Snow, hello!

Christmas Tree Scarf.

Red and green wool. Crocheted.


I made my "Lost in Translation" scarf about  four years ago. You can't get lost in interpreting it as a Christmas Tree Scarf :-)


Click on the image to see the details and more scarves

Scarves, skirts and sweaters

A screen capture from

"Lost in Translation"

There was a bit of fuss in a knitting community when the film first hit the screens (2003).


Beautiful scarf!!


Rainbow Scarf

Handspun yarn. Knitted.


You will definately get lost in the beautiful colors of the Rainbow Scarf - you have them all here:


Cherry Blossom Pink, French Rose, Dusty Rose, Ruby, Salmon Pink, Tea Rose, Violet, Indigo, Iris, Lavender, Lilac, Purple, Green, Jade, Lime Green, Teal,

and whatnot!

Snow, hello!

I knitted this scarf for my sister last year and now we take  turns wearing it :-)


Click on the image to see the details and more scarves


Green Scarf

This winter I have travelled a lot. What do you think a knitter can do on the plane? Correct. Knit of course!


On my way to Russia I made the Green Scarf (cotton)


Click on the image to see the details and more scarves

Pink Scarf

On the beach in the Dominican Republic I knitted the Pink Scarf  (mohair, loop yarn)


My sister Larissa made this wonderful striped skirt in the summer.


The design is from the Verena Knitting Magazine Winter 2008 issue.


Multicolored wool yarn. Crochet.


Snow, hello!

My sister modelling the skirt she made.


Click on the image to see the details and more skirts


Snow, hello!

I made this Alpen style knitted wool cardigan about ten years ago. It's very warm. The edges are crocheted. The buttons are metal. What else.....



Alpen Style Cardi


casual elegance and relaxed fit.


Click on the image to see the details



Dear Deer Sweater

This sweater is one year old :-)




Go to Gallery

to learn more or just click on the images.


Silver Snow Sweater

This sweater is twenty years old :-)



Lost in Translation




The bone in my leg took a long time to knit.


It is true. It's been a year since I fractured my tibia in a ski accident. It's not completely healed yet, but it is knitting well.


If you are lost in translation :-), here is    the definition:


2 (of broken bones) to grow together





She knitted a scarf.


Of course it's about scarves!   First of all, a famous scarf Scarlett Johansson's character Charlotte is kniting on early in the movie.


Definition one is:


1 to form (a garment) from yarn (of wool etc) by making and connecting loops, using knitting-needles






P.S. [Old English cnyttan to tie in; related to Middle Low German kn├╝tten to knot together








































































































































Snow, hello!

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