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For over 20 years, White Swan Records has played a leading role in cultivating the sound of Yoga.

And just as a dedicated Yogi's practice deepens and expands, Yoga Music evolves with its listeners.

Black Swan Sounds (launched in 2011), patrols the cutting edge of yoga music, presenting a full measure of Beats With Devotion. Uplift, positivity and community are the unifying theme in a catalog ranging from ethno-dub and organic hip-hop to psychill soundscapes and global electronica.

As we develop a new online presence for Black Swan, White Swan Records is still at your service, standing by to fulfill all of your Yoga Music needs.

Desert Dwellers

DownTemple Dub: Remixed

Yoga dub meets ethno-bass music on this genre-bending journey.  Listen & Buy

DJ Drez • Jahta Beat:

The Lotus Memoirs

Downtempo hip hop beats, trad Indian, sacred mantra, jazz and dub sensibility. Listen & Buy

Shubha Mudgal

No Stranger Here

Indian classical, rich bursts of electronica, and Ursula Rucker’s insistent words. Listen & Buy

Globesonic DJ Alsultany

Presents Yoga Lounge

This world class global mix will get you off the mat and onto the dance floor.  Listen & Buy

The Yoga Sessions:

Go-Ray & Duke

This sensous, dubbed-out yogic revelation is Black Swan's first official release. Listen & Buy

MC Yogi

Elephant Powered

Top remixers offer their unique take on your favorite chakra-rocking tracks. Listen & Buy

Kartick & Gotam

Business Class Refugees

K&G's borderless electro-folk mixes global flavors, styles, languages - and grooves. Listen & Buy

A New Day:

Laya Project Remixed

“A spectacular cultural extravaganza” --Times of India  Listen & Buy




Deep bass, wide grooves and soaring melodies take this global dub journey to the cutting edge. Listen & Buy

The Yoga Sessions:

EarthRise SoundSystem

This percussively rich, organically spacious, dubby soundscape will redefine one’s notions of “yoga music.” Listen & Buy

Duke Mushroom Presents:

Bole 2 Harlem Volume 1

This Ethio-urban fusion is #10 on Songlines list of Top 75 World Music Albums Ever.  Listen & Buy

DownTemple Dub: Roots

Desert Dwellers

An electro-mystic exploration of nomadic music—and the timeless concept of groove. Listen & Buy

Questions? Comments? Advice? Suggestions?

White Swan Music • 6395 Gunpark Dr Suite A • Boulder • CO • 80301
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