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Happy New Year 2011!

All our very best wishes to our customers

for the coming year.


May your garden grow, your plants thrive, your flowers bloom, your vegetables flourish and may you obtain deep satisfaction from your connection to the earth.


Peace, Love, Plants...




We sold all our Christmas Trees!!

Thank you to everyone for supporting our

Christmas Tree sales!


Out with the Old! In with the New!

Sales! Sales! Sales!


50% off all remaining Christmas items:

Ornaments, decor, artificial trees, mulling spices, candles, etc.


50% off Josephina glass vases:



25% off The Import collection:



30% off Torre & Tagus Home Decor:



30% off glass turtles:








Come by and see the exciting new varieties of perennials, shrubs and drought tolerant plants now in stock.



Bob Brock Returns!


  Just before Christmas we had a surprise visit from Bob Brock and his wife Kathy, the legendary owners of "Bob's Nursery & Florist", which was the name of the businesses at 201-207 N. Sepulveda for many years. Indeed Bob built the building Deep Roots Nursery now occupies. Both he and Kathy look extremely well. They are living the good life in Northern California growing olive trees, raising chickens and keeping bees. It was a treat to see him again. He has only been back once before to visit since he sold the business, and that was to help with the plumbing!



Deep Roots Free Classes

We will begin holding free gardening classes on Saturday mornings. Classes will be given by Jon, Jermaine or Barbara. Our full schedule will be up on our web site on an ongoing basis but here is a tentative list of classes. (Subject to change):

January 15 - General Principles of Pruning

January 29 - Orchids 101

February 12 - Succulents 101

February 26 - Citrus 101

March 12 - Spring Veggies 101

March 26 - Tomatoes 101

April 9 - New Plants for 2011. Brand new plants for this region, not easily found elsewhere

April 30 - Native and Drought tolerant plants. Why are California Natives so scarce?

May 14 - Beneficial insects


So bring your questions and your notebook! No need to sign up just come along to Deep Roots Nursery. Classes start at 10:00 AM



Problems with the Phones

We have problems with our telephone system which is controlled by mysterious electro-magnetic forces in league with the Verizon monopoly. This is an ongoing saga and is entirely out of our hands. Sometimes the phones work, sometimes they don't. Who knows why? Sometimes when you call our numbers you hear a message saying the phones have been disconnected or are no longer in service. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS MESSAGE! No matter what the message is imagine us tearing our hair out at Deep Roots, with CJ or Jon spending hours on their cell phones trying to get it fixed. We apologize for this situation. We are doing our best to fix it. When you drive past Deep Roots Garden Center HONK if you hate Verizon!!!



Valentine's Day Arrangements

Valentine's Day is only weeks away. In the Floral Design Studio our Floral Designers are gearing up for this, one of the busiest days of the year. Start planning now to make this the most special Valentine's Day ever for your sweetheart.

Our designers create original, one-of-a-kind bouquets and floral arrangements to your specifications. Send the classic dozen (or two dozen) red roses, a small sweetheart arrangement or make a statement with one of our large spectacular creations.

Call 310-379-3634 and pre-order your arrangement. We deliver!


In the Language of Flowers red roses symbolize true love, and pink roses symbolize perfect happiness. Red and white roses together symbolize unity.  Roses in general mean beauty and love. 


CSA Boxes

We are an established drop off point for Community Supported Agriculture vegetable boxes. They are delivered to Deep Roots Garden Center every Wednesday at 2pm and we store them in our large flower cooler until closing time the following day. Customers may order a box every week, every two weeks, every month or simply when you feel like one. The boxes contain enough seasonal vegetables to feed a family of four for a week or a single/couple for two weeks. Payment is in advance - please place your order by noon on Mondays. Why not come in and order a box? Or you can phone 310-376-0567 or e-mail and order one.  At $16 a box it is great value for money.

Deep Roots

Garden Center & Floral Design Studio


January Hours:

9AM - 5PM daily

201-207 N. Sepulveda Blvd.

Manhattan Beach,

CA 90266


Garden Center: 310-376-0567

Flower Shop: 310-379-3634

What to do in the garden in January

With the recent weather our gardens this month are cold, wet and dormant. This is a GOOD THING as shrubs, trees and perennials benefit from a period of true dormancy. Most outdoor garden activity this month is limited to pruning, cleaning up and spreading soil amendments. Some seeds will germinate outside this month if the weather turns warmer. Otherwise sow seeds indoors and put the pots on an electric warming pad to help them along.

