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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last week's General Sail Meeting - - Joan Swain 

You've read about the renewed General Sail meetings.  You even read a special delivery Burgee call for more L1  presence.....which did get some results.  


BUT, unless you were at the last meeting, you missed hearing:   

  1. That our L2-4 head instructor, and sailor extraordinaire, Bill Lane, was once a beginner (I had always assumed he was born sailing) who went through the same learning curve many new L1s experience    
  2. Words that could bring sailing into your life next winter.  After seeing some clips from  ASI's Golden Age of sailing in the BVI (British Virgin Islands), there was one brief comment of planning a trip next winter sailing among those warm waters  
  3. Some pointers on "sail trim"  
  4. A discussion on a member's Kent Lake request  
  5. The last call for ideas as our in-the-works, revised website progresses  
  6. Bits and pieces of what's going on with the L2-4 folks & boats You also missed:  
  7. Receiving a flyer to post @ some public or work area or using  21st century modes of networking.   (You didn't totally miss out on this one, for you can print flyers off the website.)  
  8. Putting a face to several members whose names grace the Organization Chart.  
  9. Meeting up with some of last season's sail mates
  10. The drive through downtown, charming Northville which is almost worth the trip itself.  The library (meeting place) is just 1 block west and south of the town's main intersection But the most important reasons to consider attending future General Sail meetings are:
  11. As time allows, this may be a great opportunity for your voice, your concerns, your wonderings on any and all subjects concerning your Club to come forth 
  12. And they will definitely be a place for your input on whatever topics are presented Actually, L1s did comprise about a third of those in attendance.  

However, since there are more of us than the other Levels combined, here's your second, special invitation to pack the room at the next meeting. Watch next week's Burgee for the time and date. 

Lottery meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 22 - - Norm Schmidt

The ASI Level 4 Lottery for North Channel Timeshares is Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at the Wayne State University - Oakland Center on 12 Mile Road in Farmington Hills.


Arrive at 6:30 PM to fill out forms and the lottery will start at 7 PM.


To enter the lottery you must have paid for a Level 4 sail pass by February 18, 2011. Level 4 students must have paid for Level 4 instruction and a Level 2 sail pass by February 18, 2011.


The lottery will be held in accordance with the Lottery Process. Send an e-mail to Norm Schmidt ( to obtain a copy of the Lottery Process. 


Lottery meeting location:


Wayne State University – Oakland Center

33737 W. 12 Mile Road

Farmington Hills, MI  48331


The Lottery is in Room 160 which is off the first hallway on the right.

  • Register 6:30
  • Lottery 7:00


An 'Indoor option' for volunteer hours - - Joan Swain

Pencil in March 12 and 19.   More details will be forthcoming next week, but if you're interested in being part of the 2nd annual Interlake sail and boat cover repair project, and want a head start on volunteer hours, keep those two Saturdays in mind. 


Kathy Chrzanowski and Patrick MacArthur are aiming for those dates and sure could use help - measuring, cutting, sewing - for these two projects.  To those of you who participated last year, know how much your contribution was appreciated.   I often heard the L1 Maintenance Team proclaim, "we started out the season with the best set of sails ever!" due to their and your effort.  

ASI Logo sub-texts - - Dave Clark

I've been working with Queensboro, the supplier of our Booty and Swag merchandise (see above). As you know, all these clothing items can be ordered with the embroidered ASI logo.


There have been many requests for an additional line of text BELOW the logo, to show the particular activity within ASI that you're most involved with. Here's an example, showing 'Racing':


We're trying to determine just which activities should be made available, for instance:

  • Maintenance crew
  • Lake Erie 2011
  • Manitou
  • Voyager III
  • Overture    
  • Interlude
  • North Channel Cruisers

  • Interlake Racers

  • Kent Lake Sailors (we have nothing for Kent lake except Kent Cup)

I want all the ideas we can get and then choose which ones work best. Send your suggestions to Dave Clark by clicking here.


Photo shoot this Spring - - Craig Smith

All sailors of all levels, want to have some fun and help ASI get some great pictures and video’s for the website and other promotional ads?  


We are in the process of updating the website,, and we need some pictures and videos of us sailing and having fun. This spring we are planning a Photo Shoot on Lake St. Clair near Jefferson Beach Marina.  We will need sailors to skipper the 4 keelboats and 2 Interlakes and the power boat.  We will need camera crew and equipment. The JBM location will be the first photo event.  At a later date we will have a photo event at Kensington and then at Stony Creek. 


So, won’t you volunteer for this exciting adventure and who knows, maybe you will become a star on the ASI website.  You will certainly be a star in helping ASI. More information on date and time will available soon.  Please contact me soon so we can make plans, thanks.


Craig Smith 248-767-8871 cell


the 2011 Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association Winter Seminars

Here's a description of the 2011 DRYA Winter Seminar Series, scheduled for most Wednesdays in February and March. All seminars are free (except for the CPR seminar with a nominal materials fee) and open to the public.


