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Peace Talk January/February 2011

Rainbow Eagle - Peace Shield Teachings

JANUARY 14-16, 2011
Register Rainbow Eagle
As a follow-up to his visit in August, the Center For PeaceRainbow Eagleinvites you to join us in welcoming author and teacher Rainbow Eagle for a weekend of teachings in January.
“Rainbow Eagle is an Okla-Choctaw American Indian. He is a Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield. Now that the Seventh Fire of the Anishinabe/Ojibwa traditions has been lit, he is responsible for teaching the traditions of the Peace Shield.
These original truths are to be given to the Human Race for the last time so that each person can have what they need to decide the future of our Mother Earth.
The Peace Shield teaches the value, beauty, wisdom and wonder of walking into the future with great faith and absolutely no fear. In the past the Peace Shield provided community and personal stability; it now charters for humankind a journey into the blessed future.”  
Friday – Jan. 14th, 7:00-10:00 PM: “Ancient Peace Shield Teachings”
Saturday – Jan. 15th, 10:30 AM-4:30 PM: “Getting Ready For Cosmic Relationships”
7:00-10:00 PM – “Native American/Mayan Prophecies and 2012”
Sunday – Jan. 16th, 10:30 AM-4:00 PM: “Spiritual Barriers to Cosmic Relationships”
If you are unable to attend the entire weekend, feel free to join us as you can. 
(Please take into consideration a requested Love Donation for a workshop of this duration would be $250) 
Contact Margarita DiVita at    

Visit Rainbow Eagle's website:

Information and Registration for Rainbow Eagle

Creation Drums

A day of ceremony and drum making with others.
**** Saturday FEBRUARY 5th, 2011****
10 am - 3 pm
Register Now
 $50.00 Deposit by January 15, 2011 for supplies
Zoe AllisonZoe Allison is an Artist, Scholar, Science of Mind Ordained Minister and SHY Spiritual Human Yoga Healer and Certified Hypnotherapist. 
She is co-founder of Earth Green Medicine Lodge, a center for creating healthy spiritual-based mindful lives, located in the Western North Carolina mountains.
Zoe has led classes and workshops privately and at colleges and universities for over 35 years and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina visiting many of the sacred sites, working with the people and creating sacred ceremonies.
She is the author of the Mayan Record Keeper, the Sacred Tzolkin, an Almanac of the Days, the Mayan Wave Tracker and a yearly calendar of the days of prophecy, and The Mayan Record Keeper cards.
"When making drums in a traditional way, we bring into physical form sacred beings. As we open ourselves to the teachings from our drums, we receive healing and transformation. Working with the drum we are able to reach the place before and beyond words, this place is oneness with Creator."
$135.00 13” cow or $150.00 15”  includes materials,
Drum can be in cow, elk or bison if requested before the retreat.
This is a 3" bent wood frame drum you will be expected to complete your drum that day. 
We will be using lacing of cow and elk.  Each person will find in ceremony with the help of the ancestors their drum.   This work is done with ceremony and is intense.  It does require your concentration and you will learn many things about yourself. Surprise yourself with the gift of this strong medicine tool. 
Visit Zoe's website:

Creation Drums Information and Registration

"Messiah" Training

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm
"In September of 2009,  I began leading a weekly seminar at the Center for Peace around the subject of 'Messiah' Training.  These are on a continuing basis [until they are not] and everyone is invited to participate.
"If you have read and liked such books as Richard Bach’s ILLUSIONS and/or are intrigued by the teachings of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and/or follow the visionary path taught by people like Joseph Rael, you already may have been studying up on this subject – already a 'messiah in training'.  
"Please do not let the language throw you!  These times together are very little about doctrine, demands, or nice ideas and much more about self discovery, personal power, and mutual support."
Perry Robinson

More Information on Messiah Training

Fire Ceremony

7th of each month, 7 pm
           ~ led by Katy Koontz

The purpose of the FIRE CEREMONY is to heal and purify both the planet’s physical oceans and the oceans of cosmic thought.
At 7 pm local time, fire elders light ceremonial fires at  each of the Peace Sound Chambers around the world. Those present watch the fire in silence until it burns out, giving to it what we want to transmute in our lives and staying open to the messages and teachings it brings. All are welcome. We suggest you arrive around 6:45 pm.

Donations are appreciated.

Sweat Lodge

Sweat lodgeA sweat lodge or "Purification Lodge", is an intensely rewarding experience. By entering the womb of Mother Earth (the lodge), we seek purification and a deeper spiritual awareness through prayer.
Generally speaking the experience is to deepen spiritual awareness. The steam, heat, and darkness intensify prayers and personal introspection. The lodge leader (pourer), with help from the fire tender, hold an energetic space of safety and security while setting the intent of the lodge. The medicine of the lodge leader and of each participant helps to enrich the lessons of the lodge.
There are composting toilets in the meadow. You may change clothes in these toilets or at the Peace Sound Chamber. There is no nudity in our lodges.

Suggested Items to Bring:

• Two Towels
• Men are requested to wear swim trunks, gym shorts or something similar.
• Women are requested to wear a skirt or dress. (Something for inside the sweat that is modest and you don’t mind getting muddy.)
• Change of clothes (Preferably long sleeve and covers all of the legs to keep from getting the feast area dirty).
• Covered Dish for the Feast.

