings, to experience what Gangaji, Papaji, Ramana Maharishi and all teachers are talking about, to stop inner struggle and come back to Home, to what is pure Love and Light. I miss it so much. I know this place, but do not always know how to go back there. Or maybe deep inside I know, and I have just to hear more carefully...

I am so grateful for your being, sharing wisdom, and for all your work. And I feel like many thinking that I would like to tell you are beyond words, so instead of writing more I'm sitting in silence, closing eyes, concentrating on my heart...I feel that in this place we can meet, independently of the distance.

I send you lot of Love.
And may all beings can feel the unconditional Love, space of true-self and great silence.
God bless you,
Izabela Mlynarz

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the phone seminar, at the end this evening, my heart was full and swelling. I can´t remember experiencing my heart like that before."
Jane Gould

"This class is beautiful beyond measure. You are bringing the collective into the awareness of all, and orchestrating the synapse in each of us to become a part of the Whole. Thank you for this beautiful class. It is so amazing to feel and understand how this process can feel so private and so collective. Thank you for the sacred space that you create. And I am having so much fun.
Love to you, "
Kristin Thompson

I have listened to success love now oh, what a wonderful course. I am most grateful for you! I can't wait to be a part of the remainder of the sessions.
Many thanks,

"Dear Dr. Laurie
I've been listening to the weekly SLN audios, enjoying them thoroughly and reaping lots that are of value from them. The deep and authentic manner in which everyone shares what they are experiencing speaks to my soul and provides me with an inner knowing that all is okay, no matter what the outer experience might be providing. I appreciate the way you allow others to live with what they are feeling and move through it in their own way when it's their time to do so, rather than trying to distract them from their feelings, or fix things. It surely would have been wonderful to have had this type of support back when I was in that dark night of the soul state on other occasions.
I'm grateful for the essence of you and sincerely appreciate your sharing yourself with us in the open manner in which you do. Often I wonder if you fully realize the humongous positive, and loving, impact you are having on so very many lives, and thus helping to spread the energy of pure love throughout.
There are two occurrences which bring me back to this moment in total awareness and joy. One is when you laugh. Your laughter causes me to just be right where I am with my silly self, and my entire being laughs and smiles all over. Thank you! The other occurrence is when my kitty meows. His little meow is like that of a baby bird chirping When I hear this little chirp coming from his rather large fuzzy body, I laugh and smile all over. I am feeling much love and gratitude for you both!
Thank you again Dr. Laurie. I remain your friend in love and gratitude. . ."

One of the most marvelous benefits I have received from the success love now program is the ability to release very deep feelings in the moment. This has opened my heart wider so I feel more compassion for myself and others. I feel more joy too. With that so many other things happen. So many possibilities occur. I really appreciate Dr. Laurie Moore's wisdom, knowledge and generosity."
Margaret Arnold

I am always amazed at how the ease and softness comes into the success love now calls and gatherings. I am amazed that as soon as I come on to these calls or enter the gatherings the energy is so available. I mean it is always available but in these successes love now calls and gatherings with Dr. Laurie Moore it comes right in. That's why some times I do not speak much on the calls or at the gatherings. I am immersed in the amazing grace of the energy.
Debra Matthews

The Success Love Now work is helping me every day of my life. Words will never express the gratitude I feel
for all the support, help and love you gave us."
Jane Brown Smith

It is not often one can really connect with a counselor. Both my daughter and I did with you and you facilitated a solution I did not see. I am so excited and grateful. God chose to anoint you to do this work and you do it with excellence, kindness and love. You love well. I am incredibly grateful for you. These patterns were so destructive and now they are being broken.
Thank you,

This process allowed me to release trauma that continued to plague me after therapy. I used to leave therapy feeling worse about it. I am certain that Dr. Laurie Moore's 8 step process, success-live-now is going to help many people all over the world. The first time I used the process I came out tangibly different, feeling light. My husband noticed immediately. Usually he is not interested in these kind of programs but he signed up immediately.
Lynne Wagner

This process took me to p a place of peace and bliss that is new to me. Dr. Laurie lives her work and practices the 8 steps for real situations in her own life. I like the sincerity
of this.
Dave Wagner

Words will never express all the help, support and love you gave us. I use this process every day."
Dianna Greene

The relationship success love now process was so deeply appreciated. We both really enjoyed the work we did with you. We already feel a lot more openness and ease in our communication. We had reached a point of anger and meanness toward each other and are now both experiencing lots of spaciousness and love.
Ken Freeman and Ellen Dean

Dear Dr. Laurie:
I want to tell you how amazing the calls are for me. You can tell that I go into another world. I love that place you inspire into the world. Thank you.
Debra Matthews

I raved about your work to a man and his dog so you may be getting a call from him. I am very selective about teachers and this by far outweighed my expectations. Thank you!

Thank you for working with me , Dr. Laurie. I can now feel at peace now having lost my husband.

What I love most of all about your sessions is your laugh. Thank you so much. I told a friend of mine about your work. She had never heard of this kind of work before and was very happy about the session she did! Thank you for helping my dog and I over the years. You are an angel.
Kathleen D.



Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator

For counseling please go to and type in zip code 95065 or find Dr. Laurie at Thank you.

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