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Little Pearls
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July 2011: Miracles and Making Progress!

Finally, things are moving on two BIG projects for Little Pearls: our new DVD sampler and some new Dog Pearls to add to it.  Everything should be done by Autumn.  


This flow of activity needs a flow of funding to support it.  You'll be hearing from us more often for awhile, as we let you know what's new and how you can help.


"Clear away the obstacles so you may see the path forward...turn your face to the world of light. The generations yet unborn are waiting there for you." ~ Maori proverb

Spotlight Pearl: Everything is a Miracle

First created in 2001, Everything is a Miracle had music rights that needed to be updated.  Rather than continuing to use a commercial recording, we re-recorded the audio with local talent, so it can be freely used, forever.  Check it out on the link above, and please "like" or comment on the new music.


The exuberance of Nicholas, a little boy with Down Syndrome, is matched by his music.  Here is Nicholas' story.  This Pearl is 30 seconds of pure joy! 


Daniel Barber, who edited the original Pearl, took on the challenge of re-recording this difficult, very fast Bach piece, the Italian Concerto in F Major.  Go, Daniel!

He later said:  "I don't think I've told you this, but at one point in the recording I got stuck and hung up on technical stuff. I thought of and focused on Nicholas' exuberance and my rendering of the piece immediately got much better, both energetically AND technically... ;-) Thanks for the chance to do this."


David Bourne of Bourne Media re-edited this sweet old Pearl.  Great job, guys!

Good News on the New DVD Sampler

The DVD Sampler project has taken much longer than anticipated because of music rights issues on several early Pearls.  Here is where we are:

  • We have finished updating music agreements on the two earliest Little Pearls: Reaching for the Stars (Loreena McKennitt and Quinlan Road Music) and Great Katie: Celebrating a Century of Living and Loving (Universal Music)
  • We have permission to re-record the audio for Great Katie‚Äôs Pearl, which Kat Williams and Daniel Barber will do soon.  I cannot wait to hear how it sounds!
  • Counting Everything is a Miracle, that's three older Pearls down, and three to go! 

In the meantime, most of the menu and content formatting for the DVD has been done ~ we're just waiting to put all the Pearls into their slots, so the new sampler will have EVERYTHING on it.  


We have had extra, unexpected expenses in order to clear the music rights on older Little Pearls.  Re-recording and re-editing the audio for two Pearls also means re-editing the original 2003 sampler, so we can include it in this DVD, too. 


If you can help, please donate or contact me at or 828-658-9097.

New Dog Pearls, Coming Soon!

There is one good thing about delays on the new DVD sampler: we have time to create up to four new Dog Pearls to add to it.  Future Dog Pearls will have to wait until the current sampler is updated.


We have made footage choices from great HD footage of the many dogs we filmed a couple years ago.  Just this week, Kat Williams and Daniel Barber recorded voice-overs for three new Dog Pearls ~ what a hoot!    


We will begin to edit in August.  Here are the working titles:

  • Dig Into the Good Stuff! ~ Several dogs, like pit bull Kane, pictured here, and a cute Boxer puppy, having way too much fun, finding treasures and surprises
  • Pass It On! ~ Older dogs interacting with puppies, gently and nose-to-nose, seeming to be passing down wisdom about life
  • Falling in Love Again ~ Old dog Mitch had a broken heart after losing his best friend, but puppy Gracie helped him open up to love again.  Based on the voice-over Daniel did, this one sounds like a country song ~ I wasn't expecting that!
  • Anam Cara: Soul Friend ~ Mountaintop sunset footage of old Mitch, below, paired with Howard Hanger's beautiful song Anam Cara.  We may have to record this audio. 

Again, creating these Pearls in time for the DVD sampler will cost money we do not now have, so we're going on faith. 

Please donate
or consider being a Sponsor for one or more of these Pearls.  Let me know if you have questions.

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Going with the Flow

Momentum is good, and in some cases, expensive.  Music delays on the DVD sampler give us time to put even more great content into something we believe you'll be glad to have.  Help us fill this new DVD sampler with Pearls you'll love to see and share:





Linda McLean

Executive & Creative Director

Little Pearls


Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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