If you haven't already done so January is THE time to clean up your garden. If you have bulbs planted in the ground it is imperative that you finish any cleaning that necessitates walking on the flower beds BEFORE the bulbs start coming don't want to crush those little green shoots as they push their way above ground.

Rake up and dispose of any leaves on flower beds, under rose bushes and shrubs. Leaves can harbor fungal diseases and provide an ideal over-wintering environment for insect larvae and disease pathogens. Once clean-up is complete spread a 4 inch layer of soil amendment such as organic compost, earthworm castings, or Amend onto your flower beds and let the worms do the rest.

Soil amendments applied to the soil surface now will decay over the the rest of the winter, and their nutrients will wash into the soil gradually with each rain. Which amendments your soil needs can best be determined by a soil test kit. We have several inexpensive kits at the store. At the very least, all soils can benefit from nutrient-rich compost and mulch. Healthy plant root growth and overall plant vigor depends on a moist and loose soil.

One or two days of rain is all it takes for weeds to sprout. One benefit of the rain is that weeds are easier to pull out when the soil is moist and loose. Placing a two to three inch layer of mulch around trees, shrubs and plants prevents weed seeds from germinating. If weeds are already starting to grow, remove as many as you can and then cover the area with mulch. The goal is to prevent sunlight from reaching the weeds so they will not have fuel to grow. A common mistake is not adding enough mulch for the weed-suppression process to be effective. Once taken root, weeds need only a small amount of sunlight to flourish.Organic mulches break down over time, so if you already have mulch in your garden, replenish with an additional one-inch layer.

Another effective method of preventing new weeds from sprouting is to use a pre-emergent grass and weed  preventer such as Amaze.

While your fruit trees are dormant it is time to spray with dormant oil especially if this was not done last month or if it rained within two days of that application. The point is to have the sprayed material on the tree throughout the dormant season, and especially at specific pest growth periods. Choose a day when the temperature stays above 40 degrees and the wind is calm. The next critical time for spraying is about mid-February, when the buds are swollen but don't yet show color. Spraying at the precise period of bud swell is critical--before the buds swell is too early, and after the blossoms open is too late. Once the buds open, the damage has already been done.

This is the big month for pruning deciduous fruit trees. Basic guide-lines for winter dormant pruning are to remove crowded or crossed branches, to open the center for good light exposure and airflow, to repair structural weakness, and to remove vigorous vertical-growing branches (waterspouts). The height or width of the tree can also be reduced. Take care to not leave stubs or to overprune in any single year, as this encour-ages excessive new new growth with more foliage and less fruit. For more information on the basics of pruning attend our class on January 15, given by Jermaine, our expert in all things arborial.

An excellent, inexpensive, and easily-used disinfectant for pruning tools is rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol. Another way of disinfecting your tools is by dipping them into a 10% bleach solution. Wipe shears with the disenfectant after pruning every several cuts to avoid spreading any diseases. Clean the blades extra well before moving to another tree or bush.

Pruning cuts that are under one-and-a-half inches across don't need protective covering. Paint larger cuts with an off-white or sand-colored interior latex paint that has a matte finish, not a glossy one. Black asphalt substances or dark-colored paint, especially on south-facing surfaces, will concentrate the sun's heat, baking and killing the tissue that the tree is trying to heal.

Prune ornamental trees and shrubs, vines and roses this month. If you are not sure how to do prune correctly attend one of our free classes. (See our tentative class timetable left.)

Sow seeds or plant early spring flowering plants such as Violas, Forget-Me-Nots, Pansies,  Sweet Peas  Nasturtiums, Icelandic Poppies, and Johny-Jump-Ups.

January is the perfect time to experiment with vegetables not found in typical spring or summer gardens. Vegetables that can be planted now include asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chives, collards, endive, kale, lettuce, onions, parsnip, peas, spinach and turnips. Year-round vegetables such as artichokes, carrots, beets and radishes can also be planted now.

Keep an eye on the snail and slug population. They love the rain and will be laying eggs in hidden places. Pick them off by hand in the first light of the day or use Sluggo slug bait which is safe to use around edibles.

Random Facts...

December 2010 was the wettest December since records began in 1889 (for L.A. County).

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