It is appropriate to bring tobacco, a small gift, or monetary gift for the fire-keeper and lodge master, both of whom offer their services to the people as a gift.
Cash donations are used to support the Sweat Lodge.  We use lots of wood for the fire; supplies like herbs (sage, tobacco, cornmeal, etc.), drinking water, and more. If you are feeling abundant, a donation would be appreciated. 

There is never a charge for Ceremony. If you are not feeling abundant, PLEASE do not allow this to prevent you from coming.

More sweat lodge information

Drumming Circle

Every Friday @ 7 pm
~led by José and Tamy

Drumming is a powerful, sometimes dramatic, way to break into other levels of our mind.  Sensitive instruments can measure the way that drumming affects the brain waves.  That’s the reason for tens of thousands of years the shaman has journeyed with the drum.
This drumming is not specifically for journeying; but you get to use it whatever way you wish – including having a good time doing it!
So, on Friday of each week, bring your drum, and come join us.
Donations are appreciated.

Perry's Ponderings

What Happens?
By Perry Robinson
Ever since I first heard a Christian minister talking about the necessity of knowing the Bible and accepting Jesus, I have had this question:  What happens if you don’t?
All my life I have been butting heads with the paradoxes of truth/non-truth, being/not-being, necessary/useless, etc.  Especially in this year 2011, the last or next-to-the-last year in the Mayan calendar, this puzzle is right before our eyes!  What happens if . . . ?
Western culture has devoted itself to discovering, naming, analyzing, exploiting, exchanging of AND FIGHTING OVER what is – and the corollary:  what isn’t.
“Ontology” [the study of what is] was a big word in seminary.  It goes way back.  The Jews even named their God a form of the word “to be”:  “I am”.   Ever since that was written down, it seems, people have been fighting over what it means to be!  “To be or not to be: that is the question” – Shakespeare.
When we study A COURSE IN MIRACLES or read Richard Bach’s ILLUSIONS, we are delving into the question of what is.  I have a good friend who has devoted a lot of brain power to what is true and what isn’t.  His answer is:  if it changes, it isn’t true; if it never changes, it is true.
My question is:  does our study ever really get us closer to an answer to the question?  And once we get an answer to the question, has anything changed about what is?   Do we ever reach the point where we can speak for humanity, the universe, and God Itself, when we say: “That’s it!’  Does our affirmation make it so?  Do we ever become the one who once and for all ANSWERS the question; or shall we always be simply the people who keep on asking the question?  AND does that question really matter, after all?  What does it have to do with the price of eggs in China or what I shall do in this next instant?
Remember the nervous chuckles we would hear, when Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, would say to those of us gathered around him:  “Technically, we do not exist.”?
I remember a vision I received in September, 1999, at dawn on the northeast side of Uluru in Australia.  When I was having the vision, George [one of the drivers] was watching me.  He later told me that I disappeared, which frightened him; then I later reappeared.  The interesting thing to me is that I did not know it.  All I knew was the vision I had received.  I did not know I had vanished and reappeared; George had to tell me; or I would not have known!
What happens, when a person is, isn’t, and then is again?  I don’t know.  I only know what I saw during that time when, apparently, I wasn’t.  But I really WAS, you see; because I am still here and I can tell you what I saw, even though I WASN’T at the time that I really saw it!
Confused enough yet?
We are so caught up this whole question that there is a real lather going on right now – at least among those of us who know about it – about what is going to happen in 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends.  What about all the people who do not even know about the Mayan calendar?  What happens with them? 
What happens when the clock stops?  Does time stops or is it just the clock?
Time is changing and something is happening.  We can all feel it.  I keep hearing the child’s voice singing “Peace on earth now!  Peace on earth! No more war now! War no more!  Alleluia!” – the background music to the one and only album produced and distributed by the Center for Peace – and the voice emerging silently afterward:  And a child shall lead us.
I enjoyed watching my grandson on Christmas morning – but it would be the same any morning of his life.  He was not bothered by the question of what is:  he was too busy playing with what is – and having a delightful time in doing so!!!!
What if that is the real message of 2011:  take today and play with it!
 . . . .
[I’m not finished with this question or this article; but I think I am supposed to stop right there at this time, even though it feels almost irresponsible to do so.  I am sure there is more to come; it has been “downloading” for some time . . . .]

Contact Perry

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Work is Worship
“Work is Worship”
Work/activity is one very clear way to celebrate our selves as part of the community by which we are being fed spiritually. And it is always a lot of fun. Time seems to alter into a process rather than a taskmaster and friendships are born and nurtured by our community participation.
Bring gloves, appropriate clothing, water and an open willing attitude. If you have any special skills, please let us know so we can best use your talents. Of course, we will first take care of the pressing needs, but there is a lot of work to be done and all your talents are valuable.
We provide lunch. (So kitchen help is also appreciated.)
Perry 865-428-3070 or
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Chanting in the Chamber
The Peace Sound Chamber is available for chanting, vision quests and ceremonies of many different types.
You are encouraged to come to the chamber and chant, drum, meditate or simply sit (the chamber Spirits love it); please check first that there is not something already scheduled.
Please call at least two weeks in advance to reserve our facilities as usage requires council approval.
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