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Mohair is a silky textile produced from the hair of the angora goat. It is most often spun into a thread that can be woven, knitted, or crocheted depending upon the application. Mohair is durable, warm, insulating, and light. It also has moisture wicking properties that carry moisture away from the skin of the wearer. The hair of the angora goat has been used to produce textiles for centuries, and the term mohair entered English usage from the Arabic mukhayyar, referring to a type of woven head cloth.

Fuzzy Yarn

I haven't  made anything fuzzy in a long time. But this winter I bought  two balls of pink and one ball of blue kid mohair and decided to make something warm, soft and luxurious at the same time.



Two weeks of knitting and .... voila! - I got a velvety warm, heavenly soft and fashionably fuzzy skirt.




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Winter Night Out Skirt

This is a perfect outfit for a winter night out.


Cable knitting and double skirt layer

make it warm and comfy.





Fashionable Fuzz

These fluffy flowers can embellish any outfit.


I also wear them as a brooch.



Click on the photo to see more.

Soft  Mohair

This scented sachet made of mohair is soft and warm.




Winter Fuzz

This nice fuzzy ball was the last thing I made in 2010.








All the best to you in the year 2011!




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