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April 2011: New Dog Pearls + DVD Soon!

What a wild, windy, life-changing Spring!  I hope you have been spared the destruction that the many storms this season have brought.  


As I write this newsletter, our very old cat Molly is dying.  I am trying not to hover while giving her all the love I can.  This time of letting go is rich with feelings and trust, yet still, very sad....


Spring is a time of great transformation.  Even when we experience destruction or sadness, life will go on.  And so will we.


"Relationships are forever.  They are eternal.  Not just permanent in this lifetime.  Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship." ~ Abraham-Hicks

Spotlight Pearl: Spirit Dog

We created the dreamy, 60-second Spirit Dog two years ago after our Dog Star Tucker died too young.  It continues to touch people deeply.


The original upload to YouTube had the second highest number of views of all of our work, yet somehow it lost its good quality options.  We have uploaded it again, at the above link. 

Please watch Spirit Dog in HD to see it at its best and share it as widely as you can.


The beauty and feeling of this Dog Pearl still make me cry....

New Dog Pearls + DVD Sampler in the works NOW!

We have just over a month to create a brand new DVD sampler that will be SO easy for you to use, both for your own viewing and for sharing with those you love and in public venues. 

The time pressure is a grant deadline from the Asheville Area Arts Council and the NC Arts Council.  Many of you helped us match this grant at the end of 2010.  Thank you!


We hope to have two NEW Dog Pearls to include on this sampler.  With lots of help from volunteers Mica and Luke, we have completed the tedious initial logging of several hours' worth of time-coded HD footage. 


We have great footage of 27 Dog Stars and several dog park "extras," including the cutest little boxer puppy ~ an unanticipated bonus!


At least 10 new Dog Pearls can be made with the footage we already have.  ALL will promote the adoption of animals and the human/animal bond. They will be lighter than the first two, even funny.

Two unexpected themes have come from the process of going through all the footage in detail.  


Stay tuned to see which themes we bring to life next and which Dog Stars will be featured, very, very soon! 


If you or someone you know would like to help sponsor a new Dog Pearl, let me know.

Local/Regional News

  • A BIG THANK YOU to Matt Danford and Blue Mountain Pizza, whose fundraising efforts for us in February and March raised $600 for Little Pearls!
  • Deep gratitude to the great writer Barbara Blake and photographer John Fletcher of the Asheville Citizen-Times for the early March article Little Pearls, big heart.  This article is no longer available via the online link, alas....
  • Thanks also to Susan Lachmann and Windiefest 2011 for including Little Pearls in this young festival in beautiful, historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. 
  • Kudos to Barrie Barton and her Community Choreography Project's Hand Me Down productions in April.  I was in the Legacy group, which started meeting in September 2010.  It was a transformative process to co-create storytelling through movement ~ a stretch on many levels that will certainly impact Little Pearls!
  • Check out Winesday on Wednesdays at Jessica Gualano's The Wine Studio of Asheville.  Jessica creates a wonderful space for non-profits to showcase their work and raise funds every Wednesday evening.  We are on the schedule for all of November and will have our new DVD ready!
  • We'll let you know details soon about our collaboration with another local business this summer.  
  • Let us know if your business would like to coordinate with Little Pearls to raise awareness and funds! 

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Sharing Stories as Life Goes On...

"Little Pearls are tiny-yet-powerful films that have brought tears, laughter and a new way of seeing things to me and to so many others who have had the chance to experience them.   

Watching just a couple of these "Pearls" can bring me back to a sense of balance when I need that. They inspire me to be my best self. I wish the whole world could see them!" ~ Anne M


Our "tiny films" are about real people, animals and ideas, sharing powerful feelings and stories that tap into the universal.  Please help us keep doing this meaningful work!






Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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