Neat November Knits


Hi! I didn't have much time to knit anything in the past month, so for the November newsletter I decided to knit words and crafts together. I spent one night (November 1st) on doing these small accessories. Here are my neat November night knits along with a few definitions of the word neat from the Macmillan Dictionary and from the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Click on the image next to the definition for the link.

Pink and Purple Bracelet

Felt bracelet with wet felted beads





Definition NEAT


carefully arranged and looking nice







Purple Purse

Small felt Purse with yellow ornament  (can be a  key or a card holder, you can put a crochet hook in it)


Small and neat!





Definition NEAT


small and pleasing in appearance








Woden  Button Wrist Warmer

Felt wrist warmer with a spalted maple button.


Simple and neat!





Definition NEAT

marked by tasteful simplicity





Coconut  Button Bracelet´╗┐

Felt bracelet with a coconut button.









DEfinition NEAT

producing a result in a simple but intelligent way






Purple Brooch

Felt Flower Brooch


Nice and neat!





Definition NEAT

good, nice (mainly American informal)







Have a nice ... November!

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