Retention basin at the Santa Barbara Golf Club.

Upper Las Positas Creek Restoration and Storm Water Management Project Update

From December 6, 2010 through January 3, 2011, downtown Santa Barbara received 12.21 inches of rain!
During and after the rains, Creeks Division staff visited the the recently completed Upper Las Positas Creek Restoration and Storm Water Improvement Project at the Santa Barbara Golf Club. The large stormwater retention basins are now full, providing water quality and wildlife habitat benefits.
With the ability to contain up to four million gallons of stormwater runoff from the golf course, surrounding roads and neighborhoods, and Adams Elementary School, the basins are designed keep polluted runoff from reaching Las Positas Creek and Arroyo Burro. The project is also designed to decrease peak flows of water to the creeks, to lessen potential flooding downstream.
Staff also conducted storm sampling during the recent rains, collecting water quality samples at the golf course to compare to pre-project conditions. Once the results are in, staff will examine how the various project elements are functioning in removing pollutants from the stormwater.

Contractors drill at MacKenzie Park to obtain soil samples.

MacKenzie Park Parking Lot Stormwater Treatment Feasibility Study

If you’ve been by MacKenzie Park at State Street and Las Positas Road during the last few weeks, you may have noticed contractors drilling holes in the parking lot.
Soil percolation tests were taking place in order to gather information on the feasibility of installing a stormwater infiltration project in the parking lot. Stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces (like parking lots, roads, and rooftops) contributes to poor water quality and poor habitat quality in our creeks.
A stormwater infiltration project at MacKenzie Park would capture stormwater that typically flows directly off of the parking lot into the storm drain system. Water would be allowed to soak into the soil beneath the parking lot, mimicking the naturally occurring pre-pavement conditions.
For more information on concepts and projects designed to slow and infiltrate stormwater, visit

Creeks Division Welcomes Jen Hollywood

The Creeks Division is happy to announce that Jen Hollywood has been hired as the new Creeks Administrative Specialist. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Jen worked most recently at Allen Associates. Welcome Jen!

Newly Certified Clean Water Businesses
Join the Creeks Division in congratulating the following businesses taking important steps to protect creek and ocean water quality by becoming Certified Clean Water Businesses!
The Burger Bus,
Derf's Café, 2000 De La Vina Street, (805) 687-5473
Taffy's Pizza, 2026 De La Vina Street, (805) 687-3083
Mobile Cleaner
Pacific Coast Powerwash, (951) 522-1762
To learn more about the Clean Water Business Program, or to find out how to get your business certified, visit
Youth CineMedia participants film at the beach.
Youth CineMedia Film Festival Screening
Since 2007, the Creeks Division has worked with Youth CineMedia to produce bilingual print ads, short documentary films, public service announcements, and photos for various outreach efforts.
Youth CineMedia is a local program that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help teach teenagers the fundamentals of digital video, music production, photography, and other multimedia.
Support Youth CineMedia by attending their screening of several short films, including an environmental PSA produced for the Creeks Division!
Sunday, February 6
10am – 12pm
For more information, please contact Osiris Castaneda.
City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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