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Little Pearls
Wonder, Joy & Little Boys ~ December 23, 2014
Season of love, light and joy ~ season of grief, darkness and stress. The holidays are all of this, and more. However you find yourself now, I wish you healing, beauty and peace.
A new year is coming, the light is returning and magic is afoot!

                                                                          Sunset from Blue Ridge Parkway, December 11, 2014
Dancing with What Is
Little Pearls has been patient with a needed pause in activity after my husband Jim's death. Short, powerful films are still relevant, and thankfully, this work is evergreen. 
In September, my creativity began to re-emerge with excitement about filming gray whales on the Oregon Coast, described in October's newsletterWe almost pulled off a shoot with the marine biologist, her dog, the whales and a cameraman from Portland, but the seas were too rough. The stormy season had arrived. The whales are now in the warmth of Baja, Mexico for the winter. Hopefully, this Pearl will blossom next fall.
I was deeply disappointed and also felt pressure to create something new. Many Pearl Dreams are waiting, though none of them have felt right, until now.
Wonder & Joy of Little Boys
For over a year, I've observed a couple little boys on Facebook as they grow from infants to toddlers, sensing there might be a Pearl but not having the energy to follow up.
Then Ben came to visit with his mother Devon, completely charming me, my cats and dogs in real life. Creative energy returning! 

Another little boy has recently been adopted from China by my friends Jana and Seth. His name is Zi and he's a bit younger than Ben. Zi seems to be taking in this very new world with openness and joy, and his parents are, too! 
This Pearl is still forming in my mind. There could be more than one, depending on the footage we gather by filming documentary-style. Hopefully, we can film Ben, Zi and a couple other little ones in January and see what emerges. 
Your support is a welcome boost as we come back gently into active creation mode. If you can, please help us fund these new Pearls.  
Welcoming a New Year
Little Pearls and I are welcoming new energy and creativity in this coming new year. We are grateful for investments of time, money and ideas. If you or someone you know can volunteer, donate, be a sponsor, serve on our small board or suggest a connection, please let me know.
Magic IS afoot!


Warmly, with gratitude
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls

(photo by Lee Barnhardt Hatling, Big Yellow Mountain, NC - 10-28-14)

Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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