February 23, 2011:“De-Mystifying Rating Systems”

will be presented by DRYA ChiefHandicapper David Spiers and DRYA RC and Nautical Historian, David M.Coleman. The Holy Grail of any yacht rating system is the fair and equitable leveling of the playing field for often disparate vessels. The first part of the presentation will be a brief historical look at the evolution of sailboat ratingsystems. Prof. Coleman will review the evolution of thisconcept from the first 'America's Cup' race, through the mighty J's. Included will be a discussion of Herreshoff’s "Universal Rule" and the development of the alphabet classes (P, Q, R, and J) and the Meter Classes. The parameters from these early racing systems are precedent to today's and their evolution will be tracked descriptively and with visuals. The majority of the evening will briefly review the IRC, IMS, ORR and One Design handicapping systems and usage in today's yacht racing. Then we will discuss in detail the PHRF System used by about 80% of the racers in the world today, as well as who administers the databases and how consistency is addressed. We will cover the US Sailing databases, standards and what items affect the ratingand how we address them to give fair handicaps and racing across the many types of yachts racing today. Questions are welcome! Comments areexpected! The Detroit Yacht Club will be our hosts for this seminar from 7:00- 9:00 PM. The Starboard Haven Lounge will be open with a limited (special)menu starting at 5:30 PM. Credit cards please; formal dress code has been waived for the evening.


March 2, 2011:“Staying Alive With CPR”

When someone’s heartbeat or breathing stops, immediate CPR is critical to their survival. Learning how to properly administer Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a genuine life-saving skill. Get that training by joining us for a three-hour class taught by PC Loretta Rehe, and Ted and Janie Williford, fellow sailors and certified CPR instructors. There is a nominal fee of $30.00 to cover the cost of educational materials. Pre-registration before February 26th is mandatory in order to have adequate equipment and instructors on hand. Participation is limited to 30. If there is enough interest, a second class will be added on March 3rd at the same location and time. This seminar will be hosted, from 7:00 – 10:00 PM, by the Edison Boat Club. No food or beverages will be served. Pre-registration will be available at any prior Wednesday Night Seminar or through


March 9, 2011:“Saving Sailing … Continued”

This Seminar will be a significant follow-up on the special DRYA "Saving Sailing" Symposium last October that featured Nick Haynes, author of the best-seller "Saving Sailing." This seminar will feature Michigan native Dawn Riley who is an America's Cup and Around the World Sailboat racer who is also an accomplished businesswoman, community leader and youth-sports advocate, author, speaker, TV commentator and committed philanthropist. Dawn will discuss her own passion for `saving sailing' including her newest activities with the Oakcliff Sailing Center which is dedicated to training sailors, boat workers, owners and teams in order to raise the level of sailors and sailing in the United States. A panel discussion including a large group of local sailors (including Jim Rodgers) who have been meeting regularly at North Star to put together a "Saving Sailing"action plan will complete this fascinating and relevant evening. David Coleman will moderate the discussion. This program will be held at the North Star Sail Club from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. There will be a cash bar (cash or credit card). No food service.


March 16, 2011:“Basic Racing Rules”

Sailboat racing is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing. These rules apply to the sport worldwide, and some of them can be baffling. This seminar concentrates on only those rules that the newer sailor needs to understand to enjoy sailboat racing safely. This informative and entertaining seminar again will be led by Ted Everingham, an International Judge, a US SAILING certified Umpire and Senior Judge and a past Chairman of the US SAILING Judges Committee. Join us at the Port Huron Yacht Club on Wednesday evening, March 16, 7:00 – 9:00 PM, for a seminar like no other.  The availability of food and beverage service will be posted later.


March 23, 2011:“Safety at Sea”

This seminar, presented by Chuck Knowles and Margi Schneider, will be a practical discussion of safety issues and equipment that relate to both racing and cruising sailors. Chuck will present the very newest equipment available, and make numerous specific recommendations. Chuck and Margi are aggressively preparing their live-aboard yacht V-Twin for extended world cruising; lessons-learned to date, and planned upgrades will be discussed. This should be an instructive and entertaining evening. A special mystery guest will discuss safety from his perspective and explain what a sailboat ‘looks like' from the bridge of a fully-loaded 1000' freighter. This presentation is sponsored by West Marine. Please join us at the Grosse Ile Yacht Club on Wednesday evening, March 23rd from 7:00 -9:00 pm. The availability of food and beverage service will be posted later.


A request from North Star Junior Sailing - - Nickie Kowal

We are looking for the gentleman who came to North Star Sail Club back in November and December for the Saving Sailing discussions.We've misplaced his name and number.  I think his name was Jim. We are trying to get ahold of him to ask him for information about your program to include on the database. Hope to hear from you soon,



Nickie Kowal North Star Junior Sailing


(If you're 'Jim', click here to email Nickie

Coming soon to a computer near you...

ASI hopes to have the new website up and running soon! Watch this space for details!

One more thing...       


The ASI Burgee is back on a weekly schedule. The next one will be next Tuesday, March 1. Please send your Burgee input to by Sunday for inclusion in that Burgee. 

ASI • PO Box 210250 • Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-0250
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