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Little Pearls

Pizza, Dogs and Big Hearts!

I'd hoped to get this out before Valentine's, yet life and other work have taken priority.  In celebration of love, connection and community every day, Happy After-Valentine's Day!


"Man is never nearer the Divine than in his compassionate moments."  ~ Joseph H. Hertz

Blue Mountain Pizza Supports Little Pearls!

Blue Mountain Pizza is central to the community heart of Weaverville, a small, pretty town outside Asheville, NC.  The Little Pearls office is in my home in Weaverville, and Blue Mountain is just a few blocks away. 


We are thrilled that Blue Mountain Pizza will feature Little Pearls in its non-profit program in February and March.  BMP matches 100% (up to $500) of all donations at the register and on the third Thursdays, they also donate 10% of that day's profit.  The Third Thursdays, which benefit us most, are February 17 and March 17. 


Check out two recent articles on BMP and its big-hearted owner Matt Danford: Weaverville eatery BMP gives back to community and Kick the Habit


If you live in this area, love good food and wish to support a great business AND Little Pearls, get to Blue Mountain in February and March.  THANK YOU, Matt!

New Dog Pearls for New DVD

As many of you know, we will be creating a new, long-anticipated DVD this Spring that includes all of our work.  There are many steps to take before it is a reality, including some updating of current Pearls and longer pieces. 


We hope to have at least two NEW Dog Pearls to add to the DVD.  These Pearls will celebrate the wisdom and love of dogs, encouraging adoptions and a deeper connection with animals. 


This image is of our old dog Mitch, now 15.  He is one of many dogs profiled on Our Dog Stars page.  You can see some new Dog Pearls ideas here:  Upcoming Pearls


Right now, a volunteer is helping me sort through hours of superb HD footage of the 27 dogs we filmed over two years ago.  It is slow and detailed work, AND it is also exciting to see and imagine how we can use the footage of all these great dogs! 


If you are interested in helping log footage, please call me.  If you can support us with a Do(g)nation or Sponsor a Dog Pearl, that would be great, too!

Thanks for Your Reviews!

We're ranked in the top ten nationally in the Great Nonprofits 2011 Arts Appreciation Campaign!  See our ranking in Top-Rated Arts 2011 Nonprofits


You can read Our Reviews and write your own review via a link on top of that page.  It only takes a few minutes, yet it means a lot to Little Pearls!

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Upcoming Pearls ~ the Pearls of our dreams

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Check out more social networking and non-profit links below.

Love, Connection and Community...

Little Pearls reminds me that life is best lived with respect, faith and gratitude.  LP's films may be "tiny," but they have a big impact upon our community.  I'm a dog lover, so I especially like the heartfelt dog pearls.  Very inspiring and uplifting messages, beautifully rendered by the skilled LP creative and technical team ~ pearls of hope in a sea of challenging times.  ~ Jim S


Love, connection and community are crucial to us as individuals and as a species.  We offer our "tiny films" to nurture these good qualities in the world. 


This is the gift we offer ~ to you and to those you love.  Thank you for helping us to create and share these gifts!






Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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