Private Sessions - Mon. 3.28 - Fri. 4.1

Advanced Alchemy Workshop  - Sat. 4.2 - Sun. 4.3

Author, Alchemist,

 Lecturer and Healer


Jacques Tombazian is the President and Co-founder of the Global Healing Foundation, a New York non-profit organization. The Global Healing Foundation has lead peace meditations at Page University, at the Environment Protection Agency, Columbia University, the United Nations and many other places.


Jacques is also the President and Founder of Jacques Tombazian’s Institute for Energetic Medicine and Consciousness Studies. Over the past 20 years, he has facilitated thousands of life-challenging interventions through his healing practice and remarkable teachings.


Jacques is the author of the book Mystical Alchemy - the Path to Enlightenment, author of 35 audio meditations and author of a dozen of other workbooks.


Founder and President of Alchemy 111 products; these line of products were created through the knowledge of Alchemy, Quantum Physics, the Laws of Attraction and Astrology. Through these products, Jacques is committed to support hundreds of health conditions and raising Consciousness.



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In a pivate session with Jacques, you will release dimensional implants, release negative portals and any other impurities from the body. Work on balancing chakras. Releasing blockages, work specifically on health conditions and work on improving finances and relationship and any other blockage.  Each session is 45 mintues.


Dates: Mon. Mar 28 - Fri. Apr 1

Times: 9 AM to 7 PM

Cost: $170 per session


Crossroads Wellenss Center

10 Crossroads Plaza, W. Htfd

To Register: Call 860-232-3331

or click here

A Note from Robin

Dear Friends:


For many years, I heard the most amazing attributes about Jacques from Sheryl Blumenthal.  As I began my career as a Healer, I was confused about how to bridge the gap between everyday person and healing channel.  Sheryl suggested that I have a session with Jacques and it was perfect. Through a phone session from Montreal, Jacques took me on a journey to find my healing center located in my heart center. It is from this place that I have been able to truly comprehend the role of healer and conduit.  I was blown away by the power of his work at such a distance.  I can only imagine the power of an in-person session.  I can't wait!  I hope that you are inspired to experience him as a healer and a teacher.





Robin Clare, Founder &

Chief Inspiration Officer

Enlightened Professionals 

Jacques Tombazian’s Institute for Energetic Medicine & Consciousness Studies



Advanced Alchemy    





What is Alchemy?


For as long as humanity has existed Alchemy has been the main path to powers beyond the dimension of Time and Space to transform your Consciousness and your Life.


In this Alchemy Workshop you will learn how to release impurities from your body, such as: dimensional implants, negative portals, unhealthy shields and any unhealthy energy that does not serve your highest good.


You will learn how to access higher Medicine, Awakening Enlightenment and Self-Realization. It is the knowledge of transmuting Energy, Health, Consciousness and Matter.


Learn how to work with the 9 Sceptres from the dimensions beyond Time and Space:


111 helps us to stay grounded and incarnated in our body no matter what the challenge is


 222 demagnetizes negative energies in self,

matter and the universe


 333 helps us connect with Unconditional Divine Love


444 is used for general healing and healing the bone structure, also helps us to be super organized in time and in space


555 for lucidity and helps us develop perceptions


666 for protection from dark forces


777 helps us transcending spiritual and physical laws


888 help us to create on all planes


999 helps us connect to the knowledge of the Absolute



*Learn and experience how to complete the Alchemical 3 phases; the Shiny Black, The Shiny White and the Shiny Red


*Learn how to access your Philosopher's Stone



Date: Sat. April 2 and Sun. April 3

Time: 10 AM to 6 PM

Cost: $300 ($270 early bird by March 15)

Location: WHSC - 15 Starkel Rd., West Hartford

Registration: Call 860-232-3331 or click here. 



For a testimonial for Jacques Tombazian, I thought immediately of the Dedication page I wrote in my book. It was for him. This man is one of the most sacred souls 'here' on our earth. From my book... "I know a man with a heart of gold. He sees me as I am and always holds the highest view of my goodness, when I cannot see that for myself. His gentle reminders that I am, as I am, fine in my struggles and capable in my walk, make me love him so for such a pure gift to my soul." He is my mentor, my friend through all that seems bleak and all that proves joyful. Steadfast and solid, his stance remains a beacon to all whom encounter his love. 

Sheryl Blumenthal,

Master Channel



With Jacques Tombazian I discovered in myself certain powers that I used to be afraid of. Potentially I will designate them to be the Eagle and the Pegasus. The eagle sees from afar nothing escapes his piercing glance and he acts with the rapidity of lightening. Pegasus, man’s best friend, is a potent helper whose intelligence is equalled only be its strength and endurance. The book Mystical Alchemy not only reconciles us with our shadow aspects, but also with the fact by enlightening and befriending these aspects, we can live even better.

Jean-Francois Malherbe

Author and Professor of Ethics and Philosophy,

University of Sherbrook, Canada


Jacques Tombazian’s work has elevated my consciousness to new realms. Jacques very first teaching activated the spiralling of my inner growth, a continuous process that has not stopped. This book, a jewel of his revelations, is communicated in a clear, effective way with beautifully detailed graphics. The Mystical Alchemy empowers our gift to heal ourselves and each other and demonstrates that the path toward enlightenment is there for everyone.


Hasita Nadai, Biologist MA;

Geologist MS;

Certified Yoga Teacher and Creator of YOGAGAI






Enlightened Professionals • 41 Crossroads Plaza - Box 144 • West Hartford, CT 06117
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