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Little Pearls

 Great News for a New Year!


After running on fumes for a couple years, the energy began to shift for Little Pearls this fall and the New Year is looking SO much better. 


We will be able to complete the long-awaited DVD sampler of all our work and even make new Pearls, finally! 


"Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities." ~ Helen Keller 

Some of Our Good News!

Here is some of what has happened this fall:

  • We received a surprise $2,500 grant from an anonymous donor and a $1,200 grant from an organization we will be able to reveal to you in January.
  • Enough of you responded to our matching grant request that we made the match.  Thank YOU!
  • We will benefit from both the Asheville International Children's Film Festival and Ultimate Ice Cream's Flavor of the Month program.
  • Our screech owl Pinkey's Pearl won an award at the MY HERO Film Festival in Los Angeles. 

You can see more details and links to all of this in the December 9 e-news.

You Can Still Help 

The shift in funding this fall has been remarkable, and yet it is not enough to carry us through the whole year. 

If you are able to support Little Pearls, please check out our online sampler for potential donors:

7 Pearls in 5 Minutes!


Here are the GREAT Sponsors we have so far:  Our Sponsors


Your donation is fully tax deductible, and a donation in any amount will really help.  Please Donate Now!

Learning More:  Cool Links

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Connect with Us Online

Check out more social networking and non-profit links below.

Hoping the New Year is Great for YOU!

“Congratulations on the wonderful “Little Pearls” concept.  We all need reminders of how beautiful life is, even in the not-so-good times. “ ~ David G

We hope this year is so much better for everyone, financially and otherwise.

What matters most is the love and connection we feel in our lives. 
If you feel uplifted by any of our "tiny films," we have done our job.  This is the gift we offer ~ to you and to those you love.  Thank you for helping us create and share these gifts! 



Our Little Pearls "snoopervisor" Gracie and I wish you a Happy New Year!




Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls



Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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