Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman
Thank God It’s Monday

"Hold on," you might be thinking. "Haven't you got the day wrong.? It's T.G.I.F., not T.G.I.M."
No, we haven't. We are well aware of the popularity of the Thank God It's Friday syndrome. We know the drill:  Dread Monday. Get through a couple of days, then comes "Hump Day." Once we are over the hump, hang on just a little longer. Make it through Thursday, and then Friday arrives, the day we have been waiting for all week. Oh, how passionately many of us look forward to Friday!
Monday seems to be a different story though. Monday marks the return to work or school. Few people look forward to that day. We even talk about that dreaded day, telling others:  I'm having the Monday blues or Looks like another blah Monday.

But what if Monday could be magnificent?

Seriously, what would it take to make it a Magnificent Monday? What would be needed to get the parents at your school, church, or organization to look forward to Monday?

We have an idea…

How about bringing author Thomas Haller to your school, church, or community center to present a valuable Parent Night for FREE?
We mean FREE! This practical, skill-oriented session is free to your parents and free to your organization.

Celebrate International Parenting Commitment Day

To honor and celebrate Parent Awareness Month (March) and International Parenting Commitment Day (March 20), Thomas Haller is donating 6 Magnificent Mondays to help parents raise responsible, caring, conscious children. Yes, for March and April, Thomas is waiving his seminar honorarium and providing FREE parent workshops.

"What's the catch?" you ask.

Yes, there is a catch, and here it is:
  1. Monday only, in March and April. No other days are available for this incredible opportunity. You have to do it on a Monday.
  2. There are only SIX free Magnificent Monday dates available. Once they are filled, there will be no more.  Act fast to get in on this super deal.
  3. There is only one topic, The 6 Best Parenting Strategies Ever. (See description below.) This is Thomas’s most requested workshop and gives people verbal skills they can put to use immediately with their children.
  4. Your organization pays travel expenses. If you are in Michigan your obligation is to pay mileage. If you live in a place that requires airfare, you are responsible for that. Thomas will go anywhere on these important Mondays. All you have to do is get him there and back. There is no other financial obligation for you.

The Six Best Parenting Strategies Ever

Thomas B. Haller, M.Div., LMSW, ACSW, DST
Are you ready to have someone give you exactly what you need to get your kids, at any age, to behave? Are you tired of reading through page after page of the latest parent books to finally find to a strategy that works? Well, search no more. In just one evening, you will be given the six most valuable, effective, and practical parenting strategies you’ll ever need. Learn how to manage behavior, create accountability, and raise responsible children in today’s world.

Schedule a Magnificent Monday

Here's how to can take advantage of this FREE offer and bring some meaning back to Mondays:
Contact Thomas today by email only. That way we can track first come, first served, based on email time and date. Thomas will contact you directly to talk specifically about available times and dates.
Jump on this incredible offer now and parents in your community could soon be saying, "Thank God It's Monday!"

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