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Six Easy Ways to Help the Orphans

Besides turkey and pumpkin pie, what do you plan to make this holiday season? At the top of my list, in no particular order: A Difference. Smiles. An Impact. It's so easy to help the kids without spending a dime extra!

When you shop Amazon...

... use the rebate link
The books you buy on Amazon can help us build the library at Tsurupinsk Orphanage. Anything else you find on Amazon also gets converted into cash for the kids. That's because up to 6% of each purchase goes directly to An Orphan Smiles.
Total raised to date through Amazon: $1,000

Here's the link

Anytime you shop Online...

... use iGive
Pretty much anything you can buy online can bring donations to AOS. Simply register with iGive, then sign in and start your shopping from the iGive website. Better yet, download the iGive toolbar. It automatically keeps track of your shopping so you'll never miss out on a donation.
Total raised to date through iGive: $500

Join now: Here's the link

Visit our eBay Auctions

AOS regularly sells fun stuff on eBay. From children's books to St. John couture, you never know what you'll find.
And if you're looking for a beautiful gift, be sure to stop by silver_fever2006's jewelry auctions. 10% of select sales goes to AOS.
Total raised to date through eBay: $1,500

Auctions benefitting An Orphan Smiles

Collect Box Tops

We've all seen the little logo... did you know it's worth 10 cents apiece? You clip 'em and send 'em in, we sell 'em on eBay. This way we turn Box Tops into cash -- not just for AOS, but also for the school that buys them from us. A true win-win situation!
Mail Box Tops to An Orphan Smiles,
PO Box 175, Kimberton PA 19442-0175.

Not Just Cereal: List of Participating Products

Double your Donations...

... with Matching Funds
Many companies match their employees' charitable donations. So next time you make a gift to An Orphan Smiles, check with your employer first to see whether they will match your donation. The HR department is usually a good place to start. You can also search for your company using the link below. It is set up for the Lymphoma Society but will give you an idea.

Matching Funds Look-Up Tool

Give or Request a Donation

The time of gift exchanges is upon us. Honest, how many times have you given or received stuff nobody needs? This year, instead of knick-knacks, consider giving or requesting a small donation to An Orphan Smiles. Maybe some fruit for the kids... or art supplies, or a contribution to our travel fund? Let your family and coworkers know what you really care about! We'll send a beautiful card to acknowledge the gift.

Click Here for In Honor & In Memory Gifts

Happy Holidays from An Orphan Smiles!
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An Orphan Smiles • P.O. Box 175 • Kimberton • PA • 19442
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